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Top 14 Bed Rails for Seniors – An In-Depth Analysis


If you find yourself in need of the best bed rail for you or for a loved one, but you are too busy to do the research yourself, then maybe you can find some inspiration reading this buying guide. Taking into account sales numbers, popularity, as well as numerous safety bed rail reviews, we came to the conclusion that your first choice should be the LumaRail Bed Assist Rail as it is a feature packed and extremely versatile product. This model is suitable for beds as low as 12 inches and it fits almost all traditional bed sizes. It also integrates Intellibrite motion sensing light that causes a LED to turn on when it senses movement to prevent accidents from happening during the night. In the unfortunate case this product is not available, maybe you should try Dream On Me Mesh, a good quality unit with similar features.



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14 Best Bed Rails (Reviews) in 2024



In such a busy world, it’s difficult to find the time to look intro trivial, but necessary things that we need to make our lives easier and more comfortable. Probably researching for a suitable bed rail is not how you want to spend your afternoon off, so we did that for you. Below you will find the most in-demand bed rails available on the market.



1. Platinum Health Lumarail Bed Assist


LumaRail sets a new standard in reliability and convenience with this feature-packed and versatile bed assist rail. It is manufactured having the safety of the user in mind so it integrates a bed frame anchor strap which prevents the bed assist from moving away and creating a gap that can become dangerous, a risk openly mentioned by the FDA.

The model integrates Intellibrite motions sensing light to prevent accidents from happening. The powerful LED night light senses movement and it lights the way to and from the bed for maximum safety during the night. Conveniently, this feature can be easily switched off when considered unnecessary.

The LumaRail Bed Assist Rail is suitable for beds as low as 12 inches and it fits single, double, and queen size beds. Its adjustable top-rail height accommodates both thick mattresses and mattresses with toppers, making this an excellent choice for those that value flexibility, as well as safety.

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2. Dream On Me Mesh Bed Rails


This lightweight and convenient bed rail arrives fully assembled so it requires little to no effort from the user’s part. Along with a mattress for the elderly, it can greatly increase the comfort in your home or your loved ones’ home.

The installation is simple and no tools are needed. However, once installed, the user has to make sure the bed rail is tight against the mattress, with no gaps, and that there are at least 9 inches from the headboard to footboard. The manufacturer warns that the product should not be used on bunk beds, water beds or beds with inflatable mattresses.

A great investment that offers peace of mind, the Dream On Me Mesh Bed Rails are best suitable for 5-inch thick mattresses. This sturdy, well made model is very easy to clean and maintain with a damp cloth, making it one of the most accommodating products of this type that one can find on the market.

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3. Essential Medical Supply Height Adjustable Hand Bed Rail


This highly functional model is designed to prevent falling by helping the user to get out of bed simply by grabbing the soft, non-slip, 20-inch wide foam grip from any comfortable angle. Its adjustable height allows for increased flexibility and it makes it suitable for thick mattresses including pillow tops, as well.

The product features adjustable steel bars that slip and extend under the mattress and will fit any type of bed, from a twin bed to a king size one. It also includes a heavy duty nylon strap that can connect the steel bars to the opposite side of the bed in order to prevent movement of the rail.

The Essential Medical Supply Hand Bed Rail is made of chrome plated steel and it allows support up to 300 pounds. For an even higher convenience, it is very easy to install in between the mattress and the box-spring, with no tools necessary.

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4. Medline Bed Assist Bar


Whether recovering from surgery or dealing with back pain or arthritis, or simply coping with loss of balance and unsteadiness, this assist bar offers stability for greater confidence, safety and peace of mind. It features a nylon pouch, great for keeping personal items like books or blood pressure lowering supplements close at hand.

This durable model made of steel also comes with a soft grip handle for higher comfort and safety. Designed to provide stability to those who need it, the Medline Assist Bar fits most beds, from twin to queen size, as well as most heights and it can be placed on either side of the bed, easily sliding between the mattress and box spring.

The product includes additional safety straps that wrap around the mattress for extra reinforcement. It also comes with two locations for height adjustment (the hand grip and the legs) for an even more secure and customized fit.

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5. Vitility Grab Rail Access to Bed


The Stander EZ Adjust model is the only bed rail available for sale that adjusts in length after it was installed and it functions both as a bed rail and a bed handle. Versatile and boasting a simple design, it is an excellent choice for those that lack mobility or simply suffer from general unsteadiness.

It can be easily installed on most traditional and adjustable beds and it features a patented design that allows the rail to extend in length and pivot downward after being set in place. This highly functional model also works with platform beds in which the slats run lengthwise from top to bottom and beds with slats that run widthwise as long as the gaps between the slats are 5 inches or smaller.

The included pocket is perfect for keeping things like your remote, smartphone or your senior multivitamins. Additionally, the manufacturer promises 100% satisfaction and offers a lifetime guarantee.

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6. Lifestyle Solutions Adjustable Sturdy Medical Bed Rail


This light yet sturdy bed rail allows the user to get in and out of bed without requiring any assistance and without any stress to the neck and back, making it the perfect choice for someone recovering from surgery.

It features a comfortable, non-slip handle made of durable foam and it includes a secure strap that attaches to the other side of the bed, keeping the rail tightly and safely in place. The Lifestyle Solutions Adjustable Bed Rail allows for adjustable height and length and it can fit any bed.

For even more comfort and convenience, this model is also portable. It can be easily uninstalled and put in a suitcase and taken on a holiday or when visiting relatives – after all, it only takes around three minutes to reinstall it once the destination has been reached. Moreover, the product is able to support up to 400 pounds, this being the industry’s highest rating.

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7. Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare TW008R Ultralight


This strong, durable model is made of chrome-plated steel and it is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Installation is also very straightforward as the product comes in three easy to assemble pieces and no tools are required.

It features a removable handle made of stable, slip-resistant foam for increased stability. Conveniently, the handle can be attached to any side of the bed, and the bed assist is easy to fit as it just slides under the mattress. It can work on any bed as long as the minimum height from the floor to the box spring is 16 inches.

The product comes with a weight capacity of 250 pounds and with two adjustment points – the legs, which can be adjusted up and down, and where the horizontal bars attach to the vertical ones. The Drive Medical Adjustable Height Home Bed Assist can be folded flat, being a real space saver in terms of storage.

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8. Stander BedCane Adult Home Bed Safety Rail & Handle


The Stander BedCane is a unique bedside safety handle created for users to securely and painlessly get in and out of bed. With an ergonomic design, the slip-resistant handle provides a comfortable, stable grip and it can be adjusted in height for maximum convenience.

This model comes with an organizer pouch excellent for keeping your personal things close during the night and with a safety strap that attaches to the bed for increased stability. The wooden platform allows for a strong and steady hold for even more safety and ease of mind.

Excellent for those that do not need full fall protection, but only require some support, the Stander BedCane is a solid tool, made of strong and durable materials, and it can be installed on most traditional beds, from twins to California kings. In addition, the product comes with a lifetime guarantee provided by the manufacturer.

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9. XYLucky Drive Medical Height Adjustable Bed Rail


This essential bedside tool comes with a non-slip handle for more stability and it is suitable for anyone with limited mobility due to an injury or disability. It requires minimal assembly and no tools nor installation are needed – it simply slides underneath the mattress and it is ready to use.

Providing a solid, durable structure with a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds, this model is made using sturdy, powder-coated steel. Not only does this strong material allows for long-lasting use throughout the years, but it is also easy to clean and maintain as new.

The AirMed Adjustable Home Bed Rail comes with an attached storage pocket for maximum convenience. Perfect for books and magazines, a water bottle, remotes and even medicine, this pouch allows easy access to anything that may be needed during the night. Moreover, both the depth and height of this bed rail are adjustable, making the unit a good fit for almost any bed.

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10. Stander Safety Adult Bed Rail Home Elderly Bedside


Another excellent product from Stander, this safety bed rail works as a side rail for preventing falls as well as a support bar for climbing in and out of bed. It features a weight capacity of 300 pounds and a 30 inch-long frame which makes it ideal for those that need full protection during those restless nights.

Very practical, the bed rail allows for the handle support to pivot down 180 degrees when it is not needed. Quite versatile, the Stander 30” Safety Bed Rail is basically a two-in-one product — it can be used both as a bed rail and as an assist handle.

This high quality model is made of long-lasting powder-coated steel ensuring it can be easily used for a long time to come. For extra protection and convenience, this bed rail from Stander comes with a safety strap and with an ability to fit almost any type of bed, from twin to queen and king.

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11. Able Life Bedside Extend-A-Rail


This bed rail from Able Life is the perfect solution for those active sleepers who roll out of their beds during the night or for those recovering from surgery. The patented design allows for adjustment of the rail in length after being installed and even while the user is in bed. That makes getting in and out of bed very convenient, without having to give up the fall protection of a bed rail.

It supports a weight capacity of 300 pounds and it can be fitted on most traditional and adjustable beds. Impressing with its convenience and versatility, this model comes with a safety strap that buckles to the bed frame and keeps the rail securely against the bed.

The Able Life Bedside Extend-A-Rail provides full protection against falling, contributing to the user’s confidence, peace of mind and emotional security. The design is well thought and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed from the manufacturer.

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12. Able Life Bedside Mighty


The Able Life Bedside Mighty Rail amazes with its portability – it weighs very little (less than two pounds) and it is very easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes it the ideal choice for those who are often on the go. This model is, undoubtedly, one of the strongest bed rails available on the market right now.

It features a safety strap that secures the rail against the bed. The safety strap attaches to the horizontal part of the bed rail and the opposite side of the bed frame. Supporting up to 300 pounds, this model can be installed in a matter of seconds, with no tools required, and it works well with almost all home and adjustable beds.

One of the most convenient and highly functional bed rails for sale, this particular product features an ergonomic cushion assist handle and a four-pocket pouch perfect to store personal items that might be needed during the night.

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13. Vaunn Medical Adjustable Bed Assist


This heavy duty, powder-coated steel bed assist provides a strong, durable frame supporting a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. Its safe and secure grip allows seniors, disabled individuals, pregnant women or anyone with physical mobility issues or injuries to get out of bed unassisted.

The model is adjustable both in height and in width and it can fit onto any kind of bed (twin, double, queen, or king) and on either side of the bed (right or left). The modern design nicely blends the bed rail in any bedroom, just like any other piece of furniture.

The Vaunn Medical Adjustable Bed Assist features a slip-resistant, foam padded handle, horizontal stabilizer bars, and floor standing legs for a greater stability for the user. Installation is easy, taking only a few minutes without tools and cleaning and maintenance are also straightforward – wiping with a damp cloth and then you can leave it to dry.

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14. Able Life Bedside Sturdy 


This durable bed rail from Able Life is the perfect combination of functionality, convenience, and style. It secures to most types of beds with the included safety strap – just run the strap under the mattress to the other side of the bed, and then buckle to fasten the rail to the bed.

It has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and it features a non-slip, sturdy, padded handle for increased support and stability. The model also includes an organizer pouch, very useful for storing personal items like reading material, a remote control or even your glasses.

Being a winner when it comes to versatility, this unit comes with adjustable legs, and these will provide you with security and strength even though their size is customizable. The product is quite easy to install and it is both convenient and functional. Besides, it’s worth noting that it can be fitted on almost all traditional beds and even on some platform beds.

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Our Yearly Guide


Finding the right bed rail is not very easy and it would take a very long time to go through all the models available for sale.

Whether you are researching the best bed rails for the elderly or best safety bed rails or you’re simply in the market for a cheap bed rail, you first need to know what you are looking for. Are you interested in a good bed rail or do you need a bed assist, too? How adjustable should it be? And how safe is it?

Before choosing one product over the other, it is good to know exactly what characteristics matter to you. And that is precisely why we wrote this short buying guide comprising the most important features a bed rail should be equipped with — we hope it will come to your aid in the search for the most suitable model for you.


A one-size-fits all product is not a very good idea when it comes to bed rails. An ideal model should be adjustable enough to fit any kind of bed, or at least the traditional sizes like twin, double, queen or king.

So before making any purchase take some time and ask the manufacturer if the model you want to buy can be adjusted. Do not be satisfied with a simple “yes” or “no” answer; make sure you know numbers so that you can compare to the measurements of your bed. If all this seems too complicated, then at least find out if you can return the product in case it’s not what you were looking for.



Opting for a model that features a strap to secure the rail to the bed is the safest choice you can make. In case the bed rail is not secure enough, it can slip and it can become dangerous to rely on a tool that is not sufficiently stable. Moreover, if your model also works as an assist and it has a handle, check out if the handle is made of a resistant, non-slip material.

There are also some guidelines that the FDA (the United States Food and Drug Administration) has put in place for bed rail safety and it is a good idea to check with your manufacturer to find out if their products follow those guidelines or not.


Versatility and portability

A versatile product is always a good thing and even though you are only looking for a good bed rail, it isn’t a bad idea to get one that has a double function and works as a bed assist as well. As long as it makes your life easier, a 2-in-1 model is desirable over others.

Portability is another key feature for those that want a lightweight, easy to carry and easy to store product. Buying a more portable model does not mean you have to give up on other characteristics like safety or adjustability. Simply choose what is more important to you and more suitable to your lifestyle.


A poor quality bed rail, made of materials that will quickly break down is not a very good long term strategy. Your main focus should be a sturdy product, made of high quality material that will last for years and that gets you the best bang for your buck.

Similarly, if your bed rail functions also as a bed assist and it comes equipped with a foam padded handle, make sure the foam is good quality and that it does not cause you to slip. Remember, you will rely on this thing to get in and out of bed so this aspect is quite important.


Other important features

The bed rail of your choice should be easily installed or assembled – if you need a degree in engineering to install it, then it’s probably more trouble than it’s worth. Most bed rails are straightforward enough — they easily slide under the mattress and all you have to do is secure them afterwards.

Some manufacturers took the idea of convenience and comfort further and equipped their bed rails with pockets that can store personal items you might need during the night or while you are in bed. In case you are very organized, but also like keeping your things close, maybe it’s worth looking into bed rails that feature such pouches.


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