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Top 7 Blood Pressure Cuffs — An In-Depth Analysis


If you are shopping for the best blood pressure cuff, but you have too little time on your hands, to ensure that you are getting the right product, we have here the information you need. Our researchers compared critically acclaimed models based on their sales figures, positive feedback, and overall satisfaction ratings. The conclusion we reached is that the Omron 5 Series is the most praised model at the moment. This particular device allows you to store 50 readings for each of the two people that can use it together so that you can monitor all the changes in your health. The machine is accurate as it calculates the average of three different values over 10 minutes. Another important aspect is that it can alert you of irregular heartbeats. In case this product is no longer in stock, we also suggest trying the Care Touch Upper Arm, as an excellent alternative.



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Products In Demand – In-Depth Reviews



With so many blood pressure cuffs for sale, it may not be exactly easy to make a decision. We want to help you identify the one that is truly a suitable choice, by providing you with a list of popular models at the moment.



Omron 5 Series


You might have heard of Omron as a company with a long-standing tradition of making blood pressure monitors. All the knowledge and expertise the manufacturer has is invested in this Omron blood pressure monitor, and that shows in the accuracy and the array of features provided.

The model has enough memory for 100 readings, split between two users. You and your spouse can use the device to monitor your health. The fact that you can compare different results that are stored along with their timestamps puts you in control over your health.

You will not have to worry that the readings are inaccurate. By making an average between three different readings taken over a time span of 10 minutes, the device will tell you your blood pressure as it is, without the usual mishaps or inaccurate readings other models might produce.

One excellent trait of this blood monitor is the fact that it will compare the values measured for your blood pressure to normal levels and will alert you if there are any irregular heartbeats so that you can schedule a visit to your doctor. You will get a quick start guide with your purchase.

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Care Touch Upper Arm


What should a good blood pressure cuff come equipped with? There are so many aspects to take into consideration, that you might feel it is impossible to find the ideal one. The Care Touch Upper Arm offers so many excellent features that you will not be able to go wrong if you pick it from the many offers on the market.

The large display is easy to read, and you will also appreciate the memory function available. Two people can use this blood pressure monitor, and keep the tabs on their health, by examining the 250 readings available for each of them. The average of the last three times you took your blood pressure will give you an idea where you stand, health-wise.

You will not have to wait to find out the results of each measurement. This model is capable of delivering the needed response in less than a minute, so you would feel hard pressed to find a device faster than this.

All the blood pressure cuffs reviews mention that this model ranks high in consumers’ preferences for the simple fact that it is accurate and also easy to use. The device is FDA approved.

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Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist


Maybe the Care Touch Fully Automatic Wrist is not as fancy as a blood pressure bracelet, but it gets the job done by measuring your blood pressure and delivering you accurate results. You will notice right away that the model has a huge LCD that can even be read in the dark, due to its backlight feature.

You will get a helpful device when you purchase this item because it does more than only measure your blood pressure. It can also identify irregular heartbeats, and that will help you reach your doctor in the case of an emergency.

Another thing that many people like having in their blood pressure monitor is the ability to store some readings. The memory installed on this particular model allows you to store up to 60 readings, and browse through them as you see fit, at a later date.

With less than one minute response time, this model is really fast. The manufacturer offers a cuff that can accommodate wrists of up to 8.5 inches, and also a one-year warranty, so you can replace your item in case something goes wrong. A detailed instructions manual is also provided.

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Slight Touch Fully Automatic


There are many ways to take care of your health. Some prefer to take blood pressure lowering supplements and to use a blood pressure monitor to see how their health is influenced by the treatment they follow. If you are one of these people, you will quickly find a great use for the Slight Touch Fully Automatic, a model that offers some excellent features.

The model is quiet so that it can inflate without disturbing people sleeping in your home. It is approved by the FDA, which says something about its safety rating. You only need to put the cuff on your wrist and take your measurements, to identify quickly if something is going on with your blood pressure.

The indicator of irregular heartbeats comes in handy because it gives you reliable information so that you can decide when it is the right time to see a doctor. You will notice that the manufacturer doesn’t hesitate to include some pretty nice extras with your purchase.

You will get a beautiful carry case for your blood pressure monitor, and the manufacturer even includes the needed batteries for it to function, something that not all the companies selling such items provide to their customers.

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White Coat Deluxe Aneroid


All the parts of this model are kept in a stylish carrying case so that you can take it along with you on your trips. If you need to monitor your health and take your blood pressure regularly, this model is a good idea. The cuff is made of black nylon, and it looks sleek and elegant.

The manometer is made from aluminum alloy, so it is lightweight, yet durable. However, what you should bear in mind is that this is a kit for monitoring your health in other ways than just checking your blood pressure. The package includes a penlight, too, that you can use for verifying your eyes, your ears, or your throat for signs of sickness.

You can use the pupil gauge on the pen to determine your pupil size. The penlight comes with two batteries, so you can start using it right away. This will come in handy when you are traveling with kids, too, and you need to check their health.

It must be mentioned that the product is DEHP-free, which means that no parts of it are made using the conventional plastic softener that is sometimes used for medical devices. This is a sign of the high quality of this product.

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Paramed Professional Manual


Keeping track of your health, and your blood pressure, in particular, becomes pretty much mandatory after a certain age. Even if you are not the one to need it right now, you can always consider some gifts for grandparents and buy the Paramed Professional Manual, which is an excellent medical device you can use at home.

The universal cuff it comes along with allows you to monitor the blood pressure of different people who need to have their health checked on a regular basis. Made from durable nylon, the cuff is also robust, and it will serve the user for a long time.

The number dial is large and easy to read, which is why this model is such a great choice for a senior. It must be said that this unit was clinically tested before release, so you can rest assured that it will deliver accurate readings each time.

The manometer is made from zinc alloy, and it is built to last. The reticulated filter installed on the model will not let dust get inside, so the good functioning of the mechanism will be preserved without a glitch. The carrying case is resistant to water and looks great, too.

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Santamedical Adult Deluxe


This FDA-approved blood pressure monitor will ensure that you are capable of taking your blood pressure with maximum accuracy every time you need. Among the many wrist blood pressure monitors on the market, this one stands out through quality and precision. The manufacturer tested this product for quality and now offers customers a device they can count on.

The DEHP-free construction makes sure that your skin will not get in contact with the typical plastic softener found in medical devices. The attention to detail invested by the company making this product is a testimony to its dedication to providing its buyers with the highest quality blood pressure monitors they can find.

This model is precise, and it will deliver results that have a maximum error of +- 3mmHg. The model is also latex-free so that people with latex allergies don’t have to worry about a thing when using it.

The manufacturer offers lifetime calibration services, and a one year warranty for the product, so you can tell that you are getting a good deal. The number dial has very good contrast, allowing people with bad eyesight to read the results with ease. Everything about this model spells quality.

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Our Yearly Guide


If you are looking for the best manual blood pressure cuffs, you will find here the information you need for an informed decision. There are specific features and characteristics that all the excellent models on the market share and they are all explained below. With the help of our guide, you will make a choice you will not regret.


Medical devices for home use are not exactly known for their out-of-this-world accuracy, but this doesn’t mean that you should consider this something you can overlook. When it comes to blood pressure monitors, you need one that will tell you, with maximum precision, the values for your blood pressure.

You will notice that there are many models available and that some of them offer extra features to guarantee accuracy. For instance, some take your blood pressure over the course of ten minutes and calculate the average, so that you don’t get an abnormal value, due to various circumstances.

Bear in mind that even the best wrist blood pressure cuffs will not be able to give you an accurate result if you don’t abide by the instructions and recommendations offered with your purchase. You should not take your blood pressure within certain minutes of having exercised, eaten, or engaged in other activities that can elevate your blood pressure.


Cuff style and how important the right fit is

You will notice that there are some differences between various models, and one of them is the cuff style. The cuff can go around your wrist, or around your upper arm. This is a matter of preference, and there is no difference between how accurate these two styles are. Precision is delivered by the way the blood pressure monitor is constructed and not by its cuff style.

However, what matters and you should be aware of, is the cuff size. You will notice that all the manufacturers will offer information on the size of the cuff, which will let you know if the device is a good fit for you.

Overweight people in particular need to pay attention to such aspects as they might have a larger wrist or upper arm. There are models specially designed to accommodate people with a larger weight, and it is advisable to check what is offered before spending money on an item that doesn’t fit.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that you should necessarily go for an expensive model. You can find a cheap blood pressure cuff that will accommodate your needs, without a problem.


Ease of use

Like any medical device that you are going to use at home, it is important to get one that is easy to use. Check the kit you are given with your purchase to see if there is an instructions manual or a quick start guide, or both. Even if using a blood pressure monitor is no rocket science, it is not a walking stick, either, and some minimum recommendations should be present.

Another thing that is closely related to ease of use is having a number dial that has good contrast, and that is easy to read. People with poor eyesight can greatly benefit from such a feature, and especially seniors can be helped by a clear number dial. Just like in the case of a tablet for seniors, for which a larger font is recommended, larger numbers are a must for this dial.

Other considerations

How often do you need to take your blood pressure? Do you travel a lot, but you still need to monitor your health closely? These questions are important, and their answers can point you toward a better product.

A good idea for people who need to be able to take their blood pressure on a regular basis is to get a model that comes with internal memory. Retaining a certain number of readings will help you notice any changes in your blood pressure.

Also, if your device is capable of accommodating two users, that is excellent, because both you and your spouse can monitor your health, using the same unit. Another thing to bear in mind is that it is useful to get a model that can identify irregular heartbeats, which is a clear sign that you should see your doctor.

For people who like traveling, if the model they pick comes with a carrying case, that is all for the better. You can keep your blood pressure monitor away from dust and damage, and you will be able to take it anywhere with you.

It is a good idea to get a model that is made from durable materials. This way, you will have a guarantee that you will be able to use the device for a long time, without the need for a replacement.


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