Best Handheld Shower Heads For The Elderly in 2019 – Guide & Reviews

Last Updated: 23.08.19


Top 7 Handheld Shower Heads For The Elderly — An In-Depth Analysis


If you and your older family member are looking for the best handheld shower head for the elderly, this senior-friendly guide might be of great help, especially if you are in a hurry. Every item that made it into our article was chosen based on expert reviews and honest opinions from people that had many objective things to say about them. Additionally, we’ve also considered their craft quality and lifespan. One model to stand out in the best way possible was the Hydroluxe Full-Chrome since it is crafted from top-notch materials, it has many functions that appeal to seniors looking for comfort, and because it is easy to use and to mount. The piece also has an elegant finish that will give a luxury vibe to your bathroom. If this one is out of stock, the HotelSpa AquaCare could provide a similar experience.



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Products In Demand – In-Depth Reviews



You are about to read a list where you might find what you’ll consider the best senior handheld shower head. Every piece is a decent buy, that respects our high standards and which will let you enjoy showering once again, even if you might have mobility limitations.



Hydroluxe Full-Chrome


This combo is everything a senior would want from a shower head. The 3-Way 2 in 1 combo has a luxury feel to it, and it combines an overhead shower head with a handheld shower and a hose, which is included in the set. You can use them separately or combined, and you also have access to 24 water flow patterns.

The best part about it is that you can handle it with ease. It is crafted from sturdy materials, but the product is not bulky, so even if you have weakened muscles, you could still maneuver it to wash your entire body comfortably. Some of its five settings include the power rain, the massage setting, and pause.

It’s this user-friendliness that makes it such a fit choice for any bathroom. Even if you have mobility issues, the fact that it can be adjusted to fit your needs means you can custom it to increase your living standards.

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HotelSpa AquaCare


Some of the things this unit offers are an easy reach, extended mobility, and instant control. Adding everything up, it is easy to see why it became so popular in a short amount of time. Plus, it looks premium, and it is resistant to rust and water damage so that it will last you a lifetime.

One benefit that those at more advanced ages will appreciate is the fact that it mounts instantly on any given surface without you having to drill or use power tools. It can also be attached with the help of the provided adhesive holder on rougher surfaces.

Its design features the Precision SpiralFlo dial which will give you access to its seven water settings. You can adjust the angle of the piece with ease and switch the water-saving mode by just pushing a button. Its flexible stainless steel hose is long enough that you can even reach your lower body comfortably.

Buy from for ($42.48)




AquaSense 3 Setting


Another handheld shower head that is going to change your shower habits for the better is this one from AquaSense. The brand promises to provide increased bathing safety for all of those who have mobility limitations for a great price. This unit also offers independence and even comfort while sitting or standing in your shower.

This white handheld head has three spray settings which can easily be activated by the inbuilt easy-to-turn spray dial. The three spray settings are the narrow, wide or standard spray. It also comes with its characteristic 80-inch stainless steel and tangle-free hose, which allows you to move in the shower however you want.

It also rocks a simple on and off rotating control knob, placed on the base of the handle to provide smooth flow control at your fingertips. The pack also includes a convenient shower hook for storage and simplified installation with its easy, tool-free assembly.

Buy from for ($16.98)




Pure Clean Upgraded


Because there are plenty of seniors that love camping, this product was designed to meet their specific set of requirements. It is a portable piece that is both water and energy efficient, and that takes up no space in your bags. Because it is created for on-the-go showering purposes, it is both light and quick to charge.

The pack includes the head, the charging cable, the hose and all the small accessories such as the suction cup and the hook attachment. Its battery is powerful and reliable, and it offers enough power that the product won’t stop in the middle of a shower.

The built-in water pump can directly be placed into a larger bucket, and it will start spraying water through the hose just like a regular shower head. It is 100% waterproof for safety reasons, which is another thing that showcases the time and effort the creators put when they designed this piece.

Buy from for ($33.24)




SmarterFresh Sprayer


The SmarterFresh piece is the ideal tool for adults of all ages including seniors and children, and it can even be used by people in wheelchairs and for baby bathing. It will become the universal tool for your family’s showering needs so that you won’t have to make any extra buys.

It is designed by experts for a more pleasing and quick shower experience because it doesn’t feature any unnecessary additions that could bring confusion upon the user. Its flexibility and ease of use will ultimately convince anyone that it is a wise investment.

It can be attached to your existing shower pipe in less than ten minutes and it features three water flow settings, plus an easy glide lever to control your water pressure according to your needs and personality. Its handle is ergonomic as a guarantee that you won’t tire even if you use it for a long time.

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If you want a piece that offers both functionality and elegance, this option might be for you. Not only it will help you shower without having to move around too much, but it will also transform your bath into a place of relaxation and luxury.

The head has compact dimensions, and it is resistant to corrosion even in a place with high humidity levels. Moreover, it features a chlorine filter and a water softening system, which will transform it into the go-to tool for those with dry or sensitive skin, no matter if you live in an apartment or a house.

The manufacturer says the piece can filter out 99.9% of lead, calcium, magnesium, or chromium particles from your water. Its long life is ensured by the fact that the product is created from sturdy materials that won’t look dulled or damaged even if you use the shower head daily.

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Moen DN8001CH Home


The good part about this one is that it can be handled even by little kids because it is light and ergonomic. It also features many safety features that make it ideal for home care and relaxation sessions. It features an easy-to-use on and off switch that instantly reduces the water flow whenever you need it to.

The provided hose is flexible, and it is seven feet long so that you can move freely. Its soft-grip handle has an additional safety strap for a secure grip even when it is wet or if your hands are slippery from the soap. If you are worried about mounting it, you should know that it comes with instructions in the box.

Its attractive design is another feature that most buyers will gravitate towards, especially since a highly reflective chrome finish compliments it. It is ADA-compliant and backed by the many years of experience the brand has accumulated.

Because not even a good handheld shower head for the elderly can transform your showing struggles on its own, here you have some other products that could help you take off that heavy load, and to give you back your independence and dignity. Things like a showering chair and grab bars are vital for those with weakened muscle-skeletal deficiencies, and that’s why you should read more about them.

Buy from for ($44.11)




Vaunn Medical Chair


A great piece to make your life more comfortable in the shower is this medical chair with a removable back. The chair is meant for shower use, and it allows you, mainly if you have limited mobility or if you’ve been injured recently, to shower with ease and independently.

It will dramatically reduce the risk of falling and injuries, and it is crafted from a heavy-duty anodized aluminum frame so it can withstand even loads up to 300lbs. Its aluminum frame is sturdy and corrosion-resistant, and more importantly, it is lightweight so you can carry the chair from one room to another without your back hurting.

Its legs are unique since they are angled, and they feature non-skid rubber tips to allow the shower chair to be ultra-safe and stable. The seat itself is contoured and made of anti-bacterial polyethylene, which comes with design enhancements such as the drainage holes.

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Mefeir 330LBS Stool


If you are worried about slipping while taking a shower, this stool might be just the extra help you need to avoid that. Besides being made of a high-quality plastic and aluminum alloy, it also features a sturdy and comfortable adjustable and easy-to-mount armrest.

It can be used daily, and the piece won’t show signs of rust or wear. Furthermore, its design is clean and simple, and its lightweight so even pregnant women could move it around. Another selling point is that the piece has straightforward installing instructions, which require no power tools.

Each piece that makes it onto the market respects the strict industry standards, and the brand also makes sure that if you buy one, it won’t slip on the wet tile as you’re cleaning yourself. If you’re a little overweight, you’ll be happy to hear it has a capacity of 330 lbs.

Buy from for ($35.99)




LORDEAR MS14805-1 Arm


An easy-to-install shower arm is a necessity, not a luxury item. This one, in particular, stands out since it is made of brass and because it provides quality at an affordable price. It has a chrome finish, and it is resistant to rust, even if you forget to wipe it dry after you’ve used it.

The model features a round tube design, with a medium thickness and an 8.5-inch length, meaning it can fit most showers. It can attach to your shower head with ease, so you won’t waste time by being annoyed by confusing instructions.

The brass it is crafted from has a higher than average thickness as a guarantee that if you choose to invest in this piece, it will last you for a lifetime. The surface is scratch-resistant, and the angled construction of the piece will allow access even to hard-to-reach corners.

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Changing Lifestyle Bar


If you’ve always wanted an assistant, but you couldn’t afford to pay one, this bar is the next best thing, as it will allow you to shower comfortably and without any external help. Additionally, the piece can be used so you can get out of bed, or to sit at your dinner table without your whole body aching.

Not only seniors can put it to good use, but toddlers and those who’ve had recent surgery too. It can be easily mounted on most shower walls, but you should note that it doesn’t work with dry walls. To attach or remove it, all you have to do is flip the tabs.

The unit is white with gray accents, and it can be easily cleaned. Its ergonomic shape offers a tactile experience, so your hands won’t slip as you grab it. It helps with your balance, and your back and muscles will thank you for your investment.

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Our Yearly Guide


When seniors start having trouble moving while bathing or showering, their first instinct is to buy a shower chair from the oversaturated market. They work, but they cannot be successful on their own. There is another piece of safety equipment that can be even of greater help and that you should consider – the shower head. But before buying one, you need to make sure the piece is solidly constructed and equipped for humidity use, and that it is simple and not complicated to handle, reviews of handheld shower heads for elderly citizens tell us.

The hose

Although we are mainly talking about shower heads, we should start by mentioning that there are brands which also provide a hose in the box. You’ll most likely use the one you already own, as most products are universally compatible with them. But if you want to invest in a new, shiny one, there are some things you should consider.

For starters, think about the length of the hose. Experts recommend a length of seven feet, but they mention you should make adjustments according to your height and weight. For example, if you are a petite person, you can go for something that is six or even five feet long.

A more extended product will have a broader range of motion and movement without forcing you to walk around too much and even slip, which would otherwise fail to fulfill its purpose. The same thing can be said of a cheap and portable lift chair.

If the hose is kink-free, that is even better. It should not get tangled easily. If it does, it will soon become a tripping hazard and could make an older adult fall, especially if the shower is steamy. Some heavy-duty ready grab bars for shower might be able to cover your back in this particular situation.


Ease of use

When it comes to cheap handheld shower heads for seniors, the key is to opt for one that is fuss-free. Go for something with clean lines and without too many blows and whistles, as that will confuse you. You want something that gets you clean and not something that will replace your PC.

Economics play a vital role in deciding if the piece will be successful or not. For example, always go for the one that feels good in the hand and that features a nice texture that you find pleasant. A smart shape is also desirable.

This is important because the texture and the shape of the product will make you grab it tighter, thus the chances that you’ll drop it or that it will get slippery as you handle it will be reduced down to zero. Keep these tips in mind if you’re looking for new and surprising grandma gifts.

Look for a tactile diverter switch which is located on the shower head itself, and not on other random areas. Also, see if it is easy to turn it on and off, especially if you have arthritic hands. Once you’ve installed the piece, invest in a hook so you can place it somewhere comfortable to reach.

Variable sprays

Because seniors have sensitive, dry skin, try to look for a head that comes with a system that can filter harsh water. It might be a great idea to also check for a product that comes with adjustable water flow settings, since high water pressure can be excruciating, and even possibly crack the skin.

Controlling how the water sprays is beneficial for all age categories, but especially for those with fragile skin and toddlers. Another feature that comes hand in hand with this one is the weight of the head. A lightweight handheld shower head for sale is the best because you can move it from side to side, up and down and many other ways without your joints hurting.

If you know your skin gets easily bruised, you can also move the head away from you with ease if it is light as a feather. Additionally, invest in a premium and nutrient-rich lotion for elderly skin to help with this issue even further.

Some advanced products also come with water patterns and massage functions, which are nice additions if you think showering is not just a necessity but something that can be pleasurable too. Premium brands offer up to thirty of those patterns.


Final considerations

If you are an older person who worries a lot about water bills, you should know that you can also get a good handheld shower head for the elderly, which can save you water as you’re showering. These options are just as cheap as traditional models and could end up saving you a lot of cash. Reviewers seem to find them very satisfying.

You should also never go by the price. These are not ultra high-end products that will cost you thousands of dollars, so you should not cheap out when purchasing one. The main reason is that a more premium piece will last you longer than a cheap one. It is just like if you were to buy a new and flexible mattress for the elderly.

Handheld shower heads make great gifts for retired men. But if you want to be extra thoughtful, you should pick something that has an easy installation and that is perfect for a do-it-yourself project.

Mounting it should not require you to use power tools. Most can be used just like a standard shower head, and all you have to do is unscrew the old one and replace it with the improved one. And don’t forget that you can improve the safety of your shower by buying compact and textured grab bars for seniors.


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