7 Best Walk-In Bathtubs Compared & Reviewed

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Best Walk-In Bathtub Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


If you want to find the best walk-in bathtub, but you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to gather the relevant information yourself, it’s a good thing you are reading these lines. In this paragraph, you’ll find the answer to your question, given that our team has conducted extensive research on this matter. After carefully considering the benefits offered by the top-rated models in this category, we’ve concluded that the walk-in bathtub you should keep in mind is American Standard’s 3252OD.709.WRW-PC model. This alternative is made of high-quality materials and comes with easy-touch push control buttons. The Whirlpool Massage System includes 6 water jets, as well as a Legs-Only option and an in-line heater. Plus, the Quick Drain feature reduces the waiting time at the end of a relaxing bath. In case this alternative is unfortunately unavailable, the next best option to keep in mind is the Ultimate walk-in bathtub offered by Ella’s Bubbles.



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7 Best Walk-In Bathtubs (Reviews) in 2024


If you are going through various walk-in bathtub reviews, but you feel a bit lost among so many options, the following lines, will surely give you a hand. The selection below features the most sought-after walk-in bathtubs available for sale, along with detailed information about each one, so that you can choose the one that works for your needs.



1. American Standard Right Hand Outward Opening Door


A good walk-in bathtub should always be fully equipped, and this is an aspect in which the 3252OD.709.WRW-PC model offered by American Standard excels, given that it checks all the boxes.

The bathtub is part of the Value Series produced by the brand and it includes all the comfort and safety features one might need, as well as the most advanced therapeutic functionalities.

The watertight door is outward opening, full-sized, and specially contoured to allow easy access. The unit is made of sturdy hi-gloss Gelcoat and includes easy-touch push buttons that control all the functionalities.

Another aspect worth keeping in mind is the fact that this bathtub comes with the Whirlpool Massage System that includes 6 water jets, a Legs-Only Massage option, and an in-line heater. This means that one can enjoy an invigorating and soothing bathing experience that offers therapeutic properties as well.


The tub is available in either white or linen, while the faucet desk mount, drain, and door can be positioned on either the right-hand or left-hand side, for the configuration to fit your home.

Since safety features need to be included as well, this unit comes with a grab bar as well as with a textured bath floor to prevent potential slips.

The built-in seat has a comfortable height, at the same time ensuring more room for the user.

Thanks to the patented Quick Drain feature, this model can rapidly remove water, thus saving up time and without requiring any additional plumbing.


Depending on an individual’s particular condition, medical advice might be needed to fully enjoy the therapeutic properties of this walk-in bathtub.

You might need special help to install this unit into your home, and you also have to make sure there’s enough space for various things, such as the door opening.

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2. Ella’s Bubbles Ultimate Air Hydro and Foot Massage Bathtub


This Ella’s Bubbles walk-in jetted bathtub offers generous space thanks to its 30” x 60” x 38” measurements. The seat is 21” wide, while the model also comes with some particular features, such as the Independent Foot Massage. What this means is that you can enjoy a good foot massage without having to fill the entire unit with water.

On the other hand, if you want to indulge in a full-body massage, you can do this easily by using the foot, air, and hydro massagers simultaneously. This way, you will be able to soothe achy feet, soles, calves, and stretch for a relaxing overall experience.

The air massage system includes 3-speed air flow push controls, as well as an auto-purge functionality that ensures the right maintenance for the pipes. Moreover, the jet hydrotherapy system comes with an intensity control dial, ozone sterilization, and in-line water heater.


The hydro system ensures therapeutic massages over multiple body areas, including legs, hips, lower back, and feet.

The unit’s durability is ensured by the acrylic shell construction reinforced with fiberglass gel coat, while the gloss finish makes it both stylish and easy to clean.

The threshold is low, allowing easy stepping into the tub, while the slip-resistant floor and 2 grab bars made of stainless steel ensure the necessary safety for any user, even elderly ones.

Thanks to the in-line water heater, the water’s temperature is maintained at a constant level, while the drains ensure quick water removal for a reduced waiting period.


You might need to hire someone to install this bathtub into your home since there are some technical aspects that need to be considered.

If you are thinking about installing a shower head over the tub, you may want to find a solution to prevent water from splashing as well.

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3. American Standard Outward Opening Door Walk in Combo


In case you are looking for the right step-in bathtub for seniors, this American Standard model might be just what you need. The unit is fully equipped and part of the Value Series offered by the manufacturer. This means that features for both safety and comfort are included.

Given that the watertight outward-opening door is full-sized and particularly designed for easy access, this bathtub can be used by pretty much anyone. Moreover, the low threshold makes matters easy in terms of accessibility as well. If you want to know more about how the bathtub can be used for relaxation, then you will be happy to know that it comes with 21 air jets.

These deliver water-based therapy, ensuring a great experience and an effervescent massage. The heated blower creates and delivers thousands of bubbles that ensure a gentle and efficient massage, while the purge cycle functionality keeps the system running in the proper way.


The Whirlpool Massage System that comes with this unit includes 6 water jets, a Legs-Only massage feature, as well as an in-line heater that keeps the water’s temperature constant.

The bathtub is available in two colors, white and linen, while it’s configuration can be adjusted for right-hand or left-hand orientations.

The fact that it comes with a textured bath floor and built-in safety grab bars ensures the user’s safety by preventing potential slips or situations in which balance is lost.

Given the fact that it comes with premium fast-fill faucets that run at an approximate rate of 16 gallons per minute, the waiting time is significantly diminished.


In rare cases, the unit was delivered with some missing parts, but this was quickly solved through the manufacturer’s customer service.

The seat is not heated, so if you are looking for a model that includes this as well, you might want to look at other alternatives.

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4. American Standard 3060SH.LL Seated Shower with Drain


When it comes to cheap walk-in bathtubs, this American Standard model can certainly be an alternative but don’t think this means it doesn’t come with some useful features as well. The 3060SH.LL is a seated shower system that helps users, especially elderly family members, remain safe by preventing falls and slips.

The unit’s design includes a built-in seat for anyone that has difficulty standing while showering. Moreover, the built-in grab bar adds to the unit’s security by providing sturdy support to users. In terms of transferring into and out of the shower, the fact that this model is fully open on one side and has a low threshold definitely helps in this matter.

You don’t have anything to worry about in terms of durability, even if this is a cheap walk-in bathtub, as it’s made of durable cast acrylic. Moreover, the free-standing metal frame, as well as the five-level adjustable feet make this model fit wherever you may want to install it.


This unit is easy to install, which means that you won’t need to significantly alter the space you want to fit it into, and its measurements stand at 30” x 60” x 37”.

You may be glad to know that the tub shell comes with a 15-year warranty, while the components have a 10-year warranty, so you won’t need to worry about using this model for a while.

The built-in seat is contoured and specially designed to be wide and comfortable, so you can rest assured that the user won’t be hindered by anything while taking a shower.

The unit is factory installed on the metal support frame, which means less hassle upon delivery.


Standard shower doors might not fit this unit given its rounded bottom corners.

You might need to hire someone for installation since it does have some particular requirements.

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5. Companion Massage Walk In Tub


This walk-in bathtub with jacuzzi offered by Ella’s Bubbles is a unique two-person model that includes two seats facing each other, as well as a centered inward swing door. As you can imagine, its design ensures generous space for users, with the tub being 60” long and the seats 20” wide.

In case you are wondering about its maintenance, it’s good to know that the shell is scratch-resistant thanks to the white acrylic gloss finish included, that also makes it easy to clean besides ensuring a luxurious touch. The unit is durable, given that it features a stainless-steel frame and that the acrylic shell is reinforced with a fiberglass gel coat.

Furthermore, adjustable leveling legs make it easy to install and convenient. Safety features, such as the low step-in threshold, one deck mount, and a textured slip-resistant floor are included as well, which means that any risks of falls or slips are significantly diminished.


The Companion model features a stylish door made of stainless steel and tempered glass, that can be conveniently removed for those times when the tub needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

The two built-in seats come with removable back support for added comfort, while two independently-operated 2” drains ensure that the water is efficiently removed.

The 18 Jet Hydrotherapy System features an intensity control dial, and the in-line water heater included maintains the water’s temperature constant.

Ozone sterilization is also included in this model’s functionalities, while the 15 Air Therapy features a 3-speed air-flow push control system.


You will probably need to hire someone experienced in order to install this unit into your home, given that it’s a more complex job than one might imagine.

This particular model doesn’t include faucets, so these need to be purchased separately, which is something you may want to know beforehand.

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6. Ariel EZWT-3060-Dual-R 6 Whirlpool Walk-In-Bathtub


As you are going through reviews of walk-in bathtubs, you might be looking for an alternative that can ensure effective lower back as well as full-body massages. If that’s the case, then this Ariel model definitely fits the bill, so you should take a closer look at what it can offer.

The unit includes large hydro jets that are specially positioned for a lower back massage, while multiple air bubble jets are positioned for relaxing full-body massages. Furthermore, the bathtub also comes with electro-safe pneumatic buttons that activate the Whirlpool jets and air jets.

What makes these units a great choice is the fact that they are much safer to use, so any family member can enjoy relaxing baths without having to worry about potential falls. If you are looking for a walk-in bathtub for elderly, then a model such as this one offered by Ariel may be the right answer.


This model is ADA-compliant as well, so if someone in your family has special needs, then going for this alternative might make things easier.

Thanks to the heavy-duty reinforced fiberglass resin coated construction that also includes high gloss triple gel coat, there is nothing you need to worry about in terms of durability.

The door system is one that you can rely on since it features heavy-duty construction, while the grab bar and the textured bottom add to the unit’s overall safety.

Since this unit comes with a free-standing stainless steel support frame and adjustable feet, you have more options when it comes to where and how it can be installed.


You will most probably need to hire someone in order to install this bathtub unless you are experienced yourself with this type of tasks.

Depending on where you plan to install it, you will need to protect the walls from humidity.

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7. American Standard Left Hand Premium Series Walk in Combo


This unit might be exactly the walk-in bathtub for seniors you’ve been looking for since it’s fully equipped and it offers the latest features in terms of therapeutic benefits, safety, and comfort. The watertight door is full-sized and, together with a low threshold, allows easy access into the tub for pretty much any user.

You may also be interested to know that the unit comes with an Air Spa System that features 26 air jets for advanced water-based therapy. This means that you can enjoy a relaxing and comfortable bath, while the variable speed heated blower ensures that thousands of tiny bubbles offer a soothing massage.

The bathtub also includes an automatic purge cycle system that keeps it running in a clean and efficient way. In terms of the warranty, the manufacturer stands behind its products and offers a 10-year one on the tub shell and a 5-year one on the other components.


The Whirlpool Massage System included in this model comes with 13 water jets, a Legs-Only massage option, as well as with an in-line heater, which means the user can enjoy a therapeutic bathing experience.

Thanks to the Ozone Self-Cleaning Sanitation System, you won’t need to worry about keeping everything running clean.

The unit also comes with a premium fast-fill faucet, a neck rest, a color-matched safety grab bar and drain overflow, as well as a with a handheld showering wand.

You don’t need to worry about the unit’s durability, given that it’s made of high-quality materials, including high-gloss Gelcoat that makes its maintenance a breeze.


You should be aware that you are going to need an expert to get it installed since this matter might involve both plumbing and electrical wiring works.

Any other accessories you might want to add need to be compatible with this model, so do check this with the manufacturer.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Many people are familiar with how difficult it can sometimes be for elderly family members to take proper care of themselves. As the aging process takes place, daily tasks become increasingly challenging. On the other hand, it’s also very important for them to feel that they still have a sense of independence, as this helps keep a healthy mental attitude.

With this being said, when it comes to taking a bath, a walk-in model can certainly improve the entire experience since these products are specially designed to be easy to use, while also including multiple safety features. Comfort is not forgotten either, and they often come with hydrotherapy jets, air massage systems and even self-cleaning features.

On the other hand, it’s true that there are so many alternatives available on the market that you might not be sure which one is the most suitable one for particular needs. That’s why in the next lines, we’ll see what main characteristics you should take into consideration before purchasing a new walk-in bathtub.


Of course, the unit’s size is the first aspect you may want to think about, given that the tub needs to fit into a designated space, unless we’re talking about a new home, but that is another story. For most buyers, the tub has a certain bathroom area that it needs to fit, and you also need to consider the amount of water that it can hold.

You should also think about the unit’s overall weight when it’s being used, especially if the former shower or tub was not a particularly heavy one. The size also determines the amount of water that the heater needs to supply, so this is something you may want to consider as well, just to make sure that the system can be efficiently used.



As we’ve already mentioned, the great part about these units is that they are easy to use by seniors or individuals with disabilities. If any mobility devices are being used as well, you may want to think about these as well when choosing the right model.

Some of the options are specially built for walkers or wheelchairs, and they come with the necessary safety features for this. On the other hand, any walk-in bathtub you are considering should include some safety features, the most common ones being the grab bars and textured bottom that prevent falling or slipping.

Moreover, the fact that they include built-in seats means that they are both comfortable and safe. You should also check if the product you’ve set your eyes on is ADA compliant or not, as this can be a good indicator to see if it fits your needs or not.


The fill and drain systems

Walk-in tubs have a particularity, namely that the user needs to wait inside while the unit fills with water or is emptied. Otherwise, if the door would be opened, the water would spill everywhere. What this means is that there is a waiting time for both filling and emptying that cannot be avoided, but that can be reduced.

If you don’t want to take up too much time for these two steps, then you should look for a model that comes with fast-filling faucets and fast draining systems. Some of them don’t include faucets at all, so you will purchase them separately and you’ll be able to choose whichever model you like.

These two aspects might also depend on the plumbing system, so you may want to ask an expert for advice. You will most probably need to do this anyway, as the process of installing such a unit is a complex one. Furthermore, there are some additional costs to be considered for this as well, so it’s not something to overlook.



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