Best Jobs for Seniors Over 60

Last Updated: 22.02.24


If traveling after retirement was your life-long dream, you might have even bought yourself a camera for the journey and, if not, you can check it out here for more examples. There are so many beautiful places to see and exciting things to do, and as you get older, you should have more time for them. 

However, as you start making plans, you might realize that you need more money to accomplish your retirement dreams and the easiest way to get it is by looking for a suitable job for your age. 

You might have not thought about this years ago when you were still very much caught up in the 9 to 5 rat race, but there are plenty of jobs for seniors over 60 out there. Not everybody wants to employ fresh graduates. You just have to know where to look them.

Also, it is worth keeping in mind that many companies offer part-time or project-based collaborations for seniors. This might be exactly the type of job you’re looking for if you’re close to retirement age and you are no longer willing to spend the best part of your day in the office. Alternatively, you can also get a full-time job.

These being said, here are some of the best jobs for seniors over 60.



Nowadays, for many young people, working as a teacher might not seem very fulfilling for several reasons. One of them is the financial aspect. We all know teaching is not the best-paid job out there. Another reason is the fact that handling children is difficult. However, teaching doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to a school classroom.

Lifelong learning is heavily promoted nowadays and there are many adults who are willing to pay to acquire some new skills. If you are an expert in a certain domain, you can start teaching. There are numerous online platforms where you can create a profile and start providing your services.

One of the most popular options is becoming an ESL teacher. There are literally millions of people out there who want to learn English from the comfort of their home, via Skype or other remote means.

If you are a native speaker and you have some experience in teaching or coaching, and, of course, grammar knowledge, becoming an ESL teacher will not be the hardest job you’ve strived to get. Alternatively, you can submit your resume to organizations or companies that offer traditional classroom courses.


There is a specific type of job in this field that grants you the flexibility you seek, namely, on-demand driver. You can make a nice extra income by working only a couple of hours a day as an Uber or Lyft driver, taking passengers to their destination of choice.

You don’t have to wake up early in the morning for this job as you can choose the time of the day when you want to work, as well as how many hours a day you want to do it. This is one of the most flexible jobs for seniors. Moreover, you can drive your own car which means that you won’t have to cope with the extra-responsibility of getting used to another vehicle.

More than 20% of the US Uber drivers are aged 50 and above, so rest assured that you will not be the only senior out there doing this job.



If you like being surrounded by people, getting a job as an usher is one of the best ways to make an extra income while enjoying other people’s company. Another great advantage is the fact that you will be able to attend the events where you work, learn all sorts of interesting things, and have fun.

Also, most of these jobs are only project-based or part-time which means that you have quite good chances of getting hired as a senior. Normally, you would only work occasionally, in the evening or at the weekend, depending on the type of events that are being organized and their schedule.

If you are worried because you haven’t done this type of job before, well, you shouldn’t. It requires very little training. The only essential requirement is politeness, as you will have to talk to people, show them to their seat, or take their tickets.



If you have worked for many years in the same field and you managed to acquire valuable knowledge in a specific area, you can try to become a consultant for firms in that domain. Consultancy services are often provided by third parties which means you could maintain a high level of independence and make your own schedule.

With relevant accomplishments in your fields and years of experience, you can be a great asset for companies who are eager to learn from your experience. The most common scenario in which companies need consultants is when they encounter specific problems, or they are going through a period of transition.

Keep up to date with what is happening to the main companies in your area and reach out to them if you learn that they might need a consultant.



There are many vacancies for someone who wants to work in sales and there are different ways of doing this. You could sell products or services remotely, from the comfort of your home by talking to people over the phone and maintaining contact via email. This type of job might be suitable for you if you have good social skills and you know how to be persuasive.

In most of these jobs, you get paid on a commission basis. The more people you convince to buy your product or service, the more money you will make that month. Also, in many cases, you don’t have a strict schedule. However, you do have to adapt a bit to the time of the day when most people are available to talk to you. You probably won’t be able to work in the evening or very early in the morning when everyone rushes to get to work.

Another good opportunity for people over 60 who are looking for an extra source of income is becoming a retail salesperson. Many of these jobs are often part-time, which would allow you to enjoy a large part of your day and indulge in your hobbies. Moreover, if you work for a few hours a day for a big retail company, you will also have access to different employee discounts and, possibly, some healthcare benefits as well.

Remote customer service

Any notable online shop out there has a customer support representative who has to respond to clients’ questions and complaints. Many of them hire remotely as this means lower costs for the company. For you, as a potential employee, it also means investing less time and money in getting to and from work.

If you are patient with people and at least a little bit tech-savvy, becoming a customer support representative might be just the right thing for you.



If you haven’t written that fabulous novel you’ve always planned to, approaching retirement might seem like a good time to do it. However, nobody guarantees that you will be able to publish it easily, let alone earn money with it. Nonetheless, if you love writing, there is an easier and faster way of making your words reach out to people – blogging.

If you have a strong passion for a certain field, or you are quite skilled at it, you can share your knowledge and views by writing your own blog. With platforms such as WordPress, setting up a blog is easier than ever.

In terms of money, you can start earning when your blog grows in popularity and gets many readers that will also be tempted to click on the links and ads that appear on your blog and make purchases online. This is called affiliate marketing and there are countless articles out there to teach you more about this.

Old age or retirement don’t have to be the end of your career, especially if you plan on putting more money aside or you are trying to fight against boredom. A job can help you maintain a balanced lifestyle as it imposes a certain routine. 

Moreover, it gives you purpose and the pleasure of feeling you are useful and appreciated. There are no reasons why you shouldn’t continue working as you approach or get past retirement age.  



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