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Top 14 Handicap Ramps — An In-Depth Analysis


Every person with disabilities deserves the best handicap ramp. However, sometimes it’s difficult for them to make the right choice as there are a lot of types and situations where such a platform would be needed. This is why we have done some research for you and after reading a lot of handicap ramp reviews, we came to the conclusion that a good handicap ramp that covers most of your needs is the Prairie View Industries SFW330. This product is foldable and made from aluminum, therefore it’s lightweight. Its entire surface is covered with grip tape in order to prevent slipping. In addition, its 30-inch width is more than enough to accommodate any kind of wheel configuration. This product is in high demand, so in the unfortunate case you don’t find this portable handicap ramp, you could opt for the next best thing, the Titan Ramps Multifold.



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Products In Demand – In-Depth Reviews



As many people with special needs have the possibility of traveling around by using wheelchairs, or different motorized scooters, it is imperative that caretakers and other people such as store owners are aware of the types of handicap ramps needed for these people to access certain locations. Here is a list describing these ramps in detail.



Prairie View Industries SFW330


This short ramp is manufactured from aluminum and can be easily folded to occupy half the space and to be transported or stored without too much hassle. The built-in handle makes it comfortable to hold and maneuver. The pieces are welded in order to provide additional strength and extended durability.

In addition, the surface is covered with grip tape so that the wheels of any wheelchair or scooter that go over it don’t slip. This provides plenty of traction even if the surface is wet. This handicap ramp has a width of 30 inches and is made so that every type of wheelchair or scooter can go across it and still come in contact with the adherent surface.

The product comes with a set of instructions in video format and some security pins that will increase its stability. This ramp has been rated at a 3X safety factor, after undergoing the necessary tests.


This product is welded as opposed to riveted. This gives it more durability and decreases the chances of it making noises should the rivets come loose.

The surface is covered with grip tape, which is a great advantage when people in wheelchairs have to push themselves up the ramp or slowly descend it.

The ramp can support a maximum weight of 800 pounds. This is distributed on its stable platform that is 30-inch wide.

The ramp can be folded and easily transported or stored. In addition, once folded, you can use the incorporated handle to comfortably carry it.


The welding points are not precisely made. Disappointed customers claim that they look like a 6-year-old child made the welding and don’t trust the workmanship.

This product is not extremely suited for three-wheeled scooters, as the hinge that connects the two halves of the ramp protrudes from the middle.  

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Titan Ramps Multifold MF6


This foldable aluminum handicap ramp features a resistant grip tape and can hold a maximum weight of 600 pounds. Once folded you can easily carry it by holding a soft, comfortable nylon handle. The Titan Ramp multifold is great for making access possible to porches, vans, over stairs, or in the back of trucks.

The product weighs 40 pounds and measures 72 inches by 29 inches. Once folded its dimensions drop to 40 inches by 14.5 inches. The product is intended primarily for scooters and wheelchairs and not walking.

People say that the product is affordable, as similar products found in medical equipment stores are more expensive. The ramp is easy to set up. All you have to do is basically to unfold it and set it where you need it. In their experience, this 6-ft ramp shouldn’t be used for more than three steps, because it would become too steep.


The installation process is extremely intuitive. All you need to do is unfold the ramp, place it in the desired location and test its stability.

Due to the fact that it’s manufactured from aluminum, the ramp is lightweight and does not require much effort to move around, install or uninstall.

The surface provides great traction for wheelchairs as well as for scooters because it’s covered with a grip-textured tape.

The price to value ratio is great, according to previous customers. Acquiring this product online proves to be more economical than going to a medical equipment store.


Customers have encountered issues where one or both halves of the ramp would not open all the way. In extreme cases, the hinges broke off easily.

Some packages came with parts already broken off. As customers opened the packages small metal components fell right off, most likely due to poor delivery services.

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Titan Ramps Entry Ramp


This corrosion-resistant ramp is built from aluminum and is designed so that it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance if any at all. Because it is manufactured from a single solid piece, the ramp does not make any noise and is very durable even if it’s left in bad weather conditions for an extended period of time.

This semi-permanent handicap ramp measures 10 feet in length. Although it’s not covered with grip tape, the aluminum features a rough texture that is slip resistant. People can traverse it with no problems in wheelchairs, scooters, canes, walkers, etc.

Also included in the package there is a set of handrails that can be mounted on both or just one side of the ramp, according to the owner’s preference. This gives additional peace of mind to those who use this ramp as the sides are covered. At the same time, people have something to hold on to as they go up or down the ramp.


This ramp comes with easy-to-install handrails. These are optional, but they are extremely useful as they provide secondary support for people who walk on the ramp.

This ramp is manufactured from one single piece of aluminum. This translates into durability, as there are no moving parts, joints or hinges.

The ramp can be easily mounted by using the pins that come in the package. For a permanent installation, you also can use concrete anchor screws.

The instructions are straightforward and simple to understand. As long as you have the necessary tools, assembling the ramp is a walk in the park.


As this ramp is made from one single piece that is fairly large, there is the risk of its surface being dented during transportation.

If the ramp is not set on something solid to support its entire length, there is the risk of it bending as a weight passes over it. This will cause it to make noise.

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Drive Medical Single Fold


This product is designed to help wheelchairs and scooter traverse stairs and similar level differences. The ramp is made from aluminum, is lightweight and can be folded in half for easy transportation and storage. In addition, it features a handle so you can move it around just like a briefcase.

The ramp has a length of 37 inches, and a width of 28.5 inches and can hold a maximum weight of 600 pounds. The product comes with a carrying bag as well so that you don’t damage the ramp or other things if you bump the ramp into them. The ramp has holes drilled through it to prevent water from puddling.

As this ramp is short, people say that trying to cover three stairs requires quite a bit of effort for the caretaker to push the wheelchair. The best scenario is to use this ramp only for two stairs as otherwise, the incline would be too steep.


The product comes with a carrying bag, which facilitates portability and protects the ramp from scratching.

The ramp can be left in the rain or all types of bad weather. This is possible due to small holes drilled through the ramp that allows water to drain.

For easy transportation and handling, the ramp is foldable. This means that its width is reduced by half. Moreover, it features a handle to prevent any injuries to your hands.

This ramp can be traversed by wheelchairs and scooters, electric or not. In addition, it’s a good addition for people who use canes or walkers.


The top of the ramp is known to catch the undercarriage of some electric scooters. This causes the wheels to just spin without pushing the scooter forward.

The advertised width of this ramp is not precise. According to customers, the ramp is around 27.5 inches wide.

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Electriduct Rubber Threshold Ramp


This product is basically a rubber matt that is gradually getting higher toward one end to facilitate a smooth transition from the ground level to the threshold level. It raises the wheelchair or the scooter to a height of 2.5 inches over a distance of 24 inches. The material is durable and has a texture that provides good grip, both on top as well as on the bottom.

In addition, the ramp features three channels through which you could route cables or hoses to prevent them from being damaged when you go over them. The ramp is 42.5 inches wide, 2.5 inches tall at its highest point and 24 inches long. It weighs 32 pounds.

People like its aspect as it’s all black and it matches with any color schemes. In addition, it looks like a doormat, so it’s not too distracting. It’s a discreet and functional product that facilitates scooter and wheelchair access to and from your home.


This ramp features three channels beneath it that protect any cables or water hoses passing in the area where you need to place the product.

Unlike other handicap ramps, due to the composite rubber material, this product doesn’t make any noise when wheelchairs or scooters go over it.

The product is extremely heavy. This is a good thing as it doesn’t shift its position on most floor surfaces when people pass over it.

The ramp is versatile. Some clients cut the ramp in two and placed the halves so that they can access their driveways with their low cars without hitting the curb.


Although heavy, these ramps will still move around on hard floors. To prevent that you could first place some double sided tape on the floor.

If you plan on placing the ramp inside your home, take into consideration that the product has an extremely bad odor.

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MAXSA 20031 Curb Ramp


This ramp is made from durable heavy-duty plastic and is designed to aid vehicles and anything with wheels pass over curbs or steps. The ramp weighs just 7 pounds and is a great addition to moving personnel or anyone who owns low clearance cars and has to get over speedbumps to reach their garage.

This product can also be used as a handicap ramp for people who need wheelchairs or scooters to get around. The ramps are extremely solid and can support weights that reach up to 10,000 pounds. In addition, they can facilitate access over stairs that are up to 5.5 inches tall. The ramp is 13 inches long by 23 inches wide.

This means that it can accommodate wide tires with ease. However, the manufacturer recommends that you put two of these ramps side by side if you need to push a wheelchair over an obstacle.


The ramp is extremely solid and can support a huge weight without breaking. The durable plastic can be crossed over even by cars.

These ramps can be aligned side by side in order to cover a larger surface. This is useful if you need to get over a curb on a daily basis.

Mounting holes drilled at the lower end of the ramp give you the possibility of permanently fitting them into the ground.

The top part of the ramp is textured to provide additional grip for any type of wheel that passes over it.


The package only contains one ramp, so if you plan on using this product to drive a car over it keep in mind that you need to order two.

If you don’t secure the ramp with some concrete anchors, after the wheelchair or car goes over, it will push the ramp away every time.

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Clevr Wheelchair Traction


This ramp is perfectly designed so that wheelchairs, electric scooters or simply people using canes can easily get past stairs. The ramp is 31 inches wide and 72 inches long. The main material used is aluminum. The surface is covered with an abrasive material so that powered or manual wheelchairs will have no problem in traversing the ramp.

According to official specifications, the length of this ramp is suited for a level difference less than 12 inches. Any value more than that would be a risk for the person who goes over the ramp. The ramp includes safety pins to attach the landing component and features a grip surface on the lip that comes into contact with the ground.

Once folded the entire product can be carried around using a handle. In that form, the ramp measures 36 inches in length, 16 inches in width and 9 inches in depth.


The ramp is long, which makes its incline easier to go over. The 72-inch long ramp can safely elevate a person in a wheelchair to a 12-inch height.

The ramp features multiple hinges and can be folded four times to occupy less space and to facilitate easy transportation.

The design combined with the strong aluminum material makes it possible for the ramp to support a total of 600 pounds of weight.

The high traction grit surface is extremely useful for both electric and manual wheelchairs or scooters as it provides good grip even when it’s wet.


As the ramp has some of its hinges down the middle path they can prove to be an obstacle for three-wheeled electric scooters.

The center portion of the ramp is not covered with grip tape like the rest of the ramp’s surface. This may lower traction for wheels that happen to pass over that area.

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Titan Ramps Multifold MF7


This semi-permanent ramp is designed to be installed and used outdoors. After installation, wheelchairs, scooters or people using canes or walkers can easily access your home or commercial business. The ramp has a length of 84 inches and a width of 29 inches. It can support a 600-pound weight with no problems, as it is made from sturdy aluminum.

The metal used, as well as the rest of the materials, are corrosion resistant, so you can install it outdoors and never worry about maintenance work for years to come. If you don’t need the ramp anymore or you want to move it somewhere else, it can be folded in just a few easy steps and carried with a comfortable nylon handle.

The ramp features a lip that is slightly angled so that when it’s in use it doesn’t slide around. This product can facilitate access over curbs, speedbumps, thresholds, and can even be used to get wheelchairs into van or pickup trucks.


The materials used in manufacturing this product are durable and corrosion resistant. This means that you can install the ramp outdoors.

Once folded, the ramp reduces its dimensions to 46 inches by 15 inches by 8 inches. This way, it can be easily transported or stored.

Once folded, you can lock it into position with attached safety pins. This way, it will not unfold while you are transporting it.

The hinges are welded as opposed to riveted. This means that the structure is more durable and there are less moving parts that can make noise.


As the ramp is rather long, customers fear it may cave in after a while if there is nothing under it to support it.

The whole ramp is quite heavy and it may prove difficult for just a single person to unfold and install it. The installation is a 2-person job.

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Silver Spring Wheelchair Plus


This short 3-foot ramp is designed to facilitate access for wheelchairs or scooters over steps, curbs or thresholds. The surface is mostly covered in high-traction grip tape. This prevents wheels from losing adherence, especially when the ramp is moist or wet.

The product can be folded in half and features a handle that makes it easy for you to relocate it or to move it. At the same time, it doesn’t take up much space if you store it away. Once folded its width reduces from 29 inches to around 15 inches. Also, it gains a total thickness of 3 inches. While in use, it can support a maximum weight of 600 pounds.

The aluminum is sturdy and doesn’t buckle or make any noise while wheelchairs pass over it. Due to its small size, it can also be used indoors as well. For added stability, you can drill two holes into the floor or concrete and use the included pins to stop the ramp from sliding around.


The product has two metal pins attached. You can use these pins to stabilize the ramp after you have mounted it or after you have folded it.

The small size translates into great versatility. You can place this ramp both outdoors as well as indoors, without it becoming an inconvenience.

Once you receive the package, you don’t need any tools to mount it. The process is extremely simple and intuitive.

The grip material that covers the ramp’s surface is very helpful, especially when motorized wheelchairs or scooters go over it.


Some clients claimed that their ordered product didn’t come with a handle. This made carrying it more difficult.

The lip of the ramp does not sit flush with the floor and sometimes it may prove difficult to push a wheelchair over it.

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EZ-Access Gateway


This ramp is made from one piece of lightweight, solid aluminum. It weighs 71 pounds and it doesn’t have any moving parts. This further translates into an easy installation process. The product is rust resistant and doesn’t rot.

This semi-permanent ramp has self-adjusting ground transition plates. These lips change their angle depending on the surface you place the ramp on. For added traction, the surface of the ramp is extruded which means it has a permanent texture embedded onto it so that electric scooters or wheelchairs drive over it with no problems.

The EZ-Access Gateway Ramp also features handicap ramp handrails that can be easily attached on both sides of the ramp. They are optional. If you choose so, or the placement forces you to, only one handrail can be mounted on either side of the ramp.


The ramp comes with handrails that offer additional support for people who walk on the ramp using canes or walkers. The handrails can be taken off anytime.

The mounting process is extremely simple. All you have to do is to place some bolts into their corresponding places and you are done.

Because the ramp is manufactured from one single piece of aluminum, the structure is very solid, it doesn’t warp or bend and it doesn’t make any noise.

The product has self-adjusting ground transition plates. This makes the transition from the ground to the ramp smooth.


The ramp cannot be folded and will occupy a fair amount of space when you store it.

Some customers received handrails that were longer than the ramp itself. The handrails were made for a longer ramp and they had to return the product.

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Rage Powersports ATR400


This transition ramp is made from strong aluminum and is designed to support 400 pounds of weight. It is perfect for carts, wheelchairs or scooters. Its main advantage is that its incline can be adjusted. This way you can modify the height of this ramp from 3.75 inches to 7.5 inches. The entire surface of this ramp is covered with an abrasive texture that provides enough grip.

The edges are painted in a bright yellow that stands out in contrast with the rest of the ramp that is black. This makes the edges more visible and reduces the chances of anyone missing or falling off the ramp while on their wheelchair.

Keep in mind that this ramp is mostly meant to be used outdoors, only in front of inward swing doors. The surface keeps its adherence even if it’s raining or snowing on it and doesn’t deteriorate under these bad weather conditions.


The ramp is adjustable by lowering or lifting its high end on two screws. This makes it extremely versatile and customizable to your specific stair or threshold design.

The two sides of this handicap ramp are painted in bright yellow to make them more visible in dim light.

Besides helping people in wheelchairs, clients have used it to let old, large dogs access their porches more easily.

The strong aluminum structure is capable of supporting 400 pounds of weight. Any person using a wheelchair can pass over it without any problems.


The product slides around, especially on hardwood floors as it doesn’t have any stabilizing features.

The coat of paint is of poor quality. Customers claimed it comes right off.

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Titan Ramps Traction Non-Skid


Having a length of 4 feet and a width of 30 inches, this ramp is large enough to facilitate access to and from your home or commercial business for virtually all types of wheelchairs. Its foldable design together with a nylon handle makes it easy for you to move the ramp from one location to another in just a few easy steps.

The ramp can support a maximum of 500 pounds and weighs just 37 pounds. Once folded the ramp only occupies half of its width and becomes easier to transport and store. As metal can be slippery when wet, traction tape covers most of the ramp’s surface and prevents wheels from slipping even when it’s raining or snowing.

This helps the caretakers push the wheelchair over the ramp and prevents them from slipping as well. The ramp comes with attached stability pins that can be used to further secure the product into its place.


Safety pins are attached to the ramp and can be used to prevent it from moving around while somebody is crossing it.

The ramp can be folded in half and carried by a briefcase-style handle. This makes maneuvering it much easier.

The aluminum ramp is covered with grip tape to prevent slipping and to improve wheel traction.

The ramp is not designed only for people with special needs who use wheelchairs or scooters, but also for other types of vehicles that need to be moved over stairs or curbs.


The manufacturer’s specifications advise you not to use this ramp for elevations higher than one stair, as the incline would become too high and dangerous.

Because the middle section is designed to fold, that area is not covered with grip tape and could cause the person who pushes the wheelchair to slip.

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Titan Ramps Multifold MF8


This semi-permanent handicap ramp measures 96 inches in length and has the inside width of 30 inches. This is the perfect solution for facilitating wheelchair access to or from your home or business. The aluminum ramp is durable and can support a maximum weight of 600 pounds. Moreover, the ramp is corrosion resistant and is covered with grip tape.

This prevents electric scooters or wheelchairs from slipping and also provides additional traction for the caretakers who might push the wheelchairs. The ramp can be folded so it occupies much less space when you need to move it or store it. In addition, a handle is attached to one of its sides so you can carry the whole ramp as you would carry a briefcase.

Once folded, the ramp measures 52 inches in length, 14 ½ inches in width and has a thickness of 8 inches.


The ramp is one of the longest models produced by the company. This allows you to cover more stairs and lift the wheelchair to a higher elevation while keeping a low incline.

The kit for the ramp includes an inclined lip. This improves the ramp’s security after you mount it.

The product has holes that allow you to secure the ramp. You can use concrete anchors or similar pins to prevent it from sliding from side to side.

This semi-permanent ramp can be mounted over curbs, porches, stairs and more to allow access for people in wheelchairs.


As this ramp is rather long, it is very heavy and proves pretty difficult to maneuver, even if it’s folded.

As there is nothing beneath it to support its weight, the ramp is rather bouncy.

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OxGord Curb Ramp


This ramp is manufactured from durable plastic and is 27.5 inches long, 26.5 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall. The ramp’s color is bright yellow, which increases visibility in low light conditions and decreases the chances of accidents happening. The surface of the ramp is textured to provide a good grip and stability for any type of wheel that passes over it.

The ramp is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 1,000 pounds, which makes it ideal for transporting arcade games, furniture, and other heavy items over it. This product has two handles, one on each end, to help you move and mount it wherever you need.

The sides of the ramp are slightly raised so that there is no chance of falling off the ramp as you move something across it.


The ramp is made from durable plastic that is not damaged by water, snow, temperature differences or sunlight.

The yellow color stands out and comes as an advantage for people who need to use the ramp in low light conditions.

Although the ramp is capable of supporting up to 1,000 pounds of weight, it is light and easy to maneuver around.

The product comes with a one-year warranty.


The ramp is too narrow for standard Medicare wheelchairs. Take this into consideration before acquiring this model.

If the ramp is wet, it loses some of its traction, so there is a higher chance you could slip.

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Our Yearly Guide


Just as every person with special disabilities has different requirements, so does every handicap ramp have multiple features and characteristics. This is why it is extremely important to know how these products work in order to implement them correctly and successfully facilitate access to or from your premises.

In the following lines, we will go over the main types of handicap access ramps and explore them in-depth to see what makes them stand out. At the same time, you will learn what you should look for when you plan to buy one.

Types of ramps


Permanent and semi-permanent

Most common ramps found around yards or buildings are permanent. These types of ramps are almost always anchored into the pavement or ground and they are placed there to stay a long period of time. Many times, these types of handicap ramps are built from the ground up and are made from either wood or metal.

At the same time, they require licensed constructors to be implemented as they are built from scratch and many times they are designed with the house or facility.

Semi-permanent handicap ramps are located somewhere between the permanent and the portable ramps. Even though they can be long, they are still designed to be removed or adjusted if the need arises. One of the most encountered types of semi-permanent handicap ramp is the modular ramp. This is made from aluminum and can be fitted in just a matter of hours.

These ramps bring the best of both types together. You have the durability of permanent ramps combined with the versatility of portable ones.


Portable ramps

Portable ramps are lightweight by design and most of them can be folded so that they fit in small trunks and can be easily carried around. Many times they are built out of aluminum and can be covered in grip tape to prevent the wheels from slipping off their surface. Many of them can be considered cheap handicap ramps.

As they can be dismounted in a matter of seconds, these ramps are good for those who are renting their houses or do not plan on staying in their current home for a long time.

Similar to the portable ramp category there are the vehicle ramps. If you need to permit access to a van, bus or another kind of vehicle, these are the perfect solutions that solve all your problems. A handicap ramp for van access, for example, can be integrated into the car or portable. In the latter case, it can be moved around and stored easily. At the same time, it will have more uses.

These vehicle ramps come in a wide design or in a two-track design that allows your wheelchair or scooter to align to them.

Threshold ramps are a simple solution to a problem many people often overlook. Thresholds may prove to be serious obstacles when it comes to wheelchairs. However, by smoothing the transition from the level of the floor to the level of the threshold, this type of ramp makes it possible for wheelchairs or scooters to easily pass over, without any problems.


Depending on the situation, location and the person who will most likely be using the handicap ramp you have quite a few options at your disposal. If you want to, you can even learn how to build a handicap ramp at home. All you have to do is to download some handicap ramp plans from the Internet and start working.

The most important thing you have to do is to take into consideration all the variables that we have talked about above and decide whether you must install a ramp that is permanent, semi-permanent or portable.

If we want want to evolve as a modern society, we must not forget about people with special needs that have to offer just as much as the rest of us. In a perfect world, they should be able to leave their homes whenever they want and travel wherever they want. Access ramps are one way for them to accomplish this.



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