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Best Grabber Tool Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


If you’re looking for the best grabber tool but you have little time to spare, the following short paragraph contains all the information you need to find the right product. After a careful examination of what the market has to offer, we have concluded that the product that meets the requirements for quality, reliability, and ease of use is the Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber. The unit can add up to 32” to your reach and the suction system allows you to pick up items without fear of dropping them since it provides excellent grip. The trigger handle is very comfortable and is designed to fit easily in either hand. The product is lightweight to reduce hand fatigue yet durable enough to handle heavy use. If our first option is unavailable but you are determined to get a long grabber tool, we recommend the RMS 2-Pack 32 Inches Long Grabber Reacher.



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10 Best Grabber Tools (Updated Reviews) in 2024



Identifying the best grabber tool for elderly persons can be a daunting task due to the large variety of products to choose from. To make things easier for you, we have selected the top-rated models that offer unique features and excellent quality and usability. Take a look to see which of the products below meets your requirements.



1. Vive Suction Cup Reacher Grabber


This reacher grabber tool will add 32” to your reach so that you can pick up items that are stored on high counters or dropped in tight places without constantly bending and twisting. It is a perfect choice for people with limited dexterity, carpal tunnel, arthritis or for people recovering from injury or surgery.

The suction cup tips offer excellent grip on any item including those made of slippery and smooth materials such as metal or glass. The cup tips are very gentle and they won’t damage the surface of the object you’re handling so that you can use it even to change light bulbs without having to use a hazardous step stool.

It comes with an ergonomic trigger handle that is very comfortable to the hand and that adds versatility since you’ll find it very easy to use in any situation. Furthermore, the included hanger allows for convenient storage when the product is not in use. 


The jaw closes tightly enough to retrieve even dropped pills or coins with great ease while also having the strength to handle large items that weigh up to 5 pounds.

The handle fits comfortably in either hand and the built-in hanger will make it easier to store the unit when not in use.

It is built from corrosion-resistant aluminum which is durable enough to handle heavy use yet light so that holding it for long periods doesn’t become tiring.

You get the benefit of a lifetime warranty since the manufacturer is proud of the quality the product offers and is ready to stand behind it to ensure your complete satisfaction. 


Rotating the unit around makes it squeak which is a sign that the inner tension rods move around and slide against each other.

The grabber doesn’t open very wide which means that it is incapable of grabbing wide objects.

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2. RMS 2-Pack 32 Inches Long Grabber Reacher


This model comes in a package of 2 and it offers a lot of value for the money since you can have an extra grabber pickup tool for yourself or give one to your friends or family as a gift. The unit measures 32” in length which means that it is more than capable of reaching inaccessible spaces thanks to the head which rotates to a full 90 degrees.

The tool is made from lightweight aluminum and it is designed with a durable plastic tip that has a magnetic function to help you pick up small metal objects such as coins. It has an integrated clip that lets you attach the product to canes, wheelchairs, hospital beds and more so that you can keep the grabber close by and ready to use.

The RMS model comes with a weight rating of 10 lbs. and it can hold objects that have a width of around 5 to 6”. 


The tips are magnetic and this feature will help you pick up small metal objects and it is specifically useful for picking up coins.

The unit is made from aluminum which gives it a lightweight yet durable construction which when combined with the ergonomic handle will provide users with a high level of comfort.

If you’re looking for an affordable grabber tool this model gives you not one but two tools for a price that is hard to beat.

The head rotates to a 90-degree angle which allows you to pick items from hard-to-reach places.

It has a clip that allows the tool to be attached to canes, wheelchairs, walkers, hospital chairs and more so that you can always keep this useful product nearby. 


When picking up things off the ground the grabber can be a bit difficult to use.

The claw feels a bit weak and the aluminum shaft tends to twist.

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3. Saymento Grabber Reacher Tool for Elderly


The Saymento claw grabber tool offers excellent mobility since the jaw can rotate a full 360 degrees in 90 increments and that allows it to be used both vertically and horizontally to reach inaccessible places such as behind appliances and furniture. The handle is fitted with a trigger that is very easy to pull and that reduces labor intensity.

The claws are also coated with an anti-slip material which gives them maximum grip when handling items made from glass, metal, plastic or other smooth or slippery materials. The claws are also rubberized and textured which allows them to grab 2-3-pound objects easily without the risk of them slipping from the grasp of this tool.

Another advantage of this option is without a doubt the foldable design which makes it very easy to store when not in use. Furthermore, since once folded it adopts a shorter length, you will be able to carry it with you for outdoor use. 


The comfortable grip handle is outfitted with a rubberized pistol grip and trigger which helps promote better handling for people with limited hand mobility.

It is made from lightweight aluminum alloy material which reduces labor intensity for people with arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

The fingertip design of the claws allows the product to pick up small and delicate items such as coins, envelopes, newspapers, and more with ease.

It rotates at 360 degrees and it can be used both vertically and horizontally, and this feature allows the tool to reach difficult places such as behind your furniture or kitchen appliances.

It is coated with anti-slip material that makes it possible to pick up slippery items made from glass, plastic, or metal. 


It is good for small and lightweight tasks but it can’t handle medium-sized items such as clothing from the washer or items from the pantry.

The grabber is square and that can make it difficult to pick up round objects.

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4. Zayad Reacher Grabber Tool Foldable


If you’re in the market for a cheap grabber tool then you’ll be more than happy with this option since it is not only affordable but also packed full with useful features that make using it a pleasure. 

It is made from premium and lightweight aluminum alloy and that means that the product is easy to use by people with limited hand mobility yet durable enough to handle everyday tasks. You also get the assurance of quality since the product is backed by an 18 month period of free return if you ever encounter a problem with it.

The textured rubberized ends allow you to grab items that weigh up to 5 pounds without the risk of them falling off, and it can even handle delicate objects such as a wine glass without leaving a clip. It extends up to 32” and when not in use the product can adopt a folding design that will shorten its length in half. 


The jaws of this option close firmly, and that makes them capable of holding small items such as sheets of paper without any chance of them sliding off.

It is an excellent choice for budget shoppers since, in spite of the low price point, the product still manages to pack plenty of features, great quality, and premium construction.

The claws are covered in a rubberized, non-slip material designed to improve the grip on any object, including those made of slippery materials such as glass and metal.

The grip rotates a full 90 degrees for both vertical and horizontal use, which makes it easier to pick up items from hard-to-reach places. 


It is not the sturdiest option out there since the plastic coupling in the middle where it is supposed to fold is quite flimsy.

The claws are only 3.9 inches wide which limits the variety of objects that it can pick up.

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5. Vive Reacher Grabber 32″


The Vive model has a 32” patented design to let you pick up items from the top shelf, floor, lawn, or behind furniture and it will save your back a lot of pain and help you avoid the risks of using a stepping stool. It is also a great choice for picking up trash or other items that you don’t want to touch.

It features an updated internal mechanism that helps increase the durability of the product and it can now handle tens of thousands of pick-ups without showing signs of wear and tear. The high-quality soldered steel wiring allows this model to pick up items that are as heavy as 5lbs. and the rust-proof frame will ensure that the tool can hold up to the rigors of outdoor use.

The jaw can be used both vertically and horizontally to reach difficult spaces thanks to the rotating design that allows it to rotate a full 360 degrees in 90 increments. 


The handle is designed to conform to the shape of your hands and this makes it very comfortable to use for long periods.

The rust-proof frame will guarantee that you’ll get maximum performance and durability for outdoor use.

The tool can rotate a full 360 degrees in 90 increments so that it can be used both horizontally and vertically for picking up items in hard-to-reach spots.

The jaw is rubberized which allows it to get a very tight grip on items made from smooth and slippery materials such as glass, plastic, and metal.

It features an updated internal mechanism that is more reliable. 


The grabber comes apart in the middle which creates a weak spot that tends to break easily, especially when used by heavy-handed users.

Unlike other similar options, this one doesn’t have a hole in the handle to let you hang the tool when not in use.

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6. Nayard Grabber Reacher Tool


If you’re looking for a foldable grabber but you are on a tight budget, this option is perfect for you since NAYARD has managed to create a high-quality foldable product that won’t cost you a fortune. The 32” extension grabber tool will have you forget about bending, squatting or stretching to get that item you need.

Another useful feature of this option is the rotating claw which rotates a full 360 degrees so that the head can reach any direction. The upgraded claw will allow you to pick up small, large and odd-shaped items with great ease. It is a versatile grabber tool for handicapped, elderly, or anyone who suffers or recovers from injuries or mobility difficulties.

The corrosion-resistant aluminum enhances the durability of the product and it remains light enough to reduce arm and hand fatigue so that extended usage doesn’t become a problem. It has a vertical load capacity of 22lbs. and a horizontal load capacity of 3lbs. 


The foldable design makes it very easy to store the unit when not in use and you may also transport it with you to use in outdoor conditions since the tool is corrosion-resistant.

The aluminum construction and the ergonomic handle make the product very comfortable to use for people with limited hand function.

It measures 32” in length and the rotatable head makes it possible to pick up objects from hard-to-reach places.

It can be used to pick up a wide range of objects, both small and large, and the claw is designed so that it can also grip odd-shaped items.

It is one of the cheapest foldable grabber tools available. 


While the vertical load capacity of 22lbs. is impressive, the same cannot be said about the horizontal load capacity which is of only 3 lbs.

The grip it offers is not very secure and heavier items such as glasses or food cans can slip easily.

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7. Copper Compression Gear Heavy Duty Reacher Grabber Tool


With this option, you can add 32” to the reach of your arm and you’ll also have a strong and secure grip to the objects you’re picking up thanks to the rubber grippers that act as a second set of nimble fingers. There’s no need to bend, stretch or twist ever again and your back will thank you for it.

This option is designed for the elderly, seniors, disabled, handicapped or for anyone with limited mobility since it is very easy to use. The ergonomic handle and the lightweight gripper let you grab any item with an impressive amount of accuracy and slippery and smooth items are no longer a problem for this nifty product.

Since the model is made of durable and rust-resistant materials, you will not face any difficulty in outdoor use seeing as the frame is long-lasting and capable of withstanding all weather conditions. The jaws also have a rotating facility that delivers both horizontal and vertical movement to help you reach and grab any object. 


The comfortable handle lets you grip the entire frame in an efficient way and with less physical effort which makes this option perfect for people with limited hand mobility.

The sturdy construction and the sleek profile allows this model to perform admirably for both indoor and outdoor applications.

The jaw is rotatable and that lets you pick up a wider variety of objects with utmost comfort and you can lock the jaw which encourages horizontal or vertical movement.

It has a user-friendly design that allows the product to be used by anyone since the mechanism is very simple to understand and use.

It can pick up even small items such as coins or pills. 


While books and other similarly-sized items are ok, this option is not very strong and anything heavier than that can pose an issue.

For such an expensive option, the lack of a magnetic tip for metal grabbing is disappointing.

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8. BirdRock Home Reacher Grabber Pick Up Tool


The rubber jaw of this 32” grabber makes it easier than ever to pick up hard-to-reach objects and it will give you the peace of mind that once an item is in your grasp, it will not slip. It offers excellent performance and reliability and you can use it to reduce the strain on your back or legs when bending to reach household items.

The rubber head claws are articulated and they can turn 90 degrees to let you adjust the position of the tool based on the situation on hand. You can use it both horizontally and vertically for maximum versatility.

Another standout feature of this model is its construction since BirdRock uses lightweight aluminum that can provide maximum reach without compromising the comfort and efficiency that customers need from this type of product. Additionally, the handle features a contoured rubber padding that follows the shape of your hand to add an extra level of comfort. 


The handle is designed to conform to the shape of your hand and the textured rubber padding is soft to the skin and it provides excellent grip.

To grab an item you simply need to squeeze the trigger gently to put the mechanism in motion and have the jaws fasten securely around the object.

The rubber head is articulated and it can turn 90 degrees which allows the user to adjust the tool based on the requirements of the situation on hand.

It is made from lightweight aluminum so that the tool can be strong and durable without the added weight.

The jaw is very precise and it can grab even small and delicate items such as pills or coins. 


It is best suited for small objects since the rubber around the jaw prevents it from picking up anything larger or heavier.

The price is quite high when compared with other models that offer similar features.

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9. Unger Professional Nifty Nabber Reacher Grabber Tool


If you need a long reach grabber tool then you will be happy with the Unger model since it boasts a length of 36”, and it is also available in a 48” variant if you need a product to let you reach even the highest places without having to climb a stool or ladder. Additionally, this option is also great for reaching low and inaccessible spaces such as under furniture and appliances.

The tool features a built-in magnet which is very useful for picking up metal objects such as small screws, coins, paper clips and more. The ergonomic handle is perfect for the elderly since it is very comfortable to hold and use, and you won’t need to apply too much pressure to squeeze it and activate the mechanism.

We couldn’t end the grabber tool review without taking a moment to talk about the build quality. As is the case with most options in this range, the Unger model is made from aluminum and the grippers are rubber-tipped. 


The unit is made from lightweight aluminum and the grippers are rubber-tipped to prevent them from scratching or damaging fragile items.

The built-in magnet is very useful for picking up metal items and it can even help you find out where small items such as nails and paper clips have fallen.  

It is available in two sizes, 36” and 48”, and that makes this option one of the longest on the market.

The claw is designed to handle heavy use and it is perfect for yard waste and litter cleanup.

It measures 6” at the widest opening which makes it capable of handling larger items. 


The handle can be a bit difficult to use when grabbing items that are not on the floor or overhead since anything that is situated in the middle requires more wrist strength.

It is quite expensive, but it is also longer than most options on the market.

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10. Junrbx Flexible Claw Magnetic Grabber Tool 3-in-1


If you’re in the market for a flexible grabber tool, this option gives you more than you’ve bargained for thanks to its revolutionary 3-in-1 design. This model measures 24.5” in length and it has a flexible body that allows it to reach tight places, and it is perfect for grabbing under furniture, in crevices, and down the drain.

The tip is equipped with 4 claws and that gives it increased accuracy even when handling very small items. Once the tool has grabbed an object, it will not let go until you want it to. Furthermore, the tip is also magnetic which makes it perfect for grabbing items that are made from metal.

As mentioned earlier, this option is perfect for grabbing items in tight places and that is achieved thanks to the inclusion of a very useful feature, the LED light. The LED will help you guide the tip of the tool to find the item that you dropped. 


It is made of a flexible material that can be bent but that will return to its original shape thanks to the spring system inside it.

There’s an LED light on the head of the tool which is very useful for picking up items in dark or tight places.

It is a versatile product that can be used not only for home applications but also for more specialized usage such as in factories and auto repair shops.

The 4 claws are each 2cm long and very precise since they can easily grab small items without the risk of them slipping away.

The magnetic tip gives you plenty of options for retrieving metal objects in tight places. 


The claws are not very durable since they are made from a flimsy material that can bend and break.

The LED light is powerful enough for dark places but it isn’t bright enough to make objects visible in low-light conditions.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Finding the best reacher grabber for the money requires a fair share of research which in turn takes time and energy. In this day and age, very few people can afford to spend endless hours educating themselves on the features that each product offers.

We know how difficult it can be to find the ideal purchase which is why we’ve taken the time to do the hard work for you. Reading the best grabber tool reviews is not enough, which is why we have also consulted surveys, consumer reports, and specialized resources to pinpoint the key features one ought to consider when purchasing this type of product.



Types of reacher grabber tools

Depending on the mechanism that the product uses there are two main types of reacher grabbers to choose from. There are tools that offer a trigger handle that you can squeeze and then there’s the other type which uses a power-slide handle. Both of these mechanisms use two different designs to achieve the same goal, namely to open and close the gripper claw.

Both are user-friendly since you just need to hold the handle and move the grabber to the item that you’re looking to pick up and then you just need to slide or squeeze the handle to pick the object up.

When choosing between these two styles you should focus on models that feature handles with rubberized and textured surfaces since these offer the best performance so that you can put more stress on the frame when necessary.


Maximum reach and rotation

Once you’ve found the right design the next step should be to select the reach of the tool. If you’re looking for the best reacher grabber tool for all-purpose applications, most customers recommend a product with a length of 32” since this length is more than capable of handling most outdoor and indoor applications.

If you need something longer, there are plenty of options that can extend up to 48” and more but make sure that you get a foldable or extendable product since larger grabber tools can be a pain to store if they don’t have this design feature.

Another thing to consider is rotation. Products that come with rotatable jaws allow for vertical and horizontal movement of the tip which then allows the user to reach tight places or pick up small and sensitive items that require more accuracy.


Lift capacity and weight

While most people don’t use their tools to pick up heavy items, lift capacity is still a very important feature to consider. Most products on the market have a lift capacity between 5-10lbs. and if you need more than that you should be prepared to pay more. For your own safety, you should never cross the specified lift capacity.

The weight of the product itself is similarly important especially for people with limited mobility since while the self-weight of the frame may not be much, it can influence just how comfortable the handling is. We recommend getting models that are made from lightweight aluminum.



The design of the jaw

Most grabber tools are jaw-shaped on the end for easier grabbing but there are some that use suction cups and this type is very efficient when handling smooth and slippery objects. You’ll also need to take the time and consider the size and opening of the jaws to ensure that the objects you intend to pick up can fit inside it.

For people who can’t maintain a tight grip on the handle, we recommend getting a model that comes with a secondary trigger that locks the jaw in position. Furthermore, this type of tool should have at least one magnetic tip to help you pick up metal objects.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What is a grabber tool?

It is a mechanical tool that is designed to increase the range of a person’s reach when grabbing items. It has applications in a wide range of fields such as in waste management, gardening and outdoor work, and assistive technology to provide accessibility to the elderly, disabled or for those who suffer from limited mobility.

This tool looks like a long metal or plastic pole that usually measures 32” with a handle at one end and a pair of jaws at the other. To ensure that the product remains sturdy enough to handle heavy use but lightweight enough to be easy to maneuver, most manufacturers use aluminum as the material of choice for the pole.

These assistive devices can help people with a multitude of household tasks such as opening kitchen cabinets, putting tools away in overhead bins, and even picking up small objects such as pills and coins from the floor.



Q: How do I use the grabber tool?

Using this type of tool is very easy, you first need to locate and identify the type of handle that your option uses. It can either be a trigger handle or a power-slide handle and no matter the type the unit uses, the process is almost the same for both.

Once you squeeze the trigger or slide the power-slide, the lever-and-spring system within the tool will close the jaw. Before you close the jaw you will need to position it around the object that you are intending to pick up and make sure that once closed, the claw will grab the object tightly.

There are also more expensive grabber tools that come with a secondary trigger and you shouldn’t let yourself be confused by it since its purpose is to lock the jaw in position so that the user does not need to maintain a tight grip on the handle.


Q: Are all grabber tools extendable?

While there are some tools that are extendable, the vast majority of products don’t have this feature since most are not longer than 32”. The advantage of such a design is that you get a large grabber tool in a compact and portable shape that you can take with you outside and store easily anywhere since it doesn’t take a lot of space.

There are models that feature a foldable design that is very similar to the extendable grabbers, the only difference being that the product folds in half with a slip joint. The benefits that this type of product offers are almost identical and this type of design is more widespread.

Do keep in mind that the slip joint does make the unit more susceptible to breakage if the lift capacity is exceeded. Overall, if you want to get an extendable product, you should be ready to spend more time searching since the vast majority of grabber tools are either extended or foldable.




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