9 Best Walk-In Showers Compared & Reviewed 

Last Updated: 12.04.24


Best Walk-In Shower Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


What better way to start your morning if not with a reinvigorating shower? But why spend precious moments crammed inside a small cabin when you can move freely and even stretch in the best walk-in shower available? After conducting thorough market research, we have concluded that one item that you should consider is the new Woodbridge MBSDC6076C Frameless Sliding. It is available in two colors and different dimensions to fit most standard bathrooms. It comes with a frameless and reversible door that brings brightness and more natural lighting to your bathroom, while also making it look more spacious. The doors are also adjustable, according to your preferences. The item is made of high-quality stainless steel that won’t rust, chip, corrode or change its color in time, no matter the temperatures inside the bathroom and the amount of steam. If this item is not available for sale right away, a good alternative would be the DreamLine Encore SHDR-1660760-06.



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9 Best Walk-In Showers (Reviews) in 2024



Finding a good walk-in shower is not an easy task as each bathroom is different and follows strict construction specifications. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for walk-in shower ideas to completely transform the look of your bathroom and make it more practical, here are some of the most critically acclaimed products available on the market right now.



1. Woodbridge MBSDC6076C Frameless Sliding Shower


The product is available in various dimensions and in two colors to match most of the bathroom styles and provide an elegant touch to the room. The package includes the shower door, the hardware parts box, and an illustrated guide with step-by-step instructions to finish installation in the shortest possible time.

The stainless steel construction hardware has many advantages, including the fact that it won’t rust, corrode or chip in time, providing outstanding value for the money in the long term.

The door and walls are made of thick tempered safety glass that ensures easy cleaning. It is resistant to water spots and is heavy enough to remain stable and function for many years from now on.

The frameless design shower door adds brightness and a touch of modernism to the room, making it look bigger. What we also liked about this Woodbridge walk-in shower is that the reversible door can slide to the right or to the left, depending on your preferences and the position of the shower.


It is made of high-quality materials, including stainless steel hardware that is steam-proof and waterproof, meaning it won’t corrode, chip or rust in time. The glass is sturdy, heavy, and safe to use, not to mention easy to clean in just a matter of minutes.

All hardware parts and accessories are included in the package so that you won’t be needing too many additional tools to install the shower on your own if you have the skills.

The profiles are width-adjustable to deal with imperfect walls and create a perfect construction without leaks or unaesthetic points.

You can choose from various dimensions and colors to match the requirements of your bathroom style.


If you want to install the doors on a tub, you’ll have to drill the doors into it, which may damage the tub and even result in some rusty parts. We suggest professional installation only.

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2. DreamLine Encore Frameless Semi-Frameless Shower Door


The definition of affordable luxury, this new walk-in shower from DreamLine is available in four superb finishes, including oil-rubbed bronze, chrome, and satin black. The double sliding bypass design ensures entry from left or right, which makes it more accessible, regardless if you’re a leftie or a right-handed person.

It is made of ClearMax high-quality glass that is water and stain resistant, allowing easy cleaning in just a matter of seconds. The glass is sturdy, heavy, and secure, meaning it won’t break or chip easily. The model can be trimmed up to four inches for width adjustment to match various bathroom configurations and uneven walls.

Thanks to the top craftsmanship, the doors will protect from limescale buildup, keeping your bathroom and your shower area clean for longer. It can be customized according to your preferences to include a shower base or you can complete it on your own by purchasing various accessories such as shower columns and seats.


The item is available in four superb finishes, adding a touch of elegance and style to your bathroom, regardless of its style.

The clear, high-quality secured glass provides extra brightness to the entire bathroom while remaining waterproof and easy to clean for an ultimate showering experience.

One of the greatest advantages of this walk-in shower is the entry that is accessible both from the left side and the right side, thanks to the two sliding glass panels.

The wall profiles accommodate up to ⅜ inches for out-of-plumb installation, suitable for bathrooms with uneven walls.


According to some of the customers, this product is quite hard to install as it doesn’t come with clear, step-by-step instructions. Even the manufacturer suggests professional installation only so unless you’re a good handyman or a certified plumber, you’ll have to pay extra to enjoy the comfort of this walk-in shower.

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3. DreamLine Prism Frameless Neo-Angle Pivot Shower Enclosure


This product is available in two beautiful finishes – brushed nickel and chrome to add elegance to any bathroom, regardless of its style. One of the most outstanding features of this walk-in shower is the high-quality certified tempered glass used for the walls and door to provide an upscale look.

Also, the ClearMax certification protects against limescale and keeps the glass easy to clean for a long time. It is also worth mentioning that the sturdy and heavy glass structure won’t break or chip easily and is also waterproof.

The walk-in opening is large enough to accommodate people of various sizes and needs, ensuring easy access and increased comfort.

The pivot bars are made of top-quality stainless steel that won’t corrode, break, chip or rust in time, providing durability and stability in the long term. The manufacturer recommends that the shower head should be installed opposite to door opening to minimize leakage.


The product is available in two colors to match most of the bathroom styles and add a touch of elegance.

The door opening is wide enough to accommodate people of various sizes, making the shower accessible for those with limited mobility or hefty people.

The ClearMax protective glass coating ensures increased protection against limescale.

The clear glass is 10mm thick and completely waterproof to seal the water in and prevent leakage and high humidity inside the bathroom.

The product meets the highest quality standards and is no match even for a challenging installation thanks to the specially engineered U-channel that accommodates up to ¼ inches for out-of-plumb or uneven walls.


As with many other similar products, the manufacturer recommends professional installation only to avoid flaws that might lead to accidents or flooding hazards.

It doesn’t come with any accessories so all the improvements that you would like to make will cost you extra.

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4. DreamLine Enigma-X Fully Frameless Sliding Shower Door


This item is available in three colors and features hardware finishes made of brushed stainless steel that won’t rust or corrode in time, meaning it will last you longer. The premium 10mm thick certified clear tempered glass is of superior quality and won’t chip or break easily either. It also comes with an exclusive ClearMax coating that is water repellent and stain resistant to ensure easy cleaning, in just a matter of minutes.

What we liked about this product is the wide opening that is specifically designed for people with low mobility or those who have weight problems. This reduces the amount of effort you’ll have to make to actually enter the shower and wash.

The stainless steel top guide bar can be trimmed up to 4 inches for width adjustment. However, unlike other products from this particular brand, this one doesn’t have an adjustment for uneven walls, meaning you’ll have to make sure it fits your bathroom perfectly.


It is made of high-quality clear tempered glass that is 10mm thick and won’t break or chip easily. In addition, the exclusive ClearMax coating is water repellent and stain resistant, allowing you to easily look after the walk-in shower.

The framing and the top guide bar are made of stainless steel that won’t chip, rust or corrode in time, adding durability.

The large 23-27-inch walk-in opening is perfect for people with reduced mobility, seniors or overweight people who need more space to enter the shower and wash.

The product is fully reversible, meaning it can be opened both from the left and from the right, matching your wall bathroom walls and your personal requirements.


Keep in mind that this particular model doesn’t feature an adjustment for out-of-plumb or uneven walls, meaning you have to thoroughly measure the product before buying to make sure it fits your bathroom.

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5. DreamLine French Corner Framed Sliding Shower Enclosure


The product has a generous size and features a walk-in opening. The hardware finish comes in a beautiful and elegant shade of satin black.

It is made of 4mm thick certified clear tempered glass, making it perfect for smaller spaces where a regular swing door wouldn’t work. The wall profiles are made of anodized aluminum that is lightweight and sturdy at the same time while it doesn’t corrode or rust in time. The profiles also allow up to ½-inch adjustment per side for uneven walls.

The manufacturer recommends making all measurements after the walls are finished, and that includes back walls, tiles, and other adjustments. You should also opt for professional installation unless you’re a certified plumber yourself.

Optionally, you can choose some accessories to this walk-in shower such as a shower base or a bench. However, they need to be ordered separately.


The product is made of premium-quality clear tempered glass that won’t break or chip easily, ensuring long-lasting performance and a great design.

Similar to other products, the wall profiles allow up to half an inch adjustment per each side to accommodate the needs of uneven walls. Therefore, you can always make sure the installation is perfect and that there won’t be any holes or gaps.

The center opening dual sliding door design provides a large entry area to accommodate people of various needs and sizes.

This walk-in shower is easy to clean and look after.


Unlike other products from the same brand, this one features a thinner glass of only 4mm which may not look too sturdy for some people. You may also experience minor leaks due to the same fact, especially if you don’t opt for professional installation and decide to try your own luck with the frame.

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6. DreamLine Enigma-X 68-72 in. W Frameless Sliding Door


The frame is available in two different colors that will create a unique and elegant design for your bathroom. Similar to other items from DreamLine, the glass that the walk-in shower is made from is 10mm thick certified clear tempered and features an exclusive ClearMax coating that is water and stain resistant. Thus, cleaning will be made easily and effortlessly.

The frame is made of stainless steel that can be trimmed up to 4 inches for width adjustment. Also, the frame won’t rust, corrode or chip in time, maintaining its original design and shine for longer.

The product allows for reversible installation, depending on the wall you place it on. Also, the frameless sliding shower door creates the visual effect of a larger space and is designed to fit people with mobility issues or those who are overweight. As with all other models, the manufacturer recommends professional installation.


The frame of this walk-in shower is available in two colored finishes to perfectly match the style of your bathroom and the rest of the decorations.

The glass is 10mm thick and comes with a clear design that allows maximum visibility and provides the impression of a larger, better-lit bathroom.

The frame is made of quality stainless steel that is resistant to water and won’t rust, corrode or lose its shine in time.

The glass also features a water and stain resistant coat for easy cleaning.


Even when it is installed by professionals, there is still a chance for the product to leak water from the sides and the bottom rail which won’t be too fun to clean every time you take a shower.

Keep in mind that this specific model doesn’t have adjustments for out-of-plumb walls, so you need to make sure it perfectly fits in your bathroom.

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7. DreamLine Prime Kit with Corner Sliding Shower Enclosure


If you’re looking for a more unique style to remodel your bathroom, this beautiful corner-shaped walk-in shower might be exactly what you need. It is available in two finishes – chrome and brushed nickel – to add a touch of elegance and style to your bathroom.

The kit includes a prime shower enclosure, the SlimLine shower base available in three color options, and a shower enclosure. The product is perfect for smaller spaces where swinging doors don’t make a good option.

The curved neo-round design of the shower base is made of scratch and stain resistant acrylic that is easy to clean and features a non-slippery texture to prevent accidents and injuries. The glass is 6mm thick and won’t chip or break easily, while the anodized aluminum wall profiles allow up to 1-inch adjustment for each side.

The product is reinforced with fiberglass for added durability and is cUPC certified.


The model features premium quality ⅜-inch thick clear tempered glass and pivot bars made of stainless steel that ensure increased durability and stability in the long term.

The profiles also adjust up to one inch per side to accommodate all types of bathrooms with uneven walls.

The kit is the perfect solution for narrow or small bathrooms. The walk-in shower will create the sensation of a brighter, bigger place thanks to the clear glass walls and shower door.

The product is delivered with a shower base included in the price and you get to choose from three different colors to perfectly match the rest of your bathroom tiles and decors.


There is a wall kit available too but it doesn’t come with this particular set, so you’ll have to purchase it additionally.

Unless you’re a certified professional plumber or a good handyman, you’ll have to pay for someone to actually install the shower and the base.

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8. Sterling 72290100-0 Accord Standard Fit Shower Kit with Seat


Resembling a sauna in the comfort of your own home, the new walk-in shower from Sterling measures around 60 inches. The geometric back wall design provides interesting visuals and surfaces that are easy to clean.

The modular design ensures easy installation during any phase of the construction but keep in mind you’ll also require the walls to complete the installation.

What we liked the most about this shower is the 12-inch wide seat that can be positioned both on the right or on the left side of the shower and can even be removed to add more space. Therefore, this product is specifically designed for seniors and people with reduced mobility to enjoy a comfortable showering experience.

Also, the high-gloss finish offers a shiny and smooth surface that doesn’t only look good but it is also easy to clean and won’t keep stains on. Unlike other items, you have enough storage room inside the shower to place all your favorite bathing products, including shampoo, shower gels, soaps, masks or razors.


It is one of the few products that include a wide seat that can be positioned on the left or the right side of the showerhead to offer more comfort for people with reduced mobility.

The modular design allows easy installation and also provides enough storage room to keep all your bath essentials and even more.

The product also comes with a geometric back wall design that ensures easy cleaning and adds a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

This walk-in shower is made of solid Vikrell and won’t chip or break easily, providing a timeless and long-lasting design.


According to some customers, the height of the wall seems a little short, even with proper installation.

Since it comes with its own wall, the product will take a few good inches out of the total space of your bathroom, so make sure you have enough room to place the sink, toilet, and everything else.

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9. MedMobile Bathtub Transfer Bench / Bath Chair With Back


If you’re looking for the perfect accessory for your shower or bath tub, you need to take a closer look at this transfer bench. It is specifically designed to ensure easy and convenient transfer from the wheelchair to the bath seat and is extremely flexible. There are five different levels of seat height adjustment to ensure a proper and comfortable fit for every person who uses the bench.

The seatback of this bench can be assembled for left and right-hand applications, while the backrest is optional but adds even more comfort.

The item is made of high-quality materials and benefits from sure-grip legs that add increased safety and stability to the bench. It is also lightweight and weighs under 11 pounds, meaning it can be easily handled by all people without causing hand fatigue or wrist pains. The transfer bench measures 20 inches from the floor to the seat.


Made of high-quality materials, this transfer bench is sturdy and reliable, providing easy transfer from the wheelchair to the bathtub to all patients.

The seat features five different levels of height adjustment going from inch to inch to add comfort and allow people to sit back and relax while taking a bath or a quick shower.

The legs come with excellent grip to prevent slipping or falling, adding even more stability to the overall design of the bench.

Lastly, the item is also lightweight and easy to carry and deposit anywhere you are.


According to some of the customers who purchased the bench, it comes with too many parts which make installation quite difficult. The step-by-step instruction guide doesn’t seem to be very helpful either.

The manufacturer doesn’t tell the maximum weight supported by the bench, so we don’t reckon it is suitable for all people.

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Yearly Guide & Report


Walk-in showers are perfect for people with reduced mobility or those who want to make the most out of the space in a small bathroom. Thus, if you’re in the market for elegant yet cheap walk-in showers, here are some features you need to consider.

Materials used

Replacing your old tub with a walk-in shower is quite easy and will bring you many benefits in the long term but only if you pay close attention to the materials used for manufacturing.

The glass walls and the door must be of high quality and shouldn’t break or chip easily. Bear in mind that keeping glass near slippery surfaces is not a good idea as there is a major risk of accidents and injuries, so you need to make sure the glass is thick and sturdy.

A quality frame that will last against humidity and high temperatures in time should be your next concern. Since the bathroom is probably the most humid room in the house, we suggest opting for frames made of stainless steel that won’t rust, corrode, chip or break in the long term.

You should stay away from fancy coats as they might look good for a couple of years but will eventually wear off or chip. Perhaps this is also the reason why some companies don’t offer more than one-two years of warranty for these frames.

If you’re not sure which frame or type of glass would best suit your bathroom, we suggest going through some online walk-in shower reviews and read the opinions of other customers.


Adjustable size

The cost of a walk-in shower can dramatically differ based on the features it offers, including the adjustable size of the glass walls or the profiles. Keep in mind that not all of your bathroom walls will be perfectly aligned, so these adjustable profiles will work wonders when installing your brand new shower.

The size of the actual cabin is also important, especially if we’re talking about a walk in shower for handicap people. The access should be smooth, without any steps or lintel, while the shower cabin should be large enough to fit a wheelchair and overweight people.



Customizing your shower is extremely important if you want the ultimate showering experience each morning, in the comfort of your own bathroom. Depending on your preferences, you may want to add some walk-in shower inserts that will make the space more comfortable.

People who deal with reduced mobility or seniors might want to take into account a special walk in shower with seat for elderly to avoid putting too much effort or standing for too long. A comfortable seat is not hard or too expensive to add but it will make a great difference for seniors or those who just got out of surgery.

Grab bars are another great idea to add to your walk-in shower if you’re dealing with reduced mobility or if you are a handicapped person as it will allow you to use the shower on your own, without requiring the help and assistance of another person.

For those who don’t want to give away for good the comfort and luxury of a tub, they can place one to match their shower too.

This 2-in-1 bathroom accessory is perfect for people of all ages as most of the tubs are low, ensuring easy access without putting too much pressure on your legs. Just make sure the walk in shower drainage faces the opposite way of the shower head to avoid slippery surfaces that might be a hazard.




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