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Top 6 Knee Scooters — An In-Depth Analysis


If you are looking for an alternative to crutches and don’t know where to start, here you can find what the best knee scooters are. This guide will be especially helpful if you have little to no time on your hands. Our team has analyzed the value and the quality of some of the critically acclaimed rolling knee scooters and they have concluded that the KneeRover Steerable is the product that you should be looking for. It’s a great choice for the injured ones because it offers great stability and maneuverability. It is versatile and can be used both in the house and outdoors and it’s also quite light and you can transport it easily. If you, unfortunately, cannot find this model, then we recommend looking for the KneeRover All Terrain knee scooter.



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6 Best Knee Scooters (Reviews) in 2024



We have taken the time to research the market, to read knee scooter reviews, we have analyzed the sales figures and consumer reports and we managed to create a selection of some of the most sought-after knee scooters for sale. These devices can be very useful for those with temporary ambulatory issues but they can also make for great gifts for seniors that like to stay active.



1. KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker Crutches


Helping you recover from an injury or surgery, this knee scooter offers you the mobility and independence that you are looking for. It’s very stable and makes you feel in control with the durable handlebars. You can use it to maneuver through tight spaces easily.

This scooter is made to be used both indoors and outdoors and it features four 7.5-inch rubber wheels. To make things comfortable, the knee platform is 3.5-inch thick and you can use it with your right or left foot as well.

Your hands are free while you’re stationary and if you want to carry something with you, like a cell phone (you can find a review here), the front basket offers that possibility. Stability and sturdiness are offered by the dual bar frame that this scooter has. The brakes positioned on the rear wheels offer additional control. Weighing just 22 pounds and benefitting from a quick-folding mechanism, this scooter is easy to transport.

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2. All Terrain KneeRover Steerable Knee Scooter


This knee scooter from KneeRover is a great option for those looking to move across all types of terrain. It offers versatility and comfort and it can get you to places where crutches would struggle. Its great maneuverability is given by the 12-inch pneumatic tires. You can use it to go through dirt, grass, gravel or difficult sidewalks.

It features a very reliable tie-rod steering system and an adjustable handbrake that outclasses the competition. You can find your comfort when using this because it comes with handlebars and a knee pad that can be adjusted in height. It best fits users that have a height between 5 and 6.5 feet. It’s heavy-duty and can withstand weights of up to 300 pounds.

In order for you to gain more control and stability, the model comes with a reinforced, double-bar construction. You can keep your belongings in the front basket at all times.

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3. KneeRover Go Knee Walker  The Most Compact


As the name may suggest, this new model is made for people that are constantly on the go. It’s very portable, lightweight and easy to fold. The design is very interesting, making it one of the most beautiful knee scooters that you can find for sale. Despite its small size, it is well built and the frame can handle weights of 300 pounds.

The handlebars and the seat can be adjusted and they will best fit people that are between 4 and 5.2 feet. The sensible steering and the small frame make this scooter excellent for indoor use. Coming with four 7.5-inch wheels it offers support and balance when moving around the house.

Comfort is ensured by the knee cushion that can be adjusted. However, you might want to get an extra pad for the cushion if you intend to use it for longer times. This scooter is made so that you can unpack it and use it fast on flat surfaces in your house or in a supermarket, but it’s not designed for long walks.

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4. KneeRover Hybrid Knee Scooter with All Terrain


Manufacturers are now producing hybrid models that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Such is the case with this knee scooter. What makes it better than regular models when it comes to versatility is that it offers a frontal pair of 9-inch pneumatic wheels that are good on all kinds of terrain.

The back wheels are 7.5 inches in diameter and because they are not bulky they offer you more maneuverability in your house. The wheels also feature a reliable drum braking system that offers the ability of quick stopping. The brake is actioned by a hand lever that can be adjusted on the handle. There is also a parking brake that can be used by pushing a button.

Employing a tie-rod steering principle, this knee scooter provides excellent stability even during turns. The positioning of the four wheels also ensures a better balance for the user.

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5. Drive Medical Dual Pad Steerable Knee Walker with Basket


One of the things that make this scooter different is the removable front basket. It allows you to carry groceries or personal items but if you don’t need it you can leave it at home.

Another unique detail is the longer knee pad that lets you position your damaged leg better and it offers more support on a larger surface.

In addition, it allows ventilation through the hole between the pads. The steel tubing that this knee scooter is made of will guarantee durability for a long period.

In terms of weight capacity, this drive knee scooter can support weights of up to 300 pounds. The handlebars are adjustable in height and they can reach between 31 and 40 inches. You can also find a brake lever on the right handlebar. The lever also features a secure lock button that you can use to keep the scooter in place when you get on or off it.

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6. KneeRover Pro All Terrain Knee Walker Aluminum Scooter


Going over uneven surfaces can prove uncomfortable for some knee scooter users, but that is not the case with this model.

To help you traverse difficult terrains without the risk of injuring yourself even more, this knee scooter is equipped with shock absorbers. This will provide additional cushioning and allow you to move more freely.

The wheels are considerably larger than usual, measuring 12 inches, and they are pneumatic and made for off-road use. You won’t have issues with gaps in sidewalks either and you can use this scooter in your house without the risk of the wheels damaging your floors.

You don’t have to worry about its maneuverability either, as it comes with a tie-rod steering system that makes it very easy for you to move around. Given the sturdy frame, this model will provide you with the safety needed when riding it.

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Our Yearly Guide


During your recovery period, you will need to consider how long it will take for you to get back in shape and how active you will be during that time.

Some people don’t want to move too much when they’re injured. But for those that need to work, go shopping, do chores or take care of the kids, a knee scooter is very useful.

If you’re shopping for products designed particularly for senior citizens, we would recommend checking out our other articles such as those we’ve written on blood pressure lowering supplements or even laxatives for the elderly.


Advantages over crutches

Whether you choose a pair of crutches or a knee scooter depends on your lifestyle and how active you want to be while your leg is injured. Scooters win in certain aspects. They allow you to travel longer distances, especially the motorized knee scooters, so they will still help you exercise your healthy leg. Steerable scooters allow you to rest your injured leg on them when needed and at the same time free your hands.

Knee scooters are more comfortable and fun to use. They allow you to move more securely over all types of floors and they don’t get stuck too often. The risk of falling off is minimal. They are more stylish as well and you won’t experience pain under your arms like you would if you used crutches.


Stability and sturdiness

There are a number of important aspects that you should take into consideration when buying a knee scooter, but probably the most important one is how solid it is and how much balance it offers you. Consider taking the time to find a model that is made of the best materials. A steel frame is always something that you should be looking for.

Because each model is destined for a different group of people, you should also check the maximum weight that the scooter can support. Most models can hold 300 pounds, but heavy-duty models can be found if needed.

To find the best stability, you must ensure that your knee scooter suits your height and frame. There are models built for adults and they have greater weight capacities, and the seating height can be adjusted more, up to two feet. You can find knee walkers addressed to kids and these are built to fit the smaller body of a child.



A knee scooter wouldn’t be too great if it didn’t offer the means for you to feel at ease. Comfort is mainly offered by the padded knee platform. The place where you rest your knee should be as cushioned as possible because you will spend a lot of time on it and you don’t want your leg to get numb.

Good knee pads come with the option of height adjustment. Some models are designed with grooves in them to suit the shape of the leg both when you operate the scooter normally and when you sit on something else and rest your leg up on the knee pad.

Electric knee scooters offer the advantage that you don’t have to do much effort to get around with them and you will be able to rest your fully functional leg, as well. They can almost act like an electric wheelchair — not really, but almost.

The ability to steer easily is also important. It will help you be more relaxed when using the knee scooter. Some models come with ergonomic hand grips to prevent slipping and to make steering even smoother. For those models that don’t provide that, you can consider getting a pair of wheelchair gloves to help you grip the handle better.

The handles should be able to be adjusted in height, to fit different people. It’s important to know that when using a knee scooter, the handlebars should be at waist height when used, and the knee should sit at a 90-degree angle.

The knee scooter should also be convenient to carry around. When you get in an out of the car, you will put it aside and in that situation it should be easy for you to lift it and transport it. Although you want it to be made of a sturdy material, you also need it to be lightweight. Good knee scooters can be quickly folded and they will make your life easier when moving them around.

Safety on all terrains

You might only use your knee scooter indoors, or you might be the type of person that likes to stay active and go out more. Either way, you will need a scooter that keeps you safe at all times, in any situation and that is why if you wish to buy a cheap knee scooter, you must make sure it meets all safety standards.

If you are looking for something to offer more balance, four-wheeled models are more stable. But models that have three wheels can be more easy to maneuver and they can resemble the feel and look of bikes for seniors.

The ease of steering is also a deciding factor, particularly for those that are weakened and can’t use their arm muscles at full potential. The size of the wheels is another aspect to consider. Small wheels provide more comfort in your house, but they can prove to be inefficient on asphalt or dirt.

Of course, you can find an all-terrain knee scooter that will help you move in your house and outdoors as well.




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