Top 13 Wheelchair Ramps Reviewed in 2024

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Best Wheelchair Ramps – Reviews & Analysis


If you are short on time and you cannot do the research necessary in order to find the best wheelchair ramp for the money, we can help. After going through what the experts had to say on the matter, and after thoroughly analyzing the market, we have concluded that the Titan Aluminum Wheelchair is the choice that you should consider getting. This model is made of durable materials such as corrosion-resistant aluminum and, consequently, it can pass the test of time. The seller also argues that the option has a wide design and that it is the perfect purchase as a ramp for scooters, wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches because it has a slip-resistant surface. The item is semi-detachable and it can be installed outdoors because the elements won’t damage it. Safety handrails are included in the deal and they can be utilized when necessary. If the product is unavailable, check out the HomCom 6′ Portable.



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13 Best Wheelchair Ramps (Reviews) in 2024



A good wheelchair ramp is not easy to find. If you have no experience purchasing an item of this type, it can be rather challenging to know what models are worthy of your attention. To help, we have put together an inclusive list of options that you might want to take a look at before placing an order!



1. Titan Aluminum Wheelchair Entry Ramp and Handrails


This entry ramp is lightweight and durable because it was made of corrosion-resistant aluminum. Consequently, by investing in it, you will be provided with years of maintenance-free use. Given that the choice has a one-piece design, it is considered solid when compared to similar counterparts.

Plus, the surface of the ramp is slip resistant and it can effortlessly be utilized by wheelchair users and those who own mobility scooters, canes, walkers and crutches. This semi-permanent access ramp is 10 feet in length and it has an inside width of 35 ½ in. It additionally has a total weight capacity of no less than 850 lbs.

According to the manufacturer, the model was constructed to be safe and portable. Additional safety handrails have been added so that the owner will not struggle when using it. You can set the choice in place in a matter of minutes without professional assistance.


Because it was made of aluminum, this option will not rust when placed outdoors. Besides, it won’t need to be regularly maintained so that it doesn’t corrode.

This product has a one-piece design and, consequently, it is quite secure when compared to other alternatives. Its surface is slip-resistant.

Size-wise, the model measures 10 feet in length and it has an interior width of 35 ½ inches. The seller argues that it can support up to 850 lbs. at once.

Given the safety handrails that the item features, this ramp is quite safe and it is very accommodating to those using it.


There was one previous user who said that the handrails of the choice are not as sturdy as he had expected. No other buyer noted this issue at the time we did the research.

This ramp might not be accessible to all those interested in it due to its price.

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2. HomCom 6′ Folding Portable Suitcase Mobility Ramp 


If you are interested in a model that was specifically engineered to assist wheelchairs over stops, be sure to add this one to your list. The model features a ribbed surface that prevents sliding and two side walls that are rather high that can prevent falls and other similar accidents.

The option is also quite versatile as it can also be utilized as a way of access for scooters, motorcycles and other wheeled similar vehicles. It was made of an anti-corrosive aluminum alloy and, as a result, it is both durable and lightweight. The manufacturer notes that it has a weight capacity of 600 lbs.

It can be easily transported and stored in between uses because of its practical tri-fold design. In fact, setting it up and taking it down should only take up a couple of minutes. For extra practicality, the choice also includes a carry handle that you can use to pick the ramp up and carry it.


The product was made of a sturdy and anti-corrosive alloy and, therefore, it is durable and lightweight.

Given its design, it is suitable for wheelchairs, as well as for motorcycles, bikes, and scooters. Hence, it is practical to have around.

The surface of the model is skid proof and ribbed so that sliding is prevented, no matter the type of weather you are facing.

Moreover, the choice is foldable so that you can pack it up and transport it to another location when necessary. Many consider this feature a big advantage.


Some owners claimed that the option is somewhat difficult to fold and unfold. Not all customers agreed with this assertion. Instructions are provided.

There were some buyers who claimed that the ramp is a bit bumpy due to its design, which is why it is not as comfortable as others. However, most considered it a good purchase.

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3. Titan Ramps 8′ ft Aluminum Multifold Wheelchair Ramp 


This practical alternative is suitable for wheelchairs and scooters and it can be utilized as a semi-permanent metal access ramp that can be installed outdoors. It is quite sizable as it measures 96 inches in length and it has an overall inside width of 30 inches. It has a weight capacity of 600 lbs.

The option is light in weight and easy to store and transport. To make it simple to install, the manufacturer has fitted it with an angled lip. Holes that can be used to secure it in place have also been added. This way, you can be sure that it won’t move when used.

Because of its length, it is seen as suitable to be installed on curves, porches, and steps. The seller notes that it can also be utilized to load pickup trucks and minivans. The ramp is provided with a nylon carrying handle that comes in handy during transportation.


This alternative has a capacity of 600 lbs. and it features a 2.5-inch angled lip with holes so that installing it in a safe manner is effortless.

The soft nylon handles that it comes equipped with make it easy to carry it around when you have to install it in a different location.

It is recommended that owners use it with wheelchairs and scooters. It was not designed to be utilized for walking.

The slip-resistant surface makes it quite safe to use by people with limited mobility without additional assistance.


A handful of buyers noted that the choice has a rather flimsy construction and that it makes cracking sounds when used. Not many had these issues with it.

Many had problems when it came to walking over it. It should be said that the manufacturer has made it clear that it was not constructed for walking.

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4. Prairie View Industries SFW330 Singlefold


The surface of the SFW330 model distributed by Prairie View Industries is covered in an anti-slip and skid tape so that its users are provided with maximum traction. The choice has a 30″ wide platform that can supply both support and stability. This ramp has a total weight capacity of 800 pounds, which is why many of its owners recommend it.

Because it was designed to be a portable unit, the option comes equipped with a handle for easy carrying. In fact, the seller argues that it can be carried like a suitcase. Plus, it can accommodate wheelchairs and scooters alike, regardless of their wheel configuration.

For increased practicality, this product is shipped alongside the necessary safety instructions and the necessary pins to set it in place. A step-by-step guide that informs the customer on how to use the ramp is also supplied by the manufacturer. The option has been thoroughly tested.


This model is portable and lightweight and it was made of aluminum. It can be folded in half for easy storing and transportation.

To make it as convenient as possible, the manufacturer has fitted it with a handle so that you can carry it like a suitcase in between locations.

The choice has a welded construction so that it is durable, and a walking surface that has been covered in an anti-slip traction tape.

Furthermore, the ramp itself is 30″ wide and it was designed to work with various wheel configurations. It is suitable for wheelchairs and scooters alike.


There was one customer who argued that the instructions provided are incomplete, which is the reason why setting it in place might be a tad complicated.

Another owner said that the model was narrower than anticipated. Still, it should be noted that its dimensions are made available to interested buyers.

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5. Drive Medical Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Scooter Ramp


This alternative was created to be used when transitioning a wheelchair or a scooter on various surfaces. It has a lightweight and durable construction and it comes with a handy carry bag that you are prone to find practical.

Given that it includes perforated slots, this option can keep water from collecting onto the ramp itself. This feature is particularly useful if you intend to use it no matter the weather. Overall, the item measures 37″(L) x 28.5″(W) x 4″(H) and it has an inside track width of 26.5″. Its weight capacity is of 600 lbs.

The ramp also allows for a rise of 6″ in surface height so that one can install it on various surfaces. Fellow users have pointed out that this model is highly functional and handy to have around for those who have to transport anyone in a wheelchair around. They also appreciated its durability.


This assistive device was carefully designed to be used by those who have to care for people confined to a wheelchair or a scooter.

It is made of durable and lightweight materials and it can be easily carried around as it comes fitted with a handle and with a special bag.

The model has a weight capacity of 600 lbs. and it measures 37″ in length, 28.5″ in width and 4″ in height.

Because it features perforated slots, this choice is ideal to use even when confronted with rain or bad weather in general as water will not collect on the ramp.


It has been claimed that, because this option is 26.5″ in inside width, it might not be large enough to accommodate bigger wheelchairs and scooters.

One customer noted that, because the bottom edge of the unit is rather high, it is rather challenging to push an occupied wheelchair up on it.

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6. Prairie View Industries TH1032 Threshold Ramp


A best seller in this line of products, the TH1032 model manufactured and sold by Prairie View Industries should also make it to your list. This product measures 10 x 32 inches and it is the go-to model that one can use when transitioning thresholds and doorways. It can also be used for doorways that swing in.

Because they were built for the job, these ramps are made to be used to cover small thresholds. The item has a 600 lb. weight capacity and it can stand the test of time. The ramp has an anti-slip, high traction surface and it includes holes that have been punched in its top corners for easy installation.

Although the ramp can be anchored, it should be noted that it does not have to be anchored in order to use it. Just like other similar models, this unit was created from durable aluminum and it is covered by a warranty policy.


The option was created to be used for doorways that swing in and it can be installed easily in the homes of those that are confined to wheelchairs.

Because it was made of aluminum, a material that is lightweight, the choice can be easily transported. Also, it is quite durable according to reviewers.

The model also comes with holes that have been punched in the top corners of the ramp for easy installation.

Besides, the surface of the unit prevents the risk of accidents due to slipping, which is a big plus according to current users.


One customer argued that the model bent after the first use because of the load. This was the only review that pointed to this problem at the time we did our research.

Another owner said that, when installed, the ramp prevents his door from closing properly, which is why he was displeased with it.

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7. Titan Ramps 7′ Aluminum Multifold Wheelchair Ramp


The Titan Ramps 7′ is ideal for wheelchairs and scooters and it is advertised as the perfect metal access ramp that one can use outdoors. The option has a width of 29” and a length of 84”, as well as a total capacity of 600 lbs.

It was made of corrosion-resistant aluminum and, consequently, it is lightweight, durable and flexible. Because of its wide design and the slip-resistant material that was used to cover its surface, the ramp is perfect when utilized by wheelchair or mobility scooter users.

The choice was designed to be sturdy and portable and it can be folded and transported easily. Plus, provided that you follow the instructions, you can set it up in a matter of minutes. The ramp also includes an angled lip that adds security to it. The lip also features special pre-drilled holes that you can use to set it in place.


This ramp has a foldable design and it comes provided with a carrying handle that you can use to easily carry it in between locations.

When expanded, it measures 84” L x 29” W and it has a total weight of 46 lbs. Moreover, it has a weight capacity of no less than 600 lbs.

The angled lip that the choice includes makes it safe and easier to install in various places. Pre-drilled holes are also featured and they can be used to secure it.

What is more, this unit has a slip-resistant surface that makes it safe to use by those who are confined to wheelchairs or mobility scooters.


Some customers were displeased with the fact that the ramps that they had received were damaged as the non-skid surface was not intact. Not many had this problem.

Another previous buyer remarked that the product that he was shipped was not as sturdy as expected.

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8. Electriduct 3.5″ Rise Rubber Power Wheelchair Ramp


If safeness is your number one priority, the Electriduct 3.5″ Rise is the model that you should have in mind. This choice can prevent any accidents that might occur due to slipping as it was covered in rubber.

The grooved surface that it features adds plenty of traction and it makes the ramp safe to utilize no matter the weather. The smooth design of the option includes beveled edges so that accessing it from any side is possible. It can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor applications.

When you receive it, there is a high chance that the ramp will emit a strong rubber odor. Because of this, the seller recommends that you leave it in a well-ventilated area, or outside for a couple of days. You can also use a citrus cleaner to get rid of the remaining smell. The model is regarded as sturdy and durable by those who have invested in it so far.


This ramp is quite safe as it was covered in rubber, a material that can prevent the wheels of a wheelchair or scooter from unexpectedly slipping.

It can be installed both inside your home and outdoors and it will not be affected by bad weather or the elements.

The choice has a smooth design and it includes beveled edges so that you can access it no matter the side that you are on.

If there are uneven levels in your home that are difficult to transition over when utilizing a wheelchair or a scooter, add this option to your shopping list!


The product might have a strong rubber odor to it when you receive it. However, if you leave it outside for a couple of days, it will go away. Citrus cleaners might also help.

Because of its design, dirt might accumulate between the crevices on its surface, so, you have to clean it regularly. Only one buyer considered this an issue.

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9. EZ-Access Transitions Modular Entry Ramp


This 3″ modular ramp is another unit that you should not neglect. It has a smooth and sturdy surface and it is easy to place over doorways and other uneven surfaces in your home. The option is made of high-quality aluminum and it measures 17″ x 34″ x 3″. It also has a usable height range that varies from 2.75″ to 3.25″.

The product measures 8 lbs. in weight and it has an overall capacity of 700 lbs. Because of its construction, this unit is quite practical as it can be easily installed over any thresholds. The necessary interchangeable extensions that you might have to use are provided by the seller. For added adjustability, a pivoting flap can be attached to the top of the ramp.

Some noted that, because of its light construction and design, this ramp can be transported easily from one place to another and it can make people that have to use wheelchairs comfortable.


The model has a smooth and sturdy surface so that people that are using wheelchairs can easily cross over uneven doorways.

Because it is 3″ tall, this modular option is the ideal ramp that you can install in your home so that you can easily move around.

If needed, you can add and remove the interchangeable extensions that the product comes provided with so that you can install it on any threshold.

This alternative is lightweight and it has a total capacity of 700 lbs., which makes it suitable for any home.


One user said that the ramp that he received could not be attached to the doorway in his home and that it made a loud sound when the wheels of the wheelchair crossed over it.

Some customers complained about the size of the model. However, the manufacturer has made its dimensions known to interested buyers.

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10. Prairie View Industries WCR630 Portable Multi-fold Ramp


Another model distributed by Prairie View Industries that might catch your attention is the WCR630. This option was designed and thoroughly tested to enable people who are confined to a wheelchair and find it difficult to roll over uneven surfaces.

A big advantage of the unit is its portable design. In fact, this ramp can be separated into two so that you can carry it effortlessly. On top of that, the model comes with a handle that is quite practical.

The platform is 30″ wide and it has a design that allows for maximum support and mobility. The patented center that it includes is also handy, as it can eliminate major pinch point. It has a total weight capacity of 800 pounds.

For safety reasons, the seller also provides all its users the necessary instructions as well as a video that shows step by step how the unit can be installed in place.


This portable alternative is lightweight and it can fold conveniently so that you can transport it. When folded, it measures approximately a quarter of its size when opened.

Because of its patented center joint hinge, this unit does not have a major pinch point like other available models do.

This choice is durable and its walking surface has been covered in an anti-slip material. Therefore, it is quite safe and sturdy.

With a 30″ interior width, this unit is the go-to option if you are looking for a ramp that can safely accommodate a wheelchair or a scooter.


One buyer noted that, in time, the surface of the ramp loses its anti-slip features, as well as its traction. Still, he was happy with its durability and quality.

Another customer was dissatisfied with the packaging of the product. According to him, the unit that he was delivered was damaged as a result of it.

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11. Titan Ramps 4′ x 30″ 


This choice measures 4′ x 30″ and it is suitable to be used as a ramp for mobility scooters, power chairs, wheelchairs, and even bikes. To set it in place, one just has to lay it across a step. It can be utilized as a temporary or as a permanent ramp.

Given that it was created to be highly portable, this choice can be folded in half and it comes equipped with a handle that allows you to carry it like a briefcase. Plus, it is lightweight as it only weighs 37lbs. So, transporting it from your car to your home will not be challenging.

The model is also safe. Because most metal ramps are dangerous when wet, the manufacturer has covered this aluminum unit with a slip-resistant traction tape that many users speak highly of. Consequently, it is quite durable and it can be left outdoors all year round.


One of its biggest advantages is its portability. Because it is lightweight and given that it has a foldable construction, it is perfect for those who need to transport it often.

The unit is easy to install and it can be used to enable the mobility of those who have to use a mobility scooter or a wheelchair.

Furthermore, this option is covered in a slip-resistant traction tape so that accidents caused by slipping are avoided.

This alternative is quite sturdy and it can be installed outdoors as it won’t lose its features due to the effect of the elements.


One user noted that the center of the ramp flexes when one rolls over it. However, not all its buyers consider this aspect a major drawback.

There was a customer who claimed that the item is poorly made and flimsy. This was the only reviewer that pointed to this problem.

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12. Prairie View Industries SL336 


This unit can accommodate rises that range between 3 and 6″. It is suitable for both wheelchair and mobility scooter users and it has a weight capacity of 800 lbs. Because of its sturdy welded construction, this choice is perfect for helping those confined to a wheelchair to transition curbs, porches and low stairs. With a 36″ wide platform, the unit can also fit most doors.

Made in the USA, the option was designed to be durable and safe and, as a result, it has been thoroughly tested so that its users are provided with just that. The surface of the model measures 30″ and it was covered in an anti-slip material that can supply users with plenty of traction.

According to the seller, it can accommodate wheelchairs and scooters alike, no matter their wheel configuration. The ramp was made of aluminum and it comes shipped alongside the security pins one has to use to install it.


This option can accommodate both scooters and wheelchairs and it has an overall capacity of no less than 800 lbs., which is why most recommend it.

This practical alternative comes provided with a safety video made available by the seller and with durable steel security pins that one can use to install it in the desired place.

To make sure that it is safe, the manufacturer has tested it extensively so that the risk of accidents when using it is limited.

The surface of the platform was covered in a material that can prevent slipping and increase traction.


Some customers claimed that they were shipped units that were bent during transportation. Not so many cases have been reported so far.

Another user said that the product that he was shipped had missing pieces, as it did not include any bolts that could be utilized to install it safely.

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13. Rage Powersports WCMF-10 


This sturdy wheelchair ramp stands out because of its portability. The choice has a foldable design that enables the owner to fold it to 1/4 of its original size. Therefore, it is perfect for those who have to travel often and need a compact unit.

The seller also supplies users with the necessary steel security pins that one can use to mount it in place. Velcro closures and a carrying handle are also featured in the design of the model. The surface of the product has been covered in a high-traction material for safety.

Besides, this item is manufactured from lightweight aluminum and it has a total capacity of 600 lbs. Overall, it measures 10′ L x 30″ W and it can accommodate a rise of up to 20″. The seller argues that this product is compatible with most scooters, wheelchairs and power chairs currently available on the market.


Its unique folding design makes it easy to pack and transport for those who are always on the go, which is a feature that many buyers appreciate.

The included Velcro latches that the unit comes with ensure that the ramp will not unfold when one rolls over it.

Because it has a weight capacity of 600 lbs., the choice is regarded as suitable to be used by most people that are confined to a wheelchair.

On top of that, this is one of the few models available that can accommodate a rise that is up to 20″ in height.


It has been remarked that the edges of the ramp are rather sharp and, as a consequence, when not installed appropriately, it can lead to one getting injured.

There was a user that said that the model that he was shipped had a few missing pieces. However, this was an isolated incident, according to reviews.

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Our Yearly Guide


Mobility is key in making a senior feel independent. To do so, it is vital that you invest in a quality, portable metal wheelchair ramp. If you have never shopped for a product of this kind before, be sure to take a look at this buying guide as it can help you purchase a model that fits your needs.

Permanent vs. semi-permanent

Costly and cheap wheelchair ramps alike can be classified as permanent and semi-permanent. The main distinction between the two has to do with how easy or difficult it is to remove and transport them to another location after being installed.

Normally, permanent models are anchored in the ground by using concrete anchors. These ramps are often constructed using metal or wood and they might require the use of a licensed constructor. This is the case because they have to be erected from scratch.

A semi-permanent temporary wheelchair ramp is designed to be easily removed and transported when necessary. Also, they can be adjusted to fit one’s needs. Once installed, they are designed to remain in place for a while. Still, they can be moved around when needed. In this case, wheelchair ramp installation is rather simple and it can be done without specialized help.

As a plus, manufacturers have also created portable units that are intended to be utilized by those who are on the move. They are often made of lightweight materials such as aluminum and they have a foldable design. Some of the items of this kind also come provided with carrying handles so that transporting them around is optimized.


Use and the mobility device employed

Before you jump to the chance and buy the first electric wheelchair ramp that you set your eyes on, it is critical that you answer a few questions. First, you have to consider the needs of the person that will be using it.

From this point of view, you have to think about the person’s weight and size, as well as his/her overall level of mobility. If the intended user is fairly active, it is advisable that you invest in a model that is lightweight and versatile.

However, if the user is confined to a wheelchair or scooter for most of the time, it is best that you order a ramp that is stronger and that includes additional safety features such as extra traction pads and handrails.

Another important aspect that you should not ignore has to do with the type of mobility device that that particular person is using. Consider whether or not that person will be using the same device over a long period.

For instance, patients that are recovering from an accident often use wheelchairs and later on they transition to utilizing rollators and even canes. However, people with degenerative medical issues often get stuck using walkers and, eventually wheelchairs or power scooters.

The heavier the mobility device used is, the wider and sturdier the aluminum wheelchair ramp should be. So, pay attention to the weight capacity that the product that you like can support. To make sure that accidents won’t occur, it is recommended that you opt for a choice that includes drains where water is evacuated, as well as added traction pads that prevent slipping.

Where do you intend to set it up?

Most wheelchair ramp reviews point out that an important factor that all those interested in getting a ramp should think about has to do with the place where they plan to set it up. There are different types of units that can be installed on one’s doorway, family home, or rental home.

If the person that will use it enjoys an active lifestyle, it is best that you get a portable ramp that can be folded and carried around easily. Portable models are also a good investment if you want to install them at a rental home or at an apartment, without causing damage to that property.

Still, if you want a ramp that can be placed near the entrance of your home, a permanent model might be the best solution.

If you have the time, it might also help to take a look at this article about how to select a wheelchair ramp calculator, as it is packed with tips and tricks that might be of help.




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