10 Best Folding Grocery Carts- Reviews & Analysis

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Top Folding Carts for Groceries – Guide & Comparison


Investing in the best folding grocery cart on the market is a process that takes quite a lot of research. If you are short on time, we took it upon ourselves to go through what the specialists and other buyers had to say on the matter and, as a result, we have determined that the Wellmax WM99024S Grocery Utility Shopping Cart is the model you should consider purchasing. This choice is lightweight and compact and it requires no assembly. Because it has a foldable design, you can transport and store it easily. On top of that, the choice is made of high-quality materials and it can hold up to 66 lbs. in weight. It this option happens to be out of stock, it might be a good idea to check out the Winkeep Utility Flat Folding Shopping Cart as it also comes packed with practical features that you might also like.



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10 Best Folding Grocery Carts (Updated Reviews) in 2024



Because we know that finding a high-quality folding grocery shopping cart is not at all easy, we have prepared a list of products that have received outstanding reviews from previous buyers. So, to save some time, take a look at the models we have analyzed for you and see if you find one that you like.



1. Wellmax WM99024S Grocery Utility Shopping Cart 


This model is practical to have around as it is compact and lightweight. Because it requires no assembly, you will not have to spend time reading instructions and trying to put it together, this feature is particularly important if you are not a handy person.

Furthermore, this cart is made of durable materials and it has a foldable design. This way, you can use it even though you are short on space. In total, it can fit items that weigh up to 66 lbs. The product was specially crafted to provide users with the maneuverability that they need. It has two 3” swivel wheels in the front and two 7” snap-on wheels in the back. As a result, you can change its direction smoothly.

Given all its features, the model can be used to transport a wide array of items, including sporting equipment, kitchen supplies, and even beach gear.


This option is sizable, as it can accommodate up to 66 lbs. It is simple to use because it is effortless to maneuver.

It comes provided with wheels of different sizes so that you can use it over various types of surfaces with little  effort.

The model has a heavy-duty design and it was made using high-quality materials. Hence, it can pass the test of time.

If you have little space available in your home, remember that this cart can be conveniently folded in between uses.


Due to problems during transportation, there is a small chance that the product that you receive has broken parts. However, it should be stated that this is rarely the case.

Because the front wheels of this cart are smaller in size, you might find it a tad difficult to use it on sidewalks if you live in the city. Overall, it is durable and simple to utilize.

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2. Winkeep Utility Flat Folding Shopping Cart 


This alternative has a wide aluminum design and, consequently, it is pretty durable. It can also be folded so that you have no issues storing it when you are not actually using it. So, it is a great choice for those who are short on space and need a compact product.

Because it is made of rust-resistant metal, you can rest assured knowing that this model will not show signs of corrosion after a couple of months of use. When assembled, this cart measures 19 inches by 14 inches by 36 inches. Given its size, it might not be suitable for all interested buyers. Yet, it can make for a great gift for seniors.

The cart is designed to include swivel wheels so that you can easily maneuver it when using it on bumpy sidewalks. Because of the oversized back wheels that this choice features, you will not have issues climbing stairs with it.


This choice is small in size, yet highly practical to use, even when climbing stairs. It can be folded and it has a sturdy construction.

You can use this cart for plenty of applications, including for transporting laundry, gardening tools, and camping gear.

It has two sets of heels of different sizes so that you can use it over various terrains. You can also climb stairs with it.

The model is durable as it was manufactured out of high-quality materials that are rust-resistant and durable.


The first aspect that you are likely to notice at this choice is the fact that it is smaller than other available models. This is not necessarily a drawback.

Some of the parts used to make this cart are manufactured from plastic. So, they might break and need to be replaced. If you use the product as expected, this will most likely not happen.

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3. SUPENICE SN7511 Durable Folding Grocery Cart 


This alternative is perfect for those who value comfort, as it features a special foam cover over the handrail. This cover is made of a soft non-slip material and that can absorb sweat efficiently. Given its design, it can fit numerous items, regardless of their shape. It has a total capacity of 66 lbs.

Because all of the wheels that this cart features are of the same size, you do not have to worry that the product might tip over unexpectedly while you maneuver it. Even though it does not come pre-assembled, the instructions that are provided are fairly simple to follow.

This choice is lightweight and it can be folded. The front and back wheels can be removed if necessary. The paint that was used to cover the cart is rust-proof, and the frame of the model is made of high-quality steel. As expected, the frame can support large loads.


This foldable option is a good fit for those who do not have a lot of space for storage in their homes. Plus, you can also remove the wheels of this product.

It has a total weight capacity of 66 lbs. and it comes covered in a special type of paint that can prevent it from rusting.

Because the frame of the cart is made of steel, it is fairly durable. You can install this option in a matter of minutes.

The choice includes oversized plastic wheels so that you can use it when walking over sidewalks and even on grass.


One issue that you might notice with this cart is that the wheels that it features tend to pop off at times. This can be prevented if you install them correctly.

If you have back issues, you should not use this option. In fact, you should refrain from using all devices of this sort.

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4. Whitmor Utility Durable Folding Design 


If you want an easy-to-use cart, this 19.13″ by 21.25″ by 34.5″ option might be suitable for you. It includes a 13″ by 11.625″ basket where you can easily place your groceries. The product is fairly easy to put together, and you need no tools to do so.

It has a steel construction frame that is very durable and foam handles that makes it comfortable to use. The wheels that that this option features can be snapped on and off. You can use it for hauling groceries or other items such as laundry or sports equipment.

The cart has a collapsible design that you are prone to appreciate, especially if you are short on space. It is a perfect gift for students or seniors. The wheels that it features do not swivel, but they are large enough so that you have no issues using it on uneven sidewalks or terrains.


This choice is compact and easy to store. It has a foldable construction that makes it a good purchase for those living in small apartments.

It comes with a somewhat large interior basket that measures 13″ by 11.625″. Therefore, you can use it when shopping for weekly groceries.

The model has a frame that is quite durable as it is made of stainless steel. It also includes a very comfortable foam handle and snap-on wheels.

Even though this item is not shipped pre-assembled, it comes supplied with clear instructions. Even more so, you do not need any tools to put it together.


If you are particularly tall, you might find this cart somewhat difficult to use due to its design. Yet, its dimensions are made clear in the description.

Given that the wheels that this model features do not swivel, you might have some trouble maneuvering it on grass.

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5. BeebeeRun Folding Shopping Cart 


This new cart made and distributed by BeebeeRun stands out from the older model sold by the same manufacturer because of its improved design. To be more precise, this new option comes fitted with an upgraded handle that is reinforced.

As a result, if you are tall, you will find it easier to use it without bending. It is also convenient to utilize by shorter people, as they do not have to use the extended handle that is attached to the actual handle of the cart.

When it comes to the construction of this alternative, it should be said that this model features a rust-resistant handle that is made of aluminum for added durability. The cart itself is shipped alongside a detachable waterproof cloth bag.

You can use it on rainy days so that your groceries don’t get soaking wet. The back wheels of the choice were specially designed so that you can use it when climbing stairs.


This cart features two types of wheels, two universal wheels, and two three-swivel wheels so that you can use the cart when climbing stairs.

Because it comes supplied with a waterproof cloth bag, you can do your shopping no matter the weather conditions. The bag is removable.

The new handle extension that this choice includes makes it perfect to be used by taller people. So, this product is highly versatile.

Given the high-quality construction of the cart, you can use it to carry up to 177 pounds at once, so that you can do all of your shopping at once.


When the bag is inside the cart, it does not fold as easily. So, it is best that you remove it before you store the model.

The price of the product might discourage some customers from form investing in it. Still, it comes provided with numerous practical features.

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6. SUPENICE SN7504 Durable Utility 


The option is easy to assemble as you only have to install the axles and the wheels, consequently, you do not have to spend a long time trying to piece it together. On top of that, this choice is foldable and it can be easily stored and carried around in the trunk of your car.

The handle that the product features is covered in foam, for increased comfort. The foam that was used is highly absorbent and non-slip. Size-wise, this option can fit up to 66 lbs. of groceries at once. It comes supplied with an extra basket where you can place your bag, jacket, or other personal items.

Besides, the front wheels that the item includes can swivel so that you have optimum control at all times while maneuvering it through aisles. The back wheels are larger, as they measure 7”. Their size makes the cart easy to handle over difficult surfaces.


This model has a stable construction. It was made of steel, a material that is sturdy and rust-resistant.

You can fold it whenever you need to place it in storage, or when you need to travel with it.

To install this product, there are only two simple steps that you have to follow. The choice comes provided with instructions. No tools are required.

The cart has two types of wheels, two non-slip 3” ones in the front and two 7” wheels in the back. This way, you can maneuver this unit over all types of terrains.


If you are in a wheelchair, this cart is difficult to use. So, you might what to take a look at other available options.

Given its size, this model is somewhat expensive. However, it should be added that the dimensions of this choice are clearly stated in the description made available by the seller.

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7. LS Jumbo Deluxe Folding Shopping Cart 


If you want to purchase a cart that is made out of heavy-duty steel, this is one of the products you should take a close look at. It features durable steel axles that makes the model very sturdy and capable of handling all kinds of terrains.

It also has a foldable design that you are likely to appreciate, especially if you need a cart that is compact and easy to store. The wheels that it comes equipped with differ in size. The front ones have a double-construction and they measure 4 inches in diameter, while the back ones are 9 inches in diameter.

The option has a maximum weight capacity of no less than 200 lbs., and it weighs 15 lbs. in total. An extra basket that you can use to place your personal belongings is also included in the design of the product. Therefore, this cart is very convenient to use.


This model comes fitted with oversized wheels so that you can carry your groceries upstairs with limited effort.

It includes a soft grip handle so that you feel comfortable while keeping a firm hold of the cart. The foam used to cover the handle can absorb moisture.

The choice itself is manufactured out of heavy-duty steel, a material that is known for being durable and corrosion-resistant.

Because this item has a built-in basket, you can always be sure that your belongings are safe and easy to access. This product is also foldable for added convenience.


If you are not a very handy person when it comes to putting things together, this cart might prove a bit challenging to assemble. Instructions are provided.

After a while, you will have to replace the wheels, given that they are made of plastic. Yet, the entire process is not at all time-consuming.

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8. Whitmor Deluxe Utility Cart 


This model measures 21 by 24.5 by 40.12 inches when it is fully assembled and it is very simple to set up. To do so, you just need to put the pliers together and you are ready to go. What is more, because it has a collapsible design, you can store this cart effortlessly when you are not using it. So, it is the perfect choice for those who have little space available.

The unit comes fitted with heavy-duty wheels that glide smoothly on a wide array of terrains and with a foam-covered handle that is convenient and comfortable. You can use this model when doing grocery shopping or when transporting supplies or laundry.

If durability is a feature that you value, you will be happy to learn that this option is made of black epoxy-coated steel. It is also easy to clean as it only needs to be wiped with a damp cloth.


This product is sturdy and easy to use. Because it is made of steel, it can surely pass the test of time.

The wheels that the choice includes are durable and they make it easy for you to transport heavy items with little effort.

On top of that, the foam that covers the handle of the model is soft to the touch and very comfortable to grip.

Because this unit is foldable, you can collapse it and store it efficiently whenever you are done using it for the day. This is handy if you don’t have a lot of space available.


If you have little experience at assembling devices of this sort, putting this model together can turn into a time-consuming process. The seller ships the cart with the needed instructions.

The item can be somewhat difficult to maneuver around corners, especially when it is filled with groceries. Yet, it features many useful features.

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9. Pipishell Shopping Cart with Dual Swivel Wheels 


This compact and lightweight alternative is a good pick if you need a cart that you can use when going grocery shopping. It is fairly simple to install and it features a foldable design. It can be utilized to carry heavy items such as supplies and laundry. It has a total weight capacity of 66 lbs.

The model measures 20 by19 by 38.5″ when open and it comes provided with a sizable basket that measures 15 by 13 by 20 inches. It is rather sturdy as it was made of iron. The front wheels of the product swivel and they are 2.5 inches in diameter. The back ones measure 7 inches and they can be easily detached if you consider this necessary. As a result, you can move this option easily, in all directions.

Because this cart is built to suit the user’s needs, it includes a special feature that enables one to modify the height of the handle.


This model is made of high-quality materials that make it sturdy and capable of supporting up to 66 lbs. of groceries or supplies.

It stands out because it is height adjustable. In fact, you can modify the height of the handle from 38.5 to 41.5″. So, it can be used by people of all heights.

The back wheels that this cart feature are removable. They can be snapped on and off, depending on your preferences.

It measures 20 by 19 by 38.5″ and it comes provided with a basket that is 15 by13 by 20 inches. It requires minimal assembly.


This model is perfect to use on smooth sidewalks. However, it can prove to be rather difficult to use on uneven surfaces.

Even though this choice is made of durable materials, it might not be as sturdy as you expect it to be. It can still be used for various applications.

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10. Goplus Folding Shopping Cart Double Basket 


If you like shopping carts that have two baskets, this is one alternative that you should look into. It has a base basket where you can place the groceries and a second one that you can use to store your belongings. This way, you have easy access to your purse or jacket.

The model is foldable and portable and it is simple to store when you are not using it. It weighs 8.5 lbs., and, as a result, it can be effortlessly used by seniors. Another feature that recommends this cart is the fact that it features a handle that can be adjusted from 35 to 37.5 inches. Consequently, you can use it in different situations.

The wheels that the option includes are made using a carbon tube that is highly durable as well as rust-resistant. This cart is simple to assemble and it is stable. It has a multifunctional design.


This cart has a height-adjustable handle. As a result, it can be used by people of all heights with little difficulty.

Because this model was manufactured from high-quality materials, it is durable and it can be used to carry heavy items. It also has a comfortable handle.

The extra basket included in the design of the choice is very handy as it allows users to place their personal belongings at an arm’s reach.

Given that this option has a space-saving design, you can fold it and store it efficiently. You need no tools to put it together. Instructions are shipped alongside the product.


This option is not necessarily sizeable. Its dimensions are made clear in the description made available by the manufacturer.

The added basket that this choice includes is not very big. However, it is large enough for you to carry your personal belongings in it.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Selecting a high-quality folding grocery cart is not a task that comes without challenges. If you have never shopped for an item of this type before, and you have no idea what features are important in an item of this sort, this comprehensive buying guide is just what you need.


As any folding grocery cart review is prone to point out, before you place any orders, you have to spend some time considering your needs. Hence, before you make a decision you have to take into account your height, the capacity that you require, and the extra features that you consider a must-have. After you do so, you are ready to assess the market and select a product.

One of the first aspects that all folding grocery cart reviews recommend that you check out is the material that was used to construct the product that you like. As expected, the durability of the material is indicative of the sturdiness of the cart itself.

For long-time use, you should invest in a product that is made of a sturdy metal such as iron or stainless steel. To avoid getting a cheap folding grocery cart that breaks after the first few uses, it might be a good idea to check out the overall weight capacity of the item that you like. This way, you can get a good idea about whether or not the unit that you like can fit your needs.

Some of the available models that you can find online are also fitted with practical bags that are waterproof and that can protect your groceries from getting damaged due to bad weather.

What is more, a good, yet affordable folding grocery cart should also come supplied with high-quality swivel wheels that perform well on all types of terrains. A model that comes provided with quality wheels is easier to maneuver and, overall, more practical.


Portability and assembly

If you have little space available in your home, a portable folding grocery cart is just what you need. These alternatives are highly convenient because they can be transported easily in the trunk of one’s car and they can be stored efficiently after being used.

No matter if you want to get a large or a small folding grocery cart, items of this type tend to take up quite a lot of space, and, consequently, they cannot be shipped pre-assembled. As a result, these devices have to be put together by the buyer before the first use.

Even though all these products come alongside instructions, not all of them are easy to piece together. As a rule of thumb, if you are not a handy person, it is recommended that you get a model that can be assembled without the use of specialized tools.

To get a better understanding of how easy it is to install a folding grocery cart with wheels before you order one, you should go online and read what fellow buyers had to say about this aspect.


Basket size

The size of the basket that a cart of this type includes is another aspect that should not go neglected. To help their potential customers in the process of making a decision, many manufacturers provide them with the exact dimensions of the products that they make and distribute.

However, if this info is not made available by the seller, it might be a good decision to ask the distributor for details before you make a purchase.

Furthermore, you should know that there are also carts that include a second basket where one can keep his/her belongings for added convenience. If you consider that this feature is valuable for you, it might be a good idea to look for carts that include it.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How much weight can a grocery cart hold?

The answer to this question is not as straightforward as you might expect, as it all depends from one model to another. The factors that chime in are the size of the cart, the material that was used to make it and the size of the basket.

While some carts can support up to 50 lbs, others have a total capacity of 500 pounds. This is the reason why you should take a close look at what the manufacturer of the product that you like has to say about the weight limit of the option.

When it comes to the carts you find at supermarkets, the weight capacity of the models that they use also depends. For instance, the carts used at Walmart can support up to 250 lbs. while those that you can find at Costco can hold up to 148 pounds. However, it should be added that some experts argue that the weight capacity of these carts is bigger than the one advertised by manufacturers.

Q: Do I need to assemble my newly purchased folding grocery cart?

More often than not, the answer to this question is yes. Because, no matter their size, shopping charts are rather sizeable, they are rarely shipped pre-assembled. Yet, because manufacturers are well aware that not all of their customers are technically inclined, they make their products easy to install, even by novices.

Even more so, all of the units that require assembly come provided with detailed and clear instructions that you will have no issues following, even as a beginner. Also, these carts are designed in such a way so that you can put them together without having to use tools.

So, it comes as no surprise that many people choose to invest in carts that they can use to carry groceries from their local shops and markets to their homes. Because they feature special wheels, many of the units can be used when climbing stairs as well.


Q: How do I care for my folding grocery cart?

Because they are manufactured of high-quality materials, the folding grocery carts that you can find for sale are very simple to care for. First, you have to take the time to get the wheels of the model dirt free. This can be problematic as the sidewalks that you often have to walk over are often muddy or simply dirty. If the wheels on your cart are detachable, cleaning them is easier.

Once you are done with the wheels, you have to use a damp cloth to wipe the frame, the basket and the handle of the device. If the cart is covered in a special coat that prevents the model from rusting, you shouldn’t use harsh cleaning supplies.

If your cart is made of rust proof materials and can use a hose to clean the dirt. When you are done, it is best to use a fresh, dry cloth to wipe it dry.



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