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Best Overbed Table Review – Top Rated Models with Buying Guide


Finding the best‌ ‌overbed‌ ‌table is a task that requires quite a bit of research. If you are in a hurry, and you don’t have the time to go through all of the options that are currently available, we can help. After assessing the market by reading what previous buyers and the experts had to say about this line of products, we have concluded that the Invacare Overbed Table 6417 is the model that you should think about getting. This choice is height adjustable from 28 to 40″ and it has a welded steel base that makes it durable. The top is made of walnut, wood-grained laminate and it features molded edges so that it won’t get damaged easily.  Because it includes casters, this option is easy to move around with limited effort. If this item is out of stock, you might want to take a close look at the UNICOO Height Adjustable Table New Version.



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10 Best Overbed Tables (Updated Reviews) in 2024



If you don’t have the time to go through a lot of overbed table reviews, we’ve got you covered. Below, you can find a list of high-quality products that have received outstanding reviews from buyers and specialists alike. So, take a few minutes to assess the options that we have analyzed and see which one you like best!



1. Invacare Overbed Table 6417 


This table is fairly simple to lower and raise as it is constructed in a way that allows users to modify its height from 28 to 40″. You can do so easily, as this product comes supplied with a spring-loaded, locking handle that is simple to use. It features a durable wood-grain laminate top, as well as a welded steel base.

Because it comes fitted with casters, you can use it on carpeted floors with ease. In total, this model measures 30″ in length and 15″ in width, and, consequently, it can fit perfectly in your home, even if you are short on space. The edges of the choice are damage-protected for increased durability.

Even though this option does not come pre-assembled, putting it together is simple. It comes supplied with the necessary instructions. Given its simple design and sturdy construction, it can be used by people with various medical problems.


This model is made of sturdy materials. It features a welded steel base and it includes a top manufactured from wood-grain laminate.

Because this choice includes a spring-loaded locking handle, you can adjust its size without a lot of effort.

The item comes provided with casters that work well on carpets. Therefore, you can move it around easily. It can be used by people in recovery.

If you are not a handy person, you will be happy to find out that this unit comes supplied with simple instructions that you can follow, even though you are a novice.


When used regularly, the wheels that this model includes have to be replaced. This is not necessarily a drawback if you are technically inclined.

Given the features that this option includes, this product is somewhat pricey. This is especially true for those interested customers who are on a strict budget.

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2. UNICOO Height Adjustable Overbed Table New Version 


If you are looking for a uniquely designed overbed table, this might just be the model for you. You can use this option while browsing the net on your laptop, or when enjoying breakfast in bed.

You can modify its length from 51 to 92 inches, and you can adjust its height from 26 to 43 inches. Therefore, you can use it with beds of various sizes, including king-size models. This table is also rather sturdy as it was made to feature a steel frame and a wood surface. Its top is waterproof and anti-scratch.

Because the option comes supplied with all the necessary tools, you can assemble it alone, without additional assistance. The unit is also fitted with four 2-inch wheels made of metal that can be easily rolled onto carpeted floors. Given that they are not made of plastic, you won’t have to replace them any time soon.


Because this table was designed to provide you with the necessary comfort, it has an adjustable length. You can also modify its height.

When compared to the older design of this product, the newer version is handier as it has a bigger working space.

The top of the table is made of wood, and it is both waterproof and anti-scratch. Its design is beautiful, yet minimal.

Given its size and the fact that it is length-adjustable from 51 to 92 inches, this choice can be used with king-sized beds.


This table is not easy to adjust without help. This is not necessarily a deal breaker and it should not discourage you from trying it.

Due to various issues during transportation, the model that you receive might feature broken pieces. If this is the case, you can ask for a replacement. Besides, this is not a common problem with the product.

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3. TigerDad Overbed Table with Wheels 


This versatile alternative can be used as both an overbed tray unit, and as a mobile computer table. Hence, you can repurpose it whenever you find it necessary. It comes provided with 1.5-inch wheels that feature breaks for increased safety and added security.

It comes shipped alongside the tools that you need to use to put it together, as well as with clear instructions that make the assembly process easy. The seller argues that this product can hold up to 350 lbs. It has a rather spacious workplace.

The top of the table is made of 15 mm thick MDF panel and its frame was manufactured of high-quality metal. Given its dimensions, this model can be used with beds of various sizes. It is height and height-adjustable for increased practicality. Because of its design, it can also be used by bed-ridden people. On top of that, it is aesthetically pleasing.


If you need a nicely designed table that can fit the size of your bed and that is easy on the eyes, this might be the choice that you’ve been searching for.

It comes shipped alongside all the tools that you need to assemble it, as well as with simple and clear instructions that you’ll have no issues following.

The model features 1.5-inch wheels that make it easy to move around. The wheels have integrated brakes so that the table won’t move unexpectedly.

Given that this option can support up to 350 lbs., you won’t have to worry about its sturdiness. It can fit king-sized beds.


Lifting and lowering this table can get somewhat difficult. Hence, it is not easy to use by people who are bed-ridden.

Even though this model is rather sizeable, before you order it, it is recommended that you measure your bed to make sure it fits as expected.

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4. TigerDad Rolling Laptop Table 


This option has a c-shaped design and it can be used as a rolling overbed bedside table or as a laptop cart. Because it comes fitted with four wheels, you will have no difficulty moving it around, especially if you are bed-ridden. Plus, given that the wheels feature breaks, the table will stay in a stable position and you won’t risk injuring yourself.

As expected, because of its size, this product does not come pre-assembled. Yet, the model is shipped alongside instructions and the tools that you need to get the job done in due time. This model is also height adjustable from 23.6 to 37.4 inches.

Another feature that recommends this option is that it features a rolling desk. So, you can make sure that the items that you place on it are easily available. To avoid having your laptop slide down, the table includes a practical edge-stopper.


This choice comes provided with a rolling desk that you can use to incline your laptop effortlessly whenever you consider it necessary.

Moreover, this table has a total weight capacity of 22 lbs. Consequently, you can place various items on it without it breaking.

The four 1.5-inch casters that the unit includes makes it easy to move around. The wheels have a stop plug that is also practical as it adds stability to the product.

Because this table is height adjustable, you will have no issues modifying its height to suit your needs perfectly.


Because of the materials that were used to make it, this model is a bit heavy. However, given its features, it is not difficult to use by people with limited mobility.

The top of this table is made of a type of wood that is rather sleek. So, if you want to make sure that your items won’t fall off, you will have to invest in a textured mat.

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5. Stand Steady Joy Overbed Table with Wheels 


If you are in need of a sturdy alternative that can fit your queen-sized bed, this might be the option for you. It includes no less than four height settings and it features a handle that makes it easy for you to use it. You can modify its height from 40 to 46 inches. Plus, it features a very practical backboard that prevents the items that you place on it from falling off of it while you adjust it.

This model comes fitted with four wheels so that you can roll it over the length of your bed. Two of the casters feature brakes so that you can lock it in place for increased stability. Because this table is rather sizable you can use it to store your phone, laptop, and even laundry onto it.

Overall, the desktop part of the table measures 69.25 by 15.75 inches. Hence, you can comfortably place your laptop and snacks on it.


Even though this table features a backing, if you do not like it, you can choose not to do so. It all depends on your preferences.

The model includes sturdy and durable legs that are fitted with high-quality wheels. Two of them have a break that you can use to set the model in place.

Because this choice is height-adjustable, it can fit most beds, including queen-sized ones. It is particularly simple to use.

The built-in handle that this table comes provided with, makes it effortless for you to maneuver it. It can also be utilized by disabled people.


Changing the height of this table can be a bit tricky. However, you can get the job done in no time with the help of a friend or family member.

Because of its size, this choice is expressly suitable for those who are bed-ridden, or those customers who have plenty of space in their bedrooms.

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6. TigerDad Tilting Overbed Table 


This option is height adjustable from 23.6 to 37.4 inches, so that you get all the comfort that you need. The tray that it features is sizable enough to fit a laptop and, on top of that, it can be rolled to whatever angle you prefer. An edge stopper has been added to the design of the tray.

To make it easy to move around, the manufacturer has equipped this product with four casters that include breaks for increased safety. This way, you can effortlessly modify the position of the table, whenever you see fit.

This choice does require some assembly. Still, it comes supplied with the needed instructions, as well as with the tools that you need to use when assembling it. Given its durable construction and versatile design, you can utilize this table for a wide array of applications, including as an overbed writing desk or as a comfy work desk.


This alternative is made of a thick metal frame and it features a 15 mm grade MDF panel top. In total, it measures 18.5 by15.7.

Besides, this choice features four 1.5-inch casters that make it easy to move around. The table has a weight capacity of 22 lbs.

Because this model is shipped alongside instructions and the required tools, you can set it up in a matter of minutes, especially if you are technically inclined.

Part of the desk can be inclined, and, thus, this unit is perfect for bed-ridden patients who need added comfort and those who value maneuverability.


Because the desk that this table features is made up of two pieces of wood, you have to make sure that you install them correctly. This can be a tad time-consuming.

When considering all the features that this model includes, it could be argued that this product is somewhat overpriced.

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7. Sogesfurniture Overbed Black BHUS-203-2-120BK 


If you are searching for a table that is easy to use and that comes packed with fun features, this might be just what you need. This option is multifunctional, as it can be used for a wide array of purposes, including as a laptop workstation or as a standing desk for office work.

It comes fitted with universal wheels that feature breaks. This way, you can be sure that you can move this unit around easily. The table is also height and length adjustable. You can modify its height from 21.7 to 33.5 inches, and its length from 53.1 to 82.7 inches.

This model is aesthetically pleasing and it includes a special inset where you can keep your keyboard. The desk is made of high-quality wood, and it has a high gloss finish, while its frame is made of steel. Furthermore, the frame is powder-coated with a substance that adds to its durability.


This multifunctional choice has a beautiful design that will surely catch your attention. It is also height and length adjustable.

Size-wise, this model is 53.1 inches in length, but it can be extended to 82.7 inches. Therefore, it is compatible with beds of all sizes.

You can modify its height from 21.7 to 33.5 inches. The item is multifunctional as you can use it as an office desk, overbed table or as a study desk.

The item comes shipped with an assembly manual that is relatively easy to follow, even if you are a novice. It is perfect for bedridden patients.


This model does not come cheap. So, if you are on a budget, it is recommended that you take the time to consider other similar products.

If you are not technically inclined, you might need extra help to correctly put this table together. This is not, by all means, a deal-breaker.

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8. Mijaution Overbed Table – Adjustable Height 


This option has a C-shaped structural design that is innovative and that makes this table perfect to fit the shape of your bed or sofa. As a result, you are provided with increased comfort while using it.

The desktop of this choice is made of first-grade fireboard and it includes a PVC edge trim so that you won’t get scratched accidentally. The model is fire-resistant and highly durable. The middle floor that the table features is fitted with a double partition. Consequently, you can keep plenty of items in close reach.

Because this unit is fitted with four wheels, you can move it around as you want, without having to put in a lot of effort. The wheels feature breaks and, consequently, this model is rather stable. Moreover, because this product is height adjustable, you can modify its height so that it fits your needs perfectly.


This table has an innovative C-shaped design that makes it easy to use and practical to have around. You can utilize it in bed or when resting on the sofa.

Given that the choice is height adjustable, you get the liberty to select the height that best fits your needs.

One feature that makes it stand out when compared to other items is the fact that it offers added practicality, as it includes a special storage space.

This table is equipped with wheels that feature brakes. This way, you can easily lock it in the desired position.


To make sure that this table is effortless to lower and raise, you might have to lubricate some of its parts. You can do this easily.

The wheels that this choice features are not necessarily large. Because of this aspect, it might not perform exactly as expected on carpeted floors.

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9. Bizzoelife 71 Inches Mobile Computer Desk 


If you need a sturdy and stable table that you can use as a cross bed unit, or as a stand-alone desk, be sure to take a close look at this choice. The model is made of eco-friendly materials and it comes provided with heavy-duty metal legs. As a result, it can hold up no less than 350 lbs.

The desktop part of the option measures 71 by 16 inches, and, thus, it is large enough for you to place your laptop on it, as well as your other office accessories. Because of the design of this alternative, your items won’t fall off unexpectedly.

According to the manufacturer, you can use this table with beds of all sizes, from twin to queen models that measure 60 by 80 inches. Given that it features wheels, you won’t find it challenging to move it around. You can lock the wheels when you consider it fit.


Because the large desktop surface that this model includes, you can put various items on it. In fact, it can hold up no less than two different computers at once.

This alternative comes provided with two different types of feet, wheels and leg pads. So, you can install it in various parts of your home.

Given its size, the table measures 71 by 16 by 35 inches, this model is practical to use with beds of all sizes.

This option is made of high-quality materials and it can surely pass the test of time. It requires minimal assembly.


The screws that this table is shipped with are somewhat chunky and they have a silver color. Therefore, they are visible once installed.

This model is a bit pricey when compared to other similar models. However, this is not necessarily a significant drawback given all the features that it delivers.

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10. UNICOO Height Adjustable Table 202-Ancient Oak-P 


This table is made of high-quality materials and, because of its design, you can use it with your laptop, or when enjoying breakfast in bed. The choice is length and height adjustable and, as a result, you can modify its length from 51 to 92 inches and its height from 26 to 43 inches. It can fit mattresses of various dimensions, including king-sized ones.

Given that it was made of sturdy wood and steel, this table is durable and, thus, you won’t have to replace it any time soon. It takes less than ten minutes to assemble it. The model is also provided with all the tools that you might need during the installation process.

This unit has a multifunctional design and it comes equipped with four heavy-duty wheels made of metal. So, you can push it away or pull it near your bed with limited effort. It is aesthetically pleasing.


This model is multifunctional given its design and the fact that its height and length are adjustable. So, it is easy to use by bed-ridden patients.

It features four wheels made of high-quality metal that allow you to move this choice around with limited difficulty.

This table can be used with beds that can fit both twin and king-sized mattresses.  Yet, before you order it, make sure to check its dimensions.

Because the buyers of this product are supplied with the needed tools, putting this table together is not at all time consuming or overly challenging.


In some rare cases, due to accidents during transportation, the product might arrive broken. Not many incidents of this sort have been reported.

This model might seem rather pricey for those customers who are on a very strict budget. Still, when compared to its alternatives, this item is durable and nicely designed.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Buying a cheap overbed table that is made of high-quality materials is not easy. If you need help finding a product that can suit your needs, this buying guide is packed with all the info that can help you make an informed decision.


The size of the overbed table that you pick will directly determine its versatility. In simple terms, a choice with a bigger tabletop will provide users with more space to store items and, as a plus, you’ll also be able to comfortably place your arms on it.

However, bigger models are also more difficult to move around and they can prove impractical for people with disabilities or those with limited arm strength. As a result, before you make up your mind, it is advisable that consider your needs and the space that you have available in your home.

To cater to the needs of interested buyers, most manufacturers provide them with info regarding the size of the units that they sell. So, before you order, be sure to take the time to measure the space in your room to make sure that the selected choice fits.


Wheels and storage capacity

One of the most important features that a medical overbed table has to have is durable wheels. A model that comes equipped with wheels is easier to use and, overall, more versatile. From this point of view, it is recommended that you select an item that features casters made of sturdy materials that can glide smoothly on various types of flooring.

If you have floors made of materials that are prone to get scratched, you should invest in an affordable overbed table that features rubber-covered wheels. Size-wise, the larger the design of the wheels, the easier it will be to move the table around.

For added stability, some of the models that you can find for sale come provided with wheels that have breaks. Hence, if you need a table that is sturdy and safe to use by bed-ridden patients who need extra stability, this is a feature that you should not neglect.

If you value practicality, it is also a good idea to look for an overbed table with drawer, or one that comes with built-in storage space. This way, you will be able to keep important items such as your medication, or your favorite books in close reach.


Additional features

If you have read an overbed table review before, you already know that adjustability is an aspect that is worth considering. Nowadays, you can find options that are both height and length adjustable.

When it comes to height-adjustability, this feature is particularly useful for those customers who need a product that can provide them with extra comfort. Therefore, if you are searching for an overbed table that has a design that prevents you from straining your body, you should invest in an adjustable one.

The durability of an adjustable overbed table is influenced by the materials that were used to make it. For instance, a product that features a wood top, a base made of steel and wheels made of metal is more likely to pass the test of time than one manufactured of plastic. Yet, models of this kind tend to be a tad more expensive than their counterparts.

If you are on a strict budget, we recommend that you only consider those items that you can afford.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Do I need to assemble the overbed table myself?

In most cases, the answer is yes. Most overbed tables tend to be rather sizeable and, as a result, they are rarely shipped pre-assembled. However, this aspect should not discourage you from investing in a product of this sort.

Because they are well aware of the fact that not all customers are necessarily technically inclined, most sellers ship their tables alongside clear, step-by-step instructions that you won’t have trouble following.

Moreover, if an item requires the use of special tools, most distributors include the said tools in the deal. Therefore, you won’t have to spend extra money on buying them. Even though assembling a product of this sort is not overly complicated, if you are not necessarily handy, it might be a good idea to ask a friend or relative for help. This might also be necessary when putting together larger tables that are not easy to install alone.

Q: How do I adjust the overbed table?

It all depends on the design of the overbed table that you have selected. Yet, in most cases, the products of this type come supplied with detailed instructions that are easy to follow. Some models also include a special lever that you have to press in order to move the table to the height that you prefer.

Other alternatives come with pre-set height settings that you can choose between. Depending on the construction of the table, adjusting its height can be a rather challenging process. So, if you want to avoid investing in a choice of this kind, we recommend that you take the time to go through the reviews and feedback comments written by fellow users.

This way, you get the chance to identify key issues with various models that you like and, consequently, you will be able to determine whether or not the unit that you select is suitable for your needs.


Q: Based on what criteria should I choose an overbed table?

There are a couple of must-have features that you should not overlook when it comes to investing in a product of this type. First things first, you have to consider your needs. So, before you start browsing the net, think about the space that you have available, the type of flooring that you have in your bedroom, as well as about the budget that you have allocated for this purchase.

Secondly, you have to consider the design of the model. From this point of view, you have to select between C-shaped models, and those built to fit over your entire bed. Each model comes with advantages and disadvantages that you should not ignore.

Moreover, you have to remember that the durability of an overbed table is determined by the materials used to make it. So, if you value sturdiness, get a product made of wood and steel that features wheels manufactured of metal.




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