Best 7 Grab Bars for Shower Reviewed & Compared in 2024

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Top Grab Bars for Showers – 2024 Guide and Reviews


We can help you find the best grab bars for shower use if you don’t have much time to conduct your research. Our team has examined multiple reviews from experts in the field and previous customers, and finalized its study with a product that meets all the expectations, the Moen 8912. This 12-inch shower bar supports up to 500 pounds and ensures a reliable handhold while showering or bathing. Moreover, the unit features a unique design that offers a fast and secure installation at any angle. Because of its durable stainless steel construction, the grab bar ensures lasting performance. Should the Moen 8912 be out of stock, make sure you check out another great option, the Mabis DMI Healthcare Assist.  



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7 Best Grab Bars for Showers (Reviews) in 2024



Because it’s a bit time-consuming trying to find out which grab bars for shower are better than others, we’ve thought that this selection of products could be helpful. Each recommendation has been chosen based on customer reviews and sales figures.



1. Moen 8912 CSI Grab Bar


You can feel safe and have excellent stability with the help of this 12-inch shower grab bar that supports up to 500 pounds. The unit is incredibly reliable whenever you need to shower, bathe or use the toilet.

What’s more, this grab bar features a SecureMount design that ensures a comfortable and safe installation no matter the angle.

Due to its durable stainless steel construction, the bar enables a lasting performance so you can rest assured that once it’s mounted on the wall, it will serve you for many years to come without ever rusting.

In addition to the durable material, the shower bar is outfitted with a corrosion-resistant finish. Even though there’s a lot of humidity in the bathroom, this bar won’t change its appearance thanks to this special coating.  

This piece complies with all ADA specification which means that the product is safe to use in any bathroom.  

This sturdy piece measures 12 inches in length and 1.5 inches in diameter. Aside from this, it has stylish end covers that conceal the entire mounting hardware so that the bars look clean and seamless. The bars will blend in with the overall look of the bathroom, so you don’t have to make any compromises regarding design.

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2. DMI Textured Shower Handle Shower Assist Handle


To benefit from the functionality of shower grab bars you need to aim for products that are easy to install and that are made from high-quality materials. This model right here adds tons of comfort and support thanks to its solid steel construction.

Furthermore, the reliable steel material provides a tight and secure grip while the textured surface makes it easy for any senior to grab a hold on to it. This unique texture you can find on the grab bar prevents your hands from slipping.

The most significant feature is that this particular model can be mounted on the wall either vertically or horizontally. No matter the position, you still get maximum support.  

The product is manufactured from a quality chrome-plated knurled steel that adds a modern look to any bathroom. On top of this, the bar won’t rust or change its aspect over time.

Another cool feature this grab bar comes with is that it extends up to 7 inches from the wall. This is convenient if the shower is located a bit far from the surface you mount the bar.

Also, the unit has a diameter of only 1 inch so you can grab it effortlessly even if you don’t have a firm grip.

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3. Franklin Brass 5712W 


Most people are reticent about installing shower grab bars in their bathroom because they could ruin the general appearance or look too bulky if the bathroom is small. This is not an issue with this safety shower bar because it combines quality and strength to deliver a sophisticated product that doesn’t sacrifice your bathroom style.

This unit exceeds all ADA and ASTM quality and safety standards. So, you can be sure that this shower bar will give you the support and stability you need for your bathroom needs.

The best part is that this piece supports up to 500 pounds of pull force. This means that you can prevent any incidents because the shower bar enables a strong grip for any individual.

As far as the setup goes, it’s not that complicated. The installation process requires just two screws per each side while the five-hole flange provides extra flexibility for the mounting.

Because the product comes in multiple finishes and sizes, you can choose a grab bar that suits your bathroom and personal needs.

Plus, the 1-¼ inch bar diameter is ideal to provide enough space to quickly and comfortably grab the bar for balance and support.

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4. Franklin Brass 5616 Concealed Mount


Shower grab bars should not only be practical but also good-looking. Given that you intend to make a change in the way your bathroom looks, you could bear this product in mind as it adds a decorative touch to any area.

Besides, this grab bar is an excellent combination of sophistication and heavy-duty materials. The unit surpasses the ADA and ASTM standards because it offers complete security when showering or bathing.

What’s even more significant is that this shower handle can support up to 500 pounds of pull force. That’s a thing to consider especially if you or the person intended to use the grab bar has mobility and stability issues.

Another exciting feature is that this item is built from stainless steel that increases the durability and prevents it from rusting. You can choose between several sizes and colors so that the bar blends with the bathroom design.

The installation of this bar is more than simple. All it needs is 2 or 3 screws that enable a secure mount. Also, the five screw flange allows you to accommodate the bar to your mounting possibilities.

Thanks to the concealed mount feature you can cover any unsightly screw holes so that you get a clean and sleek look.

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5. Moen LR8724D2BN Home Care Designer Stainless Steel


You don’t have to make holes in your entire bathroom if you have a mobility problem and you need to install shower grab bars. With this product, you have the opportunity to create a stylish look and make your shower or bathtub more practical than ever.

This grab bar works great for showers or toilets, and you can set it up no matter your health issues because it supports up to 500 pounds.

Aside from stability, the bar is easy to hide from plain sight. Thanks to the concealed grip pads and the warm brushed nickel finish, the shower bar won’t interfere with the way you designed your bathroom.

Because of the SecureMount feature, you can install this grab bar quickly and render it accessible at any angle you desire. The anchors provide a secure installation and a proper alignment of the bar.

On top of this, the unit boasts a durable stainless steel construction that provides a strong grip and a long-lasting performance.

Also, the brushed nickel finish gives the stainless steel a certain warmth that complements the bathroom decor. This means that, even though the material is rather cold-looking, your bathroom and shower area will look beautiful and cozy.

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6. Stander Easyrail Grab Bar


This shower bar works with an exciting concept. Besides being practical, the unit comes with ergonomic handles that rotate so you can use the handles for many purposes in the bathroom.

This alternative is, in fact, a two-in-one grab bar that promotes safety and mobility for people that have a hard time managing to use the shower, bathtub or toilet on their own, without help from someone else.

Therefore, this curve grab bar offers two solutions to increase the level of bathroom security. Firstly, there’s the ladder-like design that pivots the bar and locks it at every 45-degree angle. Then, the product features a horizontal grab bar that is stationary so that it ensures excellent support and stability when getting out of the shower or off the toilet.

This shower bar has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. Also, the space-saving design rotates 180 degrees flat against the bathroom wall.

The bar comes with four handle heights and a rotating assist handle. In case you need more stability, you can mount the shower bar on the wall. Just insert the top and bottom mounts, attach the horizontal support bar, and drill holes in the studs to secure the bar to the wall.

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7. AmazonBasics GBAR-150-32 Grab Bar


Don’t be misled by the product description that says this shower bar is only for people with severe mobility issues. Several other customers have pointed out that this grab bar is a blessing because it makes showering and bathing so much easy.

The reason why this unit has received so many positive reviews is that it features a durable stainless steel construction that prevents the bar from rusting or suffering color discoloration.

Moreover, the bar can support a substantial weight, of up to 500 pounds. This feature is essential because it allows the user to rely on the bar for simple actions such as getting out of the bathtub or off the toilet seat.  

Because this item complies with all ADA standards, you can rest assured the product you purchase is an original one that will keep you safe during the time you spend in the bathroom.

Additionally, this shower grab bar is 32 inches long and has a 1-½ inch in diameter. There’s no need to worry about replacing the product because it’s backed by a 1-year warranty.

You can do the setup on your own because the bar comes with an installation guide and mounting screws that you need during assembly.

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Our Yearly Guide


Finding the best shower grab bar might not be as easy as you thought especially if you’ve never considered setting them up in your bathroom before. These grab bars come in handy for multiple purposes, so you need to be careful about the quality and features they have.

Shower grab bars are useful tools that you install in the bathroom to keep you safe and prevent you from suffering any injuries. If you don’t have a medical issue, you might want to consider getting these grab bars as practical gifts for grandparents.

Typically, shower bars are designed to keep the balance of the bathroom user. Additionally, these bars hold the weight to eliminate slipping or falling incidents. For instance, if you feel clueless about what some of the greatest grandma gifts might be, an idea would be to make the bathroom safer for her.

To help you decide easier, we’ve gathered information and managed to come up with this useful guide that showcases all the necessary aspects you need to take into account when in the market for a good grab bar for shower.

Types of shower grab bars

People with disabilities benefit most from shower grab bars because they have difficulty keeping their balance in a standing position. This way, the risk of falling in the bathroom is reduced, and they are not afraid to use the bathroom utilities when they’re alone in the house.

Indeed, seniors can always rely on a durable walking stick or portable crutches but, in the long term, this is not an optimum solution for using the bathroom and showering.

According to several shower grab bar reviews, there are different types of such products available for sale. The bars can be either removable or fixed, and each category has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

A removable shower grab bar is extremely convenient because it attaches to the bathroom wall using suction cups placed at each end of the bar. If you’re thinking of getting cheap shower grab bars that are easy to install, this removable type might be a good option for your bathroom.

To use removable grab bars, you have to position them in the area you desire, press them against the wall, and flip the buttons located at each end. The setup consists of creating a vacuum in the suction cups which allows the shower grab bar to mount to the wall.

One main advantage that removable shower bars have is that they don’t require a complicated assembly. Thus, anyone can install them as long as they follow the instructions in the user manual. Because they use suction cups, they can be adjusted to any location in the bathroom and could come in handy if you want to achieve an accessible handicap toilet.

Another type is the flipped shower bar that can be flipped up or down, depending on your needs. This bar can be easily installed on a wall or mounted straight to the bathroom floor. Moreover, the height of the flipped bar is adjustable which comes in handy if you don’t have much space in the bathroom. You can use them as useful gifts for retired teachers because you don’t have to do any bathroom measurements in advance.  

There’s also the wall to floor grab shower bar that increases the level of stability for the user because it gives them more convenience and safety due to the permanent mounting to the wall and floor.

If you have time to go through a couple of reviews of grab bars for the shower, you’ll notice that the most common type you’ll come across is the straight shower grab bar. These items can be permanently mounted to the wall in any place in the bathroom.

Because the straight bar enables the person to stand conveniently and is suitable for someone with mobility issues, it is one of the greatest granddad gifts you could give.



One thing you need to pay attention before setting up a shower grab bar is the place where you intend to do it. You should determine the area based on the effectiveness of the item.

For instance, to understand where the grab bars would provide more safety and stability, you could stand below the shower and use your arms to see where it’s best to have a bar to grab on when bathing or showering.

In addition to the ease of setup, a unit must be manufactured from a tough and sturdy material and have no slippery surface.

Furthermore, you need to purchase this type of product in a size that suits your bathroom. These bars are manufactured in plenty of sizes, ranging from 12 to 48 inches.

Don’t forget about the design, color, and shape of the model, either. Even though a unit like this is considered practical, you should try to match them to the style of your bathroom.

Since the shower grab sits in the bathroom, it tends to get wet. Thus, look for a material that is waterproof and has an anti-corrosion coating. Good options would be stainless steel, vinyl coated metal or aluminum.


You can assemble shower grab bars without having to hire a professional handyman. The installation is not that difficult so, with the help of some basic tools, you can easily do it when you have some time to spare.

However, make sure you have the accessories and tools needed for the grab bar installation. You only need items such as a a hammer, measuring tape, a stud sensor, a painter tape, and a drill. Don’t forget to read the instructions carefully and if you need a friend to assist you, make sure you understood everything you’ve read in the user manual.


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