Top 8 Board Games for Elderly Citizens Reviewed in 2024

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Best Board Games for Elderly Citizens – Reviews & Analysis


This article will help you find the best board games for elderly citizens, especially if you don’t have the time to look through all the reviews of board games for seniors out there. We have critically examined all the options and we tried to find the games that offer the most for elder people. After doing that, our team concluded that the Middleton Games Tournament Backgammon might be the one that would suit these people best. First of all, the game looks so good, resembling a briefcase, and you can take it outside and play with one of your friends. The build quality is exceptional and you can be certain the game will last a long time. Well-made brass latches make sure that all the pieces stay well put inside. In the unfortunate case that you can’t find our first recommendation, you should look for the Hasbro Connect 4 game, which is next on our list.



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8 Best Board Games for Elderly Citizens (Reviews) in 2024



Board games for elderly people should do more than just provide a way of having fun. Elders need to feel engaged in what they are playing and they should play the game with their beloved ones or friends, in order to socialize more. Good board games for elderly citizens should have a lot of mental benefits. Here are some games that we think are a good choice.



1. Middleton Games Tournament Backgammon Set


This is a backgammon set that is built in a classic format. The dimensions are standard, measuring 21 inches. The quality of the craftsmanship can be observed in this product, as the board comes with an elegant design, precise details, and a material that simulates leather. A brown color gives it a classic look.

When closed, the board transforms into a suitcase that gives a great look to the one carrying it. The playing pieces are of high quality and the materials used in the making of this board are sturdy. A strong frame benefits from a strong and rugged handle and the brass latches will ensure the briefcase stays together and the pieces remain in their place inside.

It’s a great backgammon case for traveling, for tournaments, or for those that want to get out in the park and play with their friends.

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2. Connect 4 Game


People of all ages have always appreciated the Connect 4 games and this one from Hasbro comes with all the beloved features of the classic games and ads some new elements to that. This new edition brings a set of blue Blocker Discs that should make the game more interesting to play and open the door for new strategies.

Connect 4 is a great game for families because it has the features needed to bring together the elder generations and the youth. It’s not a complicated game, with players being able to choose where to start – in the middle or at the edge, and with the main goal being to stack 4 discs of the same color in one direction.

It’s engaging, as it requires you to always think one step ahead of your opponent, but at the same time, it provides the relaxed atmosphere needed when playing a family game.

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3. Scrabble Game Deluxe Edition Letter Tiles Word Board Game


There are quite a few people who love Scrabble. It’s a game that develops your vocabulary and makes your mind work in a fun way. Experienced players have encountered Scrabble boards that were made of cardboard or even wood, and those boards were very unpractical. Fortunately, technology has changed and this new board has a lot of features to offer.

First of all, it’s a rotating model, allowing each player to properly see the words written on it when the player’s turn comes. The board is attached to 6 rubber wheels and that will let the players turn it around any way they want, without the risk of breaking it.

You will find on the board a non-slip grid that will ensure the letters stay in place. The game also comes with a carrying case and 2 easy-to-use slide-and-store trays. All of these features make playing the game a lot more pleasant.

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4. Ridley’s Games Chess and Checkers


This game is designed to be a great fit for those looking to have fun with their relatives. It’s a simple chess board that has all the features needed, but you can also choose to play checkers on it if you wish so. The board can be folded and all the pieces can be neatly packed for compact storage when not in use.

Both games are for two players, so you need to make sure the person that receives the board has a companion to play with. Fortunately, the games are recommended for those aged 8 or older so that means elder people can play with anyone in the family, including the youngest generation, strengthening the bond between them.

Ridley’s is known as a brand that takes classic games and offers them an original, new look. And the company has done a great job making these two games enjoyable again.

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5. Hasbro 16762 Trivial Pursuit Master Edition


If you want to offer a gift to someone that is passionate about showing off how smart he or she is, this game is the right choice. It includes a myriad of questions that will let you compete in proving that you know all about history, geography, arts, literature, science or nature. The game will test everything you know in a fun and challenging manner.

This edition lets you play the Trivial Pursuit game in its classic form, or you can choose to speed things up and collect a wedge any time your answer is correct. There are almost 3000 questions that will test your knowledge and they’re all intriguing, with some of them being quite humorous.

To keep things on track in terms of time, the game comes with a timer, so you and your friends will have to keep up the pace.

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6. Pictionary Game


This is another one of those games that can be enjoyed by kids and adults too. It has been a classic quick-draw game since 1985 and this is a new rendition of it. What’s fun about this game is that it’s not a requirement to be an artist to play it. You will rather have more fun if you can’t draw.

There are different difficulty levels – there are 80 cards for kids and 120 for adults. But you can always choose what kind of cards you want to play. The erasable drawing board is a nice feature; you won’t have to waste a lot of paper drawing on it, and you’ll help the environment in the process, too.

You also have two erasable markers that come with the game and an hourglass to keep track of the time. The best thing is that you can play this game with as many people as you want.

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7. Bicycle Large Print Playing Cards


Some people love playing games, but they have vision problems. For those people, the Bicycle company designed these playing cards that are so easy to read. The cards feature a very simple design and only the essential visual information is printed on them.

The manufacturer’s idea when making these cards is that playing cards should challenge one’s mind, not his or her eyes. But these cards are not only for those that suffer from visual impairment. They are also a great way of teaching children how to play card games. The numbers found on the cards are 1.25 inches high and the symbols are between 1 and 1.125 inches.

Although it is a simple set of cards, this one offers a set of modern characteristics, such as an air-cushion finish and softly beveled edges, both of which should help the player handle the cards easier.

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8. Cranium 3-in-1 Game Board


Cranium is a game that is a bit more tricky to set up and play and that is why it’s recommended to be played by people aged 16 or more. Despite this, some say that younger people can play the game too with no difficulty. It’s a game based on teams and you will need at least 4 people to play it, and as many as you want.

There are certain activities that each team has to complete in a timely manner and if successfully completed, the team gets to move. The game includes lots of activities and to finish it you will have to use all the provided items. Along with the game, you will also receive the board, dice, cards, and also some modeling dough, paper, a timer, and instructions, of course.

It’s a good game to play with your family as it has a bit of everything. You will find trivia challenges, spelling, vocabulary, charades, and drawing, too.

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Our Yearly Guide


Board games for senior adults should ensure that the ones that play them will keep their mind active and entertained. There are a lot of options to choose from, whether you like some older games like chess or you simply enjoy playing cards. Great games can draw grandparents closer to their grandchildren in an interactive manner.

Fun and healthy

There are many health benefits of board games for the elderly. Most of these games challenge the players in solving intriguing mental situations. Such games are a great way for elderly citizens to pass the time with a caregiver or their family. Everyone enjoys having a competitive but fun game with their beloved ones.

Board games are a good choice because apart from being suitable for seniors, they are also liked by the younger generations. It’s important that when choosing a game, the instructions are as clear as possible. That is a particularly important feature when looking for board games for elderly with dementia.

Furthermore, you want something easy to use and durable. For example, if you wish to get a Scrabble game, it will be better if the board can spin around to make it easier for players to use it. Written elements should be as big as possible, to help everyone read them faster.

Amongst the mental benefits that games offer is the possibility of relieving stress. Many people also say that games help them with combating memory loss. If played with others, these games have a positive impact on avoiding depression. The important thing is that one’s mind should stay active and engaged.


Classic games

The advantage of these games is that everybody knows them. Most people have played a classic game at least once in their life. They are played by many people and are easily accessible, and that’s why they’re good as board games for elderly in nursing homes. Also, older people may like them more because the games may awaken a feeling of nostalgia in them.

They are simple games and after a quick read of the rules, for refreshing purposes, the players are ready to start. One of the most common ways to play a classic game is to use cards. You can choose anything from Go Fish to Poker, depending on what you like. These are amongst the cheap board games for elderly people.

Scrabble is also a popular classic game. Most people already know how to play it and it’s an intuitive game that challenges one’s mind and vocabulary. It offers everything you need from a word puzzle. It’s a very interesting game to be played by two different generations, as the younger can learn from the older and vice-versa.

For those that really want to show their intelligence in other, more strategic ways, chess is a great choice. Chess and checkers are usually enjoyed by the older generation and they are both easy board games for seniors, although hard to fully master by anyone. Also, you will usually find both games in the same pack, so it’s a good deal.

Family games

Some games require more than two players to work, and amongst these, you can find Cranium. This is one of those games that require you to use all parts of your brain, to perform creative actions and to use your memory well. This is why such a game is recommended to be played by elders with their family or friends.

There are similar games too, and most often, they require 4 or more players. The main advantage of these activities is that they bring whole families together and they may take a long time to finish, depending on preferences. That means that a grandparent can spend quality time with the grandchildren and everyone will have fun.

You can choose a family game when you want to be entertained but not stress too much. Pictionary falls into this category as well. The game doesn’t require you to have any skill and its main purpose is to be entertaining.


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