Best 7 Recliners for Elderly Citizens Reviewed & Compared in 2023

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Top Elderly Citizens’ Recliners – 2023 Guide and Reviews


If you are determined to find the best recliner for elderly citizens, but you are short on time, and you cannot do the research, this paragraph should clue you in. After going through numerous feedback comments and after analyzing what the specialists had to say on the topic, we have determined that the Giantex PU Electric Lift is the option that you should consider buying. This recliner has a steel frame, and it is covered in PU leather for increased comfort. What is more, the model comes provided with a remote controller that you can use to adjust its lifting position in accordance with your preferences. Lastly, you should know that this unit can safely support up to 330 lbs. at a time. If this item is unavailable, feel free to take a look at the Harper&Bright Espresso as it has also received favorable ratings so far.



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7 Best Recliners for Elderly Citizens (Reviews) in 2023



Finding a cheap recliner for elderly individuals is a task that many simply dread, given that the market is filled with many similar products. To lend you a hand, we have composed a list of models that are spoken highly of by both the specialists and previous users.



1. Giantex Electric Power Lift Massage Recliner


If you are a fan of leather-covered chairs, this choice sold by Giantex will surely catch your attention. This option features a sturdy steel construction that won’t break easily, and it is covered in leather so that the owner feels comfortable while using it.

According to the manufacturer, leather is easy to clean, which is a reason why this recliner is the perfect choice when gifted to a senior. The model allows for multiple sitting positions that one can select by using the remote controller that is included in the price.

Because it can support up to 330 lbs. at a time, this product can be used by most elderly citizens. The ergonomically designed backrest is also a feature that you should have in mind as it provides buyers with the support needed for complete relaxation. This item also features a built-in footrest that enables one to stretch and relax while using this recliner.

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2. Lift Chairs for Elderly Reclining Chair Sofa


If you are still looking for one of those high-quality gifts for seniors, the Harper&Bright Espresso might suit you. The lift and recline functions of the device can be controlled by using the two buttons integrated into the design of the chair. As a plus, this model features a power lift mechanism that allows the owner to actually push the chair up from its base so that the person using it can stand up effortlessly.

The recliner is covered in a beige fabric, and it is filled with a high-density sponge that adds to its comfort. Overall, it can hold up to 330 lbs. A side pocket where one can keep the remote and other small items is also featured in the construction of the product.

Although it is quite safe, the manufacturer recommends that if one has concerns regarding his/her health, he/she should first consult a doctor before using this model.  

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3. Giantex Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair for Elderly


An alternative that you might want to think about before placing an order is the Giantex Electric Power. The design of the unit includes a sturdy steel mechanism as well as soft cushions that offer support for one’s head, neck, back, arms and legs.

Moreover, this chair has been covered in leather that it is said to be wear-resistant and not at all muggy. This choice is rust, moth and insect proof, and it has an anti-crack structure. Consequently, it can be safely said that it will surely pass the test of time. Besides, this recliner is sturdy enough to support no less than 330 lbs.

The main advantage of the item is that it is easy to control and not that difficult to assemble, as all the necessary hardware is supplied by the seller. Furthermore, given its design and functionality, this option fits perfectly in any bedroom, living room or entertainment area of your home.

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4. Divano Roma Furniture – Classic Plush Bonded Leather


If you want a plush living room recliner that can be used by seniors that utilize canes for balance problems, this next option might suit your needs. The model is worthy of your attention because it features a lifting mechanism that helps the user stand up effortlessly.

The lifting and reclining position of the unit can be controlled by using the remote that is supplied by the seller. Additionally, this chair is entirely silent in comparison to others because it incorporates a motor made in Germany.

What is more, this product is covered in durable leather that is easy to maintain clean. The seat of this choice measures 20.5 inches in width and 20 inches in depth, and it extends to 65 inches when fully reclined.

Before you order it, it might be useful to know that some of its previous buyers noted that it is a tad smaller than average recliners.

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5. Perfect Comfort Infinite Position Lift Chair Recliner


If you are searching for grandma gifts and you are not afraid of spending some extra cash, check out this model by SpinLife. This product was designed by specialists in lift chairs, and it can offer back, armrest and seat support. The ideal user of the model should have a height range of 5’4” to 5’10” and up to 375 lbs.

Because of its construction, this item can provide you with numerous ergonomic positions, and it can aid one to stand up quickly, especially when one is wearing non slip slippers for elderly citizens. This is possible because of the dual motor mechanism that it comes fitted with.

The model is also suitable for people that have leg issues or postoperative patients that need the extra support and comfort, mainly because it can offer pain relief in crucial body pressure points. This convenient option is easy to assemble and effortless to operate.

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6. Granville 3 Position Lift Chair Recliner by Golden Technologies


Another alternative that should make it to your shortlist is the Granville 3 Position. This product sold by SpinLife comes provided with three ergonomic positions that make it proper to be used by older adults, as well as by those that have to deal with leg issues, mobility impairment or paralysis.

Because it is covered in luxurious faux leather, this chair has an eye-catching design that can complement the décor of your home. As previous users remarked, this model is effortless to assemble.

Moreover, the option comes equipped with a quiet, remote control mechanism that enables it to glide into various positions smoothly, without disturbing the user. The built-in side pocket that it includes can be used to store various essentials. Dimension-wise, the seat of the model is 19.5” wide, 18” high and 21” deep. Its comfortable back measures 27 inches. Those that have purchased it before were happy with its performance.

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7. Harper&Bright Designs Power Lift Chair Soft Fabric Recliner


If you need an easy-to-control recliner, you should not overlook this choice distributed by Harper&Bright. This model is marketed as a good alternative for people with limited mobility. Consequently, it can be regarded as a good present for a senior.

The design of the unit allows the buyer to stand up with little to no effort. Additionally, because it does not lock into a particular position, one can opt for the angle that best suits to his/her needs.

To operate the recliner efficiently, the manufacturer supplies its buyers with a two-button remote controller. Side pockets are also integrated into its design for easy storage of essential items. The cushion of the model is filled with high-density foam and polyester fiber so that the user feels relaxed while resting in it.

The device can be utilized with extra seat cushions for sciatica. However, those that have pacemakers should not purchase this alternative as it might not be safe.

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Our Yearly Guide


A good recliner for the elderly is not that simple to find. Because the market is overloaded with many similar counterparts, it is crucial that the person shopping for a product of this kind knows what features are a must and what are not. To be of assistance, we have put together a list of aspects that you should consider before making a choice.

Size and materials

The best way to end up with a model that is easy to use is by making sure that you order one that has an appropriate size. A good way to do so is to check out the dimensions of the items that you like. As a plus, in the description of their products, some manufacturers also include information about the ideal weight and height of the person utilizing it.

Moreover, before you settle for that recliner that you have found for sale, you should read the reviews that prior users left. This way, you might be able to find out whether or not that particular model is smaller than expected. Additionally, be sure to consider the overall dimensions of the chair when fully reclined as this will enable you to understand if it will fit in the space that you have available.

When it comes to materials, you should always opt for a model that has a frame made from a sturdy material such as stainless steel, as these units are usually durable.

Furthermore, take a look at the material used to cover the model. Current buyers have two options: genuine or synthetic leather. On the one hand, genuine leather is known for passing the test of time. However, these models are more expensive than their counterparts, and they might be a tad more difficult to maintain clean.

On the other hand, recliners made from faux leather are budget-friendly, and they are easy to clean. Still, they might not be as durable as those made from real leather.


Support and the control function

According to most reviews of recliners for elderly citizens, the support that a model can offer should not be ignored. As you know, seniors often have back issues as well as a lack of mobility. Because of this, it is essential that the item that you select can provide them with back, head, arm and foot support. To assess this aspect, be sure to read what users had to say about the option that you like best.

Moreover, seniors often do not have the necessary strength to operate a manual recliner. Therefore, you should consider investing in an electric device that can swiftly glide between various positions. Often these alternatives come provided with easy-to-use control remotes that include special buttons for the lift and the recline position.

Some of the available products also help those with limited mobility to stand up easily. This aspect is particularly useful if you intend to encourage the senior that you are getting the recliner for to be more independent.

What is more, be sure to purchase a comfortable unit that has extra padding and pain relief in pressure points. A suitable model should also promote a proper body position. As a result, back and joints issues won’t be aggravated.

Special features

If you want to be positive that you have selected the right recliner for a senior, it is recommended that you acquire a model that can specifically cater to the needs of that particular person. For instance, there are products that were designed to be used by those that have spine or back problems.

Also, some items feature massage programs that can be utilized by those that need the extra help to relieve pain and pressure. Moreover, the units that were meant to be used by people that have blood circulation troubles were also designed to have heating incorporated.

Even more so, you should know that not all devices can be used by seniors. For example, some manufacturers do not recommend that their models are used by people with pacemakers. Similarly, it is often advisable that, before you order a product, you talk to a doctor and ask for suggestions regarding what type of chair is suitable for the needs of the senior that you care for.

Last but not least, if you want to purchase an Omron blood pressure monitor but you do not know what device to pick, read this comprehensive article that we have prepared for you. Also, this guide on how to choose shoes for ankle support might also be of help.


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