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Top 6 Laptops for Seniors — An In-Depth Analysis


If you are an older person and you’re looking for the best laptops for the elderly, this article should be of great help. We took the time to research what popular brands have to offer, went through honest reviews and opinions, and selected only those gadgets that fulfill strict quality requirements. This way, only premium alternatives made it to the top, like the Apple Air MD761LL/A which has high-end finishes, a beautiful screen and it is small and light, perfect to be carried around without your arms hurting. One highlight that makes reviewers recommend it is its operating system, which is highly simplified and intuitive, and you won’t have any issue finding all the apps or websites you want to access. If this model is out of stock, or if you want a Windows alternative, the Microsoft Surface Laptop should be just as good as the first item.



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6 Best Senior Laptops (Reviews) in 2023


The perfect laptop for sale does not exist, as all models have shortcomings. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t many options which could improve your life and that let you enjoy movies and music. This list contains only recommendations which are easy to use, sturdy, and that will allow you to stay in touch with your family at all times, and only options that buyers raved about.



1. Apple MacBook Air MD761LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop


This lightweight thirteen-inch laptop can make a suitable companion for the elderly from more than one point of view. It comes from a popular brand, known for its quality items, so you know that if you invest in it, it won’t crash and it won’t malfunction.

It offers more than 12 hours of life, which is ideal if you hate charging cables and if you want to be able to carry it with you without depending on a power source. Plus, it comes with a reduced footprint that offers a lot of screen real estate for its body size.

One of the biggest selling points has to be its operating system, which is senior-friendly, intuitive and known for not freezing and for the fact that there are very few viruses that could infect it. If you are not tech savvy, this is an option that will prove hassle-free in the long run.

Other specs include its dual-core 4th-gen Intel Core i5 processor, for smooth performances even under a heavy load, and also its impressive resolution that will make any photo look vivid and any video colorful and full of detail. It is a premium device that can make you proud you own it.

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2. Microsoft 13.5-inch Touchscreen Surface Laptop


If beauty matters to you, this glorious piece of technology should spark your interest instantly. The new Microsoft creation comes with a 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor, with more than 256 GB of storage and 8 GB RAM so you can play any game you want on it, or watch all the latest movies without it stuttering.

It also offers more than 14.5 hours of video playback, and it has a beautiful exterior with an aluminum casing and a keyboard that is nice to type on and that is covered with a luxurious fabric called Alcantara. Unlike aluminum, this fabric doesn’t feel cold to the touch, and it can be easily cleaned.

If you are a music lover, the headset jack will allow you to connect your headphones to it, and its large screen, taller than the average, guarantees you can see each letter clearly, even without the help of your glasses.

Durability is secured due to its high-quality manufacturing process and because the creators chose only premium materials that stand the test of time. The product also features the Windows operating system, which is reliable and easy to work with even if you lack experience with computers.

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3. Asus ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop 13.3” Full HD


The ZenBook line that includes this product is known for lightweight and ultraportable laptops, which look premium, and that stand the test of time. It is the item to own if you are a frequent traveler or if you want it to carry the piece from one room to another every day.

Specs wise, the manufacturer included top-notch elements like the 8th gen Intel i5-8250U processor for responsive commands, the backlit keys for night-time typing and even a fingerprint reader, which secures the devices so that no one except yourself will have access to it.

The grey body looks clean, and it is resistant to scratches, and the machine comes with Windows 10 preinstalled. This way, you won’t have to lift a finger, but instead, you can use the product right out of the box without having to install any complicated software.

The full HD display has an impressive resolution and anti-glare properties, and the model also includes all the ports you will need for enhanced connectivity. It comes with a micro HDMI port for your TV, a USB 3.1 Type C one for phones, and even an SD card reader slot, which is quite a rare find nowadays. This last aspect is important if you like to take photos.

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4. Asus Chromebook C202SA YS02 Ruggedized Water Resistant


Chromebooks are relatively unknown to the public. But a product like this can offer you the same things a traditional laptop does, while being slimmer and lighter and more often than not, at a better price. The model from Asus has a ruggedized and water-resistant design, which also features a 180-degree hinge.

It is crafted for heavy use, and with reinforced rubber guards, it rocks easy-grip handles, and, more importantly, a spill-resistant keyboard that offers a pleasant typing experience, especially for those who like to write for a long time on their laptops.

The device can use any app available for Chromebooks from the Play Store, especially since it also packs 4 GB of RAM. Its 16GB of storage is enough for a light user who doesn’t have many files to store on the piece. If you do require more space, you can take advantage of Google Drive and other cloud-based storage solutions.

The 11.6 inches HD screen has accurate colors and rich detail at its native 1366×768 resolution, and it offers more than 10 hours of battery life, with the possibility of fast charging it via the provided charger which is just as light as the product itself.

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5. Acer Chromebook 14 CB3-431 Intel Celeron N3160


With its Google Chrome operating system, this is a viable alternative for the older people who want a fuss-free device that is easy and straightforward to use. All the Play Store apps available are easy to install, and using the camera and the other features is intuitive.

If battery life is essential to you, you should note that the piece offers more than 12 hours at medium luminosity settings, which is more than average especially when compared with other laptops. The 360-degree rotation makes handling the product a breeze, and it is ideal when consuming media like movies and books.

The 13.3-inch Full HD touchscreen display is pleasant to look at, and it won’t tire your eyes even after a full day of use. If you have many photos to store, the 32GB should be more than enough. And if you like to listen to music, the inbuilt speakers should provide crisp audio, with no sound distortion.

It can connect to all wireless networks, and also to Bluetooth and it has a wide variety of ports for you to take advantage of. Moreover, it is lightweight so daily use will be an enhanced experience and it won’t feel like a burden.

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6. HP W0T00UT ABA 13 inch M3-6Y30 Processor


The screen of this device has been described as a highlight for those who like vivid colors, and luminosity which can be adjusted according to the environment where you’re in at the moment. Although it is a premium addition, it doesn’t drain the battery, and it doesn’t hurt your retina if exposed to it for many hours in a row.

The elderly will also appreciate the fact that the piece is easy to use and that its processor won’t run your favorite apps slowly. Its design is also senior-friendly, and it is lightweight, created from premium materials and with a small footprint so you can place it on any available surface.

It delivers an enhanced performance under any circumstance, and it has a powerful battery, which will come in handy while you’re traveling. The machine will allow you to stay in touch with your family and to write that novel you’ve always dreamt of writing.

This is possible due to its high-quality camera with improved low-light performance and because the keys have the perfect amount of travel and they feel nice while you type, so you won’t ever miss any letter.

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Our Yearly Guide


Seniors need to know that technology doesn’t have to be complicated. And neither is finding the best laptop for seniors. You just have to be careful that the piece you opt for is solid, created from sturdy materials like aluminum or quality plastic and that it has top-specs. Moreover, just like when it comes to a premium tablet for seniors, the operating system has to be constantly updated, and its speeds should not slow down in time.

Windows or macOS?

This is a debate that has no end. But to help you make a decision, you should know that both are equally good and that it is only a matter of preference and familiarity. For example, if you pre-owned an Apple laptop or iPhone, it might be easier for you to use one of its products.

But if you’re accustomed to Windows, maybe you should not stray from what you already know. The best part about this O.S. is that it has a familiar interface and it can support a vast variety of apps and software that might help you with your endeavors.

Plus, most gadgets like printers, phones, and all the great wrist blood pressure monitors can easily work with Windows laptops, without any connectivity issue. The only real downside it has that Apple seems not to encounter as often has to be its exposure to viruses and ransomware.

However, that could be fixed with anti-virus software. And for those who are not familiar with its quirks, it might take a while before getting used to it. iOS is more intuitive than Windows, and it has less complicated settings to care about, things which make it a popular choice, reviews of laptops for seniors tell us.


Chromebooks vs. Laptops

Recently, a new device has been introduced to the public, which seems to become increasingly popular among those who are not power users but instead want something easy to use and without any fears that if something malfunctions, they won’t be able to fix it themselves.

Chromebooks work with the Google Chrome operating system, which resembles Android and it is just as easy to use as your mobile phone. They also tend to be slightly cheaper and have frequent updates. Conversely, the number of apps you can install on a device like this is limited, and your cheap blood pressure bracelet might not be recognized by the device.

However, they do have all the Google services like Mail, Drive and Docs integrated, for a seamless experience, an element which transforms a Chromebook into a good laptop for the elderly. But if you like to switch from one software to another, you’re better off with a traditional laptop, which offers more variety.

The screen and keyboards tend to be the same, and the battery life improved, as they usually feature less energy-draining processors. The devices are much easier to maintain, but at the same time, come with smaller storage options and with less power for intensive tasks.

The Display

When it comes to displays, the higher resolution they have, the better picture quality you’ll get. Laptop screens come in a wide range of resolutions, and you don’t need 4K to enjoy a movie and to have crisp writing. An average Full HD will do the trick, and it will actually consume less power.

Another choice could be between LED panels and OLED screens, but truth being said, for the average consumer, this is not as important because modern displays all look colorful and full of details. OLED screens have a higher saturation, which can be both a good and a bad thing. The same displays can be found if you want to buy an affordable senior cell phone.

What matters if you’re looking for a cheap laptop for the elderly is that the display comes with luminosity adjustability, as your eyes can tire quickly from too much light, or if you like to use the laptop outside, a low luminosity might make the product unusable under direct sunlight.

But to reiterate, most modern laptops and Chromebooks have these features pre-installed and they make suitable gifts for retired men, so you can spend more time thinking about the screen size you want. We would recommend a 13 to 15-inch size, as this is the perfect compromise when it comes to portability and usability.



The last ground we would like to cover is specifications, especially if you want to buy unforgettable gifts for grandparents. To start off, let’s discuss processors. Most models on the market come with Intel chipsets which have three main kinds: i3, i5, and i7. Additionally, each one has different generations that bring something extra to the table.

The more power you want your laptop to have, the higher the letter of the processor needs to be, reviews of laptops for the elderly reveal. To make things even more complicated, each processor comes with a different number of cores, but that has little relevance to you if you’re not planning on using the laptop for intensive gaming sessions.

When it comes to storage, you can opt between models that come with SSD, which are faster, or with hard disks, which usually offer you more storage space (more GB). Hard disks are slowly becoming extinct, as you could always buy an external memory to supplement the storage space your gadget comes with.

And the last topic battery life. If you plan to use the laptop on the go, the model you opt for should offer you at least 10 hours of use. You could go for less, but this means you have to make sure that every time you leave the house, you’ll have to pack the charger. That’s why laptops offered as heartwarming granddad gifts should not compromise on battery life.




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