About Us


Who we are

Caregivingmag is part of Sablicon Media. Our website is a trusted source of information on a variety of topics related to assisted living and senior care. It is a free resource for anyone who wants to learn more about handling the challenges of maintaining a senior’s freedom and independence, no matter where life might take them.

Our goal is to provide you with a number of products that the elderly or disabled need to feel confident, comfortable, and in control. We strive to offer accurate and well-researched information to caregivers, be they professional or not, in terms of anything from mobility scooters to living aids and a variety of tips for keeping seniors’ health in check.


What we do

We rely on the concept of Simplexity when creating all of our articles. We try to help our site visitors to save time when making the best purchase for their specific requirements and budgets. Simply put, we avoid using jargon or overly complicated terms, and we try to describe everything in words that are as easy to understand as possible — by anyone, no matter their background or experience.

We genuinely want to help consumers make the best buying decision so that they can enjoy a happy and healthy life along with their loved ones. Our mission is to provide buying advice and tips to people who care for the elderly, those who have a disabled person in their care, or for the seniors themselves. We’ve tackled a variety of topics on Caregivingmag over time, and they range from how to choose a wheelchair to understanding and managing depression and anxiety in the elderly.

We’d love to create a better world for seniors and caregivers alike by providing them with helpful and free advice.


Our research explained

Our team is composed of several professional and experienced caregivers that come from different backgrounds. Our articles are always created based on the recommendations of our experts as they best know the problems they were confronted with in the past. They review the topics that we have in line for the Caregivingmag editorial calendar. They understand the correct angle before starting to research a topic, and then they correlate the needs of their patients with the products that are available nowadays. Their drafts are checked by our editors following this process. This helps us have several pieces of content ready for you on a monthly basis.

With our customer first mindset, we commit to creating articles that recommend products that allow seniors to live the most dynamic yet comfortable life as possible. Our site is a resource hub for seniors and their families so that they can learn more about how graying gracefully can be done.

Meet our team

  • Ioana Moldovan

    Staff Writer

    Ioana is a lifelong learner with extensive work experience in the public health field. She is passionate about science and psychology and is constantly curious about how these can change people’s lives for the better. Her goal is to gather valuable information that can help her readers.

  • Luciana

    Staff Writer

    As a person who has worked for years in the HR industry, Luciana knows and understands people’s needs. She’s a caring individual with a keen eye for detail, and she strongly cares about a variety of causes, one of which is making sure that seniors’ lives are as easy as possible.

  • Cristina

    Project Manager

    Skilled in affiliate marketing and content strategy, Cristina has been a loyal member of Sablicon’s team for a number of years now. With her practical mindset, she keeps the ball rolling. She was raised by her grandparents and she cared for her grandmother for several years while she was studying for her degree in Veterinary Medicine. She believes offering the elderly the love, independence, and care they need is of utmost importance in our society.

  • Irina

    Content Editor

    As Caregivingmag’s content editor, Irina is in charge of making sure that everything runs smoothly when it comes to what we publish on the site. She is very attached to her grandparents, and that’s why she loves being a part of our project.

  • Lorin

    Director of content

    Lorin has strong family values, especially since he has been caring for his sister and other family members for quite some time now. He is a calm individual who believes that making everyone’s life easier is the right way to go about things.

  • Marian

    Website Editor

    As a web developer and website editor, Marian helps us deal with any technical issues that might arise on the Caregivingmag site. He is also emotionally attached to his grandparents, and that’s what helps him better understand their needs.

  • Tania

    Staff Writer

    Tania holds a BA in English literature, so that’s why storytelling comes naturally to her. With her proactive mindset and caring temperament, she is more than capable of resonating with the challenges of caring for an elderly person.

Our advisors

  • Nicole Burns, RN

    Nicole has over seventeen years of nursing experience. With a significant time spent in geriatrics and also with neonatal intensive care, Nicole has experiences which gives her perspective of healthcare challenges across the age spectrum.