Best 8 Life Alert Systems for Seniors Reviewed & Compared in 2019

Last Updated: 23.08.19


Top Seniors’ Life Alert Systems – 2019 Guide and Reviews


Have you been looking for the best senior life alert system, but with no luck so far, and you’re just too pressed for time to read our entire buying guide? Learn from this short paragraph what model you should spend money on. Our research that included reading customer reviews, evaluating sales figures, and monitoring social media activity, points out that the Assistive Technology Services Medical Alert should be your number one choice. The good news about this model is that it requires no monthly fees, so there are no hidden costs to worry about. The alert system will immediately call four of your contacts, and 911 if you so choose, in case there is an emergency situation. It must be said that the model can be used in the shower, as it is water resistant. Should this model be out of stock, you can always opt for the LogicMark Guardian Alert, as it has almost the same functionalities.



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Products In Demand – In-Depth Reviews



When shopping for a good senior life alert system, you may feel overwhelmed with the vast number of products available. To make your choice easier, we put together this selection that includes the most popular models at the moment. One of them should be the one you’ve been looking for.



Assistive Technology Services Medical Alert


In case you are thinking about getting some gifts for grandparents, you will do right to pick a device like this one. It is ideal for people who do not like the idea of having to pay monthly fees to be able to contact their friends or emergency services whenever needed. With this product, you only pay once, and that is all.

The coverage area is outstanding for this model. The straight out range is 600 feet, and that translates in one million square foot area. You can pick up to 5 numbers that will be called automatically when you activate the alarm. Optionally, you can also pick 911.

There are many other advantages offered by this particular model. You can use it from the shower, because its construction is water resistant, and it will not be affected if you have a pacemaker. In case you don’t have a home phone line, you can use a cell phone, but you will need to purchase the adapter separately.

Another thing that must be mentioned is that this is more than just an alert system that requires you to press a button and wait for help to arrive. It is a communicator, and you can speak to someone. Instead of wasting precious time dialing a number, you get quickly in contact with someone you know and trust.

Buy from for ($249.77)




LogicMark Guardian Alert


In the case of an emergency, a device like this one will help you get in touch with someone that can help you right away. This is more than just a blood pressure bracelet, as it can serve as a communication device. The significant part about it is that you don’t have to pay any extra fees, nor have a contract signed for the services.

The device is always on, so no matter the moment of the day or night when you find yourself in an emergency situation, you will be able to contact an operator just by touching a button. Calling 911 has never been more comfortable.

The range of the device is 600 feet, so, if you happen to feel ill while in the garden, or somewhere around your house, you can still use it. It is the same thing as a cordless phone, and it is even more useful. To make a call, you will need to press the activator button for two seconds.

This measure is installed to avoid activating the button by accident. It is an excellent communication device, and it does not present the inconveniences of a phone, be it a landline or a cell phone.

Buy from for ($149.95)




LogicMark Freedom Alert


How would you feel if you could wear a device that can get in contact with anyone you want in the case of an emergency? This pendant is an excellent option for anyone who is looking for a reliable life alert system among the many available for sale.

With a 600-foot range, you can rest assured that you are well covered. To give you an idea about what such a range stands for, this is the equivalent of two football fields. The pendant is not just a simple emergency button, although it may not look more complicated than that.

It serves as a communicator since it allows you to talk with the person you are contacting so you can offer details on symptoms and other circumstances. Plus, you will feel better being able to have a conversation with someone while you’re waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

There is an exciting feature of this device that we should talk about. In case all your emergency contacts don’t come through, the pendant will call 911. A nice touch is the included lanyard; there is also a wrist strap holder that comes with your purchase.

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Ripple 24/7 Personal Safety


When you purchase this model, you will get one year of service for the Ripple’s professional monitoring system. If you so choose, you can prolong your contract with them afterward, for a low monthly cost. You will have to click on the Ripple button three times so you can alert their emergency system.

There are some substantial advantages included with the Ripple app you gain access to. The emergency team will have access to the medical data that you provide so that they can act accordingly. You must bear in mind that the system will alert your friends and family in the case of an emergency free of charge.

So it is up to you if you want to use their professional services or not. The elderly must take care of their health by taking senior multivitamin formulas and using a device like this one. The model is water resistant so that you can use it even from the shower.

You can have it with you anywhere you go. The battery included with your purchase will keep the model going for six months, and  for those who pay for the extra subscription, the company offers a new device to replace the old one.

Buy from for ($129.99)




MobileHelp Classic


If you read all the senior life alert systems reviews, you will notice that individual characteristics should be included in any device that is advertised as this type of product. This particular model checks all the boxes. First things first, it is easy to use, so even if you are partially incapacitated, you will still be able to activate the emergency button.

You will be provided with quick medical help around the clock, even if you have the device in charging mode. This model works with a subscription system, and you have the first three months included when you purchase the equipment.

There are some advantages to this kind of plan when compared to the ability to call 911. You will be asked to provide specific medical information and health history so that the operator that replies to your distress call can advise the emergency team on what you may need.

You don’t need a landline, and that’s good news. This company offers excellent coverage for cell phones, so you will be able to use it from your home even if you don’t have a phone line. Oriented towards senior services, MobileHelp can be your choice.

Buy from for ($99.97)




Smart Caregiver Two Call


While being able to press a button, alert emergency services, and wait for help to arrive, is one way of dealing with dangerous situations, it is always a good idea to be able to talk to someone directly. This device is exactly what you need, and, if you’re thinking about some great granddad gifts, the Smart Caregiver Two Call should be on the list.

The device looks like a pager, and it is straightforward to use. There is no need for you to dial a number, or navigate through complicated menus. Press a button, and you will immediately make the necessary call. The batteries needed for the device to work are included with your purchase.

To explain the configuration of the device better, there are two nurse call buttons and a caregiver pager. The pager comes with two alarms, and the good part is that it can be carried around, hooked on your belt, or in your pocket. The range offered is 150 feet between the pager and the pendant you are provided with.

Anywhere in the house and even around it, you will be able to contact someone in case there is an emergency. This simple-to-operate device can keep your peace of mind and help you in dire situations.

Buy from for ($20.95)




Secure SWCB-1


In an open area, this device offers a range of more than 500 feet, so you can easily move around the house, and still be able to get in contact quickly with someone that can help you, should an emergency arise. The alarm it comes equipped with has 32 different sounds so that you can take your pick.

The volume can be adjusted, too. Another excellent thing about this model is that it comes with several receiving alternatives, to avoid any interference with other devices you might have at home.

You can wear the call button, as it resembles a pendant, or you can keep it in your pocket. When you’re asleep, let it on the bedside table so you can quickly access it. You can place the receiver anywhere you want, and even mount it on a wall.

A company making health-oriented devices, Secure is known for the outstanding customer service it offers. You will get a one-year replacement warranty, in case your device malfunctions. Be aware that you can use the call button in the shower, too, as it is water resistant. As an alert system, it does the job just fine.

Buy from for ($15.47)




Just In Case Medical Alert On The Go


This device offers coverage for the AT&T cellular network, but, in case you are out of its area, you can still depend on your life alert system because it will immediately connect with 911 so that you can get in touch with an operator. It is not just an emergency call button. It works as a communicator, allowing you to speak to the emergency operator and communicate essential data on your situation.

You can personalize your list of contacts, depending on the people you want to be able to reach when you are in an emergency situation. The model works with a rechargeable battery, and this battery only needs a recharge a month. It can be said that this is one of the highlights of this model since no other medical device of similar purpose has the same feature.

Recharging your device takes only three hours, and you will be able to use it at its maximum strength for another month. Other benefits are included, such as the fact that this device is shower-safe.

Monitoring services are included with your purchase. There’s a minimum price you can pay per day, and you can pay for it monthly, four times a year, or two times a year.

Buy from for ($24.95)




Our Yearly Guide


What is the best life alert system for seniors? We tried to find the answer to this question, by comparing various models on the market, examining reactions from buyers and experts, and taking into consideration other aspects, like extra features and functionalities.

We want to help you get the best model available, which is why we put together the following buying guide. With its help, you will be able to identify that product that indeed offers you the opportunity to alert someone when you are in an emergency situation.

Range and coverage

No matter what device you prefer, you should always take a look at the range. This is usually calculated in a straight line from where you are to the receiver. The setup for most systems is a receiver and a call button that can be used as a pendant by the wearer.

You may find a cheap life alert system for the elderly that doesn’t have more than 150 feet as functioning range, but still, that will allow you to see about chores around the house, and even outside.

Better models go higher, and they usually have a range of 600 feet, which in square feet will amass the surface of two football fields. As you can tell, the longer the ranger, the more powerful and reliable the device will be.

We also include here coverage, because while it is not the same thing as the range in which the pendant needs to be from the receiver, it can give you an idea of where and how you can use your device. Since many such devices act as communicators, allowing you to talk to an emergency operator, you need to learn if your home phone line is covered.

Usually, landlines don’t pose any problems, but cell phone coverage is a different thing. You should always check for information on the manufacturer’s page on what kind of coverage is offered and what it means.


Should you get a monitoring plan or not?

This is a critical question. Some models come with no extra fees, and the only thing they do is to contact people you set as your emergency contacts, and 911, optionally or not. They are quite convenient, and many people prefer them.

However, you should always know what the alternative is, before making a decision. For a monthly fee, some companies offer you the possibility to get in contact quickly with someone from a specialized service. The price can vary, and you should take your pick based on a meticulous evaluation.

Just as you always invest extra attention into what osteoporosis treatments to follow, you should choose your emergency service provider by spending some time and effort. The upside of paying for such services is that the person on the other end when you make a call will know your medical history, and advise the emergency team on what they have to do.

Water resistant

A feature your alert system should have, or at least the pendant or the call button, is water resistance. You should be able to activate it from the shower if need be. If there is someone at home that can assist you with various medical needs, such as taking Alzheimer’s supplements, you might not need a device like this, but otherwise, make sure that you get one that works, regardless of conditions.


Ease of use

Last, but not least, your device should be easy to use. In the case of an emergency, you will need to be able to call someone quickly, and that is why a cell phone is not such a good choice. In the time you spend trying to get to the number you want, you might feel too ill to use it.

An ideal alert system should be a button that you press, and a call comes through. A model that can also be used as a pendant, around your wrist, or even attached to your wheelchair, should be your choice.

One-hand activation is mandatory as you might have to use the other hand to support yourself on a walking stick. Some models may ask you to press the button for a couple of seconds, but they are still easy to activate.


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