Top 14 Adaptive Devices Reviewed in 2024

Last Updated: 12.04.24


Best Adaptive Devices – Reviews & Analysis


Finding the best adaptive devices might not be such an easy task, since there are so many models on the market. Knowing how effective and well-built each one is requires a tremendous amount of time invested in research. But you should not worry, since in this article you’ll find all the answers you need. Our team has taken the time to go through the relevant and reliable information on this topic and concluded that the adaptive device you should keep in mind as a first choice is RMS’ Button Hook. This product can definitely make life a lot easier for seniors or disabled individuals when it comes to getting dressed, since it includes a zipper puller made of thin steel. Moreover, its construction ensures an easier navigation through the button holes, while the ribbed handle ensures a firm and comfortable grip. In case this product is unfortunately unavailable, the next option you might want to consider is Stander’s HandyBar.



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14 Best Adaptive Devices (Reviews) in 2024



If you are going through various adaptive device reviews without being sure which model fits your needs, this next section will surely be useful. We’ve put together the list below taking into consideration various aspects such as usability and effectiveness, so you can choose from the top-rated alternatives on the market.  



1. XYLUCKY Button Hook -Button Assist Device


RMS’ Button Hook is one of those cheap adaptive devices that are also very effective in making the user’s life a lot easier. This model is an ideal tool that anyone with limited dexterity can use every day. Since arthritis is many times the main cause for lack of dexterity, this Button Hook can be a useful gift for a senior family member.

If you are wondering what in this device’s construction makes it great, then it’s good to know that the wide and ribbed handle ensures comfort, preventing potential slips. Moreover, the high-quality steel wire is very thin, thus making any navigation through the buttonholes a lot easier, without snagging.

The product also features a zipper puller which is made of thin steel, thus suitable for heavy-duty use. This means that zipping clothes becomes an easy process, while the tip of the hook itself is smoothed out in order to prevent any damage in the process.

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2. Complete Medical 87501 Handy Bar Car Entry Side


Stander’s HandyBar is a good adaptive device that helps the user easily stand or sit while entering or exiting a vehicle. For those facing challenges when it comes to physical strength, such a device can definitely make a difference. Thanks to its design and sturdy construction, it offers the necessary support and protection from potential falls.

The unit also includes other features such as a window breaker and seatbelt cutter, making this an excellent all-in-one solution for safety and independence when using a vehicle. Moreover, it features an ergonomic design that prevents potential hand slips.

With a universal fit for all cars, this is a great product for anyone who needs mobility assistance, whether we are talking about elderly or injured family members. The only thing necessary is to make sure that the vehicle has two bolts or screws that can be used to attach the striker to the door frame.

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3. Sammons Preston Bilateral Glass Holder 2 Steel Handles


This Bilateral Glass Holder offered by Sammons Preston is one of the adaptive utensils that make great independent living aids for those who are dealing with incoordination or physical strength issues. If you have a loved one who faces problems caused by arthritis, this product might be of real help.

The design includes a clamp that can be adjusted to fit cups or mugs of any size, while the steel handles are durable and built for heavy-duty use. Moreover, the plastic coat ensures a comfortable and steady grip that can prevent potential spilling incidents.

Since the design includes a handle on each side, picking up and drinking from glasses of various sizes is a lot easier for those who need a bit of help with this. Another aspect worth considering is that this product is BPA and phthalates-free, so you don’t need to worry that harmful elements might be ingested.

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4. Sammons Preston Adjustable Weight Utensils


One of the leading brands in home care devices, particularly adaptive eating utensils, Sammons Preston offers a wide range of products that our loved ones can use to cope with their environment in a much easier way. This brand is also ideal for healthcare professionals such as nurses and therapists.

Out of the range of products specially designed to solve daily living struggles comes this Adjustable Weighted Knife. The tool allows users to adjust the weight of the cutlery in order to meet individual levels of comfort, therefore being an adaptive utensil for Parkinson’s disease as well, if a loved one has this condition.

As you can imagine, the knife is dishwasher-safe and its weight can be adjusted between 2 and 8 oz. Moreover, the 1.5” in diameter built-up handle helps the user have a firm grasp in order to avoid any potential slips, while the materials used are BPA and phthalates-free.

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5. Sammons Preston Assistive Device Kit 6


In case you are looking for a complete kit that can prevent its user from needing to bend over and grab things that are on the floor (such as socks or other garments), this Sammons Preston Kit might be exactly what you need. With its help, those with limited mobility have a much easier time getting dressed without the caregiver’s help.

The product includes three items, namely a reaching device, a compression stocking aid, as well as a dressing stick, all delivered with a convenient carrying bag. In terms of measurements, it’s good to know that the SPR reacher and the dressing stick are 26” long.

Given the multiple items making this a complete kit, it’s safe to say it’s one of those great adaptive utensils for arthritis as well. Of course, the kit is also suitable for those with a reduced range of motion due to other causes.

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6. Vive Bed Ladder Assist  Pull Up Assist Device


Another product that you should have around the house, this Bed Ladder assists those with spinal injuries or limited range of motion to rise to a seated position. The movement is done incrementally, in order to protect the user’s back as much as possible, and the product’s construction includes a durable webbing that can sustain weights of up to 300 pounds.

If someone close to you is recovering from surgery or is dealing with back problems, Vive’s model can be of a tremendous help. In terms of usability, the bed ladder strap can be installed right away on any bed frame, using a secure composite buckle. You can also remove it whenever you need to travel, since it’s portable.

The manufacturer took adjustability into consideration as well; therefore, the ladder strap can fit any bed, while its length can also be tailored to the user’s needs. Plus, you don’t need to worry about comfort, since the EVA foam-covered handles provide a secure grip.

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7. Vive Transfer Belt with Handles Medical Nursing Safety


When it comes to adaptive utensils for disabled individuals, Vive’s products are well-known for their quality and effectiveness. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what the Transfer Belt has to offer. This product can be successfully used to safely assist family members or loved ones and prevent falls in the process.

The handles included in the design allow the caregiver to assist any motion and therefore reduce the risk of injuries. The belt includes two horizontal handles and four vertical ones for more versatility, allowing caregivers to provide assistance from any angle and from every side. Moreover, each one of these handles is padded for more comfort and a secure grip.

Since this model needs to fit more than one person, the transfer belt is adjustable and can accomodate waists that go up to 51”. Made of strong nylon webbing, there’s is nothing to worry about when it comes to durability.

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8. MTS Medical Supply SafetySure Bed Pull-Up


For someone who has undergone surgery or for a senior family member, getting out of bed can many times be quite a hassle. The good news is that products such as the SafetySure Bed Pull-Up offered by MTS Medical can be an excellent solution to makes the user’s life a lot easier.

This product assists individuals as they are pulling themselves up in bed, making the entire process a manageable one. A solution like this can also reduce the need for assistance from a caregiver from time to time. The ladder is made of durable cotton webbing and the great part is that it’s machine-washable.

The design includes eight equally spaced hand grips that are also cushioned for a secure grip. Moreover, the product is also easy to attach to the bed, being a very good solution for a wide range of conditions, such as injury recovery, disabled individuals, elderly family members, and so on.

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9. Sammons Preston Vertical Palm Self-Handle Utensils


Known for the quality of the products it offers and with a legacy of over 50 years behind it, Sammons Preston is an excellent choice when it comes to home care devices. The Self-Handle Fork is no exception to the brand’s quality and utility standards, being a convenient and easy to use utensil.

The fork features a handle bent at 90° that ensures a natural and easier motion when eating. In terms of measurements, the product is 1” wide, 4” long and 2” deep. It also includes clips around the hand for extra safety, as well as a removable handle, for convenient and simple use.

Another aspect you might be interested in is that this fork is dishwasher-safe for temperatures that go up to 180°F, therefore you have nothing to worry about when it comes to its maintenance. In terms of the materials used for its construction, these are BPA and phthalates-free.

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10. Sammons Preston Transparent Mug with Two Handles


It’s true that for many people who face different health conditions, drinking from regular cups can prove to be a challenge, and oftentimes they can end up spilling the beverage. For this reason, if you have someone close to you who is dealing with arthritis, muscle deficiencies, or Parkinson’s disease, this Sammons Preston mug might be a very good solution.

Given that the design features two handles, one on each side, holding the mug and drinking out of it is a much more comfortable experience. Moreover, thanks to the small nozzle included, the flow of the liquid is also regulated, therefore reducing the risk of spills.

With a capacity of 10 oz., this mug is made from strong and durable plastic, all the materials being phthalates-free, for the user’s safety on the long term. Moreover, it’s also very easy to maintain, since it’s dishwasher-safe for temperatures that go up to 125°F.

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11. Sammons Preston Clamp-On Mouthstick


For those who need assistance in their everyday lives due to limited motor skills, this Sammons Preston product can certainly make a difference. The Clamp-On Mouthstick is a lightweight and long mouth holder device that can facilitate a wide range of activities from painting and writing, to using a smartphone.

The device can securely hold thin items such as paintbrushes, pencils, or pens, that are then controlled by the mouth for an easy and useful maneuvering. Since this item needs to be as lightweight as possible in order to be effective and usable for extended periods, the manufacturer made sure of this and the mouthstick weighs only 3 ounces.

Adjustability was also taken into account and the thumbscrew can be locked in various positions, for different angles. Moreover, the diameter of the item that is fit into the mouthstick can also be adjusted up to ½ inches.

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12. Sammons Preston Easy Cut Plate


Many times things can get quite difficult for those close to us who are dealing with disabilities or physical conditions. This applies especially when it comes to cutting, scooping, serving or pouring food. Luckily, Sammons Preston’s Easy Cut Plate is one of those products that can help in this matter.

Featuring three stainless steel pins in the center of the dish, the plate can secure food in place and, as you can very well imagine, it can be used for multiple types of food, including meat, large vegetables, or potatoes. The great part about it is that the user can cut the food with just one hand.

The plate has a 9” diameter and a 1.5” center depth, and the three pins are located in the center so that they can be used from every side. However, one aspect you should know is that this product should not be used in a microwave oven.

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13. Sammons Preston Clip-On Food Guard


Another very useful product from Sammons Preston, the Clip-On Food Guard is specially designed to improve meals for those who struggle to eat independently. The product consists of a plate guard that can be attached to a plate using three prongs. It can fit any plate with a diameter ranging between 9 and 10 inches, creating a wall on one side.

The food guard also helps prevent dinner spilling incidents, this way helping elderly family members or disables individuals have an easier time and more independence. This product can be used together with rubber-handled utensils to make single-handed eating possible.

The guard is made of high-quality and durable materials that are BPA and phthalates-free, and is dishwasher-safe for a carefree maintenance. The sturdy guards are easily snapped onto plates, this way facilitating the eating process with a hassle-free solution that is suitable for seniors, children, and many other categories of users.

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14. Sammons Preston Sure Hand


The Sure Hand models is a comfortable and effective choice if you need to find solutions and facilitate the eating process for someone who is dealing with reduced mobility. The adjustable fork features a twist at the base of the handle which helps users position the utensil in a wide range of angles.

Moreover, the ribbed grip includes an extra-wide lip at the bottom that ensures a firm and controlled grasp, which means it effectively prevents potential slips. In case you are wondering what this item’s measurements are, then it’s good to know that the length of the stainless steel fork is of 8.75”, while the handle is 4.5” long.

Besides the stainless steel elements, the fork is also made of high-quality plastic and rubber, being durable even if used extensively. Moreover, you can safely place it in the dishwasher, since it can resist temperatures that go up to 180°F.

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Our Yearly Guide


Sometimes we need to find some great adaptive devices to improve a loved one’s quality of life. This is important since, especially for our elderly relatives, the fact that they are less and less independent, as times goes by, is not creating a positive outlook and attitude.

When we are talking about adaptive technology, this category includes a wide range of products that go from affordable ones that can be used around the house to highly specialized and expensive ones. However, in this guide we will focus on those that can be used daily and don’t require a particular type of assistance.


Given that usefulness is the ultimate goal for this type of devices, you should first take the time to consider what difficulties the person you are looking for is facing throughout the day. You can start by making a small list before venturing into the pool of options.

Either way, you will most probably also discover other solutions, models, and ideas as you browse through the different models. While this is great, do keep in mind the general list of needs that should be met. With this being said, consider first those models that facilitate independence in motions and actions.

Small things such as being able to drink from a cup without spilling the beverage or easily getting dressed in the morning help those close to us keep a positive outlook, since they can perform tasks without additional assistance.



As is the case with pretty much every other type of product, choosing a device made of high-quality materials is always important. However, in this case, since we’re talking about items that can help disabled individuals, doing this is even more important, since it’s a matter of safety, as well.

In the end, someone with limited mobility or a senior person needs to be able to rely on the items used all the time. Moreover, choosing high-quality products is also a matter of spending money in a smart way, even though they might seem a bit more expensive at first. In the long run, you won’t need to get additional or new ones to get the job done.



The design is another matter that you need to carefully consider. Any type of adaptive device you choose should be lightweight and easy to use, but sturdily built. Ease of use can make the difference between a model that can actually improve the quality of life and one that doesn’t.

Moreover, from a safety point of view, you should avoid any type of designs that can cause damage, such as pointy tips, sharp edges, or cheap materials that can easily break. You need to be sure that even when another person is not around, the user will be able to enjoy their benefits without running risks of injury.

How to choose  

Since there are so many options you can choose from, you might not be sure which adaptive device can help in the most effective way. What you can do, and this is actually a good starting point, is to talk about the user’s general needs with a professional caregiver or therapist.

Given their previous and extensive experience, professionals can definitely guide you towards those options that are most suitable, or they can explain whether a product you think would be useful is indeed so.

In case you don’t have such a professional you can ask, see if you know anyone who has dealt with a similar situation around your friends or acquaintances. If that is not the case either, then do remember that the internet is a large place that can help you out.

Granted, everything you read should be taken with a grain of salt, but you can surely find a lot of great information and support from others, especially when it comes to particular disabilities or conditions.


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