10 Best Cervical Traction Devices Compared & Reviewed

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Best Cervical Traction Device Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Here you will find out what the best cervical traction devices are, especially if you are a busy bee and don’t have a lot of free time on your hands to properly inform yourself. After carefully combing through some of the critically-recognized products in this line, our team has managed to come to the agreement that the Branfit Cervical Traction Device and Collar is the one you should try to get. This is a great product for workaholics who spend a lot of time in front of the computer and are therefore confronted with neck issues, is thoroughly tested to ensure maximum satisfaction every time, and it’s soft and lightweight enough to be able to fit inside your suitcase when you’re on the road. In the unfortunate event that this one is not available, you should also look at the Forent Inflatable Neck Traction Device.



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10 Best Cervical Traction Devices (Updated Reviews) in 2023



People nowadays, more than ever before, are spending longer and longer hours in front of the computer screen. As a result, neck and spinal cord injuries are also becoming more and more common so our team has really made the effort to carefully showcase the most effective items to help you fight this problem.



1. Branfit Cervical Traction Device and Collar


This is quite the affordable cervical traction device when you are considering the advantages that you get purchasing it. This specialized chiropractor pillow will offer great comfort and relief to your neck, stabilizing the traumatic areas and working to allow them to slowly heal over time.

This is a great device for treating misaligned spinal cords, sprains, or strains. The manufacturer took great care when developing it, using non-itchy material that should not bother you in any way and just sit nice and comfortable around your neck. This way, you can wear it for an extended period of time without any issues.

The good thing is that the Velcro strap was made extra-large so it can accommodate all neck sizes, meaning you don’t have to measure yourself before buying it. People with back problems can also use it, since fixing spinal issues usually treats the entire back, not only the neck.


This is a great tool for correcting your posture and restoring the natural cervical curve you had before long hours in front of the computer took their toll.

Using this, you will notice relief from headaches and migraines due to the correct posture you will now be having. The brace also works for relieving pain from a pinched nerve or something like this.

The material used is top-notch so you won’t have to worry about the product not being reliable or durable. Buy it once and spend a hefty chunk of time enjoying its benefits and alleviating your pain.


Buyers have to be aware of the fact that this product does not come with a pump so you will have to find a solution for installing it.

The amount of pressure that this puts on the neck area may sometimes feel uncomfortable to some people.

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2. Forent Inflatable Neck Traction Device


According to the best relief cervical neck traction device reviews, this one has the ability to make you feel better almost instantaneously due to the way it manages to achieve optimal spinal alignment. This way, the tension in your nerves is relieved and you will be able to enjoy a better life.

This traction device is not meant to be assembled in any way, shape, or form since you need only to unpack it and start using it. Furthermore, it’s quite lightweight and portable for a brace, allowing it to fit perfectly in your suitcase or your car when you have to move around.

It is also inflatable to comfort which means you will be able to adjust it in order to control the amount of air inside so you will experience the best sensation possible when using it. This way, your neck and shoulders will relax immediately and you’ll start to feel better.


This is a very good neck brace, lightweight and easy to use while not taking up much space, regardless of where you choose to put it in.

The manufacturer has so much trust in this product that it offers a lifetime guarantee, allowing you to receive a replacement or even your money back if you are not satisfied with it.

Furthermore, this keeps your neck tight yet also loose enough so you can breathe, not like other similar products that tend to simply choke out the person wearing them.


The piece on the airline is plastic-made and as such, it may become prone to breaking off as time passes by and you use the brace more and more, so take this into consideration.

This is such a secure and tight-fitting brace that it may sometimes feel too tight, depending on the person wearing it.

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3. Soulern Cervical Traction Device


This over-the-door cervical traction device is said to work wonders for relieving bothersome pains like the neck ones, tissue ones, arthritis, and all the other things. Therefore, it’s good for both men and women looking for a home cervical traction device that will not leave them hanging (actually, it should keep them hanging) and get the job done.

It boasts a durable steel construction that is basically without peer since it is made of heavy-duty steel that was reinforced with strong bolts and nuts. Doing this, the manufacturer ensured that this device will be able to withstand heavy stretching without crashing down to the floor.

While this is a hanging device so it does require some setup, it shouldn’t be too hard to do and the benefits will far outweigh the bothersome things required. Also, make sure that every time before you use it, you first check the stability of the bar, just to be on the safe side.


This very good device is not only durable and trustworthy but it is also completely adjustable to any door frame or wall that is able to support something between 24” and 39”.

Furthermore, the buckle is adjustable to any suitable position so you will be able to pull the strap gradually when it’s time to begin your treatment. Afterward, this will allow you to slowly stand up and take off the chin cover when you feel like it.

Speaking about chin covers, this one was made with a very nice foam padding that is covered with rugged leather and swan flannelette. Therefore, this is a good and comfortable fit that will work great when trying to stretch your neck through a gentle traction process.


The bar is so durable it is actually heavy so be prepared for this and don’t get scared, as it is very important you always check it before using the brace.

Also, the rubber end that is there to maintain the pressure should be periodically checked so you’re sure it won’t fall out.

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4. POON Neck Device & Collar Brace


If you are looking to buy an inflatable cervical neck traction device but are not yet sure what to choose, this one from POON may be exactly what you need. If you have neck stiffness or the long hours working on the PC have given you persistent headaches, this will work wonders for relieving your tightness and allowing you to finally relax.

It has been proven that stretching massage works very well for reducing cervical pressure and swelling as well as easing nerves and blood circulation where it is most needed. Therefore, using this device can help tremendously when it comes to making your life easier.

When you get the product you will be happy to see that it requires no assembly, you just have to place the neck traction device around the neck it is supposed to heal and use the two Velcro straps to tighten it in place.


You can use the pump to gradually increase the level of air inside it so you can achieve the most desirable comfort level without trying too much.

Due to its foldable design and because of the fact that it is lightweight, this product can accompany you without any issues wherever you choose to go. Furthermore, your house will not be the only place where you can relax since you can use this to go everywhere.

The manufacturer has so much trust in the brace that it offers a 2-month free replacement warranty for whoever is not 100% satisfied by it.


While this isn’t necessarily a cheap cervical traction device, it’s not among the most expensive either and this can be seen in the fact that it seems to deflate a little bit too often.

The materials used in designing this product a little bit uncomfortable in a hot climate, regardless of how soft they are.

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5. MeLonflo Neck Head Hammock Cervical Traction Device


If your definition of the best cervical traction device means something that you are able to use anytime and anywhere, then you’ve hit the jackpot right here. This product’s relief hammock is able to wrap itself around any door, railing, or pole out there, giving you some much-needed liberty and flexibility.

You will also receive two straps for customization as you will use them for some gentle stretching and relaxing, completely rejuvenating your head and shoulders. We’re pretty sure you will find this to be a gift from Heaven once you’re resting in your hotel room after a long flight or in the comfort of your own house after a busy day at work.

Since your neck and upper spine are connected to the rest of the body, hurt in these areas means you will feel it in other parts as well. Therefore, getting a device that eases the pressure here will also make your whole body feel fresher.


This is the product of choice if you’re looking for something that will give you a full-body relief. The manufacturer took great care to use high-quality materials so that reliability is never an issue even before packaging.

Furthermore, it is also reinforced with some soft and breathable cotton that’s non-toxic and non-allergenic, that increases your overall comfort but does not rub your skin the wrong way, creating no time limit for how long you can use it should your doctor allow it.

It is also lightweight and easy to use and take with you anywhere you go since it fits in your luggage without any issues.


The headpiece seems to be easily-attachable yet it is not very sturdy when it comes to holding your weight as it’s supposed to be.

The level of elevation that this product is able to offer may not be accommodating enough for people with specific needs.

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6. Newoer Cervical Portable Traction Device


A cervical traction device is meant to help you fight off your daily problems and enjoy life more so this is what you should be considering when buying one. This pillow does a great job helping the muscles relax as this is a very important thing that will relieve the pain you feel and increase your flexibility quite noticeably.

The design is thought in such a way as to match the curve of your neck without any issues, gently guiding the spinal cord to stretch and decompress, therefore increasing the blood flow and allowing the muscles to oxygenate better and be more susceptible to moving without causing discomfort.

This product is made from medical-grade ABS material that works great as a provider of strong support in reinforcing and keeping together the neck’s natural shape. For this reason, people with chronic pain will find this device to be extremely helpful in their daily life.


This is a very good traction device that can stand its ground against any other product in its category and still come out on top due to its muscle-relaxing and pain-relieving properties.

By using this you can also get rid of pains in your joints as well as sprains and strains. For this reason, cervical spondylosis can also be treated with this so if you know anybody that suffers make sure to recommend this Newoer item.

You don’t need some fancy support to set it up as this is a very portable product. The height for optimal neck comfort is also easily adjustable.


Be careful when purchasing this as it is simply a very comfortable and useful neck pillow, not a massage machine. Even if the online picture made you think otherwise, fear not as you’d still get an amazing cervical device for your readjusting needs.

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7. NeckFix Cervical Traction Device Adjustable Neck Stretcher


If you listen to cervical traction device reviews, you really shouldn’t go wrong with this one as it is basically a 3-layer cervical collar that’s great for adjusting your spine and neck to ensure they have a proper position.

Because of this, the device is uniquely suited to act as a spine alignment tool, basically reshaping your overall posture while aiding the healing process of your injuries and preventing further neck pain.

Several doctors also seem to recommend it for things like stiffness, dizziness, headaches, and shoulder pain. Therefore, you don’t need to suffer from a gruesome injury in order to benefit from this great product as it can work just as well as a form of home therapy.

It’s very good for chiseling out small imperfections like a back decompression or problems with the neck due to a long day at the office so it’s the thing to have for corporate workers everywhere.


Since this tool is recommended by chiropractors, it automatically comes with a medically-certified vote of confidence that will matter quite a lot to some people.

As an added bonus, whoever buys it will get a zip bag, a free massage ball, as well as a very nice and handy e-book that comes coupled with access to 10 video exercises that will make your life better.

Even though it is only a moderately-priced cervical device, the manufacturer still offers a money-back guarantee so you really can’t lose by ordering it.


This product has been proven to have air slowly leaking out of it due to pressure so you will have to constantly reinflate it if you’re using it as often as you should in order to see results.

Its sheer size dictates that the neck receiving its benefits cannot be very big or the user will simply feel choked out.

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8. Davi Smart Inflatable Collar Brace


This inflatable cervical neck traction device will really change your life for the better as it works wonders when it comes to making the entire area feel better after a long day’s work and realigning whatever misplaced muscles you may have after straining at the desk for eight or more hours.

It is made out of 40% bamboo and 60% polyester, therefore offering a quality product that will never fail you when it comes to correcting posture and relieving your neck and shoulder aches. The way it does this is by providing three 60° traction and helping out with bothersome issues like arthritis, bulging discs, cervical muscle spasms, and so on.

It is very good for working out small imperfections or kinks you may feel so don’t be discouraged to get it even if you’re not currently in pain from a major physical problem.


As long as you’re sitting at a desk daily or putting any kind of strain on your neck, you would still benefit from using this, especially since it comes with five simple and amazing exercises for relieving neck pain.

By constantly using this collar brace you will reinforce the support for your muscular tissues as well as relieve any pre-existent pains.

You don’t have to assemble anything once you get the delivery and you can take it with you when traveling without any issues whatsoever.


This device does not seem to work as well for people who have a thinner neck and need a lot of pressure in order to get the job done.

Also, the air appears to be slowly leaking out of it so people who use it as a treatment method will have to perk it back up constantly.

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9. Nypot Premium Head Hammock


When it comes to finding a cervical home traction device, this may just be the thing you’re looking for as it comes with a different concept than what you’re probably used to. The idea imagined by the manufacturer is to create a suspended hammock shape by using the neck support together with the cords from a doorknob.

After this, you just lie down on the floor using the natural weight of your neck in order to create the required support to get that instant pain relief. Other than that, there’s really not that much to say about this product which also explains the low price you can get it for.

It is a very effective remedy for things like tension headaches, muscle pain due to poor sleep the night before or those dreaded neck pains you get after standing at your desk the whole day, just staring into the computer.


Buying this, you get the much better comfort of the hammock while still having an effective device that can help you deal with your pains and aches.

Furthermore, its intricate simplicity is also what makes this product quite complex since you can adapt and use it for different body parts, not only the neck area.

As we said previously, the simple complex has made sure that you can get the head hammock for more than a decent price, without a need to break the bank.

Experimenting with it and getting just the right angle and height will create a very rewarding feeling in your body.


Purchasing this requires some additional planning beforehand, as it may not be the most practical method for all types of bedrooms and doorknobs out there.

Since you will need to be laying down, an addition mat on the floor will probably be recommended in order to get the best results.

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10. EverRelief Inflatable & Adjustable Neck Collar


Nothing should ever keep you from enjoying life to the fullest so that’s where neck traction devices come in. If this is the case, this product from EverRelief will help you reduce pain and discomfort and get back your healthy lifestyle.

Neck, head, or shoulder pain can all be mitigated with the use of this wonderful tool, as it is also the case for pinched nerves, compressed or bulged discs, and so on. The reason why this product is even better is that you can use it at home and doing it by yourself has never been so easy and comfortable.

The soft cover ensures your comfort while the decompressor collar is capable of being inflated enough as not to cause choking but still hard enough to keep your neck in place. Squeezing the cervical traction pump that is included in the package will instantly relax your neck muscles, allowing you to be more at ease.


Buying this, you get a very good device that you can get ready to use in just a couple of minutes and the fact that you also get the tool required to inflate it is just another bonus.

You will be fully capable to control the speed and pressure on your shoulders so this will have a tremendous effect on your blood supply and circulation.

You can use this traction device as often as 2-3 times a day for somewhere between 20 to 30 minutes per session.

Furthermore, EverRelief is a US-based brand so you can rest assured that the product will benefit from that trustworthy, durable American quality.


It appears that even with Velcro straps, people with larger necks will find it difficult to use this without feeling some kind of discomfort.

This is also not the most performant product when it comes to the period of time until the user will need to again blow air into it.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Looking for the best neck traction device can be a really time-consuming job so we thought we’d help you save some by showing you the dos and don’ts of the biz. What is cervical traction? It is merely the process of gently stretching those tight muscles in order to relieve them. Therefore, you need to get yourself a durable and trustworthy device that will do this for you.

First things first, you have to consider what type of device you are going to get before purchasing one. You can choose between an over-the-door type of thing, a pneumatic collar or a posture pump.



Over-the-door devices

This is the most common type of traction device when it comes to people who want to settle their issues at home. Using this, a person is going to wear the chinstrap harness which is then attached to a counterweight in order to achieve the necessary balance. This counterweight is usually a bag filled with a fixed amount of sand or water, suspended over a door.

Once this first step is done, the user’s chin harness is going to be pulled upward due to the bag’s own weight, therefore relieving the tension on the neck and spine.

This is a highly versatile and easy-to-use tool since it can be of use when the patient is either sitting up or lying down (this depends on the model, so do your research first).


Pneumatic devices

With this type of cervical traction device, the person using it will get a comfortable foam cushion, closely resembling one of those dedicated neck pillows people like to use when traveling in the car for a very long time. This cushion is used to strongly support the user’s head and neck.

Afterward, for stability purposes, the head is secured with a cross-forehead strap while the patient slowly increases the pressure using a hand-held device.

This way, the pneumatic gadget pushes up on the head while pushing down on the shoulders, applying the required traction.


Posture pumps

This neck traction device aims toward a higher goal since it seeks to restore the natural C-curve of the neck first, therefore alleviating the neck pain and stress the patient is feeling.

Again, this is another device that is very simple to use since the person in need only has to place it under their head while lying on their back and control the amount of pressure with a switch that can be held in the hand.

As a rule of thumb, it can be good to remember that good posture pumps will provide stronger traction than either one of the products described above.


Other things to consider

There are other things you also have to take into consideration before making your purchase as well. Obviously, the amount you are willing to invest is one of them. The speed of the results is another thing and it is also closely related to the first one. While they are the more expensive option, posture pumps are known for also delivering the fastest results.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a cervical home traction device?

When talking about a cervical home traction device, the definition that comes to mind would be that this is a noninvasive tool that is intended to aid your body by stretching the soft tissues of the neck area and separating the spinal joint structures in order to alleviate the sense of discomfort or pain that the user is feeling.

The most common type of such products is the over-the-door cervical traction one. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is very easy to use at home and it does not have much of a learning curve.

Furthermore, these products also mimic the amount of care you’d receive from a physical therapist, without the actual weekly cost of one. When using one such device, a head brace will always be fixed on the patient’s head and neck in order to sustain it comfortably through the entire process.



Q: How do you use a cervical traction device?

Before getting yourself one of these products, it’s important to know that your head will be kept in place throughout the duration of the entire process by a head brace. Once this is done, a counterweight usually consisting of a device filled with sand or water and attached to some sort of pulley system will come into place, stretching the head away from the shoulders.

By doing this, your muscles and nerves are relieved of the accumulated tension and some sense of relaxation washes over the entire body. Since it relieves the muscles, it’s obvious that this type of device can also be used for any issues involving sprains or strains.

It is also very important to mention that many of these devices usually require a doctor’s prescription to purchase, even if we are talking about home use. Therefore, it is highly recommended that potential customers discuss their needs with a doctor or chiropractor before making any actual transactions.


Q: How long should you wear a neck traction device?

While cervical traction exercises are usually safe to perform, you have to remember that it is very important to listen to your body and that the results will be different from person to person. Therefore, following any safety instructions laid out by your doctor, chiropractor, or manufacturer is a must in this type of situation.

There are several workouts you can choose to do and it will be up to you to locate your own threshold in terms of stretching and how much of it you can take. Don’t overdo it though, since 20-to-30 minutes is about the average one of these devices should be used at one time.

Do this a few times throughout the first days and see how you feel and whether you could take more or, on the contrary, using it less is still making you feel better. For over-the-door products, pull and hold the weight for anything between 10-to-20 seconds then slowly release it and do this for at least 15 minutes but not more than half an hour.




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