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Best Adjustable Bed Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


In case you are looking for the best adjustable bed, we’ve prepared this short paragraph that contains enough information to point you in the right direction. Based on specialists’ opinions and adjustable bed ratings, we concluded that the model you should consider is the Blissful Nights Split King that delivers outstanding comfort with independent control for every sleeping side. Moreover, it is super-easy to install and you will not be needing any tools to set it up. The motor is very quiet and will not be disturbing your partner while you change the inclination. You can perform any activity you want such as reading, watching TV, or working on your laptop from the comfort of your bed. In the unfortunate event our first suggestion is unavailable, we recommend that you keep the Classic Brands Comfort with Massage adjustable bed in mind. 



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6 Best Adjustable Beds (Reviews) in 2024



Based on adjustable bed reviews, we managed to pick a few of the best options the market has to offer. We compiled a list with the top-rated models, pointing out their key features. You can find the list showcased below.



1. Split King Adjustable Bed Base with Wireless Remote 


This model is a double adjustable bed that is extremely reliable and has all the functions you might require in order to customize your sleep positions. The bed does not come alone as it is accompanied by a wireless remote which allows you to easily adjust your sleep position and to support any other activity you want to endeavor like reading, watching TV, eating, or whatever you want. 

The Split King adjustable bed delivers maximum comfort and it can relieve body and joint pain and also reduce moderate snoring. This makes it a great option if you are looking for adjustable beds for seniors as well. 

You should know that maintaining your feet above your heart level is considered a very good position that can help improve blood circulation and minimize stress and soreness in the body. A sync cable and a brace are also included in the box.


With this model, you get to choose either a Queen or Split King which offers you independent control for every sleeping side.

The adjustable bed frame is designed in such a way that it does not require any tools to install. You need to simply unbox the base, screw the legs, and then plug it in.

Thanks to the adjustable legs that allow the base to fit into most bed frames, this model provides the appearance of a standard foundation.

Another great advantage of this item is the fact that you can independently control the head as well as the foot inclination using the wireless remote.

The product is equipped with German motor technology which delivers a quiet motor and operating system.


This product is highly appreciated by most buyers. One possible downside could be that it is quite heavy, which might be an inconvenience if you have to carry it upstairs, for example.

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2. Classic Brands Adjustable Comfort Upholstered Bed Base


In case you are looking for an adjustable bed massage, we recommend that you keep this product in mind. If you add it to your current base, you can transform your bedroom into the most used room in your house. That is how great this model is! 

You can enjoy a lot of activities right in the comfort of your bed. One of the advantages of using this item is that a box spring is not required. This model acts as a platform bed and also creates more room for under bed storage. 

The Classic Brands Comfort Adjustable Bed Base with Massage is an excellent choice for users who need to be elevated because of a certain medical condition. It is just as good for people who want to enjoy an adjustable bed. Moreover, the head and feet can be raised and lowered with the wireless remote control. The massage unit adds a soothing and relaxing comfort.


This adjustable bed base is excellent for sleeping, reading, watching TV, or even working on the computer.

Not only is it very comfortable, but it is also very easy to install. You simply need to unpack it, assemble the frame, and place your mattress on top.

This model has an elegant, contemporary look. At the same time, it delivers the ultimate all-over support for your mattress. 

Thanks to the wireless remote control, you can position yourself for ultimate comfort with the simple touch of a button. You can raise your head and feet and lower them as you prefer.

Due to the mattress retainer bar, your mattress is prevented from sliding while the bed is raised or lowered.


Even though it is very easy to assemble, some customers complained about the instructions not being clear enough when it comes to the settings and the controls.

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3. Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base 5 Minute Assembly 


If you are searching for a good adjustable bed for elderly citizens, you should consider this model as well. Of course, this item is not only suitable for elderly people, but for pregnant women, or for anyone who wants to enjoy comfort as well. 

The adjustable bed base comes with a wireless remote control that allows you to easily find the most comfortable position you require. Moreover, the LUCID L300 Adjustable Bed Base is very easy to assemble. 

You also get to enjoy interesting features such as independent foot and head incline, wireless remote with a flashlight, dual USB charging ports, and a programmable memory position. 

Another important aspect is the motor that is super quiet and will not disturb you. In case you need an adjustable bed with mattress, you should know that this model includes the bed base only, so you will need to buy the mattress separately.


If you want to enjoy the benefits of an adjustable bed without spending a fortune, this model can be just what you were looking for.

Unlike other products in this line, this item is very easy to assemble and it only takes five minutes to install it without requiring any expert assembly.

The independent head incline goes from 0 to 60 degrees, while the foot incline goes from 0 to 45 degrees. You can get to the most comfortable position with the wireless remote control.

You will probably like the upholstered frame in charcoal gray which adds a stylish look. The programmable memory option for your favorite position is another great feature.


Depending on your existing bed frame, the location of the USB outlets may not be in the most useful location as the cords could get damaged by the bed’s movement.

Some users would prefer the elevation of the feet to go higher.

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4. Lucid L100 Adjustable Bed Base Steel Frame Assembly


Did you know that sleeping at an incline opens airways and adjusts your spine? By just raising your head between 10 and 30 degrees, you will be able to significantly relieve congestion, reduce snoring, and even positively change sleep apnea. With this model, you can become a part of the flat-free revolution for quite an affordable price. 

Don’t get us wrong, this is not one of those cheap adjustable beds, but it will not ruin your budget either. The LUCID L100 features an independent foot incline between 0 and 40 degrees and a head incline between 0 and 58 degrees. 

You will be able to comfortably read a book, watch TV, or even work on your laptop. This model is equipped with a premium, responsive motor which moves your bed quietly but also quickly and without disturbing your sleeping partner. To set it up, you only need to unfold it, screw on the legs, and then plug it in.


This adjustable bed does not only provide you the change to sleep better, but you can also perform a lot of other activities like reading and watching TV, in a very comfortable manner.

The head incline ranges between 0 and 58 degrees, while the foot incline ranges between 0 and 40 degrees.

The high-quality motor of this product is fast and quiet and it will move smoothly without disturbing your partner, which is a great feature. 

Moreover, it is very easy to install because it only needs unfolding, screwing on the legs, and plugging in.

This model is compatible with all LUCID mattresses and also with most other types under 14 inches. Furthermore, it can fit most bed frames.


The packaging for this product is a cardboard box that does not offer any protection to the steel frame. This was not to the liking of all buyers, as some comments were made in this sense.

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5. Giantex Adjustable Massage Bed Base Wireless Remote USB


Sometimes, a good electric adjustable bed is all you need to recharge after a hard day at work. If it comes with a massage function, as you can imagine, you will feel like new. Equipped with vibration massagers at both head and foot sections, this adjustable bed frame is really something. 

Moreover, there are three massage modes: constant, wave, and pulse. Unlike so many similar products on the market, this one comes with an emergency battery backup design which is a great advantage. Furthermore, both the head and feet can be raised and lowered independently in various positions. 

This allows you to always find the most comfortable position. Giantex’s Adjustable Massage Bed Base can easily be installed and it does not require any tools for this. You only have to mount the six legs that are adjustable in three heights. Then, align the mattress retainer bar and push it into place.


Probably one of this model’s best features is the powerful massage function. There are vibration massagers places at both the head and the feet area.

This adjustable bed frame can easily be installed without requiring any special tools. Moreover, the six legs that need to be mounted are adjustable in three heights. 

Another cool feature that sets this model apart from other similar products is the battery backup for power outage. Why interrupt your relaxing massage in case this occurs?

Thanks to the reset button, in case of a power outage or the remote fails, you will be able to automatically return to the flat position.

You should know that each part of this bed frame can sustain a weight of 772 pounds.


There were a few customers who mentioned that this product is a bit heavy but, on the other hand, it is easy to install.

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6. Naomi Home idealBase Adjustable Massage Bed Base Wireless 


If you are wondering how much can an adjustable bed cost, you should know that the prices vary a lot, but it is worth it due to the high level of comfort such an item can provide. Moreover, we recommend looking for a model with sturdy adjustable bed parts that cannot break or get damaged easily. 

With the next product on our list, you can embrace the comfortable rest you deserve. The idealBase Motion Adjustable Bed from Naomi Home is designed with a multi-leveled lying surface that can be adjusted to a number of various positions. 

Furthermore, this model comes with integrated USB charging ports that allow you to charge different devices from the comfort of your own bed. Moreover, the bed is equipped with a three-speed level foot massage as well as head massage with timing. With this item, you will also get a retainer bar that will not allow your mattress to move out of place.


This adjustable bed does not only provide a lot of comfort, but you can also get if for a reasonable price.

The multi-leveled lying surface of this model can be calibrated to various positions, allowing you to enjoy the comfort of your new favorite room in the house.

What is more, this bed also comes with massage functions for both the head and the feet area.

Do you want to charge your phone while in bed? No problem! This product is equipped with integrated USB charging ports that allow you to take your phone or tablet with you. 

Thanks to the retainer bar, your mattress will stay in place and will not move around. 


According to some customers, the instruction manual does not come with complete information.

The electric motor is not as quiet as some other models, as there were a few comments made in this sense.

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Yearly Guide & Report


It is no wonder that adjustable bed sets have become more and more popular lately. They are a great option for sleep as they can provide a lot of comfort. 

A good adjustable bed can be used by elderly people, individuals with mobility issues, or by those who want increased comfort. If you are thinking about getting one for yourself, there are a few things to consider.

Pre-existing bed components

The first thing to consider when looking for an adjustable bed frame is the existing conditions. Recent models are usually compatible with most regular headboards and bed frames. However, you need to make sure that the product you want fits the platform perfectly. Also, the weight of the adjustable base shouldn’t be more than your bed can carry. 

Furthermore, if you are planning on using your existing mattress, you need to check if it is compatible with an adjustable bed. The test is quite simple, but it requires two people. You should both get at the foot end of the mattress and try to fold it over on itself, foot to head. 

If you manage to fold it to almost vertical without a demanding effort, it means that you can use it with an adjustable bed. In case the mattress lifts off the entire foundation and cannot be folded, you should also consider adding an extra item to your purchase.


Installation and ease of use

This may not seem like an important aspect, but it is. You should find out if the bed comes pre-assembled or if the supplier can install it for you. This is not a typical offering of most suppliers. There are many users who assemble their adjustable bed themselves, but you need to make sure you have the knowledge and the resources to do this. 

For example, even if you get a model that is already assembled, it may be too heavy for one person to carry. In the case you are purchasing such a product for mobility reasons, the last thing you want is to install it yourself.

Furthermore, since there are so many types available on the market, we recommend selecting a model that is very easy to use. Many models come with wireless remote controls that are extremely convenient. Also, in case you have limited mobility in your hands, you should check if dual controls are provided, and ensure that the buttons are easy to use.


Dual controls

This is an essential feature to consider if you are not sleeping alone. Just imagine that you want to read while your partner wants to sleep. 

Dual controls allow you to both sleep soundly because they allow each side of the bed to be calibrated independently of the other. This prevents disturbing your partner while you get to enjoy your favorite position.


Silent motor

Again, since you have a lot of choices available on the market, we strongly recommend that you select a model that is equipped with a silent motor. 

If you have mobility issues that require you to constantly change position and modify the incline, nothing would be more annoying than a noisy motor. Moreover, you would probably disturb your partner every time you change your position.

Incline Level

You should know that not all adjustable beds have the same incline levels. Depending on your medical situation and needs, you should check the range of the head and the foot incline. Also, you have the option to select a model that allows you to adjust the incline of each side independently in order to settle on your most comfortable position. 

The adjustable bed benefits are many. One of the most important ones is the fact that such an item can allow you to stay in your favorite position which can also help you relax and relieve stiff muscles. 




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