Best 11 Incontinence Pads Reviewed & Compared in 2023

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Top Incontinence Pads – 2023 Guide and Reviews

If you are looking for the best incontinence pads, here you will find everything you have been searching for. In this short paragraph, you will learn about the product that appears to be the most popular, convenient, and a good deal for the price on the market. According to reviews from buyers, expert opinions, and sales figures, the McKesson UPHV3036 is the product that you should spend money on. The high rate of absorbency it offers qualifies these pads for the number one place on anyone’s list. The top sheet is made from a soft layer, which will allow the user to rest comfortably, without fear that their skin might get irritated. The pads are sold in cases of 100 pieces, which means that you will get a good balance between value and price. In case the McKesson UPHV3036 is no longer in stock, you can try the Poise Maximum Absorbency as it is almost just as good.



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11 Best Incontinence Pads (Reviews) in 2023



With so many good incontinence pads available, you might have a hard time trying to choose the one product that will offer excellent performance for the right price. Here are the products that we noticed to be the most popular at the moment, given their superior advantages and decent pricing.



1. McKesson UPHV3036 StayDry Ultra Underpads


The material inside the pads you are going to purchase plays an essential role in how much absorbency power the pads are going to provide. These particular pads are made with a special type of polymer that ensures that fluids will be absorbed in large quantities without a problem.

For overnight use, as well as regular use for patients who are bedridden, these pads are an excellent choice. They are designed to ensure proper absorbency, and the good news is that this is not their only good trait. They also come equipped with a soft top sheet that ensures that the user will not experience any discomfort.

The top sheet is non-woven which means that the material will not cause chafing by rubbing against the skin. The back sheet is colored in a peach tone, so you can tell right away how to place the pad. These are sold as 100 pieces per case.

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2. Suprem Pants Pull Up 0221 Incontinence Pads


These disposable pads will not only trap liquids inside but bad smells as well. They are designed in such a manner that the sides do not allow any leakage. At the same time, while they offer superior absorbency power, they are thin enough that they are not easy to notice. The care the manufacturer invests in making these high-absorbency pads is notable.

People with sensitive skin will find these pads comfortable for them. Their top layer is soft and will not cause unwanted irritation. All the wetness is trapped inside, which is a plus, mainly because this is the surest way to minimize the risk of infection.

Women suffering from postpartum bleeding, and symptoms of menopause will find these pads useful. Because they are fragrance-free, they will not cause any irritation. The small pouches provided for each pad make it easy for you always to have one at hand.

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3. Tena Pants Super Med 12’S


Incontinence can manifest in different ways, and that is why each patient is different and has specific needs. For people who suffer from moderate and even heavy leakage, these pads can prove an excellent choice. Their long and wide design makes them ideal for overnight usage when you are laying down.

Most of the reviews of incontinence pads recommend getting a product that is capable of trapping fluids inside, without chance of leakage. This is one of the advantages offered by these pads. The Dry-Fast Core technology makes sure that no leaks will become a problem during usage.

The pads are designed to ensure a neutral pH; their role is to trap odor inside, and not just liquids, thus helping you feel even more comfortable. The manufacturer does not use any fragrances, to prevent irritation and other similar problems. The top sheet does a great job absorbing liquids fast.

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4. Prevail Fluff Incontinence Underpads


Incontinence issues can disturb a person’s day-by-day activity and can become a hassle for those who are taking care of patients who are forced to spend a lot of time in bed. Using pads like these can make these issues less of a problem while providing some comfort for the patient. They are disposable, which means that you will not have to take care of washing them, after use.

They are large enough to offer protection for beds and chairs, as well as other surfaces, depending on where the patient needs them. They are designed in such a manner that they can trap all the moisture inside so that the user does not experience the usual discomfort of having their skin in contact with a wet surface.

They can be used overnight, and they will not tear, even if you or the person you are taking care of has the bad habit of tossing and turning.

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5. Tena Intimates Incontinence Pads Bladder Control


When a person’s skin stays too long in contact with a wet surface, irritation and rashes may appear. The Tena Ultimate is designed to draw all the moisture and keep it locked inside, which means that you will not experience the usual problem you would otherwise have to deal with when using other pads.

Skin health is paramount for people who use this type of pads, and this manufacturer knows that. The ProSkin technology used in the making of these pads ensures that your skin will stay fresh and healthy while using them.

The pads have a superior absorbency power and, when dealing with massive bladder leakage, this can be an essential aspect. It must be said that these offer triple protection; they do not allow any leaks, they protect your skin against moisture, and they trap all the bad smells inside. All in all, they offer superior comfort to the user.

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6. Prevail Super Absorbency Disposable Underpads


If you are looking for a good deal for your money, choose the Prevail Super Absorbency. You will get ten packs in one case, each one containing ten pads, which means that you will get 100 pieces at an unbeatable price. When suffering from bladder leakage, you never know when you need a protective pad, and purchasing such items in bulk is more than recommended.

The pads are made to provide extra absorbency, and they perform well in all situations. If you use protective underwear, they come as an extra level of protection, so that no accidents happen, and your bed and your furniture remain clean all the time.

Protect yourself from all the hassle of having to change the sheets and clean the bed, by using these high-performance pads. The colored side shows you how to place the pad on the bed, so you can enjoy all the protection it offers.

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7. NorthShore Booster Pads with Adhesive


These pads are filled with a particular type of gel that does not only absorb liquids well but also traps all the bad smells inside. The gel is fragrance-free so that people with sensitive skin do not have to worry about rashes and other similar problems.

One issue that people often complain about when using this type of pads is that they tend to move around if the user tosses and turns in their sleep. You will have no such troubles to worry about, as these pads come with adhesive strips on the back that do not allow such problems to happen.

The lining of the pads is soft and provides extra comfort to the user. The Microsorb lining is responsible for keeping any leaks at bay, and its role is to absorb everything quickly so that it is passed to the gel inside. The gel component is designed with special polymers that have high absorbency power.

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8. NorthShore Booster Pads with Adhesive X-Large


Pad absorbency is often calculated in how many ounces of liquid a pad can hold. The 25-ounce rating of these pads shows their capability to help any user with restful night sleep, without ever waking up. Their high absorbency capacity is not the only good thing about these pads, though.

The contoured shape will make sure that you can depend on these pads to provide excellent comfort. The odor-free gel used will trap all the bad smells, and you will not have to deal with any hassle throughout the night.

You will also appreciate the attention to detail offered by this manufacturer. Each pad comes with an adhesive strip on the back so you can place it on the bed and make it stay there, without fear that it will come undone or rip itself by accident. The top lining absorbs moisture quickly and transfers it to the highly absorbent gel inside.

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9. Tranquility Incontinence Personal Care Pads


These pads can be used with regular underwear, and they ensure that you will have nothing to worry about while you see about your daily activities. For optimal placement, the pads come with adhesive strips, so you can make sure that they will not begin to move by accident, leaving you without the necessary protection.

The way these pads are designed helps with high absorbency for moisture and liquids. The 15-ounce capacity shows how much fluid they can hold. Also, the embossed channels on the surface of the pads make sure that the liquids will be directed inside, where they will be absorbed by the unique material used for the filling.

The pads don’t have any fragrance, and they will not cause any irritation to your sensitive skin. They are moisture-proof, which means that you can wear them with your underwear without any fear of leakage.

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10. Underpad Prevail Super Heavy Absorbency


These pads are designed to provide superior absorbency for all sorts of situations. They are sold 100 pieces per case, so you can have enough for a long time after you make just one purchase. Whenever you search for incontinence pads for sale, look up this particular brand, and you will not be disappointed.

The pads are available in different sizes and levels of absorbency. This allows you to pick the type of pads you need with ease. They are designed to offer extra protection for beds, chairs, as well as other furniture, so you can rest assured that they are ideal for any situation.

The top sheet is soft and comfortable, yet strong at the same time. This layer comes with a flat seal all around to avoid any leaks. Your skin will not rub against plastic edges, and it will not be exposed to moisture either, as the pads will make sure to keep everything trapped inside.

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11. Attends Booster


One thing you need to remember is that these pads are designed to be used at the same time with another product meant for protection against moisture. They cannot be used directly, but they are good for offering the extra protection needed, so you don’t have to worry about dirtying your bed or other furniture in your home.

The pads come with an ultra-thin core. Despite the low profile that might make you think that the absorbency capacity of these pads is not the greatest, this core is reliable when it comes to leaks. The low profile helps to maintain things discreet, so you will not experience any discomfort while using them.

On the back, the pads have adhesive strips that will let you place them correctly and hold them in place without a hassle. Each pad is wrapped separately, so you can always carry one around with you.

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Our Yearly Guide


Incontinence problems tend to become more frequent with age, and senior citizens are usually most affected. While some conditions can be treated to some degree, the most crucial issue becomes being able to live with such a problem, while still maintaining your dignity and your ability to live normally. In this buying guide, you will read about the most important aspects to consider when you shop for the best pads for incontinence.

What types of products are out there?

When scouring the market for incontinence pads, you will discover that there are quite a few products available. You must bear in mind what you need so that you can make the best-informed decision. For instance, there are pads that you can use overnight, by placing them on the bed. Others are smaller and can be placed on a chair.

Also, you will notice that some are recommended to be used only with protective underwear. You should be aware of these aspects so that you do not end up buying a product that is not a good fit for what you have in mind.

Let’s not forget that they can also come in various shapes and sizes. If you need a pad to use overnight by placing it on the bed, make sure that it is large enough for what you have in mind. Otherwise, you will not get the protection you need.


How is absorbency power shown?

You will most probably want to know what kind of absorbency power the pads have before you buy them. Some cheap incontinence pads may not be as absorbent as you want them to be, but remember that this does not automatically mean that more expensive products are necessarily better.

You will notice that the manufacturer will indicate what quantity can be absorbed by each pad. Some that are considered a good option for light use will have an inferior rating, while those that are designed to deal with massive leakage have a higher rating. This is usually expressed in ounces and will give you a clear idea about what you should get.

Moisture-free and odor-free products should be on your list

There are quite a few things to remember about incontinence pads, to ensure that you are making the right choice, but we have everything outlined here for you so that you don’t have to deal with any confusion when you want to make a purchase. For instance, there are two specific features to consider when shopping for such products.

Moisture-free pads are products that are not only good at absorbing liquids and moisture, but they trap it inside, due to special technologies used by the manufacturer. The material used for the filling in good quality pads is usually a type of polymer gel that is capable of trapping all the liquid inside, without letting it leak.

There can be other features that help with anti-leakage properties. Some pads have a seal around the edges that prevents such accidents from happening.

You will also prefer pads that will not cause you any rashes and similar problems. They should be unscented and completely latex-free. Bear in mind that the pads will be in contact with your skin for a long time, and that means that you should make sure that nothing could cause you any discomfort.

Especially the elderly will find such products to be what they need. Always search for products that are advertised as fragrance-free, to avoid complications. Some products take things even a step forward; they are designed to keep your skin dry and healthy.


Adhesive strips – what are they good for?

When you sleep, you may toss and turn, and that can cause the pad to move from its place. If this is an issue for you, you should consider getting pads that come with adhesive strips on the back. These are easy to place correctly, and they will not move about as you do.



Frequently asked questions about incontinence pads


Q: Can incontinence pads be used for periods?

Incontinence pads and menstrual period pads are two different types of product. Each of them can handle a different type of flow, which means that they cannot be used interchangeably that well. The slow blood trickle is handled better by menstrual period pads, while the heavier flow of urine is dealt with better by incontinence pads.

Any doctor can tell you that you should only use such sanitary products for the purpose they were created. Some incontinence pads can be used as double protection when you deal with more substantial periods, and you need an extra layer. They can be placed on the bed to protect your sheets.

Q: Can incontinence pads cause UTI?

This is an important question. UTI, which are urinary tract infections, can develop at a faster rate if the user does not have the incontinence pad changed on a regular basis. This can be a problem especially in nursing homes, where many elderly must be monitored and taken care of by sometimes an inadequate number of personnel.

If the user sits in their urine for too long, the bacteria living in the urine can lead to complications, such as cystitis and pyelonephritis. That is why hygiene is critical when taking care of the elderly who suffer from incontinence.


Q: What are incontinence pads made of?

Disposable incontinence pads are made with materials that offer a high degree of absorbency. They typically use a particular type of polymer gel for the filling, which can absorb high quantities of liquid. The bottom layer is usually made from a material that does not allow the moisture to go through.

The top layer must be made from a soft material that is quick to absorb all the moisture and transfer it to the high absorbent gel. This structure of the pad allows the user to feel comfortable, without experiencing any rashes and other unpleasant consequences.

Q: What are incontinence pads used for?

People who suffer from mild to heavy bladder leakage can take advantage of the benefits offered by these pads. They are made to support the heavy flow of urine, and they can prove useful when suffering from such a medical condition.

They can be used for protecting beds, chairs, and other furniture, and also for ensuring that the user still maintains their dignity and capacity to see about their daily life without too much hassle. The elderly especially use such pads more often, as urinary incontinence is often associated with advanced age.


Q: How are incontinence pads disposed of?

Because they can absorb high quantities of fluid, incontinence pads should never be disposed of by trying to flush them down the toilet. This will cause a blockage and, in the end, the toilet will overflow.

The most recommended way to dispose of incontinence pads after their use is by placing them in a disposable bag, or a nappy sack, and then throwing them in a regular garbage bin or sending them to local waste collectors. Unless there are medical considerations that impose other measures for disposing of incontinence pads, this is the surest method you should employ.




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