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Top 12 Golf Clubs for Seniors — An In-Depth Analysis


If you’re in a hurry, but you still want to learn what the best golf clubs for seniors are, you will find here all the information you need. According to our research, based on comparing the critically acclaimed models available, you should invest your money in the Callaway Men’s Strata Plus. This 16-piece set contains beautiful golf clubs, delivered in a bag that you can carry around with you on the golf course. One thing that makes these golf clubs stand out from the crowd is their excellent forgiveness, something that will undoubtedly please seniors in need of a set of clubs that are easy to use. You will be able to send your ball at great distances without straining yourself, which means that you will greatly enjoy your days on the course. If this set is no longer available, a good idea would be to take a look at the Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher, a set of irons that will offer almost the same advantages.



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12 Best Senior Golf Clubs (Reviews) in 2023



Searching for good senior golf clubs can be a challenging endeavor, mainly since there are so many such products to choose from. To make your search a breeze, we offer here a list of options you should consider since all the following models are praised by buyers for their excellent quality and value.



1. Callaway Men’s Strata Plus Complete Golf Set


If your grandfather loves playing golf, and you don’t know what great granddad gifts could be the most suitable choice, the Callaway Men’s Strata Plus should be one of your go-to solutions, somewhere on top of the list. This complete set includes a driver, hybrids, irons, and wedges, as well as a putter and a stand bag.

Everything a senior golf player needs to hit the course in style is present in this set. Containing 16 pieces (including the bag), it is ideal for the player who doesn’t want to create a set from separate pieces, without knowing whether they would work well together or not.

The graphite shaft of the driver, for instance, provides flexibility and lets you send the ball flying at great distances. The hybrids are renowned for their forgiveness on your shots, while the irons come equipped with a progressive design to provide the user with superior control.

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2. Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Driver


This set is aimed at offering a simple solution for people who play casually. It is called the Launcher for a reason since it will let the user enjoy his or her days at the golf course without feeling like something is amiss. The company making the set has a long-standing tradition in making woods and irons, and this model creates the perfect combination of the two types of clubs.

Any senior using this set will find it incredibly forgiving, and ideal for landing straight shots. He may even want to set the hearing aid on high, to hear clearly how his mates are praising him for a perfect shot. The short irons included in this set will allow you to progress throughout mid-game, while the long irons will impress with their ability to look and behave like hybrids.

The progressive shaping of the club heads improves control in the short irons and will guarantee a higher launch for the long irons.

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3. Callaway XR 16 Driver Men’s Right Hand


Among the gifts for retired men you might want to consider for a friend, the Callaway Men’s XR 16 is one item that will stand out from the rest. This driver is less expensive than an entire set, and it will send your good thoughts across. The aerodynamic shape of the golf head will make your shots fast, while the step crown is designed to increase forgiveness.

What makes this driver better than many others you can find on the market is the attention to design involved. The company collaborated with specialists from Boeing, to ensure that the driver will achieve superior results for ball speed with each shot.

The RMOTO face technology makes the driver lighter, compared to other models, and you will notice that the golf club is thin, as well. That will let you swing with ease, and imprint a higher speed to the ball when you launch it.

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4. Callaway Ladies Steelhead XR Hybrid Shaft/Matrix F15


What do you need most in a golf club for a senior? If you were to be asked the same question about a senior cell phone, you would have probably said that a large screen and ease of use are paramount. In the case of a golf club, you need a large face and a club head that is made for speed. The Callaway Steelhead XR has both and is among the recommendations you shouldn’t skip.

Landing off-center hits can be a bummer on the course because they would send your ball flying haphazardly across the field. If you use this club, however, you will be surprised to see that, to some degree, it will correct your weak shot, by giving the ball more speed, and better direction control.

The refined shape of the head, and the deep back design increase forgiveness, something that any senior needs in a golf club.

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5. Tour Edge Men’s Bazooka One Out Plus Wedge


For seniors, golf is mostly a pastime and a pleasure, and it tends to lose its competitive edge. However, this doesn’t mean that you should ignore the desire to show off your skills a little in front of your friends. This kind of golf club will provide you with the edge you need to continue to be as great a golf player as you used to be.

The Tour Edge 1Out Plus offers a counter-balanced grip which, in turn, will allow you to keep your wrist in the right position at the moment of impact. On one side, this will ensure that your shots will be more accurate, while, on another, it will not be hard on your wrist.

Your sand shots don’t have to be difficult, either. The extra-wide sole design makes sure that you will not have an issue with these, and you will love how easy each launch will become.

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6. Adams Golf Men’s Golf Fairway Wood Left Hand Senior Flex


The area that gets in contact with the ball at the moment of your shot is essential, as the larger it is, the more forgiving the action of your golf club will be. This is what this particular model offers, and why it is an excellent choice for seniors. You will appreciate the extra flex and speed you will get when using the Adams Golf Men’s Blue.

The CG is kept low, which means that your shots will create more spin for the ball which will also travel at more considerable distances, with a higher speed than what you might expect.

Another thing that makes this golf club a choice to consider for your next trip to the course is the SlimTech shaft. It is well known that a flexible shaft is more manageable, but this thin model will allow you more kick for each launch.

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7. TaylorMade M4 Driver Senior Flex Right Hand


Off-center hits are definitely challenging to overcome, especially when you’re experiencing stiffness in the wrists, which is why you might need the TaylorMade M4. Created to offer the necessary corrections for such shots, this model is a pleasure to use. The side spin will be reduced, and you will be able to deliver straight shots, without having to train like Tiger Woods.

A large sweet spot is another benefit of the particular design of this model. The hammerhead slot reinforces the outer ridge, while the face remains lighter, thus increasing the surface that will hit the ball.

Also, the center of the slot will imprint more speed to the ball, while eliminating the spin so that the ball will travel at large distances without getting off course. You will be more accurate in your shots, and you will be able to send the ball at greater distances and higher speed.

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8. Cobra Men’s 2018 F-Max Fairway Black-Gold Right Hand


Your shots will be straight and accurate if you opt for this golf club. A few benefits will convince you that you don’t need to replace your entire set, and it is enough to add this one to your golf bag. First of all, the construction of this golf club is lightweight. That means that you will not lose significant momentum when you’re swinging the club.

Even people who do not have a particularly fast swing will be able to send the ball across the course with efficiency and speed. You don’t have to worry as much about being incapable of sending straight shots.

The back weight added at the heel counter-balances your swing so that it corrects it and you don’t deviate as much from the direction you want your ball to have. The crown alignment also contributes to straightening your shots when you launch them off the tee.

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9. Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Driver Right Hand Synergy


High ball speed is something that any casual golf player aspires to achieve. The jailbreak effect of this model ensures that you will be able to drive your ball at further distances than what you would typically be able to perform. In case you don’t want it for you, but you’re shopping for gifts for grandparents, know that your granddad will love it.

The crown is made from carbon composite, which will increase the forgiveness offered by this golf club. Increasing the player’s accuracy, this golf club is ideal for those who do not seek a competitive edge, but rather the ability to enjoy a perfect day on the course.

The geometry of the head is designed in collaboration with specialists from Boeing, and it delivers the aerodynamics you desire in a golf club that will send your ball at great distances without a glitch.

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10. Tour Edge Male Bazooka 360 Box Set Men’s Right Hand 


In case you do not want to replace a golf club in the set you already have, and you would rather have a new set entirely, this product is an excellent recommendation. It is a complete set, which means that even a stand bag and the head covers are included.

You will find a driver, a 3-wood, a 5-wood, 4 hybrids, 5 irons, a putter and a beautiful cart bag, in the package that will be delivered to your door. Long irons can be particularly difficult to hit for the elderly, which is why the extra forgiveness this set provides is worthy of writing home about.

Off-center hits will not be a problem, either, like the way the ultra-thin face of the driver will provide you with a quick launch that corrects on the go the small mishap that might take place in the beginning.

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11. Callaway Men’s Big Bertha 


One thing you need when you’re on the golf course is speed. The way you hit the ball with your golf club is essential for landing a shot that will make it fly as far as possible. The Callaway Golf Men’s Big Bertha deserves its name, as the hybrids and irons included in this set come with progressive looks that will help you hit better and faster.

The Face Cup feature used is essential for the extra benefits offered by this particular set. When you hit the ball, you will notice a higher launch and a straighter course than what you usually experience. Another thing that makes this set a good option for seniors is the hollow body construction.

The clubs are lightweight, and the weight is placed where it is needed. You should also know that the adjustable hybrids can be customized using the Optifit hosel, for maximum convenience.

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12. Wilson Unisex Profile XD 


Staying in shape as you advance in age is not easy, but you don’t have to necessarily invest in home equipment for seniors if the weather is friendly and you can go enjoy the outside. Playing golf is a much more pleasant activity, but you will have to consider getting the right set of clubs for it. The Wilson Unisex Profile XD is an excellent idea, as it includes all the essentials so that you can start playing right away.

The improvement technology employed on these golf clubs helps a great deal since it is designed to help you progress throughout the game. A note must be made here; the manufacturer clearly states that the set was made taking into consideration the way senior players would use the golf clubs.

You will be able to send the ball at great distances, without a glitch. The graphite shafts are forgiving and versatile, plus, they will keep the weight of the clubs to a minimum.

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Our Yearly Guide


A lot of things change with age, and seniors notice them in all areas of their lives. Avid golf players may discover that their ability to send the ball at great distances decreases and they might also experience pain in their wrists when they swing their golf clubs. Also you must make sure that you use a clipper for toenails before getting in those shoes because otherwise your feet might suffer the consequences. If you are looking for the best senior golf clubs, here you will find a comprehensive buying guide focused on providing you with actionable information in this regard.

Grip stability

It can be challenging to wrap your hands around any object, especially if it is thin when you have arthritis. Golf is a sport of control, so a good grip is an essential part for a good player. You will notice that manufacturers that make golf clubs for seniors focus on providing a better grip.

So, in the models that you can see on the market that cater to the unique needs of the elderly, you will notice oversized grips. These are comfortable so that people with arthritis do not experience the usual fatigue and pain when they use their golf clubs. Also, they offer more stability which, again, is essential for people in their senior years.

Another thing that must be said about the right type of grip for senior golf clubs is that it should be softer, compared to regular models on the market. Just like a walking stick has to be comfortable to use, the same consideration applies to this type of product.

Seniors will like how this feature will help them achieve more control over their shots. You will find it much easier than before to apply the necessary pressure, for an accurate, well-controlled shot. You might not see such a feature in cheap senior golf clubs that might be falsely advertised, so the best advice is to shop around until you find a model that fits.


What kind of graphite shafts is preferred

Another thing you may observe while you’re comparing various models on the market is that the companies with a long-standing tradition in making this type of golf clubs for seniors insist on employing a particular type of graphite shafts on the models they sell for the elderly.

The carbon body of the shaft must flex, without breaking, and that without giving the user the impression that he or she is struggling. When the graphite shaft was first introduced for golf clubs, the material was so flexible that it felt like you were manipulating a whip.

A lot of things have changed since those days, and now the models for sale that are sold by reputable companies ensure that most of the player’s energy is focused, through the shaft, so that it sends the ball flying as far as possible.

With so many products catering to the elderly, from a tablet for seniors to equipment that can be used for training, it would have been a shame for golf clubs to be an exception to the rule. Now, there are models you can find on the market, and you will be more than pleased with your results on the golf course if you focus on aspects such as a high-quality graphite shaft.

The design of the head

A lot of care and attention is invested in how the head of the club is designed. Various configurations are available, but the ones preferred by the elderly are those that can provide a large sweet spot and more forgiveness for landing accurate, straight shots. Someone may take a senior multivitamin to boost his or her health and immune system, but being as precise as you used to be when you were young is not possible.

That is why thoughtful manufacturers invest more and more in new designs that help their golf clubs offer the type of action to be expected from something made with the needs of seniors in mind.

A hollow design with the weight distributed on the outer edge can correct off-center shots, which means that you will be able to maintain your accuracy, without having to strain yourself. Such forgiving designs are preferred, for the simple reason that they make the game more fun for the senior players.

One thing that aging golf players notice, is that their swing is affected. With many other things changing in their lives, such as the need to use a blood pressure bracelet, they have to think about adjusting their swing if they want to continue to play golf.

At the same time, the good news is that they can find excellent golf clubs with a unique head design that puts the weight where is needed for increased control and stability.



Frequently asked questions about senior golf


Q: How are senior golf clubs different?

One thing that sets apart senior golf clubs from models used by younger players is the more flexible shaft. As the swing speed is affected with age, you will have to adjust the way you hit the ball. However, when you no longer can hit the ball with the same speed as you used to, you will need the shaft of the golf club to help you.

That means that you should go for a more flexible shaft. A stiff one would only cause you troubles, and you will end up sending the ball only at short distances. Also, the head design must be different, to allow more forgiveness for off-center shots.


Q: What age can you qualify for senior golf?

You might think that age can be a severe impediment to you becoming a pro golfer, but nothing could be further from the truth. There is Senior PGA Tour, and the people competing in the event are as serious as they could be about playing golf and winning.

The tour is open to any golfer over the age of 50, so as soon as you hit that age, you can qualify for a place in the event, provided that you have enough skill and dedication. You would be surprised to learn how many people play this sport in their senior years. Jay Sigel, one of the stars of this tour, didn’t even go pro before he was 50.

Q: What are senior golf clubs made of?

The most attention is usually paid to the way the shaft is designed. Graphite and other carbon compounds are preferred for the simple reason that the shaft needs to be flexible. A stiff shaft, like one made of iron, for instance, will cause the ball to fly to short distances because a senior’s swing speed is usually inferior to another age category of players.

As for the head, this can depend from one type of golf club to another, but a common choice is titanium. The whole point of a senior golf club is to be lightweight and easy to use, that is why a hollow construction is often employed.


Q: What types of swings are necessary for senior golfing?

Senior golfers cannot swing as fast as their young counterparts, and that can cause troubles, not only for the accuracy of their shots. They can also get hurt, and that is something that should make you think twice before trying something that is not within your physical abilities.

According to experts, seniors should focus on their hands and arms, and opt for a lateral swing, without involving the entire body in the swing. They will thus become more like free swingers, which will allow some versatility in their movement, without engaging and straining the whole body.


Q: How to qualify for senior golf tours?

Senior golf tours require, first of all, for you to apply. That means that you will need to download the application form from the official website of the tour and follow the instructions given there. As expected, you will have to go through the regional qualifying stages.

After these local stages, another round of qualifying matches is played, this time for the final stage. When these are over, the names of those who can compete in the official tour are announced. For the Senior PGA Tour, there are 12 people accepted, and they are the ones who will compete in the event.


Q: How much do senior golfers make?

That is not exactly an easy-to-answer question for the simple reason that, depending on skill, matches played, and status in official tours, different people can make a different kind of money. Even pro players are not all paid millions, and you cannot expect such a thing as a senior pro player.

At one end of the spectrum, you can have people that make just several thousands of dollars, if not less, while at the opposite end, you can have people that make millions of dollars, just like the pro players from the younger league.

Q: Should senior golfers use graphite shafts?

Senior golfers would do well with graphite shafts because these are the most flexible that can be found on the market at the moment. The main problem with a stiff shaft, like one made from metal, and not a carbon composite like graphite, is that it cannot flex enough to be forgiving.

Even more, they can be too heavy for seniors to use them with ease, and that is why the models that are designed for senior golfers come equipped with flexible graphite shafts to make the game more enjoyable for such players.


Q: What is a senior golf club flex?

Senior golfers cannot swing at the same speeds as their younger counterparts, which is why they need a particular type of flex shaft. Whenever you go shopping for a golf club, you will notice that the shaft is available in several flex options, and that is where you need to look.

A senior golf club flex is intended for players who cannot swing at above 70 miles per hour. The shaft they use is extra flexible. Players who manage to swing at more than 70 miles per hour but less than 90 miles per hour should use a regular flex option, and the really fast ones will do good with stiff shafts.


Q: Who should use senior golf clubs?

The most logical answer to this question would be the elderly, but they are not the only ones that can make good use of this type of golf clubs. If you are over 50 and you notice a severe change in your swing, regarding speed and accuracy, it is essential that you switch to a type of equipment that you can genuinely use.

However, if you have arthritis, and you are just not as fast as other people your age, you can use such a golf club, even if you are just middle-aged, or even young.



Best senior golf club brands


A lot of the reviews of golf clubs for seniors that you can find online will point out that the products made by Callaway are the most suitable for this category of players. A company that started making golf equipment in 1982, Callaway offers excellent golf clubs and complete sets for all types of players.

This manufacturer has often been praised for all the innovations brought to the golf course, in the shape of the products made under this name. Important pro golfers use the golf clubs this company makes, which says everything you need to know about Callaway’s dedication to performance.


This company is located in Chicago, where its headquarters have been ever since it was founded in 1985. The man behind this company is David Glod who used to play professional golf and thought about establishing a business that would cater to the unique needs of a large variety of players.

The owner’s attention was focused, from the get-go, on creating golf equipment at affordable prices, and demolishing the conception that only pricey golf clubs were worth the investment. Today, this company continues to make premium golf clubs at excellent prices that every golfer can afford.

A lot of professional players use equipment made by this company. While it no longer functions under the same name, as the business changed hands back in 2012, the superior quality of the golf clubs made by Adams Golf is still well known in the world of golf.

Founded in 1983, in Texas, this company focused on creating custom fitted golf clubs, which brought it a lot of fame and recognition. Because its golf clubs are known to adjust to the player’s style, they are unbeatable concerning convenience and performance. Barney Adams, the founder of the company, retired in 2009, albeit still holding the Chairman of the Board position.


Seeing the reputation and quality that impose TaylorMade on the market at the moment, it can be hard to imagine the humble beginnings of this company. In 1979, Gary Adams decided to take a loan and create the company, where he first hired only three people.

His first innovative product was a driver made from stainless steel, and, as expected, it caused a lot of waves on the market for golf equipment. Offering extra forgiveness on hits, it quickly became popular, and from that point onward, the company earned a reputation for catering to all skill levels of golfers.


Although currently part of the athletic sportswear company Puma, Cobra is still a name in itself on the market for golf equipment. Many senior golf clubs reviews praise its products because the manufacturer manages to blend the need for performance with convenience and comfort.

The company was established in 1973, in California, by a man named Thomas L. Crow. The first product the new business made was the Baffler, a utility club and the first of its kind. Greg Norman was the biggest name to support and endorse Cobra golf clubs, and in 2014, Cobra was one of the primary sponsors of the PGA Tour.


Wilson Sporting Goods creates more than just golf equipment, but it must be mentioned that an entire division called Wilson Staff is dedicated to making premium golf equipment that is used during professional tours. Hope, Ultra, Profile, and other brands activating under Wilson offer budget-friendly options, too.

As you can see, this company offers something for all categories of players, and that is why they offer models that cater to the unique needs of senior golfers, as well. A company established in 1914, Wilson has a long-standing tradition in making excellent sporting equipment, and that is why its golf clubs stand apart from the rest, as well.


The primary goal of this company in all the products it makes is to be able to help players enjoy their favorite sport to the best of their abilities. That brings forward the dedication Cleveland Golf has for making different wedges that will allow the golfer, regardless of skill, age, and other differences, to send his or her ball close to the hole.

Accuracy and distance are primordial for the equipment this company makes. It also invested a lot in new technologies for increasing speed, which is why the products you can find under this name have so many positive reviews.




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