Top 12 Knee Braces for Arthritis Reviewed in 2019

Last Updated: 23.08.19


Best Knee Braces for Arthritis – Reviews & Analysis


Whether it’s you or your senior the one in need of the best knee brace for arthritis, this paragraph might be of help as it will provide you with important information on top rated knee braces for arthritis. After examining the features of the most appreciated products available for sale as well as reviews of knee braces for arthritis, we have concluded that the first option to consider is the Bauerfeind GenuTrain. The product features quality materials and a design that will provide you with knee protection and support. The item is committed to helping you regain mobility, reduce pain, recover from an injury, and make any swelling recede rapidly. Thanks to the soft knit fabric and the incorporated silicone pad, you will enjoy all the mentioned benefits as well as enhanced comfort. Should you be unable to find this knee brace, a reliable alternative in terms of quality is the Mcdavid Knee Sleeve.



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Products in Demand – In-Depth Reviews



The market overflows with both expensive and cheap knee braces for arthritis. This means that finding a good knee brace for arthritis might take some time. To simplify your shopping experience, we have carefully examined the most popular products and compiled a list of reviews below.



Bauerfeind GenuTrain


Weak, swollen, and painful knees will affect many aspects of your life and decrease its quality. To help you keep such issues at bay, Bauerfeind created the GenuTrain, a knee brace to help with arthritis pain, injury recovery, and sports activities. This is also the first product you might want to consider as it has gathered positive feedback from the people who tried it.

Featuring a soft knit fabric as well as an incorporated Omega silicone pad, the item promises to protect the joint and provide pain relief without reducing your mobility. What’s more, the silicone pad was designed to fit securely over the kneecap and thus eliminate pressure while offering intermittent massage.

The brace relieves pain and provides knee stabilization. The knitting material is not only comfortable and lightweight but also machine washable. Plus, the fabric is breathable, which means that sweat won’t build up. It is also stretchy for a perfect fit.

Buy from for ($94.99)




Mcdavid Knee Sleeve


If you’re interested in compression knee braces for arthritis, another model you might want to consider is this knee sleeve from Mcdavid. The item was designed to provide pain relief from different chronic conditions such as arthritis, help with recovery, and offer support for minor to moderate ligament instabilities.

The knee brace features a four-way stretch material that not only offers a perfect and comfortable fit but also ensures the needed compression without heat retention. This means you can wear it even when the temperatures are high. Furthermore, the gel buttress will protect the soft tissue of your knee and will deliver patella support.

What’s more, considering the materials used for this brace, the unit is also a good option for people with neoprene allergies. It is available in various sizes that range from S to XXL, which means you can easily find a size that will provide you with a snug fit.

Buy from for ($17.17)




Futuro Knee Stabilization


Another knee brace for arthritis pain you might want to pay attention to before making your final decision is this model from Futuro. Designed to ensure immediate compression and lateral stabilization, this item is ideal for both athletes in need of extra support when performing various sports activities and people suffering from chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Therefore, if your knees are weak, stiff, sore, or injured, and in need of moderate stabilizing support, this product is worth adding to your list of options. Thanks to the flexible fabric used and the side stabilizers, you will enjoy the support you need without limiting your mobility.

Just like other elastic knee braces for arthritis, this one can be worn no matter the time of the year. You can also wear it under your clothes without your comfort being affected. The open kneecap will further enhance your comfort.

Buy from for ($11.99)




Mueller Adjustable Stabilizer


Designed for arthritic knee conditions, sprains, and strains, this knee stabilizer from Mueller is another option you might want to pay attention to before hitting the order button. Featuring a soft neoprene blend, this item promises to promote healing by retaining heat and helping circulation.

Due to the wraparound design, the knee brace can be easily put on and taken off. It also boasts flexible steel springs that provide enhanced lateral support. What’s more, the criss-cross straps will enable you to adjust it so you can enjoy the support and compression you need.

Your comfort is ensured not only by the quality fabrics used and the design of the brace but also by the fabric perforations that increase breathability and prevent sweat and heat from building up. This means that you can wear it even when the temperatures are high as your comfort will not be affected.

Buy from for ($14.88)




Newzill Clima-Pro


Committed to providing pain relief from various ailments such as arthritis, tendonitis, and swelling, this knee brace from Newzill is worth taking into account whether you’re looking for a product to help you cope with your own knee pain or just for useful gifts for grandparents.

By applying constant pressure across the knee joint, the product will help you reduce pain and regain your mobility. Moreover, wearing it will also help you with injury prevention. Therefore, it can be easily added to the senior exercise equipment needed to perform physical activities safely. Even if it applies graduated compression, the product does not limit your mobility.

The fabric used is breathable, which means it will absorb sweat rapidly and thus keep you dry and odorless for a long time. A sure and comfortable fit is further ensured by the knitted 3D technical design and the two silicone gel strips used.

Buy from for ($20.99)




Professional’s Choice Miracle


Allowing complete mobility and reducing pain caused by various conditions, this knee brace should not go unchecked before you make your decision. The unit is designed to provide pain relief from conditions such as arthritis and is also ideal for strains, damaged cartilage, and sprains.

The product features flexible medial and lateral fabrics that ensure ligament stability and side-to-side support. By improving the blood circulation, the item will relax sore or tight muscles. The brace is made of neoprene and comes with a wrap design that ensures easy application as well as a comfortable fit at the calf and the thigh.

Thanks to the open-back design, issues such as irritation, binding, and rubbing are eliminated. You can wear it both over and under your clothing to meet your preferences and needs. It can thus be used for sports activities, walks, or even when at work.

Buy from for ($52.75)




OTC Angora


In case you’re looking for a knee warmer that will provide you with arthritis relief, this model from OTC is a product that shouldn’t be ignored. The Angora wool used is ideal for thermal clothing and, thus, the product can be used to relieve cold and discomfort caused by various conditions that involve chills.

The item allows the user’s skin to breathe and ensures moisture absorption. Furthermore, the product maintains a steady temperature, so you can wear it all day. The material is soft as well as lightweight, which means that the product can be used for a long time.

The item is latex-free and is also breathable. This way, you will enjoy its benefits without sweating. The knee warmer is available in sizes ranging from S to XL. The users who tried it have reviewed it positively and appreciated the comfortable fit and the warmth delivered.

Buy from for ($31.49)




NYG Sports Compression Sleeve


Enhanced knee comfort and support are the benefits you will get to enjoy with this product from NYG Sports. It was designed for people who suffer from arthritis as well as for athletes or people in need of extra support when performing various sports activities. Therefore, it should be considered before you make your final decision.

The lightweight and durable sleeve promises to provide pain relief while being comfortable enough for prolonged use. It will not only reduce pain and swelling but it will also reduce the risk of injury while allowing you to move comfortably and easily.

The product is also ideal for recovery as it stimulates the blood flow as well as the oxygen delivery, which will help you recover faster. The sleeve is thick enough to get you the necessary heat to enjoy pain relief and speed up recovery. It is also easy to use and clean.

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Maxar Airprene Pull-On


By combining quality fabrics with a comfortable design, this product is ideal for knee injuries, post-surgery recovery, and pain relief. Created to ensure maximum all-way protection, support, and compression, the knee brace features a breathable neoprene that will help you enjoy the above-mentioned benefits as well as enhanced comfort.

Thanks to the two metal hinges, you will enjoy the support you need without reducing your movement. They will also prevent hyperextension.

Moreover, the item comes with an extra patella buttress that ensures kneecap stabilization and protection. By retaining body heat and increasing blood circulation, the product will help you recover faster and minimize the discomfort caused by various conditions.

Due to the cotton lining featured, the item will reduce sweating and allergic skin reactions. You can thus use it on a daily basis. The knee brace is available in various sizes so you can find the one that best suits you.

Buy from for ($38.47)




PU LifeStyle Therapeutic Brace


Another product to help you relieve knee pain and swelling and enable you to engage in your daily activities is this therapeutic brace from PU LifeStyle. The unit comes with a padded cushion insert that will prevent any pressure from affecting the patella. This pad also ensures intermittent compression and, thus, increases circulation and reduces swelling and edema.

The pad is surrounded by double-stitched nylon and Lycra spandex, which offers a comfortable and secure fit. This means that you don’t have to worry that it will slip. Furthermore, the medial and lateral stainless steel rods are committed to keeping your knee aligned.

By promoting proprioception, the item will also help you enjoy enhanced joint stabilization. The brace delivers graduated compression at the edges, which will prevent constriction of circulation. The fine mesh knit used ensures durability and breathability and is machine washable. Plus, it does not retain heat.

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Vin Zen Pressurized Brace


If you need to stock up on products that will help you reduce arthritis pain and you need to pair the arthritis gloves you have with some quality knee braces as well, you might want to try this model from Vin Zen. The product was designed to help you speed up your recovery, heal knee injuries, reduce chronic pain, swelling, and inflammation.

Moreover, the item has a heating effect that will improve circulation, which promotes muscle recovery and protection. Thanks to the anti-slip dual silicone gel strips, the item offers a comfortable and secure fit. You won’t have to worry that it might slip even if you use it for a long time.

The sleeve features a 3-dimensional weaving of a quality fabric that provides enhanced support. It can be used during exercises or to reduce pain that is associated with various conditions including arthritis, osteoarthritis, sprains, and tendonitis.

Buy from for ($12.97)




DonJoy Clima-Flex


Last but not least, this knee brace from DonJoy is also a product you might want to try as it comes with quality fabrics and a design that will help you reduce your knee pain and discomfort. The item offers a cooling effect through compression, which promotes pain relief.

Thanks to the C-6 fabric technology used, the product ensures flexibility, mobility, and comfort. The fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking. Moreover, by providing temperature control, the item also repels odor and the discomfort created by sweating. The dual-action dial offers ease of use and adjustment.

You can thus adjust the brace to enjoy more or less compression based on your needs. The wraparound design and the E-Z Grip handles will further boost your comfort and provide you with a snug fit. Support is ensured by the semi-rigid cuffs that are concealed in the calf and thigh. The brace is available in a variety of sizes to meet all needs.

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Our Yearly Guide


Old age does not necessarily mean pain and lack of physical independence. Still, some conditions such as arthritis often affect the elderly. If you or one of your family members is suffering from such a health problem and you’re looking for a quality knee brace to reduce the pain and help you regain control, this guide might be of help.

There is a wide variety of knee braces available on the market yet identifying the right one for you might take time and lots of browsing. Just like when you’re looking for senior walking shoes or senior walkers to enjoy stability and comfort when having your stroll, there are some factors you need to consider when in need of knee braces, too. We have highlighted them below.

Types of knee braces

Before getting to the types of knee braces, it is necessary to highlight the importance of getting diagnosed by a medical professional. This is the safest way to a correct treatment and to the right lifestyle adjustments needed. Once you’ve done that, you can start searching for a knee to best suit your arthritis stage.

The market offers a variety of braces. You will find the popular knee sleeves that can be easily put on/taken off. Such products will get you the knee compression you need to control pain and swelling. They are ideal for mild knee pain and for reducing arthritis. What’s also great about them is that they can be worn under clothing.

Then you will find dual-wrap or wraparound braces that many athletes go for. They can be used for moderate knee pain and arthritis pain as well. Such braces are easy to use and provide more support than knee sleeves. In case your arthritis is severe or you’ve had a knee surgery, you might want to look for a hinged brace. Such items were designed to deliver a higher level of support and protection.

A hinged brace will keep the knee aligned when it bends and, thus, will speed up recovery and prevent injuries. This type of braces includes soft and rigid hinged braces. If you need more support, then a rigid brace is recommended.

Popular among athletes and people suffering from knee pain are also the so-called open patella braces. You can actually find knee braces that have an open or closed patella, that is a hole in the center of the brace. Open patella braces are appreciated and often used because they offer relief of knee pressure while providing extra kneecap support.

Closed patella braces deliver compression on the kneecap while providing the same pressure for your entire knee area. Ask your doctor if you don’t know which one to go for. In case you’re looking for such products as grandpa and grandma gifts, see what type of brace your senior is currently using and go for a similar one.


Level of protection

Choosing the right knee brace is of utmost importance as an inappropriate brace can actually do more harm. Another key aspect to keep in mind is the level of protection provided by the brace.

While it is very flexible, a level 1 brace will provide you with the least amount of support. It is worth considering if you need mild to moderate support and pain relief. A level 2 brace will deliver more protection than level 1 braces but is not flexible. These include knee straps and wraparound braces. You can consider such a product for mild to moderate knee support.

If what you need is enhanced support, then a level 3 brace is the one to take into account. A hinged knee brace is a good example of this sort of protection. However, it does limit your mobility and is heavier. For the ultimate protection, you can always go for a level 3+ brace.

Material and durability

A walking stick coupled with a quality knee brace or such combinations could make successful granddad gifts or highly appreciated gifts for retired men. If you’ve purchased the first one and you’re looking for the knee brace, you also need to pay attention to the material used.

Stretchy materials offer a more comfortable fit. You might want to look for a brace that offers temperature control and will allow your skin to breathe and stay dry. Some models come with perforations to deliver such benefits.

Consider durability as well. Opt for a material that will last and keep up with extended use no matter if the items you want are intended for your own use or to be offered as gifts for seniors.


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