Best 5 Alzheimer’s Supplements for Seniors Reviewed & Compared in 2019

Last Updated: 12.06.19


Top Seniors’ Alzheimer’s Supplements – 2019 Guide and Reviews


Here you’ll find out what the best Alzheimer’s supplements are, without having to go through hundreds of incoherent reviews. We’ve taken the time to gather information about this disease and to find those supplements that work best with its symptoms. We’ve analyzed reviews and user opinions and came up with a list of products that will be of great help if you are running out of time. One product that stood out due to its impressive ingredient list is the Huntington Labs Mind Enhancing. This item is a powerhouse: it will improve your cognitive functions, help with long-term memory, and it will inspire you to smile with more confidence knowing your back is covered at all times. It is a valuable product with a rich formula that shouldn’t miss from your supplement drawer. An equally efficient alternative could be the HCF Neuro Booster if the first one is out of stock or unavailable.



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Products In Demand – In-Depth Reviews



Down below you have the best supplements for a person who lives with the Alzheimer’s disease. We’ve only selected the ones that improve cognitive functions and stimulate your memories, all so the quality of the life you’re living is the best it can be. Take a look at the premium selection and let it impress you.



Huntington Labs Mind Enhancing


This product is for those who need a boost in mental performance. The mind enhancing supplement can help you improve your memory and bring some clarity when you need to think quickly. Moreover, it acts fast, and the desired effects are long-lasting.

The recipe relies on the power of healthy vitamins, which are guaranteed to better cognitive processes and concentration, even when you are tired. This is the supplement to buy and use if you have many tasks that require you to focus.

Its main ingredient is Green Tea, an element that feeds your brain cells and aids blood flow, which is vital in Alzheimer’s when the main blood supply to the brain is affected too. Taking it regularly, it will allow you to have yet again a vibrant social life, to play games and to read books without feeling anxious. Other ingredients include Bacopa Monniera, L Glutamine, and Gaba.

As most doctors would agree, a supplement like this one, even if it’s high-quality, it is not created to treat the disease, but to improve your brain functions and to improve your life quality at the same time. If it is safe for long-term use and if any side effects appear, stop taking the pills and consult your G.P.

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HCF Neuro Booster


If you’re looking for premium Alzheimer’s supplements, give this product a chance. It works best if taken daily and it promises to bring peace into your mind. It makes you feel alert, and it improves your mood since it is a brain nootropic. This quality makes it great if you want to remember things easier.

The brain supplement is fueled by effective neuro-nutrients and amino-acids, which provide energy and improve learning abilities, all without leaving you empty after the effect is over. The bottle contains 90 pills which are easy to swallow so daily use won’t be a burden.

Although it is an adjuvant and not a treatment, you will notice a better sleep quality and that you can access your memories much faster. And if you have allergies, you will be glad to hear the capsules are non-allergenic and non-toxic and that all the elements come from non-GMO sources.

Mental performance is hard to achieve when things such as atherosclerosis restrict blood flow. But this recipe packs plenty FDA approved ingredients that stimulate the body’s circulation in order to make you happier and at peace with yourself. Let it help you remember the names of your nephews with ease.

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Biogreen Labs Natural Mind


The sixty capsules one bottle packs will be enough for two months of use, meaning that forgetting to order a new batch won’t be an issue. The recipe is created by a trusted brand, which only uses quality ingredients, so you know you’re ingesting safe and high-quality pills.

Moreover, the product is fast-acting, which is what you want from a product in this category. This is because it contains no fillers, additives, or binders – just the pure active ingredients whose purpose is to make your life bearable and to strengthen your short and long-term memory.

Old age will get more comfortable if you take the pills each day. The product is manufactured in certified facilities, and it benefits from all the years of experience the brand has accumulated over the years. Each pill is made from a gel that has properties which enables it to dissolve rapidly, thus maximizing absorption.

The creators harnessed the power of Green Tea and improved the formula with Gingko Biloba, a vasoactive plant that will stimulate blood flow to your brain. Keep in mind that this is not a drug, and its purpose is to help you with day to day life and not treat your condition.

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Bluebonnet Liquid


B12 vitamin is the best ally your brain can have. And this product packs enough B12 that you will feel a real improvement from the first time you try it. Furthermore, its power is doubled by the folic acid it also has in its formula, all so you can form durable memories and enjoy life once again.

The liquid formula is a rare find on the market. It makes the product easy to swallow since it also tastes like strawberries. Every ingredient is balanced, and it packs enough liquid for fifty-nine servings. For people with allergies, the manufacturer made it soy and gluten-free.

It is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans since it is dairy-free. It will make you feel strong, and it works great against dizziness and cloudiness, especially after a week or two of taking the product daily.

The vitamins will feed your brain cells, will strengthen the connection between your neurons, and if you also have your prescription from the doctor meant to treat Alzheimer’s, you will be happy to know the pills are safe to be taken in tandem, without any side effects or without interfering with your treatment.

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True Nutrition L-Carnitine Powder


Just like any good supplement for this condition, the True Nutrition L-Carnitine Powder will help you fight your worst symptoms like a pro. It is delivered in the form of a powder, as the name suggests, which makes it extremely easy to drink. This is excellent news for most patients in this category as they already have tons of pills to ingest.

L-Carnitine is the product’s main active ingredient. And it is more than a potent nootropic that will help you conserve your memory. It is also a natural fat burner, it will allow you to combat obesity, and it is an antioxidant, which will keep your liver healthy and up for any challenge.

The powder is easily absorbed even by a lazier intestine, and it will extend its benefits to your GI tract too, especially if you are constipated and if you feel bloated after your meals. Furthermore, it will instantly relieve symptoms such as chronic fatigue and dizziness.

The carnitine molecule is a natural element that can also be found in your food, although not in sufficient quantity. Even if you take this product daily, it will not replace a doctor-prescribed treatment. Supplements like this are used to enhance the treatment’s potency.

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Our Yearly Guide


Before you decide what to buy, it might be a good idea to read more about these supplements and how they work, just like you would do with the most efficient prostate health supplement. With the aid provided by the guide, you will learn what to look for in brain supplements and what ingredients work best with Alzheimer’s disease. The information we have gathered about the memory supplements basics will prove itself to be vital if you want to invest your money wisely. The features your product of choice should have are quality ingredients, to be easily administered and have no critical side effect.

Choose the one that works

Alzheimer’s prevention supplements are also called brain boosters or memory enhancers, or if you were to ask a doctor, nootropic supplements. Regardless of what words you used to describe them, the products promise to improve and preserve your memory, focusing abilities, concentration and sharpness, even at an advanced age. That’s why they are thoughtful granddad gifts.

Although they are not appropriate for severe memory loss, which can only be treated with a prescription from your healthcare provider, the best dementia supplements are formulated for the older people who experience less essential memory lapses or frequent loss of concentration. Most health specialists call them adjuvants, to emphasize the fact that they enhance the benefits of traditional drugs or that they are used to counter-attack symptoms.

Memory and Alzheimer’s supplements, just like other natural products, are widely misunderstood. Most patients usually expect these pills to magically and quickly restore their lost memory or create super concentration powers out of thin air. Or to replace all doctor-prescribed drugs, which although they work, sometimes can have unbearable side-effects. They also expect them to replace quality wrist blood pressure monitors.

However, that’s not how they work, unfortunately. Good supplements for Alzheimer’s prevention enhance, to some extent, your weakened mental abilities, but they will not help grow new neurons, or brain cells, as that is impossible. Maybe in the distant future, but for now we have to get by with what you have.


Ingredients and formulas

Most quality brain boosters, especially the ones from trusted brands, contain natural ingredients. The most common and ideal elements found in these ingenious products are, reviews of Alzheimer’s supplements reveal, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. You could buy a product that has only one of them, which might be cheaper, or you can go for the complete solution, so you know you have your back covered.

One great ingredient that seems to have become increasingly popular these days is Acetyl-l-Carnitine, an element that might have a complicated name, but it is actually an amino acid which you can find even in some of the food you consume daily. It is known for improving alertness, focus, your mood, and even mental clarity, ideal for rainy days and bad weather. Sometimes it can be found in efficient osteoporosis treatments.

Why is it good for Alzheimer’s, you ask? Because it works as a neurotransmitter, by creating acetylcholine, a substance responsible for learning processes and memory. It is also beneficial since it regulates sleep cycles and mood. Choline is another essential element manufacturers use lately to boost performance, and it is proved that its deficiency can lead to neurological disorders.

Omega 3 fatty acids are now thought of as essential for our long-term health and well-being, which is excellent because it is cheap to buy. Deficiencies in DHA levels can cause serious cognitive impairments, a thing that can worsen your Alzheimer’s symptoms. On the other hand, regular intake can help fight depression, lower blood cholesterol, prevent age-related blood thickening, and slow down the Alzheimer’s progression.

Other important concerns

When it comes to the vitamins a natural supplement for sale should contain, we could go on all day. But to save you some time, you should know that the best ones for your memory are the neurotrophic ones such as B12 and B6, which protect the brain from atrophy or volume loss and feed your nerves to have speedier connections.

If you want something suitable for vegetarians and that only relies on plant powers, the traditional Chinese ginseng, green tea, and Ginkgo Biloba are your best allies. Go for products that promote blood flow to the brain, as those have the fewest side effects. However, if you have any allergy and to make sure you’re completely safe, ask your doctor before ingesting any pill from this category.

Most of the brands suggest that you should take their pills at least once a day. This can be quite daunting if you already have to ingest a lot of drugs, so look for alternative ways of delivering the supplements, such as drops and powders. Some manufacturers offer the supplements in the form of suppositories if you can’t take them orally.

It is important that you check the number of pills a bottle contains. This might seem unimportant, but those who live with Alzheimer’s often forget to check how many pills the bottle has left, so when you run out of them, you will have to interrupt the treatment while you wait for a new delivery. But if the one you choose has more than 30 pills, the chances of that happening are reduced.



Frequently asked questions about supplements for Alzheimer’s sufferers


Are all Alzheimer’s supplements natural?

The answer to this question depends on that the word “natural” means to you. If it means plant-based, then the answer is no. Most brands include plants like Ginkgo Biloba in their recipe, and others rely solely on elements like amino-acids. Most combine active ingredients from different fields.

But for many people “natural” means non-chemical. And to be fair, premium brands that respect the customer will only use natural ingredients, even if they come in the form of a chemical like carnitine and arginine. But do not worry, since these are reduced to just a few amino acids, so those elements are safe to be ingested.

Can these supplements be used to treat dementia?

Let’s settle one thing – supplements, no matter if for Alzheimer’s, constipation or other conditions, are not created to treat those issues, but rather to improve the main symptoms and the quality of life of the sufferer. Unfortunately, no supplement is strong enough to deal with dementia permanently, but if taken at the same time with your doctor-prescribed drugs, a good supplement will enhance their power.

Thus, you will see an improvement when it comes to demanding thought processes and memory, and even in your overall mood. Some other brands include ingredients such as Gaba and B12, which feed your brain cells so that the disease will progress much slower. That’s why you can buy them if you want considerate gifts for grandparents.


Do smokers have a higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease?

Data does not entirely prove the correlation between the two. However, new research conducted by the World Health Organization showed smokers have a 45% risk of developing dementia. Moreover, the more one smokes, the higher the risk is, especially if he or she smokes cigarettes and not pure tobacco.

WHO warns as well that prolonged exposure to second-hand smoke may also lead to dementia. It also leads to high chances of developing heart issues and even cancer. This comes as no surprise, as cigarettes contain dozens of harmful toxins, not just tobacco.

Can Alzheimer’s disease be prevented?

This weird disease is still a mystery to doctors in a sense. We know what causes it, and to some extent, doctors can keep it under control. But there isn’t a definitive treatment. And this ambiguity extends to prevention too, unfortunately. Supplements for Alzheimer’s patients can take somewhat delay the progress of the disease. There isn’t such a thing as a miracle tablet for seniors.

Theoretically, it can be prevented. However, the reality is never that simple. It is a genetically conditioned disease – which means there are some defective genes you’re born with that might or not lead to you getting the disease. But some factors can trigger the manifestation of the condition, which can indeed be prevented: smoking, fast-food rich diets, stress exposure, and alcohol consumption.


What foods to eat to avoid Alzheimer’s?

If you, your parent or a loved one has a family history of Alzheimer’s, there are some foods you can eat regularly to prevent the degenerative disease, although the jury is still out on this one. Leafy greens are usually recommended by doctors, including kale and spinach since they are rich in B vitamins and folate. Combine a balanced diet with a mild laxative for the elderly.

You can also consume broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower. Omega 3, an element which can be found in fish meat, is beneficial against atherosclerosis, meaning it will improve blood flow, so add that to your diet as well. Avoid foods that pack a lot of sugar, caffeine toxins and other heavy chemicals.


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