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Last Updated: 30.05.23

Top 8 Non-Slip Slippers for Seniors — An In-Depth Analysis


When it comes to our favorite senior citizens, we need to take very good care of them, as they have done the same when we were little. With the guidance of this article, you will be able to find out what the best non-slip slippers for elderly citizens are, especially if you do not have enough time to do all the research. After carefully analyzing the value and quality provided by some of the acclaimed products, our team has concluded that the Spenco Men’s Supreme is the first option you should consider. They are made from leather and faux fur, featuring deep heel cupping for support, and they also come with a metatarsal dome design to alleviate forefoot pressure. In the unfortunate event you cannot find Spenco’s slippers for sale, you might consider Haflinger Women’s SC Saskatchewan as the second best option.



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8 Best Senior Non-Slip Slippers (Reviews) in 2023



As we grow older, our legs, ankles, knees, joints, and body require more support. In less fortunate situations, you might be looking for crutches or even a lightweight wheelchair, but in our case, we mean the right kind of shoes for seniors. We have picked a few of the top-rated products available today.



1. Spenco Men’s Supreme Slipper


If you are looking for a great granddad gift, you might be interested in this model. The Spenco slippers are made from leather and faux fur, with a synthetic sole.

The slippers are designed with a deep heel cup for support. In order to ease forefoot pressure, they come with a metatarsal dome and an orthodontic grade arch support.

Spenco’s slippers feature a non-slip and non-marking outsole. To help control odor, they come with an ultra-fresh antimicrobial treatment. The lightweight EVA outsole and complete contoured support footbed provide a high level of comfort.

Customers who purchased these slippers usually describe them as being very comfortable and perfect for people who need to wear orthopedic footwear. Apparently, they are beneficial for seniors suffering from plantar fasciitis. One of the customers even mentioned that her husband practically lives in them, that is how much he likes them.


This model provides the user with deep heel cupping for increased support as well as with orthotic arch support so that the risk of any type of discomfort is eliminated.

What is more, the inside of the slippers was treated with an ultra-fresh antimicrobial solution that can help you control the odor so that the shoes won’t smell.

The metatarsal dome that the choice features helps alleviate any foot pressure so that the wearer feels comfortable in them.

It has a man-made sole and a slip-on closure so that seniors have no issues putting the slippers on without additional help.


When worn constantly for a long time, the stitching on the top middle part that these slippers feature might come undone. However, they are highly comfortable. 

One other aspect that you should consider before making a purchase is the fact that this product is somewhat more expensive than other similar counterparts. 

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2. Haflinger Women’s SC Saskatchewan Shearling Clog


With these slippers, you can have a rustic look, offered by Haflinger. They are very soft and come with a center seam detail and a cross-stitch feature.

The interior is made of plush shearling fleece offering coziness, and the cork midsole eliminates shock, making them comfortable to wear. The genuine rubber outsole helps in maintaining grip and stability.

Haflinger’s slippers are imported, made in Germany. The exterior is made from genuine leather, and the upper features a patterned metal hardware, which offers a chic and stylish look. You get your feet massaged with every step with the help of the latex molded arch support.

With a waterproof, textured outsole, you get support and traction for your feet. Based on product reviews, this item has a fair value for money, so if you are looking for grandma gifts, you can consider this option.


These slippers were specially designed to be worn by women. They feature rubber soles for traction and slip-on closures.

Moreover, the cork and latex arch support provided by these shoes can guarantee that this model will adjust to the unique shape of your feet.

They have a one-inch heel as well as a very comfortable and warm wool sock liner cushioning so that any shocks are absorbed and you can take comfortable walks in them.

The shearling that this model was designed to include is also quite soft and cozy and, on top of that, it allows for breathability so that your feet won’t sweat.


The sizing has changed with this new design. So, if you are a repeat buyer, it is advisable that you order a size up than the regular size you opt for.

It might be argued that these shoes come with some excessive arch support. However, this feature does not hinder your movements in any way.

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3. RockDove Women’s Memory Foam Terry Dust-Proof


RockDove comes a pair of microfiber women’s house slippers. They are made of high-density memory foam, which cushions your feet and rebounds with each step you take, helping you become comfortable and relaxed after a long day of standing or walking.

The sole is strong and firm, making the slippers durable, but it is also soft enough to allow you to step noiselessly. This item features an anti-skid textured bottom, which helps prevent slipping on a wet floor.

A great advantage is that the slippers are very easy to clean, as they are washable in the machine. The scaled upper part is designed in such a way that it will not collect dust or hair as other types of house shoes do.

The breathable design with open back ensures your feet are kept fresh and odorless, whether you are wearing socks or not.


This alternative is very stylish looking. It was made of high-density memory foam that perfectly cushions your feet so that you feel comfortable while wearing it.

These slippers are also very easy to clean as they are machine washable. So, whenever they get dirty or stained, you can simply place them in the washer.

Another feature that is practical is the open back design that ensures that your feet will stay fresh and odorless at all times, no matter if you wear them with socks or not.

The sole of the choice was manufactured using an anti-skid material that can prevent you from slipping on wet floors.


Because memory foam is a material known for retaining heat, these slippers might be somewhat uncomfortable to wear during the warmer months of the year.

If you have small feet, you might notice that they are a bit too wide, and, thus, they might fall off at times. Yet, they are incredibly convenient and comfy.

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4. Quick-dry Garden Clogs Shoes Lightweight Walking Sandal


The Bigcount slippers are ultra-lightweight, made from EVA with a synthetic sole. They weigh 120-130g, which makes them super comfortable.

These shoes feature a breathable upper part, for good permeability, and they are anti-slip, which offer safety when worn. A high-quality material ensures the slippers remain odorless.

The most significant advantage is that these shoes can be worn anywhere, for a number of activities. You can wear them in the house, but you can also use them out when going to the beach, gym, pool, shopping, or take your dog for a walk.

Given their design, these are not just house slippers, and if you wear them outside, you will look and feel great, especially if you have to walk or stand for a longer period. Your feet will most probably thank you. Also, they are not suitable just for your grandma; you can get a pair too.


If you like to wear shoes that are lightweight and dry off easily, this is the product for you. These slippers are perfect for gardening.

The model is made of EVA foam, a material that is not at all heavy, as well as quite durable and comfortable.

Because this option has such a versatile design, you will be able to use them for a wide array of activities, both indoors and outdoors.

The upper part of the choice is very much breathable. This feature ensures that your feet won’t sweat and become smelly.


The foam that was used to make these slippers is somewhat rigid and, thus, you might find them a bit uncomfortable if you plan on wearing them throughout the day.

Because of errors in the sizing process, these shoes might not fit you correctly. To avoid this problem, it is recommended that you order a size up.

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5. Matari Womens Mens Indoor Bathroom Shower Solid Slide-on


If you are in search for the perfect gifts for grandparents, you might want to take a look at Matari’s slippers. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes and are also suitable for both men and women. And if you are there, you can take a pair for yourself, as well. The design makes them proper for various ages.

The slippers are made from PVC and the sole from PE. There are multiple colors available for this item, such as watermelon red, blue, gray, purple, green, or pink. They are made from high-quality materials, with an anti-slip design.

Matari slippers can’t be used as home shoes, but they are excellent for showering, swimming, going to the beach, or other casual activities, as they are comfortable to wear, and also to wash.


These bathroom slippers are suitable to be worn for swimming, showers as well as other activities that involve walking on slippery surfaces.

They were made using a combination of PE and PVC and they have an anti-slip design that makes them perfect for seniors. 

Moreover, the model comes in numerous color options that one can choose from, depending on one’s preferences. They are also easy to put on and take off.

The option is also suitable to be worn by both men and women, and, therefore, you can present them as a gift for your grandparents.


One thing you should know is that overweight people might find this product unsuitable for them because of the lack of additional support. Still, they are quite convenient overall.

If you happen to have sensitive feet, these slippers might also cause you some discomfort, especially if you intend to wear them in the shower.

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6. Bodon Mens Breathable Mesh Slippers Lightweight


BODON’s shoes come with massage particles inside for a softer, non-slip, more comfortable wear. Your feet will not feel tired thanks to the bow-shaped sole design.

The anti-slip texture of the sole improves the friction of the ground, making walking effortless. These shoes are not meant for house wear only, as you can use them to walk your dog or to go into the garden, or even to your swim class.

They are ultra-lightweight (100-120g per piece), which makes them even more comfortable to wear or carry them in your bag if required. Also, it is relevant to mention that the high-quality material maintains the shoes odorless.

The design is multi-age suitable, so you can get a pair for your parents, grandparents, and even for yourself. They come in multiple colors and sizes.


These mesh slippers are highly breathable and they include massage particles that have been added for a comfortable wear.

Because this product is very much lightweight, you will be able to wear it effortlessly. Also, the anti-slip construction improves friction and provides you with increased stability.

The bow-shaped toe sole design of the choice is also quite convenient as it can prevent your feet from feeling tired after walking for a long time.

Given that this alternative has a classic and timeless design, these shoes can be worn by people of all ages and sexes. They are available in numerous colors.


The design of the model might prove uncomfortable for those who prefer flat-soled shoes. Yet, the heel support is quite practical.

Because these slippers cannot be worn with socks, they are not particularly suitable to be used during the colder months of the year. Yet, they are breathable.

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7. Slip On Slippers Non-slip Shower Sandals House Mule Soft


The Happy Lily slippers are made from high-quality closed-cell EVA foam. They are comfortable, stylish, breathable and quite flexible.

The sole is thicker than other types, which makes wearing them a comfortable experience. They are also anti-skidding, wear-resistant, and very flexible, made from an environmentally friendly material.

You can wear these lightweight and silent slippers in your home, but also at the spa, gym, swimming pool, beach, or for other leisure activities.

The slippers are suitable for men and women of any age. They come in various sizes and colors, so your entire family can enjoy them.

According to customer reviews, these slippers are indeed very comfortable, ideal for a multitude of activities, and they manage to stay odorless, which is also a significant advantage. The value for the money is a fair one.


These slippers were made using EVA foam, and, therefore, they are both flexible and breathable, a feature that many look for in products of this sort.

The sole of the slippers is thick and supportive so that the user feels comfortable while wearing them for long hours at a time.

Moreover, this choice is wear-resistant and it has anti-skidding features that add to its convenience and practicality.

This product has a versatile design and, as a result, it can be gifted and worn by both men and women, no matter their ages.


Depending on the color that you decide to get the model in, you might notice that the shade is a bit darker than pictured.  

Because of their construction, these slippers might not be suitable to be used when walking on carpets. So, if you have carpeted floors, you might want to consider another alternative.

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8. Lungji Women’s Flip Flop Beach Slippers with Arch Support


These lightweight flip-flops are molded with high-density EVA and are grippy for multi-directional traction control. The footbed is designed to be very soft, with excellent flexibility and high elasticity, and the arch support is contoured to offer comfort and to protect your foot joints and ankle, by minimizing walking stress.

No matter where you have to walk, your feet will get the necessary support ensured by the soft-touch strap and the shock-absorbing function.

The manufacturer designed these eco-friendly beach flip-flops to suit all types of people, from elders to expectant mothers, or for the ones who want comfortable slippers. They come in purple, brown and black colors.

It is essential to mention that these slippers are not only comfortable and stylish, but they are also very safe, as they come with an anti-slip feature.


These flip flops were constructed out of molded EVA foam, a material that is lightweight and durable and, therefore, suitable to wear while walking on all types of floors.

The model also delivers arch and footbed support so that the pressure you normally feel in your feet when walking is greatly reduced. 

On top of that, these shoes are wear-resistant and they have a non-slip and shockproof design for increased proactivity and convenience. The product is also eco-friendly.

This option is available in numerous color options and sizes. It can be worn by men, women, and children alike. Sizing instructions are available online.


If you do not pay attention to the instructions supplied by the manufacturer, you might have some troubles when it comes to finding the right size.

The price of this item might discourage those buyers who are on a strict budget. However, these shoes are comfy.

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Our Yearly Guide


Finding the best slippers for elderly citizens can take a lot of time, because there are way too many models available on the market, made from specific materials, with various designs, and going through all of them is very hard. However, if you want to get good non-slip slippers for seniors, you will need to make a decision, and for that, you need to do your homework.

We know that time is extremely valuable, so we decided to help you out. We have gone through reviews of non-slip slippers for elderly, surveys, and other resources, in order to gather all the necessary information. If you are looking for cheap, expensive, house, or outdoor slippers, our guide is the perfect place to start.

Keeping things comfortable and safe

This may seem strange, but it is essential to prevent a senior person from falling. The truth is that from a certain age, a severe fall can become life-threatening. That is why it is crucial to get the best senior non-slip slippers.

Proper house shoes are necessary for elderly persons, even more for people who live alone. Slippers offer comfort and support and keep them safe from slips or falls. Seniors prefer things to be simple. This type of shoes are very easy to put on and take off, and they provide more comfort than athletic shoes or dress shoes, and they are generally easier to handle on a day to day basis.

If you want to find a comfortable pair of slippers, you should consider soft, cushioning materials like memory foam, or cotton with soft linings. This is especially significant for the insole, where the foot maintains direct contact with the shoe.

One of the most important aspects is the non-slip bottom. The sole should be made of rubber with a pattern to offer extra grip. This feature is not essential just for safety and security, but also for comfort and increased support for the ankle, heel, and knees.

The non-slip sole is one of the most critical considerations in the safety of shoes for a senior. If it is very soft, it does not provide any support to the foot, and it could slip easily. Outsoles that are too firm may cause an older adult to stumble from the lack of flexibility. Also, soles which are too thick can destabilize the ankle.



The market is full of slippers with different styles, another essential detail when it comes to searching for a pair fit for your senior. For instance, some slippers wrap around the front part of the foot, with no coverage for the heel. Other types wrap around the foot, similarly to ballerina shoes. Others look like regular footwear with firm rubber outsoles and support up to the ankle.

In order to keep things safe for an elderly person, you can go for a model that supports both the front and the back of the foot. If the open heel type is not tight enough, it might slip off easily. Still, the shoe must not go all the way to the ankle, not to restrict its movements.

A very old person should stay away from the slip-on style and choose one that has support around the ankle, but that still has a wide opening at the mouth to make it easy to put them on. This will make them feel much safer and also comfortable.

Value for money

It is true that you should not care how much a product costs when it comes to your beloved senior, but you should also make sure that you are not paying more for anything which values less.

When you find a number of products to choose from, you should go through the customer reviews. Manufacturers will provide many details about their products, but they will offer only the advantages. There are many situations in which you end up buying a product according to certain specifications, only to find out that things are not quite as advertised.

By reading owner reviews, you can find out if a specific item is worth the money.

And if you find a pair of slippers you think are too cheap, you can get something else as well to complete the present. We suggest looking at some grandpa T-shirts.




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