Best Neck Arthritis Pillows in 2023 – Guide & Reviews

Last Updated: 30.05.23


Top 4 Neck Pillows for Arthritis – An In-Depth Analysis


If you’ve been trying to find the best neck arthritis pillow or just one that actually alleviates your pain but you haven’t had a lot of luck up until now, you’re in the right place. After doing a lot of research on the topic, we came to the conclusion that the first model that you ought to take into account is the Coop Home Goods Hypoallergenic as it’s comfortable, convenient, and it also includes a removable cover that can be cleaned using the washer. This unit is also dust mite resistant and the CertiPUR-US foam it’s made from contains no toxic substances and no traces of flame retardants, lead, heavy metals, mercury, or formaldehyde. It’s available in two sizes – king and queen. In case the Coop Home Goods Hypoallergenic is no longer available, perhaps you should consider another highly recommended pillow for neck arthritis, the Xtreme Comforts Kool-Flow.



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4 Best Neck Arthritis Pillows (Reviews) in 2023



Since we can’t possibly choose the right neck arthritis pillow for your particular needs, we thought we’d at least showcase some of the models that we liked while doing our research. All of the items below have received a lot of appreciation on the behalf of those who have given them a shot.



1. Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable Loft Pillow


This convenient pillow comes with a removable cover that can be cleaned in the washing machine and it is made of the right materials that can ensure you benefit from a restful sleep experience.

The cover is made of 60% polyester and 40% rayon derived from bamboo. This USA-made product doesn’t contain any traces of toxic substances such as lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, or phthalates, and it’s even received the CertiPUR certification for this.

Since the filling consists of memory foam, you can rest assured that the pillow will conform to your physical attributes, therefore allowing you to doze off and wake up with less and eventually, no pain in your neck.

The product is also dust-mite resistant as well as hypoallergenic, and that might be something you might be interested in if you’ve ever suffered from allergies. You get a five-year warranty if you decide to go for this model. Having received over ten thousand favorable reviews, we say it might be worth looking into.

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2. Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic Adjustable Thickness


Probably the best thing about this pillow is that it is completely adjustable, so it speaks to the needs of people who sleep on their side, on their back, or even those that might sleep on their belly from time to time.

The product is fitted with an inner zipper that enables users to adjust the thickness of the pillow, so you have complete control over how it looks and feels under your head.

Much like some of the other models that we have recommended in this selection, this one doesn’t contain any traces of toxic substances and it has been certified by CertiPUR. It’s also made in the United States of America and it has been deemed to be a safe and healthy product for your entire family, and even for pregnant women.

Thanks to its shredded memory foam build, this choice can’t turn flat or lumpy. It actively promotes proper neck, back, and spine alignment, so that makes it stand out from the crowd.

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3. Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow


This ventilated memory foam cushion can make for a great gift for someone who has been experiencing neck pain and that has had difficulty sleeping for quite some time.

It’s made of 100% polyester and it is moderately firm, and it comes with a responsive memory foam build. This type of construction is apparently capable of providing the ergonomic support that you might require.

The Classic Brands Conforma is a good choice for side sleepers, but also for individuals who tend to sleep on their back. Offering superior pressure relief as well as great supportive comfort to the neck, shoulders, and head, this product can help you get a good night’s sleep.

The fact that it boasts a ventilated memory foam design definitely sets it apart some of its competitors because you won’t get overheated while you sleep. The memory foam in the construction of the pillow is antimicrobial and resistant to bacteria, mold, as well as dust mites, and it is also antiallergic.

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4. Chiroflow Waterbase Waterpillow


If you take the time to read our guide below, you’ll find out that water pillows make for a great option for some individuals who experience pain in their neck.

This particular one has been clinically proven to be capable of improving the sleep quality of those who use it. It boasts a water base that can be filled with ease and it also comes with a soft hypoallergenic fiber filling.

Thanks to this cushion, you can finally fall asleep in a timely fashion and get more rest and as such, a higher energy level for the day to come. You also have a little freedom when it comes to adjusting the firmness of this pillow, which is something you might fail to get in some other models.

All you have to do is change the water level to achieve just that. Since some buyers have experienced issues with mold, we suggest checking the pillow for such mishaps on a regular basis.

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Our Yearly Guide


In case you didn’t know, sleep disorders in individuals who suffer from neck arthritis are very common. Sleep disturbance affects around ten million American adults, and that’s the number of people that are likely to experience insomnia almost three times as more compared to their healthier counterparts. If you are one of these unlucky persons, you might be on the hunt for the best pillow for neck arthritis.

But what makes the difference between a good neck arthritis pillow and one that you might just as well do without? Let’s have a look at some of the features that are essential if you’re looking to pick a comfortable alternative and one that’s truly worth the cost.




There are many different materials that rheumatoid arthritis neck pillows can be made out of, but one of the more popular options in this respect is memory foam. It’s commonly used in regular mattresses, too, but it can do wonders when utilized in the construction of therapeutic neck pillows.

When it comes to this material, you have two ways of going about things. You can either choose a product that comes with memory foam that can’t be removed or added, or you can get one that comes with shredded memory foam that will allow you to customize the feel and design of the pillow, at least to some extent.

Something you might be surprised to find out is that another popular alternative in this category is the water pillow. It is said to offer great results for people who suffer from headaches and neck pain, and while it might not seem like a viable option, it can work rather well when when it is used correctly.

Water will give you a much firmer feel compared to memory foam because it can’t be compressed. When you lay your head down at night, you’ll feel a lot more resistance. For some people, this can be a great alternative, but others don’t appreciate the feel at all and it can actually accentuate their pain.



The shape of the pillow is another aspect that you have to consider, and that’s because these products come in several designs. Curved pillows are extremely popular right now and they contour with the shape of your body.

However, when choosing a contour cheap neck arthritis pillow, you should take the time to go to a store and actually try one out before buying, and that’s because people’s necks can be longer or shorter. Physical attributes differ largely from one person to the next.

Many neck arthritis pillow reviews recommend cervical pillows because they seem to do a good job of filling the space that’s between your neck and the mattress, therefore providing you with the support you need for a restful sleep experience.



Again, not all people have the same physical features, and that is why some prefer to sleep on bigger pillows whereas others would much rather have a smaller one.

There are also individuals who might have neck arthritis, but they would prefer sleeping with one of their arms underneath the pillow, and that makes it a challenge for them to choose the right model.

Whatever your case, you should know that you shouldn’t opt for a too small product because you’ll most probably end up sleeping with your head directly on the mattress. On the other hand, a too large pillow can take up a lot of room on your bed and might be heavier and harder to handle.


If you’ve ever bought a mattress (especially a couple of years ago) and you had to leave it to air out before being able to use it because of the chemical smells emanated by the materials, you know what we’re referring to when we speak about the safety of the pillow. Fortunately, these days there are certifications that a product can acquire and these can give you the reassurance that the product isn’t toxic.

After all, you’re resting your head on the pillow for a minimum of six to seven hours every night, so it definitely needs to be safe. It should contain no traces of formaldehyde, lead, heavy metals, phthalates, or anything else that could be toxic.



How to say goodbye to neck pain according to Harvard Medical School


We know that getting the right pillow for neck pain from the myriad available for sale nowadays can be challenging, so let’s look at some tips that could help you along your journey of getting rid of neck pain.



Focus on adjusting your sleeping position

There are two sleeping positions that can be a little easier on the neck compared to the rest – when you sleep on your back and when you sleep on your side. Back sleepers should choose a rounded pillow that can offer them some support to the natural curve of the neck.

Try to make your bed so that you avoid sleeping on your stomach because this position is somewhat tough on the spine – you can’t put your head into the mattress, so you’ll have to turn your neck to the side.

Harvard Medical School recommends selecting a feather pillow that conforms to the shape of the user’s neck. Such models are known for collapsing in time, though, so they have to be replaced yearly or when you notice that it’s happened. A memory foam pillow that’s traditionally shaped can be another good option, especially if it conforms to the contour of your neck and head.

While some people who have neck and back pain might argue that it feels good for them to sleep on stiff or hard mattresses and pillows, the truth is that a pillow that is overly high or stiff can keep the neck flexed throughout the night, so you’ll feel stiff and achy in the morning.

Another good idea is to purchase a horseshoe-shaped pillow to support your neck when you’re riding in a train, plane, or car, or even when you are watching TV. This type of pillow can help prevent our head from dropping to one side if you accidentally doze off.


What else?

Chronic musculoskeletal pain is caused also by the lack of or poor quality of sleep. Apparently, sleep disturbances are capable of disrupting the muscle relaxation as well as the healing processes that should typically occur while you are sleeping at night.

It’s kind of a vicious cycle, really, because pain can disrupt your sleep while poor quality sleep can lead to pain.


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