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Top 14 Exercise Equipment for Seniors – An In-Depth Analysis


Sports activities trigger all sorts of benefits and if you’re on the lookout for the best exercise equipment for seniors, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve compiled a list of some of the most appreciated products on the market. Based on our research, product specs, and elderly exercise equipment reviews, we have come to the conclusion that the Chair Gym The Total Body Workout is the first option you should consider. This resistance chair offers seniors the possibility to do a full body workout from a safe and comfortable seated position. By remaining seated, keeping balance and stability is ensured. Moreover, thanks to its patented anchor cable system, the user can perform various upper body and lower body exercises without lifting heavy weights. In case this product is not available for sale, you may want to bear the Toplus Resistance Bands in mind.



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Products in Demand – In-Depth Reviews



After carefully examining the value and specs offered by some of the critically acclaimed products in this category, we have reached the conclusion that if you’re interested in quality senior exercise equipment, you might want to consider the products showcased below. You will find more information about their features and benefits.



Chair Gym The Total Body Workout


If you’re in need of good exercise equipment for seniors, this resistance chair from Chair Gym is the first option you should consider. The product was designed to meet a senior’s exercise needs while considering various health issues elderly people might face. Therefore, this product will help you or your senior to exercise from a safe, comfortable seated position.

Since exercises are performed while seated, there should be no balance or stability problem. You can exercise your upper or lower body without losing balance or getting dizzy since you are seated and you don’t lift any weight. This might just be the best exercise for seniors.

This piece of exercise equipment is fitted with a padded backrest, which ensures good back support and comfort throughout your workout. In terms of maximum supported weight, the manufacturer states that it will handle anything up to 350 pounds. Another great point about this chair gym is that it comes with a 5 year warranty for extra peace of mind.

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Toplus Resistance Bands


In case you don’t find the product showcased above and you don’t have the time to reach your gym, you might want to try this set of resistance bands from Toplus. This product will help you stay in shape and perform the necessary exercises in the very comfort of your home and without taking too much of your space.

These bands are great for Yoga exercises, Pilates, physical therapy, and daily workouts. They are made of 100% natural latex that will provide you with comfort and durability. The set includes five 12″ long, 2″ wide bands that can be stretched further.

The bands are lightweight and portable. You can thus take them with you even when on the go as they come with a stylish carry bag. Each band matches a different level of strength, so you can use them to increase your resistance gradually.

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Silverfeat Leg Exerciser


If you’re a senior looking for a way to alleviate those back pains or decrease vascular problems and leg inflammation, this leg exerciser from Silverfeat is worth considering. If you get the green light from your doctor to use it, learn that you will get to exercise while seating, which makes it great for seniors.

The product was designed with ergo-therapy in mind and is meant to help the user activate the leg mobility and improve blood circulation, two health concerns that, when left untaken care of, can lead to various issues such as varicose veins.

The leg exerciser can be used at home and even at the office. It doesn’t take much space and it is easy to use. You just need to plug it, place your feet on it, and set the speed that suits your needs, a most convenient, silent, and compact way to improve your health.

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Vive Pedal Exerciser


Whether you want to improve your focus so you can enjoy a more productive day or strengthen and tone your muscles, the Vive folding pedal exerciser might be the answer to your needs. This compact, easy-to-use folding leg exerciser can be stored under your desk or anywhere in your room as it takes little space.

You can use it to strengthen your arms and legs as well as to improve stamina and release stress and tension. The leg exerciser is both quiet and smooth and it allows the users to adjust the tension level in order to match their experience and needs.

The exerciser can also be used on a tabletop for arm exercises especially by people going through physical therapy and rehabilitation. Its low profile will make sure the product doesn’t wobble or slide when in use. The non-slip pedals are perfect for any type of shoes.

Buy from for ($42.99)




Marcy Recumbent Bike


If you’re looking for a way to turn some of those extra pounds into history or you want to improve your cardiovascular endurance, this exercise bike from Marcy is the perfect home gym equipment.

Using premium 14-gauge steel tubing, PVC, and rubber, this bike is designed to withstand long-term usage. You can adjust your body position precisely to the equipment thanks to the bike’s seat and contoured handles. It is easy to use and it comes equipped with wheels, which allows it to be transported without difficulty.

The bike addresses both beginners and advanced gym buffs. It features eight preset levels of resistance, so you can choose the one that suits your needs and level better. You can adjust the resistance level with a tension knob and thus customize your cardio training. The display delivers data regarding your speed, distance traveled, calories burned, and workout time.

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Schwinn 430 Elliptical


If you’re more into elliptical bikes when it comes to your favorite workout systems, you might want to consider this model from Schwinn. The product will help you enjoy a smooth and quiet workout while providing you with the various health benefits the use of such products leads to.

The unit features 22 programs and 2 user settings for a personalized workout experience. The 20 resistance levels make it ideal for both beginners and more advanced users. This way, you have the possibility to adjust the level of resistance that meets your fitness experience and level and increase it gradually.

The tracking and data displayed will help you monitor and reach your fitness goals. The product comes with manual settings, heart rate monitor, adjustable incline and resistance, fan, dual display, and iPod/iPad dock with speakers. It is also easy to install.

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Nautilus E614 Elliptical Machine


Elliptical machines are highly appreciated for allowing users to enjoy workouts and reach many fitness goals by using just one exercise unit. If that’s what you have in mind for your senior or for yourself, this model from Nautilus is worth considering.

Featuring 22 programs and 20 levels of resistance that cover a wide variety of fitness levels and preferences, the Nautilus E614 Elliptical makes a great addition to one’s home gym. You can personalize your workouts and increase the resistance level at your own pace. The display will provide you with data regarding your heart rate and distance traveled, just to name a few.

The design and materials used in its construction will boost your comfort and ensure a smooth workout. The elliptical machine is easy to install and the package includes anything you need to assemble it without any difficulty. Plus, the wheels it is equipped with allow you to move it from one room to another.

Buy from for ($699)




NordicTrack T6.5S Treadmill


Are you a treadmill buff? Our list of quality exercise equipment for seniors includes this model from NordicTrack. Its specs, design, the quality of the materials used, and the consumer feedback, all make this unit worth considering.

Reaching your workout goals is made easier thanks to the many features and the great library of workouts the product features. You can create your own workout or choose an already existing one. It takes just one button to adjust your speed and incline settings. The 2.6 HP motor will enable you to shift anywhere up to 10-percent incline.

The 5-inch backlit display will keep you updated as far as your workout progress and goals are concerned. You will receive data on the speed, time, distance traveled, heart rate, and the calories you’ve burned. Plus, you get to select a Google Map training route and thus ride the streets of the cities you love.

Buy from for ($599)




Sunny Health&Fitness Treadmill


If you already have an elliptical or you just love treadmill exercises, you might want to consider this model from Sunny Health & Fitness when renewing your home gym equipment. You get to enjoy the great benefits of treadmill workouts without breaking the budget.

What you get with this product is a comfortable, easy-to-install and easy-to-use treadmill that will offer all the necessities for a great cardio workout. You can use 3 incline levels in order to personalize the intensity of your workout. The maximum degree of incline is 5 and the maximum speed you can reach is 10MPH.

You can make quick adjustments thanks to the handrail controls. You can easily stop and start your workout or increase your speed. The treadmill features 9 built-in programs as well as a pause function that will allow you to keep your running stats intact when you pause your run.

Buy from for ($289)




Concept2 Rowing Machine


Full body workouts trigger the best health benefits. That’s what Concept2 had in mind when designing this indoor rowing machine. Providing users with an effective full-body, low-impact workout, this exercise machine makes a great addition to a senior’s home gym.

The rowing machine is great for improving your cardiovascular resistance and toning your muscles. It is easy to use and the display it features will help you learn more about your progress and workout goals. You can monitor your workout by receiving data regarding your speed, distance traveled, pace, and the calories you’ve burned.

The durability of the product is not an issue as this model is the same athletes use to train. The strong build ensures long-term usage. The rowing machine is easy to install as the package includes the tools and assembly instructions you need. It also comes paired with a manual and Performance Monitor Quick Start Guide.

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Sunny Health&Fitness SF-RW5515


In case the previously showcased product is out of stock, another great option is this rowing machine from Sunny Health & Fitness. The rower offers just what you need for an intense and enjoyable workout in the very comfort of your home.

The product combines convenience and the challenging feel of outdoor rowing. You can adjust your level of tension thanks to its smooth and quiet magnetic tension system including 8 different levels. This way, you can gradually increase the tension of your workouts until you reach your goal at your own pace.

Comfort is provided by the quality materials used, the fully padded seat, and the large anti-slip foot pedals. The machine can be easily moved from one room to another thanks to its built-in transportation wheels. Durability and long-term usage are ensured by the heavy-duty steel mainframe, the maximum user weight being 250 Lbs.

Buy from for ($199)




Powerline PLM180X


If you’re more interested in upper body exercises, you might want to try this exercise machine from Powerline. The product was designed to be used for exercises that address the upper body such as lat pull downs, triceps press downs, seated rows, upright rows and more. Therefore, if your home gym equipment includes exercise machines you can use for your lower body, this makes a great addition.

The PLM180X promises to help users perform more efficient movements and a larger range of motion, which will directly increase your strength and endurance and help you gain more muscle mass. The machine uses weight plates for resistance.

The dual-position 8-inch foam rollers will hold you securely in position and the wide-grip bar and patented nylon bushings will help you enjoy a smooth workout. The machine comes with picture instructions to help you assemble it. The product is easy to use and can be placed in many areas of your home.

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Furious Fitwear Resistance Bands


Another product worth considering when building your home gym is this set of stretch bands from Furious Fitwear. Perfect to help you tone your muscle, increase resistance, and complete your physical therapy and rehabilitation workouts, these bands are easy to use and take with you even when on the go.

You can use them to mix and match your workouts with resistance exercises. The set includes 4 stretch bands, each one of them featuring a different resistance level. This means you can start with the lowest level and gradually increase your resistance by using the other bands one at a time depending on your experience.

The package also includes one travel bag, one instruction guide, and one door anchor. Since they are lightweight and need little space for storage, you can take them with you wherever you go. And if you prefer outdoor workouts, they are the perfect workout bands.

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TheraBand Aqua Training Barbell


Now, if swimming is your thing and you love the way water sports and exercises make you feel, this training barbell from TheraBand Aqua will make a great addition to your workout equipment. The barbell was designed to make your water exercises more challenging and effective.

It can be used for your upper body exercises such as pushing and pulling. You can use it for your lower body as well, though, as a flotation device. The two foam weights are connected with a padded bar to make aquatic classes more fun.

The product is perfect for teaching children and swimmers with little experience to swim independently. It is great to stabilize and strengthen the trunk, lower back, and abdominals, improve balance and flexibility, and increase the range of motion in arms. The barbell is ideal for seniors, children, and people in need of hydrotherapy and water exercises.

Buy from for ($27.95)




Our Yearly Guide


Sports activities trigger various health benefits. From improving your health to boosting your mood and helping you lose extra pounds, regular workouts will add to the quality of your life. What once felt like a joy to exercise might prove to be quite a challenge when reaching a certain age, though.

One’s body resistance and strength diminish with the passage of time yet sports activities should not be ignored. More often than not, aging is a synonym to being sedentary. General health problems, weight issues, aches, and one’s reduced resistance are the ones making workouts plummet downwards.

Still, old age calls for a greater attention towards keeping up a healthy, active lifestyle. Making sports activities a priority will help you boost your energy, protect your heart, regain or maintain independence, manage your weight, enhance brain functions, and control various symptoms of pain.

Except for some particular health issues that forbid certain exercises, a daily workout schedule has positive effects on the human body regardless of one’s age. If you’re a senior or a son/daughter looking for quality exercise equipment for seniors, keep the following in mind in order to choose the appropriate exercise equipment for seniors.

Upper back strength equipment

Many seniors complain about back aches since back strength and muscles weaken. That’s why it is important to focus on strengthening back muscles and making such exercises a priority. Here’s where upper back exercise systems come into sight. The most popular one is the lat pull-down machine.

This type of equipment is ideal for seniors as it allows the user to exercise while seated. By pulling down the bar while in a sitting position, you can boost your back strength and muscles safely. This way you will avoid injuries by bringing down the bar to the front of your body.


Recumbent bikes for comfortable cardio

A great choice for people over 50 is the recumbent bike. Part of the low-impact exercise equipment, the recumbent bike is a great choice when it comes to boosting your cardio resistance without any impact on your aging joints. Comfort is their main benefit as the seat won’t make exercising feel like a chore.

Recumbent bikes are found in two varieties: the traditional one featuring a regular bike seat and the recumbent one that comes with a chair like a seat. The second one is a preferable choice, though, as it is safer to be used by seniors.

Moreover, the backrest of these bikes and the fact that their pedals are positioned differently than on regular bikes, that is out in the front of the body,  will allow seniors to work the big muscles in their legs without stressing their back. Plus, the natural position the body takes will make the user feel less tired and diminish soreness in the upper body.


Elliptical machines for low-impact exercises

As a senior, you need to look for the best senior exercise equipment that’s also low-impact. This age is no longer about reaching some record endurance level or building those cover magazine muscles. It’s about helping your body function better, improving your overall health, and staying in a good shape. Here is where ellipticals come into sight.

Designed to stimulate the effects of walking, these exercisers will help you give all of your muscles a great workout without leaving your home. They target all major groups of muscles with minimal stress on back, knees, and hips. Such machines feature armrests that allow seniors to enjoy more stability and they usually come with different levels that will make it possible for the user to work on both the upper body and the lower body.

As long as you keep the right body posture, that is, shoulders, head, and back straight, and you don’t lean towards the handrails, this type of workout will trigger many benefits without any muscle soreness or discomfort.


Treadmills for running and walking

Walking is another great way to stay in shape and lose weight. If you’re no longer into conquering miles walking or running outdoors and you prefer the home gym instead, treadmills make a great addition. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of a cardio workout without having to deal with crowded routes, traffic or unpleasant weather conditions.

Treadmills feature various levels of speed and incline so you can train as vigorously or gently as you like. One thing to keep in mind if interested in using a treadmill is your health status. If you have back issues or you suffer from chronic joint problems, you might want to consider an elliptical instead.

Rowing machines for resistance

Full-body workouts trigger the most benefits. By engaging all of your major group muscles, you get to stay fit, improve your overall health, and increase endurance, just to name the most important advantages. They are ideal for weight management and general cardiovascular workouts as they target your heart’s optimum fat-burning range.

In case you are a beginner or overweight, it is best to opt for a different exercise system as rowing machines can be uncomfortable when you have too many extra pounds. Otherwise, if your health is ok and you get the green light from your health care specialist, a rowing machine is perfect for a full-body workout addressing your legs, arm, chest, and core.


Resistance bands

Whether you want to complete your home gym equipment or you’re on a budget that doesn’t allow you some expensive exercise machine, resistance bands are a smart choice. They will help you pair your workouts with light resistance exercises without getting any injury some machines can get you when used improperly.

Moreover, they are lightweight and portable so you can take them with you wherever you go. If you prefer outdoor exercises, you can easily add them to your gym equipment. Look for natural latex bands as they are durable as well as eco-friendly. They usually come in sets of 5 pieces, each band featuring a different level of resistance to allow you to increase the endurance gradually.


Exercise tips for elderly citizens

There are various reasons why we slow down and become more sedentary as we age. Most of the time, it is a health issue that makes older people give up exercising, and, more often than not, the idea that exercising is just not for them anymore. Yet as one grows old, it becomes even more important than ever to keep an active lifestyle.

Exercising can protect your heart, keep you independent, boost your energy, and even alleviate certain symptoms of pain. If you’re a senior in need of tips to get your workout plan started, here is a list of things to keep in mind when embarking on an active lifestyle.


Choosing the right exercises, workout place, and equipment

Before starting any workout program, it is recommended to see your doctor about it and get informed on the exercises you are allowed to perform. Your particular conditions, history, weight, age, and health issues are the ones that need consideration when building the appropriate exercise plan.

Most healthcare specialists recommend low-impact exercises that can be divided into four categories: endurance, flexibility, strength, and balance. In order to enjoy the benefits of all of them and avoid boredom, it is best to combine endurance exercises such as walking and swimming with strength and flexibility exercises such as yoga.

The market now offers various workout machines specially designed for seniors. Most of them can be used at home, where most of us feel more comfortable. If you want your exercises to meet your social needs, though, have them with your friends at your favorite gym. The place and type of equipment you use count a lot to your overall experience and the benefits you get.

Types of exercises beneficial for seniors

As we grow old, it’s no longer about building prominent muscles or winning some bodybuilding contest. It’s about boosting health and mobility. Ask your trainer to help you create a balanced exercise plan that combines exercises from all the four categories mentioned above.

Include yoga, Tai Chi, and posture exercises into your routine in order to improve and keep your stability and balance. Such exercises should be paired with cardio workouts to improve your endurance and help you regain independence. Walking, swimming, rowing, and cycling are great exercises for your cardio needs.

Strength training is needed to tone muscles, prevent bone mass loss, and improve balance. You can build strength and power through repetitive motions using weight or external resistance from your body weight, elastic bands, free weights or various machines.

Don’t forget to include flexibility exercises in order to keep your muscles and joints supple. Both stationary stretches and stretches involving movement are great at improving your flexibility.


Working out safely

Getting active is one of the best and healthiest steps you can ever take. Make sure that you do it safely, though. The first thing you should do is to see your healthcare specialist and get approval for your exercise plan. Some exercises might need to be avoided in case you have certain health conditions.

Listen to what your body tells you. If your exercises make you feel tired or hurt, put them on hold and let your doctor know about it. In case you experience shortness of breath, chest pain or pressure, or any discomfort, it is best to slow down and exercise less until your body gets used to the new activity level.

Build your exercise program steadily and slowly. Give your body time to adjust. Go for one class or a few short workouts a week. If you have stability issues or an ongoing heart problem, it is best to start with easy chair exercises in order to increase your strength gradually and safely. Stay motivated by focusing on short-term goals, rewarding yourself, keeping a log, and getting support from a friend or family member.

Perform your exercises properly by including warm-ups, cooling down, and stretching. Don’t forget about staying hydrated and having enough water. Moreover, exercises should complement healthy eating habits. Create your diet plan and workout program in close collaboration with a certified healthcare specialist.


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