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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Handicap Toilet Seat + Reviews


Buying the best handicap toilet seat money can get you is not easy, especially if you are new to shopping in this line of products. To save you some time, we took it upon ourselves to do the research by assessing carefully what other buyers and the specialists had to say on the topic. According to most reviews, the Drive Medical Steel Folding Bedside is the option that you should purchase. This model is made of durable plastic and it features a powder-coated steel welded design that makes it quite sturdy and versatile. It also comes with a 7.5 qt commode bucket that includes a carry handle and a splash shield so that any unfortunate accidents are avoided. The seat itself measures 15″(D) x 13.5″(W) x 16.5-22.5″(H) and it can be folded when necessary. If this choice is unavailable at the time you do your shopping, take a close look at the Vive Toilet Seat Riser as it might also suit your needs.



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5 Best Handicap Toilet Seats (Reviews) in 2024



Purchasing a toilet seat for handicapped patients can get tricky, especially if you have no idea how to browse through all the available options. To help, we made a list of high-quality products that have received outstanding reviews from previous buyers and the specialists. So, check it out for yourself and select the one you like best!



1. Drive Medical 11148-1 Folding Steel Bedside Commode


This sizable model measures 15″(D) x 13.5″(W) x 16.5-22.5″(H). It can be utilized by a wide array of patients, especially given the fact that that the width between its arms is of 18 inches. What is more, the option has a total weight capacity of 350 lbs.

The seller describes this product as a sturdy snap-on seat manufactured from durable plastic. To install it in place, you do not have to use any tools. An elastic cord that you can use to fold the legs when the seat is not utilized, is also provided. Because of this feature, you can save up space.

Furthermore, the unit has a powder-coated steel welded construction that actively increases the durability of this model. What makes this product stand out is the 7.5 qt commode bucket that it features. This bucket includes a handle so that you can empty it effortlessly and a splash shield that is also very practical.

If you do not want to use the included commode, you can simply place the item over your regular toilet. Most buyers argue that this choice is easy to assemble and use, even by beginners. Professional caretakers also recommend it.


The seat has a sturdy construction that can support up to 350 lbs. The unit can be installed over a regular toilet, or it can be utilized with the incorporated commode bucket.

In total, the choice measures 15″(D) x 13.5″(W) x 16.5-22.5″(H) and it has a width between arms of 18 inches.

The option also stands out because it can be folded. Therefore, it is a good fit for those who have little to no space available in their homes.

Besides, this model was made of a combination of durable plastic and it features a powder-coated steel welded construction that adds to its durability.


There were a couple of buyers who have noted that, because of its design, this choice might only be suitable for those patients who are not overweight. Yet, its dimensions are made very clear.

Another owner complained that the seat and the base that she received were in two different colors. Yet, she did not consider this a major drawback.

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2. Vive Toilet Seat Riser with Handles – Raised Toilet Seat


This alternative can be utilized with both elongated and normal toilets, a feature that makes it very practical. However, the buyer has to make sure that he/she selects the size that can fit the measurements and the shape of the toilet that he/she owns.

The elongated version of the seat comes with an opening that makes it very convenient to use by people who have mobility issues and for male patients as they are supplied with the needed room to clean themselves after using the toilet. Therefore, if you need a choice that can accommodate the male anatomy, this is definitely an alternative worth considering.

Once installed, this model adds 3.5 inches to the height of one’s toilet seat. Therefore, it won’t make it difficult for a patient to actually use the toilet. This product is regarded as a safe and accommodating bathroom solution for people with limited mobility and seniors.

The handles that this model incorporates are padded with a special foam that adds comfort. If one wants to, he/she can remove the handles with ease. The seat itself is made of a sturdy material that is split resistant. The riser can be wiped easily with disinfectants and sanitizing agents to remove any dirt and bacteria.


When shipped, this product includes the necessary hardware including nuts, two plastic and a metal washer and two 6.125” screws.

This alternative can be installed on regular and elongated toilet seats without having to use any tools. So, you don’t have to invest extra gear.

Plus, this seat is highly durable as it was made of a combination of durable plastic and aluminum. The handles are comfy and padded.

Its handles can be removed if the patient wants to. The entire process is simple and it won’t take a lot of time and effort.


Even though the seller claims that installing this product is easy, there were some buyers who argued that this assessment is not entirely true.

Other buyers said that the main issue with this seat is the fact that it is not sized to accommodate larger patients. This was not an issue that many noted.

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3. Vive Toilet Safety Rail – Adjustable Grab Bar


Because it can support 300 pounds at once, this next model is also a great purchase for those interested in a versatile seat and that can be utilized with all types of toilets. The seller argues that it can be installed on both oval and elongated toilets.

For installation purposes, the manufacturer provides customers with instructions that are fairly easy to follow. Yet, you might have to spend some time removing the toilet seat that you are currently using before you can install this one. Plus, the option is very sturdy because of the two padded extensions that were incorporated into its design.

The choice has soft and non-slip handles that are comfortable and safe, and they can provide the user with the much-needed support. The frame of the model is made of aluminum, a material that is both sturdy and lightweight. Because it is resistant to corrosion, you can utilize this product for years to come. You can also adjust the height of the handles from 17 to 20 inches. This way, you will be provided with the necessary support, regardless of your height.

As the distributor argues, this option is a good fit for those patients who are recovering from surgeries or injuries, and for seniors.


To help novice buyers with the set-up process, a detailed step-by-step guide is included in the installation manual.

It has adjustable handles that have been padded for increased comfort. Plus, the handles will prevent your hands from slipping.

The frame of the model can support up to 300 pounds and it can be effortlessly attached to your toilet. You do not need to hire help to install it.

The feature that buyers appreciate most is the stability of the unit. So, if you need an item that is safe and practical, take a good look at this one.


One customer said that the customer services provided by the seller leave a lot to be desired. Not all users had problems contacting the seller.

It has been pointed out that the tabs that keep the toilet seat in place tend to get loose as time goes by. This problem was not noticed by many.

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4. Vive Raised Toilet Seat 5″ Portable Elevated Riser


This option was designed to add five more inches of height to any toilet seat. It is compatible with both standard and elongated toilets and it comes with padded handles so that patients can sit or stand easily without having to bend.

It features a countered design and it is made of durable materials so that it does not have to be replaced regularly. You can clean it effortlessly by using regular cleaning supplies such as disinfectants and cleaning wipes.

Another aspect that makes this model a great purchase is the fact that it is contoured. As a result, it is much more comfortable for the user than other counterparts of this kind. It is also covered by a lifetime guarantee policy and made by a manufacturer known in the industry.

The choice is also portable and lightweight and the handles that it features are removable. You can install it in no time by just placing it onto the toilet that you have. An adjustable knob and rear wings are also featured in its construction. Because of its simple design, you do not need tools or extra help set it in place. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs.


This option was specially made so that it is easy to use and install. Because of the 5 extra inches that it adds to your toilet, it makes getting on and off it fairly simple.

It was specially designed to be utilized with the two most common seat shapes that can be found in the U.S. An anti-slip mechanism is also incorporated.

Because it is extra lightweight, this alternative is perfect to be used with patients that are recovering from injuries and need more support.

Before you order it, it is highly recommended that you measure the dimensions of your toilet. This way, you can be sure it will fit.


One buyer remarked that, for this seat to work as expected, it is critical that the rim of the toilet bowl is not deeper than 1 1/2″.

There were a couple of owners who claimed that this choice is not suitable for male patients as it does not accommodate their private parts.

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5. Vive Stand Alone Toilet Rail Medical Bathroom Safety Frame


This model can support up to 300 pounds and it is quite sturdy so that the patients using it are well supported. It is a great purchase for handicapped and elderly patients, as well as for those who are on their way to recovery from injuries or surgeries.

You can install this model in place with little to no effort and its handles can also be easily removed if the owner wants to. The frame of the choice is corrosion resistant as well as durable and lightweight.

The rail handles also come covered in a material that is padded with a type of foam that can provide one with a good grip. The frame and the handles can be cleaned with all types of disinfectant solutions.

The base of the device measures 26.5 inches and, because of its design, it can be used in bathrooms of all sizes, including smaller ones. The bottom rails measure 19 inches in depth.

Prior buyers say that this item is very practical and versatile. In particular, they appreciate the fact that this seat is well made and that, because of its width, it does not restrict the movements of the person using it.


You need no tools to assemble and set this rail up. The handles can be removed whenever you want to conveniently storage this product.

Because of the design of this model, the risks of a patient slipping and injuring himself/herself are minimal.

The rail handles are also padded with a soft foam material that adds to their comfort and overall convenience. They are, additionally, easy to clean.

Plus, the base of the rails measures 26.5 inches and, thus, it can be successfully installed in bathrooms that are smaller in size and where space is an issue.


One previous user noted that the legs of the choice could be modified to be more secure. This way, the risks of the stand moving could be minimalized.

There were customers who said that the option failed to meet their expectations, therefore, they decided to return it. Not many cases of this sort were reported.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Acquiring a toilet seat for handicapped person is a task that comes with its challenges. To help you make the best decision possible, we have decided to put together a comprehensive guide that can help you select a product that does not fall short of your expectations.

Height and stability

If you have already browsed the net looking for a good handicap toilet seat, you have probably noticed that some seats have a 2-inch elevation, while  others a 5 inch one. This aspect is crucial when making a purchase as the models with a higher elevation are known for being more comfortable.

To put it in simple terms, the higher the elevation, the less strain is placed on the hips and the knees of the person that is actually using the toilet. As a result, the patient feels more comfortable when using a seat that adds 5 inches in height than one that is only 2 inches.

Furthermore, another aspect that has to be assessed when buying a handicap raised toilet seat is its stability. To avoid any unfortunate accidents, it is highly recommended that you look for a product that can be safely secured to the toilet itself. This way, it won’t move when the patient is using it.

The best way to know whether or not that cheap handicap toilet seat that you have found is safe and secure or not is by looking at previous reviews left by former users.


Size and portability

Even if some of those toilet seat heights for handicapped that you can find online can support up to 350 pounds, this does not mean that they can be utilized by patients who are overweight.

To correctly determine a product’s versatility, you have to look for information about the length between the handles of the device. From this point of view, it might also help to look at reviews from other users who have tried the model before.

If you are determined to get the best handicapped toilet seat available, the weight of the device is also important. As a rule of thumb, all seats that weigh more than 5 lbs. are not a good pick, especially if portability is a key feature in your book.

What is more, look for a choice that is easy to install. The most practical handicapped toilet seat that you could buy is the one that can be set up in a matter of minutes, without additional help from a professional.

The models that can be folded in between uses are also a great choice, primarily for those buyers who have little space available.


Additional features

A great toilet seat for handicapped person is, first of all, one that can fit the type of toilet that you have. With this in mind, you must look for details regarding the type of seat that your new acquisition can fit. While some models can only be installed on regular toilet seats, others are only suitable to be used with elongated ones.

Besides, if you are shopping for a device that can be used by a patient with limited mobility, you should opt for a handicap toilet seat with handles. This way, the patient can be supplied with additional support.

The option that you select should also be made of high-quality materials that won’t rust and that can be cleaned using disinfectants. If possible, stay away from those devices that have an intricate design that makes them complicated or time-consuming to clean.

It should also be mentioned that male patients should use open front options. These alternatives are also a great pick for those patients that also have to manage a colostomy bag when using the toilet.



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