Best Laxatives for the Elderly in 2019 – Guide & Reviews

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Top 20 Laxatives for Seniors – An In-Depth Analysis


If you’re on the lookout for the best laxative for the elderly and their digestive needs, this is where you’ll find plenty of cheap and quick acting recommendations based on honest opinions from experts. We’ve carefully scanned the market for all types of laxatives for seniors, from osmotic to plant-based ones, so you have another solution at hand if the one you initially picked fails you. Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula made it to the top of the list since it has an all-organic recipe, which incorporates the best and the most efficient natural active substances. It relies upon the power of Curacao, and on the Cape Aloe leaf to power up your enteric muscles and to promote a physiological bowel movement, even if taken regularly. If unfortunately, this item is out of stock, we offer you the California Products Psyllium Seed as an equally valuable alternative to treat your intestinal discomfort.



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The best laxatives for senior citizens are very varied when it comes to the mechanism of action. There isn’t just one that’s good, reviews of laxatives for seniors suggest because it is more about what works for you. Down below you have the best options the market has to offer to patients who have lived in pain and who have struggled with constipation their whole life.



Best natural laxative for constipation


Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula


If you suffer from chronic constipation, you don’t have to give up your favorite activities because of discomfort anymore. This product is all-natural, and it is designed to aid your gastroenteric muscles and to promote their natural contraction. It also encourages the bile to flow and not stagnate in the gallbladder.

It is a bowel cleaner that can be used for a range of intestinal conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and dyskinesia. It also soothes your digestion, especially after you’ve had a heavy meal. The biomedicine alleviates gastro-intestinal distension and promotes healthy blood flow to your digestive organs.

All the ingredients, which include Curaçao and aloe leaf, Oregon grape root, garlic and habanero peppers, are organic and pesticide-free and perfectly good for your health. The pills can be taken daily without any issues whatsoever. If the symptoms get worse than before taking this medicine, do not avoid calling your G.P. Some highly sensitive people did mention that they felt bloated after ingesting the pills, but that is not a typical occurrence.

The good thing about this healthy mix of herbs is that it doesn’t have any side effects and that it’s a laxative which acts quickly after ingesting it, meaning you won’t have any surprise hours after you took it.

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California Products Psyllium Seed


Natural laxatives that lack toxic additives and chemicals that cause cancer even when used daily are hard to find. But this product heavy in Psyllium fibers offers you a solution to your problems that is safe to take and quick to act whenever you need it to perform.

It packs many capsules created from all-organic elements that keep you full for an entire day, meaning it will be much easier for you to lose weight in a non-forced way, which could otherwise be potentially unhealthy. Overall, all of these attributes make this healthy product an ideal colon cleanser because it is efficient and affordable.

The supplement can be safely used even if you have a condition like irritable bowel syndrome, and the plant extract promotes the health of your digestive tract in its entirety. It prevents both constipation and diarrhea, depending on your symptoms, and it feeds the good bacteria which help you absorb vitamins from your food.

You can take this supplement with any smoothie or green drink, and you can double its effect by also adopting a healthier lifestyle. The soluble fibers incorporated into the product can help fight LDL cholesterol, or bad cholesterol, thus improving heart health.

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Senna Plus Natural


This 100-tablet product is an excellent way to fix your intestinal conditions. It is gentle with your already stressed organs, and it delivers a quick solution to your constipation issues, due to the incorporated stool softener. It stimulates the peristaltic movements of the colon, and it works just as efficiently even when used daily.

The gentle laxative is especially beneficial if you have recurrent dry stools, and if you suffer from a chronic illness like IBS or celiac disease. It can harmlessly be used in combination with any other drug since it is made from natural ingredients, and its side effects are minimal to none.

If you need something to help you on a regular basis, there aren’t too many options that can provide as many reasons to buy it than this model. And the organic composition is balanced by a reasonable price that could prove itself to be hard to overlook in a market filled with unbalanced options.

Reviewers praise this health supplement because it doesn’t traumatize your gut, but instead it pushes the stool gently without leaving you breathless and tired after you’ve used the toilet. It is recommended that you take at least two tablets in twenty-four hours, as people noticed that sometimes you need more for the desired results.

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DETOX 535 Aloe


This potential buy is something that does its job from the first tablet that you ingest. Just take one or two, and you will feel its effect almost instantly. It only contains the pulp of the Aloe plant, so the taste will feel natural and not bitter as products that use the leaves of the plant taste.

It’s an organic supplement which gives you a helping hand with constipation, and that will reduce the tension in your bowels, thus eliminating the pain you feel when you don’t go to the toilet for many hours in a row. It also contains no gluten or pesticides, and all the ingredients are GMO-free.

This medicine’s capsules are made of gelatin, and all the colorants are just as natural as the product itself. If you suffer from constipation, recurrent or not, this item should not miss from your medicine cabinet. It is especially handy during the holidays when we tend to overeat and when our digestive system is a bit lazier than usual.

You can avoid ingesting heavy chemicals and drugs that come with an endless list of side effects with this natural option. It is something to take into consideration.

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Best herbal laxative


Swiss Kriss Herbal Tablets


This famous brand promises to deliver a natural and non-traumatizing result against constipation. It fructifies the inherent properties of centaury herbs, papaya leaves, and peppermint, which together are beneficial because they are antispasmodic, calming, and they prevent gas from forming inside your intestines.

It uses lemon verbena, which tones up your musculature, parsley, and anise, and the manufacturer also uses many other ingredients to create tablets that have a rich taste and that are easy to swallow. This is why this brand is one of the favorites among chronic users.

Its natural ingredients are revered because they don’t have any toxic effects and thus the product can be consumed chronically. This property is a blessing for those who’ve been cursed with lazy intestines. People and nutritionists as well have recommended it for those who want to do a colon cleansing once a year.

Pay attention if you develop cramps, as remote incidents have happened. Unlike other products, this one has a limited list of them, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible to develop one. If that is the case, address your physician as soon as possible.

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Herbal Capsules and Probiotics


There is a reason why herbal products are so popular – because they are non-toxic, and because you don’t develop tolerance to their properties as fast as with chemicals. And the fact that this product is 100% made from herbs and plants should be a hint as to why it is so familiar to consumers.

It is mostly labeled for occasional users, and the manufacturer recommends you ingest one or two capsules with plenty of water before going to bed. But it can also be taken for fifteen consecutive days if you’re planning to do a cleanse. It is not recommended that you repeat the cleansing without a two-month break in between the programs.

Specially designed for your digestive health, the pills are rich in fibers and non-GMO herbs and plant extracts. These will make you feel energized and light even after a heavy meal. Forget about a sluggish digestive tract and about giving up exercising because you feel bloated since this product will help with all of that.

It doesn’t cause gastric distress, and it shouldn’t make any underlying symptom worse. If you experience any new symptoms, it is best that you immediately stop taking this medicine.

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Puritan’s Pride Herbal Tablets


Occasional constipation is something that plagues most modern humans due to our chaotic lifestyle. We don’t exercise, we don’t eat enough fibers, and we forget to drink water, all things which eventually harden our stool. That’s why we need to supplement our diets with a product like the Herbal Laxative Tablet.

It contains no harsh synthetics, no sugar or preservatives, and all the ingredients come from organic sources which are grown without pesticides. All the flavors are natural, and the product can be ingested even by those who are allergic to gluten or lactose intolerant.

If you combine this item with a balanced diet, you will never need to worry about a bloated abdomen or pain while defecating. It has all the features of something that can potentially become a staple in your house, and it will make your gut as happy as an enema would, but without all its complications.

Some people have said that they would’ve preferred the product to come as capsules and not tablets. However, the fact that you don’t need many at a time and because their shape is well rounded shouldn’t make taking them a struggle even if you need them more than once.

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Herbal Colon Detox


This is a system that will allow you to detoxify your body entirely and to cleanse your colon at the same time. Even if you have a regular bowel movement, it is a well-known fact that your colon can accumulate hardened stool that in time could irritate its mucosa thus leading to abdominal pain and bloating.

This formula that comprises of eight natural ingredients, carefully selected by a team of scientists, and which includes Aloe, probiotics, and Senna, helps lubricate your large intestine and to propel the bits of stool that are embedded on its surface.

You get the desired results in one or two days, but it can take up to fifteen whole days for a complete detoxifying cycle. At the end of your first detox session, you will feel much lighter and cleaner inside and out.

The risks of this product are almost none, but you need to be careful and to pay extra attention to your stool. If you see blood in it, or if you’re developing diarrhea even a few days after you’ve stopped taking the supplement, make sure to contact your doctor. Moreover, some people also complained that they developed cramps and nausea when they took the product for too long.

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Best laxative suppository


Dulcolax Laxative Suppositories


Laxative suppositories are some of the fastest acting laxatives on the market because they act locally, without having to travel across the entire digestive tract. Combine that speed with the patented recipe of a famous and respect brand like Dulcolax, and you get a product that will make most people happy.

It works with both constipation and irregularities almost instantly. You have to administer them via your rectum, but that will be more comfortable than it sounds due to its ergonomic shape. The main active ingredient it contains is Bisacodyl, and it promotes a healthy bowel movement in less than fifteen minutes.

Each suppository is individually wrapped for easy access and storage, which also makes them great for traveling because you can take as many as you’d like without them melting in your bags. The manufacturer has extensive experience, and most doctors all around the world trust the brand.

However, just like with any laxative, different people have different reactions to them. Some people who’ve used the product accused cramping and diarrhea. If that happens, try to reduce your dose in half and give it another chance. If the symptoms don’t disappear, stop taking the product.

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Bisacodyl Rectal Generic


This generic option might prove to be just as competent as any brand laxative, but for a price that doesn’t make anyone second guess if they should buy it or not. The main active ingredient makes enteric muscles contract, meaning your digested food won’t stagnate, and it won’t make you feel like you’re going to throw up or regurgitate.

This option is safe to be used by paralyzed individuals or by other people who sit in the same spot for long intervals of time such as accountants and drivers. It is best if you take this product occasionally and not daily, as it can lose its effectiveness against constipation and irregularity.

The suppositories need to be inserted rectally at least half an hour before you want to have a stool so that you won’t have any surprise if you leave the house.

The package is easy to open, and the shape is comfortable enough not to cause any pain when delivered to your large intestine. Make sure you keep the suppositories in a dry place because they can potentially melt if held in direct sunlight. If abused, they can cause mild diarrhea.

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Fleet Glycerin Adult


When you are in a hurry, and you need something fast acting, this shouldn’t miss from your bag. This product is a standout because it is liquid, meaning it will be much easier to be administered than a chunky solid suppository.

It is suited for adults, and after you insert them, it takes about fifteen to twenty minutes to produce a non-painful bowel movement. It is one of the fastest acting suppositories on the market due to its innovative design and formula. It does all the things the brand product does, but with a price tag that your wallet won’t even feel.

This model is especially useful if you have hemorrhoids because it is so much softer than other products around. Make sure you drink plenty of water to enhance its effect, and to help your colon produce more mucus for more natural defecations. Also, use the applicator from the box so insertion will feel more comfortable.

As far as side effects are concerned, Fleet Glycerin doesn’t have that many. Just like with all medicine, make sure you are not allergic to the active ingredient. If you develop a fever or severe pain in the rectum area, discontinue the treatment and call your doctor.

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Best laxative over the counter


MiraLAX Powder Laxative


Side effects are feared by all; that’s why we need to invest in products that have very few ones, like this one from MiraLAX. It neutralizes chronic constipation, especially if you eat fast food, and if you live a sedentary lifestyle. It should not replace exercising and a healthy diet, but if you are someone who lacks time to do that, this item can work wonders.

It amplifies and increases the frequency of the peristaltic waves, meaning you will be able to go more often to the toilet to defecate, without having to put effort into it. This thing translates into less pain and in a decrease in the chances that are going to develop hemorrhoids and anal fissures.

The product contains enough powder for forty-five doses, and with the help of the bottle cap, you can correctly adjust the 17g need for one dose. You can say goodbye to bloating and cramping unless you are one of the unlucky ones who rarely developed side effects.

All its results are clinically proven, and it can be used with both cold and hot beverages. Do not take it more than seven days straight, and sometimes change it with another type of laxative, so you avoid getting used to its osmotic properties.

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Colace 2-in-1 Tablets


This laxative combines the best of both worlds: a premium stool softener and a gentle stimulant laxative, which will provide overnight relief, allowing you to sleep comfortably and without feeling like your belly is going to explode if you move. You will wake up relaxed and heading straight towards your toilet.

The tablets are designed to deliver excellent results when it comes to occasional constipation, and it will feed and power up the smooth muscles of your intestines so they can do their job without forcing them, as traditional therapy does. These tablets allow you to eliminate stools in around six hours, also depending on your diet.

The manufacturer has over sixty years of experience, so you know the product is refined and efficient from the first dose. It is even suitable for patients who suffer from hemorrhoids or slow-healing anal fissures, as the stool won’t be rigid. Thus, it will hurt less while eliminating digested food.

It makes defecation less of a burden, as it should be. All of these features make this item a perfect alternative to overpriced brand names, and like all laxatives, you need to pay attention if your symptoms are getting worse instead of better.

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MiraLAX Laxative Powder


Don’t let constipation prevent you from enjoying traveling. With the aid of this supplement, you can make sure you have a quick solution for your lazy intestines anywhere you go. The ten pre-measured packets will make your life so much easier since all you’ll have to do is rip the single-dose container, pour it in some water, stir and then drink it.

It doesn’t get easier than this, and since it is also highly efficient, you will be happy and satisfied that you can experience the local cuisine without having to pay for it later. It will respect the physiology of your digestive system meaning your stool will look natural and healthy.

It has a slower release, from anywhere from twelve to twenty hours, and it is recommended that you only drink one a day. It can be safely ingested even if you suffer from chronic constipation, and it will help you avoid awkward and painful enemas or addictive drugs.

Double-check that you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients, and avoid taking this product every day as it might lead to weight loss and vitamin deficiencies, especially in liposoluble vitamins like A or D.

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Clearlax Polyethylene Glycol


A high-quality osmotic laxative can be hard to come by, especially if prices matter to you. But this brand combines all of your wishes, and it is highly efficient with occasional constipation or irregularity. And all that you are required to do is to dissolve the powder in your favorite beverage and drink it. This is great, especially since the grit-free powder is unflavored.

The bottle cap can act as a measuring unit which is very handy when it comes to measuring the 17 grams you will need for one dose. Just add it to the beverage and stir thoroughly. It is recommended that you only drink this product once a day to avoid losing too many nutrients.

As a recommendation, try not to use this powder more than seven days in a row. You can take a few days off so you can rest your guts, and then use it again with caution.

As a precaution, make sure you are not allergic to the primary active ingredient polyethylene glycol, and that you don’t suffer from any kidney dysfunction. And if you have side effects such as vomiting, persistent diarrhea or abdominal pain for more than two weeks, make sure you consult your doctor.

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Best laxative tea


Yogi Tea Soothing Mint


Mint is famous for its pain and stomach burn relieving properties, and this tea takes advantage of that while adding some extra ingredients to offer you the complete experience. Moreover, it can act pretty quickly, so make sure you won’t have to leave the house soon after drinking this tasty ginger tea.

It is just as efficient as charcoal against bloating, indigestion and acid reflux, but it should not replace any therapy your doctor prescribed to you. It is something that can be drunk regularly, and all its ingredients are from organic crops.

It is the ideal tea if you need a little push and something that will give back the lost strength of your intestines. It is caffeine-free, and its outcome will feel natural, and your entire abdominal area will feel relaxed and tension free. The tea is known for the fact that it stimulates the peristaltic waves that propel the stool out of the body.

While it can make some unlucky drinkers bloated and even accentuate their underlying symptoms, these side effects are quite rare. In addition, keep in mind that it contains small amounts of black pepper, which can promote inflammation, especially if you suffer from Crohn’s disease or rectocolitis.

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Traditional Blends Smooth Move


This is a product that combines the lovely experience of drinking tea, with the ease you feel after your constipation disappears. It is a herbal stimulant which is carefully blended, so it won’t prove itself toxic in the long run, and it is also an excellent alternative to swallowing a chunky pill.

The dietary supplement contains no dangerous drug, and it relies on the best organic elements nature has to offer. The Senna leaf is so powerful that a single serving will be enough to put your bowels to work and the stool running. Its effect is proven, and cramping and irritation will be reduced almost instantly.

Additionally, the producer included fennel orange, cinnamon, and coriander in the recipe to expand further its effect and to make it delicious at the same time, with its slightly bitter kick. One tea bag is enough to put in a hot cup of water for ten or fifteen minutes.

It is essential that you don’t abuse the product, as it can lead to malabsorption and consequently, to weight loss. Unlike traditional drugs, this one doesn’t lead to addiction. If you suffer from severe intestinal conditions, ask your doctor before taking this product.

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Best laxative pill


Bisacodyl Laxative Coated Tablets


If you’re scanning for an alternative to the pricey Dulcolax, that is just as efficient but costs a fraction of what the brand product would cost you, then read about this product. It offers overnight relief and two tablets a day is enough for both adults and children over six years old to provide the desired effect.

It offers a gentle weapon against constipation and other types of irregularities, and since the bottle comes with a thousand tablets, you will never run out of something to rely on when your digestive system acts out. Ensure by reading the ingredients list that you are not allergic to the active substances and do not overuse the product.

It will make your life more comfortable, as you won’t have to avoid certain foods anymore. The price is reasonable too if you take into account the fact that it comes with so many pills.

If you start to have bloody or watery stools, go to a gastroenterologist for further examination. It is safe to be taken if you have irritable bowels, or if you want something that has a slower release so that you can be covered throughout the entire day.

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Perdiem Overnight Relief


This pack will provide a long-term solution to your digestive issues. It comes with sixty easy to swallow pills, which you will have to take with plenty of water. The medicine is recommended for both adults and children over the age of twelve. Seniors can also ingest it without worrying that the active ingredient will interact with other drugs.

Moreover, it is safe even if you suffer from conditions such as IBS and Crohn’s disease. It is a rare find on the market because everyone has something good to say about it. It has proven its efficiency for years, and as time passes, it has fewer side effects.

Also, it won’t make your stools explosive but will give them a somewhat natural consistency, which is what you want. It will also aid you with bloating, abdominal distention, and it will make you feel like you can enjoy life again without always feeling full and tired.

It is not recommended that you take this product every day. Instead, try to take it when needed, with as many breaks as possible. This way, you will reduce the slim chances that your intestines will get used to it, and that you won’t lose any nutrients.

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Dulcolax Laxative Tablets


The secret weapon that the tablets use is Bisacodyl, which is known for the fact that it stimulates the peristaltic waves to propel the stool out of the body, for an overnight relief which leads to no surprise. A single pack contains fifty 5mg tablets, and that is the ideal dosage for someone who suffers from long-term enteric pathologies.

Dulcolax is a brand trusted by many American doctors, and it is used even in hospitals around the world. Since it’s an overnight product, the effect will be gentle, so if you need a quick solution, this is not it. But something as long-acting as this is much healthier because your muscles won’t be strained.

The bowel movement will be present in the morning if you take this before you go to bed, and it will also help you with irregularity, and even with that annoying nausea people feel after overeating.

Before taking this product, make sure you read the label and the ingredients list, to see if you are forbidden to take any of them. If you do not see results from the first try, double your dosage, as constipation treatments work in different ways for everyone.

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Our Yearly Guide


Educating yourself on what best drugs to treat constipation are, what types of laxative you can find on the market and which works best with your pathology is vital. Health is not something to be taken lightly, so make sure you invest the proper time into reading about this topic.

To aid this tedious process, we’ve researched the Internet for the must-have features of a product from this category, to make sure your constipation will be taken care of. Things like brands and prices should not matter, elderly laxatives reviews tell us.

Stuff like ingredients, fewer side effects and how natural a product is, should have priority over trivial matters. Down below, you have all the criteria that the perfect medicine for you needs to have.


Osmotic, stimulating or stool softeners agents?

Osmotic laxatives are some of the most popular good laxatives for seniors. They come with a non-absorbable sugar which attracts the water from your tissues to your colon – or osmosis, as this process is called, hence the name. This water mixes with the stool and makes it softer and smoother to propel. Just like prune juice does, but more efficiently.

If you want something from this category, look for products that use polyethylene glycol, like MiraLax. There is a significant number of prescription drugs that use the same pattern, but they can be toxic if not recommended by a specialist, and you can become almost addicted to them.

Those work better when you are in the hospital, under supervision. Products that incorporate polyethylene glycol are safe even if taken daily.

Stimulating agents act on the colon’s musculature directly. Products that contain Senna and Bisacodyl stimulate the enteric muscles, meaning they work better with more severe symptoms and cases that are acute rather than chronic. It is not unsafe to use them daily, but you can develop resistance to the active ingredient at some point.

Softening agents are recommended for mild cases of constipation, as they just soften the stool and help with the mucus production. They are widely prescribed, but not very efficient if taken on their own.


What about fibers?

Fibers are also called bulking agents because they promote stool formation and a healthy bowel movement. If you add plenty of grains to your diet and if you drink at least two liters of water a day, you shouldn’t have problems such as constipation and bloating anymore.

However, this dietary remedy is not enough, especially for someone who is always on the run and never has time to cook and to buy foods that are rich in this element. That’s why you should buy a supplement that acts as a laxative, and that has plenty of fibers too.

This is essential for older adults who have aged colons, which are lazier when it comes to moving the stool around, and for those who often forget to drink water. Products which are rich in psyllium can be found on the market, and they are quite good and recommended by both doctors and reviewers. Moreover, they are considered healthy laxatives for the elderly.

Keep in mind that you can take these supplements in combination with a healthy diet. They don’t cancel each other out. Also, you should know that they can cause gas, especially in the beginning of your treatment, but that shouldn’t scare you.

Bring something else to the table

Other things that people forget they can help you digest your food better are probiotics. They usually contain good bacteria which release chemicals that help break down your food into smaller pieces which can be absorbed into your bloodstream by the enteric cells.

You can find items for sale that combine laxatives with probiotics, which can be great especially for chronic users. If this option is not available, look for a high-quality probiotic and take it at the same time as your laxative.

If you still aren’t satisfied with your results, you can combine a laxative tea with a mild-acting tablet and a probiotic. If you don’t see a difference even at this point, make sure you go to a hospital and see a doctor, especially if you didn’t have a stool in more than three days.


What else?

Every doctor will tell you that these pills cannot do all the job by themselves and that you will need to pay more attention to what you are eating. Try to include more vegetables and cereals into your diet, especially for breakfast, and to get some exercise if you live a sedentary lifestyle that requires you to sit for extended periods of time on your chair.

And if you feel the need to go to the toilet, don’t suppress that feeling and act on it. Moreover, do not take laxatives daily if your doctor didn’t recommend it to you or if there’s no need for it. Unless you suffer from chronic constipation, start with milder products and if they are inefficient, go for something stronger.

There’s no point in taking a dose larger than recommended if a product is not working as you’d like it to. Just change the type of laxative, as the market is abundant with options for you to choose from and use.

As a different option, you can perform a gentle enema if everything else fails. But do not try to combine a strong laxative with an enema, as this could be too much for your colon and it can lead to worse symptoms and many complications. In conclusion, there isn’t just one best type of laxative, it’s all a matter of how your body will react to a product.


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