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Top 7 Lift Chairs for Seniors — An In-Depth Analysis


If you are looking for the best lift chair the market has to offer in order to hopefully improve the quality of your life, this is a perfect starting point. As we went through expert reviews, we’ve gathered the most popular models available right now, so we can give you plenty of attractive alternatives on which you can spend your money with confidence. One critically acclaimed recliner is the Ashley Furniture Yandel Power because it looks great in any room, it is easy to use, and is made of premium materials. Additionally, you should know that it offers many features like the power lift, which will be appreciated by both older men and women. In fewer words, your back will thank you for this wise investment. If, unfortunately, this model is not available anymore, as an equally appropriate choice we recommend the Giantex Recliner Lift Chair since it’s made to please all buyers.



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7 Best Senior Lift Chairs (Reviews) in 2024



Down below you have the carefully picked chairs, which we think will impress you and help you if you have difficulties sitting down and getting up. The pieces are comfortable, well-made, and ultimately, ergonomic and fast in fulfilling their purpose, which is precisely what you would want from a product in this category.



1. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Yandel Power Lift Recliner


This could be the ideal piece for the elderly with back problems. It will help you get up with ease and to relax with a good book in your hands after a hard day of work. Moreover, the fact that it looks so good makes it a great decorative piece that will impress all your guests.

The recliner is comfortable, easy to use and attractive, as one would expect. It is created from fine materials and covered in luxurious faux leather that is both ecological and feels pleasant to the touch. You will never want to get up, and you’ll find yourself taking naps on it.

You can take advantage of its quality build and features, without having to worry it will break, as it offers high-performance, and long life even if used daily. Its lumbar support is life-saving if you live with chronic back pain and you’re looking for a seat that will provide relief.

The design is optimized to fit well the curvatures of the human body, and the pressure points are optimized so it won’t wear out. It comes with metal reinforcements, nailhead trims, and tufting, and the armrests are just as comfortable as the seat itself.

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2. Giantex Power Lift Chair Recliner for Elderly Soft and Warm 


An ergonomic style that offers both functionality and good-looks is hard to come by, which is why seniors should spend more time reading about this piece. It is made of high-quality fabrics, which cover the high-density sponges, all carefully placed around the pressure points of the body.

The product is odor-free and easy to clean, and the seat can be raised with a handheld remote control that is attached to a chord so it won’t get misplaced. This makes it ideal for those with back pain, osteoporosis, for those recovering from surgery, and for people who have been recently involved in an accident.

All the essential functions are controlled with just two buttons, a thing that makes this product unique and easy to use by people who are not fans of technology. One button is for the lift and reclining functions, including for the powered lift mechanism that helps push the entire chair up from the base.

Even if you weigh a little more than the average, it has a weight capacity that exceeds 330lbs. And the greater news is that the product is sturdy enough that the sponge cushions won’t flatten in time even if used intensively.

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3. Divano Roma Furniture Rec17-1S-BR Recliner


If you’re looking for a quality power lift chair, give this one a chance. Divano Roma Furniture offers what could be the ultimate effortless lift recliner, created to bring style to any living room and to provide a lot of help for older people and those with disabilities or with temporary impairments.

The chair comes with plush filling, a material that is breathable and odor-resistant, and also with bonded leather upholstery that looks premium and which is easy to clean with a wet cloth, so you can forget about worrying when you have your dinner in the chair.

Moreover, it features a simplified remote control and a super silent German-made motor so it can lift you up with ease at the push of a button. Its color is classic so that it can fit in any decor, and the material will not wear out in key points, which is a highlight to consider if you’re not thinking about buying a new model anytime soon.

If comfort is what you need, then the manufacturer has you covered. It is a silent and efficient tool, which makes old age a little more bearable and, why not, enjoyable. You can also choose between brown and black when it comes to colors.

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4. Mega Motion LC-200 Lift Chair


When lacking a lot of space, this product can save the day. It has balance dimensions and it is light enough to be moved from one room to another with ease. The premium recliner chair is electric, although it will be energy-friendly while providing a power lift at the same time.

The maximum lift capacity is around 325 lbs, which makes this a mid-size product, ideal for individuals who don’t exceed 5’10”. For those moments when you need it the most, but there’s a blackout, the model comes with an integrated backup battery, which lasts a long time.

The Windermere Classica is a timeless piece that will beautify your living-room or study and will provide comfort for your legs, back, and bottom. You can choose between its three positions as you wish so that you can get your money’s worth immediately after it is delivered to your doorsteps.

This versatile design makes it a fit choice for buyers looking for something convenient and fuss-free, with padded roll arms and tufted back for spine support. Moreover, the lift chair allows you to have some personal independence and will assist you when you need help sitting down with ease or standing back up.

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5. Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior Heavy Duty


This model offers a superior weight capacity, as it can accommodate a person that weighs more than 500 pounds. It is a feature that matters if you have a larger body type since not many brands can offer this sought-after quality. Besides, its motor is very quiet so you can read while on it without being distracted.

It has a heavy-duty construction, so you can make this a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, it is tall, wide and deep, meaning comfort is enhanced. To accommodate your body well, it offers three positions, and you can switch between them with ease.

The recliner is electric, and besides using it for literary purposes, you can also utilize it to watch TV, to share stories with your loved ones over family gatherings, or to take a quick nap after a hard day of work. These purposes make it a truly versatile piece.

But the one thing about the chair that all users are going to adore is the fact that it is fast and straightforward, and it will allow you to sit up and down just like a healthy person, with no pain and without draining you of energy.

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6. U-Max Recliner Power Lift Chair Wall Hugger


Lift chairs never looked this good. The stunning piece is made of soft and premium PU leather, that feels just like the real thing but, fortunately, it comes at a fraction of the price and without the moral implications of animal leather. It is padded with a thick type of sponge around the back, head, and arm areas.

This special padding makes it very pleasant to sit on for extended periods, and if you add up the fact that it also features an electric lift mechanism, you will realize that this is a buy which is hard to say no to. It just offers too many vital features.

It can lift you up smoothly, without stuttering and without stopping in the middle of the process, and it is easy to use, especially if you consider the fact that it is shipped with the instruction manual. Also, everything can be controlled with two separate remotes, not manually.

The manufacturer designed it to require only ten inches of clearance from the wall to lift or to recline. That is good news, of course, because it means you can place the product anywhere in your house without it taking up a lot of space that you could use for something else.

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7. Merax Lift Chair and Power PU Leather Living Room Heavy Duty


One neat feature that stands out the most when it comes to this power recliner is its craft. It is well-made of sturdy materials like PU leather, which give it a long life for many years to come. The fact that it is from a trusted brand also enhances its quality, so you know your dollars will be well spent.

It offers you ultimate comfort and nice body support due to its electric lifting and reclining mechanism. Both features can be controlled with the aid of the provided remote, and all elderly will find it very easy to use and intuitive. Moreover, it also comes with side pockets for storage purposes.

The Infinite Position Lift chair doesn’t lock into a standing position. Thus, it gives you the possibility to stop the recliner where it feels good to your back and lumbar area. The size of the model is average, so it can fit in any room without having to make any adjustments.

The color of the synthetic leather is persistent, and even if you keep it in direct sunlight, it won’t discolor. Furthermore, it is resistant to daily use and wear and tear, things that will be appreciated by those who can recognize quality from afar.

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Our Yearly Guide


Before buying the best power lift chair, make sure you learn what are some vital features your choice should have. They are not cheap, so this will be your guarantee your money will be invested wisely. Most buyers agree that you need to check if the piece has at least two or three positions which you can use for your tasks and whether it is well made.

Lastly, you need to match your size with the size of the chair. Things like materials and design are not as essential, but they could determine you to use the product more, just like you would do if you were to invest in a premium travel wheelchair.


One of the first things to check is how many positions the model offers. To learn more about them, let’s discuss each type in detail. Besides the power lift feature, the best lift chairs for the elderly are most of the time available with three reclining configurations. The two-position lift chairs allow limited freedom of movement and the reclining backrest is somewhat restricted.

This type of product is fitted for comfort while watching TV or reading a book, and it is not the ideal one for those with severe back pain. By far, the most popular types of chairs are the three-position ones. They do offer an extended reclining backrest, unlike the previous alternative, and they come with an elevating ottoman.

An Infinite Position Lift Chair is a good power lift recliner chair, and also the last kind we want to introduce you to. It offers total recline, also called a true sleeping position. Those models with total recline usually come with dual motors and have a high degree of adjustability.

However, we cannot end this list without at least mentioning one other rare type. The Zero-Gravity Lift Chair offers even further reclining abilities than the infinite-position one and allows you to put the legs above the back level. This is great for stress-relieving purposes and this why these products are fabulous granddad gifts.

Lift Chair Sizing

For appropriate accessibility, maneuverability, and comfort, lift chairs are available in many specific sizes, differing from one brand to another, to best match the user’s weight, height, and personal preference. Just note that even if the manufacturer says the product is one size, that might be different from the same size another brand offers, almost like shoes.

Petite or smaller designs offer a limited reclining backrest, even if they come with an elevating ottoman, and they are created for light use and for those with a smaller body type, who don’t need a daily tool but rather something for knitting or for having dinner.

Medium products are suited for users who have a height that fits the 5’4″ to 5’10” range. Those can accommodate around 375 lbs, which is something to consider if you are a larger person. Also, make sure you have the room required for a product with a more significant footprint. The same rules can be applied when looking for lightweight senior walkers.

And, of course, you can also find extra-large models for people over 6’2″. Those might be harder to locate, and could require a lot of free room where to place them, but are very comfortable for those who need such a piece, like tall men and women.


Materials and mechanisms

When it comes to materials, a good lift chair should be versatile. Most of the time, the body of the chair is made of wood or metal framing, with some cushions to make it soft and comfortable, especially around the back and the arm area, or the so-called pressure points.

The upholstery can be created from faux leather, real leather or textiles. All of them are great options, and it is a matter of preference and not of sturdiness. Each premium manufacturer offers a vast diversity of options when it comes fabric and color so make sure you don’t compromise. If you feel the materials are not soft enough, a standard lift chair can also perfectly fit a quality wheelchair cushion if you already own one.

Quality electric lift chairs use a mechanical frame, usually made of steel, hidden underneath the seat that effortlessly lifts the chair up while propelling it forward. A handheld device, like a remote, attached near the arm of the chair, controls the lift system. On some types of power lift chairs, this device also can control the reclining position of the chair.

Older lift chairs use springs so they can lift the chair instead of a more reliable electric mechanism. Many brands have stopped using spring mechanisms, mostly due to safety concerns and because the ones that use electricity are faster. This is why electric models are such suitable gifts for grandparents.



Frequently asked questions about lift chairs


Q: Does Medicare cover lift chairs?

It is possible that Medicare Part B may cover a small portion of lift chairs in certain situations. However, since there are two components to a chair like this, the seat-lift mechanism and the chair itself, you should know Medicare only covers the seat-lifting system.

You are eligible for Medicare coverage if you have severe arthritis, muscular dystrophy or other neuromuscular diseases. The diseases have to be attested by a doctor, and he or she should vouch for you and prove that you require one of these tools, which can be quite complicated.

Q: What are lift chairs?

A “lift chair,” also known by some as a seat lift chair, is a traditional chair with an incorporated motor that allows you to sit and get up without too much effort by propelling or lowering the seat area via the mechanical system.

It’s designed to help people who have spine and joint issues, and who are incapable of getting up and down from the chair without assistance. You should also note that a cheap lift chair isn’t similar to a stair lift. A stair lift is a seat that allows you to ride up and down a steep staircase, to spare you the effort. These products also differ from the very helpful hoyer lifts.


Q: How much do lift chairs cost?

This is not a simple and fast question to answer, as there are many factors to consider. For example, the more features a model has, the more its price will go up, exceeding the one thousand dollars threshold. The more modern and efficient its motor is, the more you’re going to have to invest in it, even if the motor is sometimes covered my Medicover. They usually cost as much as a medium-priced power wheelchair.

Then you have to consider the materials it is made of. If you want leather, that is going to be more expensive than textile, although some say it will last longer. Most experts agree a lift chair for sale should not be more than 2000$ and less than 400$.

Q: How does a lift chair work?

Power lift chairs are affordable and extremely beneficial, lift chairs reviews tell us, because they offer mobility aid to seniors, who most of the time live with arthritis or other bone or muscular issues that make it difficult or even impossible to rise out of a chair.

Lift chairs offer all the needed comfort by relying on a strong electric motor, most of the time located in the hidden base of the chair. It is controlled by a remote, which is usually easy to use. What it does is gently lift the chair and its occupant so he or she can move from one place to another.


Q: Do lift chairs recline?

Simply put, some do, some don’t. You can find traditional recliners that don’t lift, or vice-versa, or, if you know what’s good for you, you can opt for a lift chair with a reclining feature, which usually comes with an additional motor.

The extra motor lifts the chair up, then forward, in addition to its basic reclining position, for a more comfortable entry and exit for the elderly. This is what makes these models so popular among those with aging muscles and bones, according to lift recliners reviews. Every process is done with the help of electricity, so you won’t have to lift a finger.




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