10 Best Commode Chairs – Reviews & Analysis

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Top Commode Chairs – Guide & Comparison


Here you’ll find some of the best commode chair models on the market, especially if you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to do such thorough research. After carefully examining the quality of the products that the market has to offer, our team has come to the conclusion that the Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Commode is the one you should go for. This chair is really easy to assemble in just 3 easy steps, opens and folds with the same amount of easiness when you require storage and transportation and, even better, comes with a 12 qt commode bucket that is equipped with everything you might need. In the unfortunate event that this wonderful device is not available at the moment of your shopping, you should also keep the Nova Medical Products Bedside Commode Chair in mind as an alternative product that can offer very good results.



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10 Best Commode Chairs (Updated Reviews) in 2023



If you need a commode chair for yourself or a loved one but have little time to search the market, then the following list, which contains some popular choices, should be of help. These models are known for their comfort and reliability, so chances are you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs and budget.



1. Drive Medical Heavy Duty Bariatric Commode


When you’re looking for the best commode chair it’s only logical that you will follow a list of requirements. This product from Drive Medical aims to fill as many necessities as possible by being very easy to open and fold for whenever the user has to store it and transport it someplace.

The durable plastic 16 ½-inch-deep seat is very comfortable and durable, especially since it comes with a lid. To make things easier, the manufacturer also ships it with anything and everything that may be required from a carry handle to a splash shield, and cover.

This commode is also made for those who have a great need for support and confidence due to a lack of trust in themselves so what the manufacturer did here is tried to boost that belief while reinforcing the actual product offered in order to improve the quality of life.


This product boasts a very strong and durable framework that’s made to support even the heaviest of people in a safe manner.

The wide design ensures no slipping or falling will occur while also creating a safe environment for the user.

It also manages to offer an adjustable height that should fit every need that could possibly appear in the course of the day.

Due to all of these things, this item is perfect for bedside use if you have a user with limited mobility.


This item may be considered too large for smaller bathrooms due to its width and girth since it will prove to be more of a nuisance than a help if you have to struggle to find your way around it.

The fact that it lacks a padded seat can prove to be an inconvenience for heavier people, even though the chair will withstand their weight.

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2. Nova Medical Products Bedside Commode Chair


Having a commode chair can prove to be a great help in the life of someone who really needs it to ease their burdens. This is why Nova Medical Products have developed this extra-wide and heavy-duty product that is able to withstand a 500-pound human being so there are few people in the world that this chair will not support.

The drop-arm feature is great for easy transfers from and to the wheelchair or bed, without having to expend much effort to do it. Even better, there’s no complicated assembly pattern in need of doing since you only need to snap on the back and take care to attach the bucket from the front.

Another good thing about this product is that it already comes with a bucket (with handle) and a sturdy lid. The entire device is made of durable steel that will withstand the test of time and it will prove very easy to clean whenever you feel the need to do it.


The fact that this item eases the transfer to and from the bed is an advantage that cannot be stressed enough as anybody who faces these problems in their daily life will undoubtedly know.

The seat is designed in a very nice way as to ensure the comfort of the user throughout the entire time he or she will sit on it.

The price is also fairly reasonable when it comes to the quality that is offered, making this a purchase you surely won’t regret.


This is a product that is not safe or recommended to use in the shower so anybody who buys it should be forewarned.

If for some reason, your needs change and you won’t want to use this by the time it gets to you, you will be surprised to know of the steep cost of returning it to the manufacturer.

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3. Health Line Massage Products Folding Bedside Commode


This portable commode chair is FDA-approved so this automatically grants it an extra stamp of approval. It’s also multi-purpose so this enables it to be viewed as a very nice item, especially since it can be used first of all as a bedside commode. Other than that, it will also fill the need for a toilet safety frame and a durable, raised toilet seat.

Another advantage is the fact that as wide and girthy as it is, it is very easy to assemble and does not require any additional tools to do so. The sturdy aluminum frame has a removable backrest and can support up to 300 pounds of weight.

When you need to detach or re-attach the backrest, a simple button push will get the job done and it allows the chair to fold flat whenever the user needs convenient storage or transportation to another location.


The seat height is easily adjustable so it should, therefore, fit the needs of any user out there no matter how tall they are. Furthermore, the non-slip rubber feet provide added security for people who are definitely in need of something like this.

The wide and generous quart pail is easy to empty without any messy issues while the handle and pail cover aim to reduce additional spills and splashes that can prove to be a problem.

For non-satisfied users, the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee policy that should act as a safety net for people in doubt of whether to buy this or not.


Smaller bathrooms may prove to be a problem for such a sturdy commode and, as such, can sometimes make users want to send it back.

The way the chair is designed may make some people deem it uncomfortable, especially for prolonged use.

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4. Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat


Prepare to be amazed at how comfortable this device will make you feel since the unique ergonomic design is able to add up to 4 inches of height extension, therefore making it easier for anybody who has to struggle sitting down or getting up from the toilet seat.

The manufacturer aimed to make this product completely for people who may be handicapped, disabled or experiencing any kind of limited mobility in their daily lives that could affect the quality of their existence. Due to this, even pregnant women may find this product to be of great use when the belly really starts to show.

This item also boasts an anti-slip surface coupled with push pins and a locking mechanism that makes sure everything comes together nicely on the toilet bowl rim. Furthermore, the fact that everything weighs less than 5 pounds is a really nice bonus, especially when you have to take it with you when traveling.


The reliable height extender coupled with a high-quality raised toilet seat makes this a very safe device to use even for people with movement-impairing issues. Furthermore, the seat is antibacterial so you won’t ever have to worry about disinfecting it.

The manufacturer went to great lengths to make this a wider-sized chair in order to add comfort and durability as well as the necessary peace of mind to successfully take care of one’s bathroom necessities.

The fact that this product offers a tool-free installation is also a very nice bonus that you will get when purchasing it.


Larger people may find that this chair’s dimensions are fairly small and require them to have very good targeting skills in order to get the job done.

This product appears to only function at its best and brightest when there’s an oval toilet involved, due to the shape of one.

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5. MedPro Homecare Commode Chair with Adjustable Height


Say hello to this plastic commode that offers a safe and convenient alternative to those pesky regular toilet seats that seem so far away when you have mobility issues or have just had surgery.

This is definitely an affordable commode chair that will give many other options a run for their money since it comes with 7 position push button height adjustments as well as an installation process that is easy to get and requires no additional tools to complete.

Even better, users get molded plastic armrests that will not only act as comfortable buffers between their arms and the hard metal but will also work toward supporting their weight in order to create a safe environment.

Prepare to be amazed at how safe and secure you will feel by using this and, as everybody knows, these are two feelings one really wants when using the necessity room.


This item comes with a weight capacity of approximately 300 pounds, which should be enough to be able to withstand a wide majority of people without fear of causing an accident.

Furthermore, the manufacturer designed this as a multifaceted tool so users will also be able to take advantage of the fact that it can also be used as a raised toilet seat or even a standard toilet safety frame when the situation requires.

It also comes with an included bucket and splash guard, something that will go a long way toward improving the quality of life.


While the product may be able to withstand up to 300 pounds of weight, people who climb past 230 may feel uncomfortable when using it, especially for a prolonged period of time.

Users should be careful when they are wet or when the seat is wet for any reason as it can be quite slippery.

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6. Medline Steel 3-in-1 Bedside Commode


This is another one of those versatile products that can have multiple facets of use since it can make its users satisfied while at their bedside, while used as a raised seat over the actual toilet or as simple safety rails to support the getting down and coming up process.

It also comes with an included splash guard that will protect you from any unwanted issues as well as a removable clip-on seat and lid that will make you very grateful when cleaning time arrives.

Pretty much all of the parts of these products boast the Micro ban technology that delivers built-in protection against external growth of stains and odors from unwanted guests such as bacteria, mildew, and mold.

Furthermore, the easy, push-button height makes it comfortable and stable to use while the fact that the assembly process is tool-free only makes it better and better.


Even better, the manufacturer wanted to create a quality product so it included things like a convenient toilet paper holder, rubber feet that make sure you don’t slip and fall, and even disposable liners, even though you have to ask and pay for these separately.

This product’s antimicrobial properties make sure you feel good and safe when using it because, after all, your commode should be the one to take care of you, not the other way around.

The fact that you can comfortably use it at your bedside is very nice when people with mobility issues are having a hard time reaching the bathroom.


Contrary to all the obvious qualities of this product, the packaging system seems to be quite faulty and prone to sending the customers badly-taped products.

Sometimes the bucket seems to arrive dented and, since this is the one that has to do most of the pick-up job for you, it can be quite the inconvenience.

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7. Carex Health Brands Porta Potty for Adults


If you’re looking for a good commode toilet chair, this is a very good one for you especially because of the folding toilet that brings the user a comfortable sitting position, which for an adult is especially important.

The product is able to support people with a weight of up to 300 pounds so it should probably be sturdy enough to withstand most of the humans out there.

The folding part is probably one of the best parts of the Porta Potty since it is so easy to fold and be transported around, making it a great choice when you need something to take on the road and help you get rid of your body’s natural problems.

Even better, disabled people can also make good use of this and even young children may need it in some cases so you really can’t go wrong with it.


Carex wanted to provide a full service of bedside commodes for adults so its products, including this one, come with complete sets of a bucket toilet along with smaller accessories such as a splash guard, a pack of commode liners, a clip-on toilet paper holder, and a lid.

This item’s dimensions are also quite good compared with similar ones since it comes in at a respectable 22” x 18.5” x 16”. Even when folded, you’ll only have to carry around 8.5 pounds so you’ll get a very good product that’s not a struggle to carry around.

Therefore, this is the ideal thing to have for people who love to go camping since it’s easily throwable into the back of your car.


The hole in the seat seems to be a little too small for larger people, even though it can still withstand the higher weight.

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8. Mefeir Folding Commode Chair for Toilet


This is a cheap commode chair that is so good because it boasts all sorts of bells and whistles that will make it look trendy and cool, despite the unfortunate circumstances that usually demand the use of such a product.

Anyone that could do with a little assistance, even pregnant women, will make great use of this and improve their overall quality of life.

The adjustable height and backrest coupled with interchangeable wheel legs make this a great option inside or outside the house, even not considering the fact that it can be a customizable one.

Even better, if the user is not happy with the product’s height, the solution is simple: The height can be increased from 31.5” up to 40.8” while the distance from the floor from 19” to 23”, making it adaptable to pretty much all types of situations.


The advantage of this product is that it can hold up to 350 pounds so people will feel safe and comfortable when relying on it, due to the fact that the bottoms have been strengthened in both legs.

The ergonomic backrest is designed to provide support and comfort for the user while preserving the natural good posture of the body.

The fact that the manufacturer designed it to be all-metal means that it is completely waterproof and cannot be damaged by liquids. Even the brake enjoys this quality so you’ll never have problems, even during rain time.

Since you’ll enjoy the foldable design, easy transport and convenient storage will never prove to be a problem.


Despite the fact that this item enjoys many customizable features, the simple fact that they are so many may make it too difficult for some users to adjust them or change them on their own.

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9. Platinum Health Foldable Commode/Shower Chair


Since people tend to be careful and look at commode chair reviews when thinking about purchasing something, then you should know that this is a product that is valued for its quality, comfort, and safety.

Due to this, this item from UltraCommode is a very good option for users and caregivers alike who require a multi-use chair that is easily adaptable to a number of different locations and scenarios.

The manufacturer wanted this to be used as both a commode and a shower chair so you will take double advantage out of it. You will also see that some nice premium foam padding was included in its design, making it impregnable to water while the robust and trustworthy aluminum frame will never rust and let you down.

This is used all around the world in places like hospitals, home care settings, and senior living facilities that seem to make good use of it.


This is a very good and sturdy unit that does not only get the job done but also makes the user feel safe and protected due to its heavy-duty nature.

Folding and unfolding it is an easy task that can be accomplished in less than a minute, making it ideal for taking a chair with you when you have to get out on the road.

Contrary to most other commodes out on the market, this one also has open access to the perineal area, allowing for unobstructed cleaning, which is something that caregivers consider a major advantage.


Shorter people may face issues when trying to use this over the actual toilet since the height may make their feet dangle in the air and be dangerous when trying to stand up.

The commode is not so soft nor does it get as warm as advertised, so this is something potential buyers should know about.

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10. Drive Medical Steel Folding Frame Commode


What’s the best thing that people with movement-impairing issues can get? A folding commode chair, obviously, as this is a very good item that can thoroughly improve their quality of life.

The tool-free snap-button assembly is designed to make you feel better right from the get-go since it can be easily opened and closed while folding it closed has never been easier, especially when you have to take it someplace.

Comfort is also something that was taken into consideration with an added snap-on seat and lid that will allow the user to feel safe and comfortable. The plastic arms will not only add comfort but they will also protect against any type of damage.

Therefore, this commode can be widely used in places like hospitals and facilities that focus on taking care of the elderly since pretty much everybody there could benefit from a quality product like it.


By using this you will enjoy the powder-coated and steel-welded design that makes it durable and sturdy.

The delivery also includes a 75 qt commode bucket with an efficient carry handle. The cover and splash shield are also there so caregivers should never have problems when trying to sort out what needs to be sorted.

Furthermore, the 350 pounds available to be supported by this commode should not only prove to be enough to withstand the weight of most people but will also automatically transmit a sense of strength and security.


The arms seem to shake quite badly when someone needs their full support in order to get up or sit down on the toilet.

Even though the commode can support up to 300 pounds by itself, people around those dimensions could face some problems when trying to sit down on it and do what needs to be done.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


If you need a commode chair over toilet, chances are you perceive the toilet and bathroom area of your house as potentially dangerous, especially if you have limited movement of your limbs. Things like wet surfaces or hard fixtures can become a threat to your life in case of an accident so this is why toilet-assistance devices like bathroom commodes become so important and integral in our lives.



The basics

These types of devices can act as paramount support aids for the elderly, preventing potential injuries and making them feel more secure for the people who use them. Since body injuries, especially lower body ones, often make it difficult to use the bathroom alone or even maintain your personal hygiene by yourself, it’s easy to understand why a commode can be so important.

Not only should no one be forced to compromise on such important issues no matter the predicament they find themselves in but privacy is one of the bigger things we strive for as human beings. No matter how affable you are, there are some things you like to do on your own and this is definitely one of them.

Therefore, a toilet commode chair can help restore that much-desired privacy while still being the safer and more portable option. Having the ability to carry this around means people who suffer from relatable issues can feel more comfortable even when leaving their own home.


What can you get as an extra?

There are a lot of commode accessories you can buy and each of them can make your life better in some sort of way. These days, you’ll see a lot of products that can fit more than one role so that’s what makes this even better.

For instance, getting a portable commode toilet seat can be a very good thing for people struggling to sit down on or stand up from the toilet. It’s ideal for offering that little bit of extra assistance that can prove to mean the world for people suffering from pre-existing medical conditions.

Furthermore, you can even find a commode cushion seat, which is something that improves the sitting experience for elderly people. Sometimes, a regular commode will take its toll on things like the legs, knees, colon, and so many others. Having a soft foam material that serves as an added layer can make or break a sitting experience.


Types of commode chairs

One of the more popular types of chairs is the portable commode chair that has the advantage of being easily-carryable anywhere in a quite convenient fashion. Not to mention that these also come equipped with wheels that make transportation that much easier.

According to a commode chair review, you can also set your eyes on static commode chairs to help you get all your needs covered. While they do not possess wheels of their own, they do come with the feature of detachable arms which also makes it easy to transport them around.

Last but not least, a good commode toilet chair is the bariatric commode chair since it’s designed with durability in mind. This type of item can withstand weights of up to 600 pounds so a human being, no matter how big, should not prove to be a problem.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a commode chair?

A commode chair is a portable type of toilet that provides an increase in a movement-restricted person’s level of daily comfort since it can be placed at the bedside of the patient. Therefore, if your loved one’s activity is limited and he or she doesn’t have the luxury of moving around as much as they want, you all might benefit from getting one of those.

Furthermore, this type of product is great if the person is too debilitated to be able to independently use the bathroom. The specialized receptacle made to secure the waste can easily be removed from the main body and emptied at will.

Having the ability to sit in a normal position while urinating or defecating is one of the basic perks that every human life should have, so a device that helps restore it to people who’ve lost it is certainly quite valuable.



Q: How do I use my commode chair?

A bedside commode is a type of mobile toilet that does not use running water but has the advantage of allowing a movement-impaired person to be able to do their daily needs without having to struggle to get themselves to the bathroom. Simply put, it looks like a chair with a built-in toilet seat and with some type of container located underneath it.

In order to help someone use this device, you will need to get some supplies. Get a pair of disposable gloves, toilet paper or some wet wipes, a bar of soap and a container with warm water as well as a washcloth and a clean towel.

Afterward, lock the wheels of the commode to ensure it won’t bulge while the patient does what he/she has to do. Make sure the container is under the seat and put a small amount of water in it beforehand. Help the patient out of the bed and onto the item and stay with them for safety reasons or, at best, give them a bell to ring when the job is done.


Q: Does Medicare cover commode chairs?

When facing an illness or injury that causes them to have limited mobility, many patients wonder if their Medicare covers the cost of getting a commode chair in order to help with their problems. The short answer is that it might, as long as you meet some standard requirements.

For instance, if your trusted physician tells you to get one, Medicare Part B will usually shell out the bucks and pay about 80% of the allowable charges when you buy your commode. Don’t forget that your doctor must accept Medicare assignment as you will only be allowed to purchase one from suppliers that are already enrolled in the Medicare program.

Legally speaking, Medicare is looking at commodes as part of the Durable Medical Equipment Category, which the company generally covers when it is deemed necessary by a certified professional. Check to see if your area is enrolled in the Competitive Bidding Program, which will require you to use a contracted supplier when the time comes to purchase your commode.




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