5 Best Electric Hoyer Lifts Compared & Reviewed

Last Updated: 23.09.23


Best Electric Hoyer Lift Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Finding the best electric Hoyer lift for the money can be rather difficult, especially if you are a novice. To lend you a hand, we have taken it upon ourselves to do the research on your behalf. After assessing the market by looking at the reviews, we have concluded that the Lumex Sit-to-Stand LF2020 Patient Lift is the choice that you should consider. This innovative lift has an ergonomic foot pedal base opening that makes it easy to use and it was specially designed to be effortless to utilize, even by less experienced caretakers. The option has a 24V DC motor and a steel construction that makes it very durable. In total, it can support up to 600 lbs. If this model is out of stock at the time you are doing your shopping, check out the Hoyer Presence Professional 6-Point Cradle as you might also find it suitable for your needs.



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5 Best Electric Hoyer Lifts (Updated Reviews) in 2023



In an attempt to make it effortless for you to find an affordable electric Hoyer lift, we have prepared a list of highly acclaimed models that have received outstanding reviews from experts and prior users. So, take a close look at our list and select the model you consider most appropriate for your needs.



1. Lumex Sit-to-Stand LF2020 Patient Lift 


This lift measures 70.8″ in height, 37.8″ in width, and 40.4″ in length and it has a maximum weight capacity of 400 lbs. Therefore, this option is suitable to be utilized with heavier patients that need extra support. It also features heavy-duty casters that allow for a smooth transition and a smooth operation regardless of the material used for the flooring.

The choice also features an ergonomic foot pedal base opening and it was specially designed to provide safe assistance for those patients who have difficulties standing. The knee pad unit incorporated in the construction of the device is adjustable and the unit itself is powered by a powerful motor.

This standing lift is 116.6 pounds in weight. Whenever the battery needs to be changed, this device emits a warning beep so that you know that it is the right moment to change it. This way, you can avoid any unfortunate accidents.

What is more, an easy-access emergency stop button is included in the design of the option. In case of trouble, this lift also allows the utilizer to lower it manually. Besides, this product meets the current requirements of HCPCS Code E0635.


When shipped, this device comes provided with a battery and a practical storage bag where you can put all the accessories that you might need to use while operating it.

The choice also features a 24V DC motor that enables caretakers to operate the model smoothly and quietly so that the patient feels no type of discomfort.

Besides, this option has a hand pendant that was ergonomically designed to provide users with increased practicality.

The unit can support 400 lbs., and it emits a beep whenever the battery is running low so that you can replace it.


Because this model does not come provided with any accessories, you have to order a few items before you can actually use it.

After utilizing it for a while, the battery that the lift uses starts draining faster than in the beginning. This is to be expected with any type of electric device.

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2. Hoyer Presence Professional 6-Point Cradle 


This alternative was specially engineered to ease most resident-handling tasks. The device features Smart Monitor technology that displays the actual lifting activity as well as recommendations about how to use the lift so that it remains in top shape for years to come.

Because it has a total weight capacity of 500 lbs., this model is suitable to be utilized with larger patients. The model includes a standard powered base and it is also available with a scale option that can also come in handy.

The body of this model is made of aluminum; therefore, the unit is lightweight and easy to use and transport around. Also, because of the design of the legs of this product, you can get the lift as close to the patient’s bed as you want.

What is more, this device includes not just one, but two batteries and an offboard charger that you can also use with ease. The model was thoroughly tested and it meets the EN ISO 10535 global standard for patient lifts. You can fold this lift whenever you want to store it more efficiently. The choice can also be utilized to lift residents from the floor and to transfer them to higher surfaces.


This model includes specially designed legs that fit under beds and stretchers, that make it possible for you to bring the lift closer to the patient.

It also comes equipped with a special option that enables you to effortlessly initiate the first movement of the transfer with ease.

The device was specially constructed from aluminum, a material that is durable and lightweight so that you have no issues carrying it around.

Plus, this lift was tested and it meets the global standard for safety. Therefore, you can safely utilize it with the patients that you are caring for.


A scale option is available for this model. However, you might have to pay a few extra dollars to get it.

Customers who are looking for a budget-friendly choice might find this alternative somewhat pricey. If this is the case, they should look for a different product that is more affordable.

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3. Hoyer Advance Portable Electric Patient Lift 


This option is quite practical as it can safely support up to 341 lbs. It is also price efficient because it comes provided with a free sling that is handy to have around. The choice can also be folded when it is not being used so that you can efficiently save some space. This is possible because of the innovative design of the device.

Because this lift has a triangular fold design, the model can deliver two distinct features that you are bound to like. Firstly, the unit can stand unaided whenever you store or transport it around. Secondly, you can rest assured knowing that this product won’t fall over when you are not utilizing it.

The lift also comes provided with an oversized handle that you can easily use whenever you have to move it in the desired place. What is more, this unit features a footpad that was specially designed to reduce the force that you need to initiate the first movement when maneuvering it into a forward direction.

This product has a lightweight construction because it was made of aluminum and it comes fitted with long legs that can be wheeled beneath a bed so that you can get the device as close to the patient as needed.


This choice was thoroughly tested and it meets the EN ISO 10535 global standard for patient lifts. So, it is quite safe.

It has a working load of 340 lbs. and it is battery powered. A charger that you can also use is included in the deal.

The unit was designed to incorporate neck style legs that allow you to get the lift next to the bed of your patient so that you can operate it safely.

Besides, this lift has a no-tools folding design that allows for compact storage so that you won’t waste any space when you are not using the product.


The price of the model might discourage some of its interested customers from actually purchasing it.

Another aspect that you should consider has to do with the weight capacity of the lift. Hence, if you care for larger patients, this model might not be suitable for the job.

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4. Hoyer Presence Professional with Scale 


This alternative was designed to feature an integrated digital scale and it has a 500 lbs. capacity that makes it suitable when used to care for heavier patients. It includes a lightweight aluminum construction, and, consequently, it is effortless to transport.

Given that it was made using Smart Monitor technology, this option is likely to continue to function for years on end. Plus, in an attempt to make the lift as easy to use as possible, the manufacturer has designed it to incorporate an intuitive Push Pad assist function that you can utilize to initiate movement.

Just like other similar devices designed and made by Hoyer, this lift also features swan neck style legs that enable the user to get this model as close to the resident’s bed as necessary. This function is very useful, especially for those caretakers who value safety.

This device is powered by two batteries and it also comes fitted with an offboard charger that you can use. The unit was thoroughly tested and it meets the EN ISO 10535 global standard for lifts. Besides, it has also been fitted with an integrated digital scale that might come in handy. It can be utilized with a 6-point cradle.


This choice includes a digital scale and it has a total capacity of 500 lbs. It also comes fitted with an intuitive Push Pad that can assist you in utilizing it effortlessly.

Besides, the legs of this model feature a special design that allows you to move the lift as close to a bed or a piece of furniture as you like.

Because it is made of lightweight aluminum, this device is easy to move around the house, to transport and store.

The model was tested and it meets the EN ISO 10535 standard for patient lifts. It is powered by batteries and it comes with a charger as well.


If you have never used an electric lift before, you must do your research before utilizing this choice for the first time, as it can prove challenging to operate.

Given its price, those buyers who are on a budget might not afford this option. Still, it comes provided with numerous features.

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5. ComfyGo Electric Patient Lift with Remote 


This model is perfect when caring for patients who are recovering from hip or knee injuries. It was designed by experts to provide users with the necessary comfort during transfers without the risk of compromising their recovery process.

Even though this option does not come fully assembled, putting it together does not take up a lot of time. Plus, the device is very simple to operate. To do so, one just needs to perform two movements.

The body of the unit was manufactured using high-quality materials such as stainless steel. Therefore, the option is lightweight and practical. Also, the device comes with a remote controller that enables you to control the lift from a distance.

When shipped, this model comes provided with a security belt, a seat, a shower seat as well as a waterproof engine cover. The seats included in the deal are padded as well as highly breathable so that the user feels comfortable at all times.

The wheels that the unit also includes are sturdy and they come provided with a lock so that the safety of the patient is not compromised. What is more, a charger and a detailed user manual are included in the price.


This device has a shower friendly construction and it comes supplied with a handy protection cover for the shower.

It also includes an extra toilet seat and a shower seat that can come in handy. Moreover, the lift features a remote that you can utilize to operate it from a distance.

Because of its design, this unit is perfect when used to transfer patients to the car or a wheelchair.

The product is rechargeable and, consequently, you do not have to keep it connected to an outlet while utilizing it.


Because it does not come fully assembled, this lift has to be put together by the buyer. This might prove to be a tad problematic for some.

The video that showcases how the device has to be used does not contain information about how to transfer the patient from the basic sling to the toilet one.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Purchasing an electric Hoyer lift can be rather complicated, especially if you have never shopped in this product category. To lend you a hand, we have composed a list of features that are often regarded as essential when purchasing an item of this kind. So, read ahead to see what you should not settle without.



The size and weight capacity

One of the first aspects you should check before selecting an item has to do with its size. An appropriate model should fit in the room that you intend to use it in, and it should be easy to store and transport.

To make sure that you select the right item, it is recommended that you take the time to measure the space that you have available first. Next, you have to consider the weight of the patient itself. An appropriate device should have the right weight capacity so that you can transfer the patient safely.

Most options can support between 340 and 500 lbs. However, some units can be utilized with larger patients. These models usually have a weight capacity of above 700 lbs.

If you travel often, portability is another factor that should be taken into account. From this point of view, you should look for items that have a foldable design and that can be easily transported in vehicles. Not all available lifts come with these features. This is the reason why you must look for devices that can be folded when needed.



As most electric Hoyer lift reviews point out, the stability of the unit that you purchase is of utmost importance. A stable lift can be safely used with patients, without the risk of the resident falling or getting injured during the transfer process.

Currently, most lifts are available with 2, 4 or even 6-point configurations. The more cradle points the device features, the better, as the weight of the user will be better distributed.

Even more so, this also means that the person that you are transferring while using the lift will feel more comfortable during the process. This happens because the type of cradle that you use directly influences how you can move the patient in various positions.

Besides, you must remember that not all lifts come provided with slings. If this is the case, it is recommended that you make sure that you purchase a sling that is compatible with the device that you have selected.

Furthermore, the unit that you opt for should come provided with an emergency control. You will have to use this control whenever the product runs out of battery or whenever the device breaks down. You might have to use the emergency control in the future and you will be able to do so in order to avoid any unfortunate accidents.


Additional features

No matter if you intend to buy an expensive or a cheap electric Hoyer lift, you have to pay attention to the type of battery that it uses. A good device is generally powered by batteries and it comes supplied with a charger that you can also use to recharge the device.

To make sure that you won’t run out of battery during a transfer, it is recommended that you opt for a model that includes a feature that lets you know whenever the battery is low. This way, you will know when to recharge it.

Moreover, the lift that you select should be made of durable materials. Most units of this kind come with frames that are manufactured of aluminum, a material that is both lightweight and sturdy. This aspect matters, especially if you intend to travel with the product regularly.

It is also advisable that you look for units that feature seats that are padded so that the patient feels no discomfort during the transferring process.

Before you use your new acquisition for the first time, it is a good idea to read the instruction manual carefully, as this will help you understand how the unit works. Most of these booklets also include info regarding the steps that you should take in case the product malfunctions.



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