10 Best Shoes For Swollen Feet (Must Read Reviews)

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Top Shoes for Swollen Feet – Guide & Comparison


In this article, you will find the best shoes for swollen feet, and you will have the possibility to look through a number of shoes for swollen feet reviews and thus find the ideal pair for you, even if you don’t have much time on your hands. Our team put in the effort to compare the greatest models out there and after intense consideration, we believe that the Secret Slippers Women’s Extra Wide Diabetic Shoes are a good choice for anyone with swollen feet. They can be adjusted thanks to the velcro closing system they come with. They are also really comfortable due to the soft materials that make them and the thick sole. Although so heavily cushioned, they are surprisingly lightweight. If you are unable to find our first recommendation, we surely suggest you have a look at the W&Lesvago Men’s Wide Width & Extra Depth Diabetic Shoes.



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10 Best Shoes For Swollen Feet (Updated Reviews) in 2024



When analyzing all the popular shoes we took into consideration expensive models, but also affordable shoes for swollen feet. You would be surprized to find out that there are some actual good cheap shoes for swollen feet out there. In the following top list, however, we included models for every kind of pocket.



1. Secret Slippers Women’s Extra Wide Diabetic Shoes 


If you’re looking for some adjustable footwear, one of the main things that you will observe on these shoes when you buy them is the fact that they have adjustable velcro closure flaps. This means that you will be able to easily open them up and place your foot in without hassle.

Furthermore, the shoes are roomy enough to accommodate anything from a foot in normal conditions to one that is badly swollen. The outsole is made of rubber which is 100% non-marking, and that means the grip is an excellent one and the comfort felt on the inside is great.

The insole is made of memory foam that will mold to the shape of your feet, and that will help in alleviating pressure points and thus provide more comfort. In the heel part, you will find a rubber contour that adds more flexibility to the shoe.


These shoes are some of the easiest to put on and take off, and that is primarily thanks to the adjustable velcro closures.

Another important aspect that makes these shoes comfortable is the fact that they offer enough room for any kind of swelling.

They are also comfortable on the interior, thanks to the soft and seam-free lining found there and the foam padding that acts as a cushion against pressure.

The size of these slippers can be adjusted and they also come in 8 different sizes from the factory. The manufacturer recommends getting a pair that is one size bigger than your usual shoes.

The insole of the slippers is made of memory foam that is ultra-soft and will help you spread the pressure across the foot.


The velcro strap running across the top of the shoes could have been bigger to allow you to further modify their size.

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2. W&Lesvago Men’s Wide Width & Extra Depth Diabetic Shoes 


Shoes for elderly swollen feet should be made of materials that let the feet breathe and feel comfortable at the same time, and fortunately, this pair delivers on that. The materials you find inside them are soft and breathable and this will provide protection against odors. Surprisingly, the material is also resistant to stains, and that essentially means that you won’t have to clean the shoes that often.

Another aspect that is clearly visible is the adjustable velcro strap that keeps the shoe together. This will open up the slipper with ease, allowing you to gently place your foot in it. The memory foam insoles will provide the comfort needed by your feet and the fact that your weight is spread evenly across the sole will help you regain your balance and will make things more comfortable.

For more comfort and flexibility you have the rubber contoured heel.


The memory foam found in the insoles will prove to be so comfortable and nice to touch. You want your shoes to feel nice and that certainly helps.

Velcro straps are always a good choice when it comes to shoes like this because they allow you to customize the size of the shoes in a quick manner.

Constructed of premium quality materials, these shoes will provide protection against stains and they will catch a smell much slower. This will let you wear them for more.

It’s important that footwear like this offer you the support and balance you need, and thanks to the outsole and the rubber contour heel, you get the flexibility needed to achieve that.


Getting the right size can be a challenge, and although the shoes are adjustable, they can’t be modified in length.

The inside flap, where the velcro should attach feels a bit too small and the velcro won’t stick to it because of that.

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3. Secret Slippers Women’s Air Walking Shoes 


Made primarily for women but usable by anybody, these shoes should offer you the comfort you need when your feet are swollen and won’t let you have a pleasant time. What recommends them is the rubber sole at first. This aspect will mean that no matter the surface or the humidity of that surface,  you will always have a good grip.

We all know how important grip is when it comes to shoes and people with mobility issues. What’s better, the slippers come with an air cushioning design that should keep your feet better protected and your ankle in a more comfortable position by absorbing any shocks.

Memory foam cushions placed on the insole will make you feel like you are stepping on ergonomic pillows. You won’t feel any more foot pain thanks to the soothing insole that supports and distributes your weight. Walking and standing for prolonged periods of time will be easier.


It’s impressive how wide these shoes can get, and that will make them roomier, while still allowing them to be soft and comfortable.

The forefoot straps close with the help of velcro strips and that makes them highly adjustable. Unlike other models, the velcro is positioned horizontally, so you can widen the shoes as much as possible.

The shoes come with an additional layer of an insole that can be removed and washed separately.

Breathable upper materials reduce foot odor while enhancing breathability and as a result prevent your feet from sweating.

The air-cushion design will make the shoes better at absorbing the pressure and as a result, they will keep your feet and ankle in a more comfortable position.


Getting the right size is tricky because, if you get bigger shoes they will fit you in terms of room for your swollen part, but they will be too long.

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4. Secret Slippers Woman Diabetic Shoes 


Made for women, these sandals can be worn by anyone thanks to how big they can get. They are “open-top” models, meaning that they have holes, just like sandals. This provides certain benefits and the most important of them is the fact that your feet will not get sweaty in them as much.

Furthermore, thanks to the adjustable velcro straps that are used for closing them, you can easily place your foot inside and gently close the sandals with the velcro, all free of hassle. The shoes are roomy and they can accommodate swollen feet, but they can also be used by people that don’t have problems like that.

Because the shoes are machine washable, they are really easy to clean. Thanks to having very little material, especially on the top part, the shoes are also lightweight and comfortable. The outsole is made of a dual-density rubber that will give you the grip needed.


You will find these shoes roomy enough to accommodate any kind of swollen feet.

The material is a sturdy one, the shoes don’t smell that much, but even if they do, they are still machine washable and thus easy to clean.

If you are looking for some lightweight shoes, these are great, as they have little to no material and every piece making them is light.

The rubber outsole will give you the traction that it’s often necessary when you have swollen feet, and the rubber contour heel will also provide comfort as it’s flexible.

The shoes come with memory foam insoles and that will help in eliminating pressure points and thus provide unmatched comfort.

Thanks to the velcro strips you will be able to get them on and off fast and with no pain.


The open construction is an advantage during summer, but in winter you will feel that your feet are cold.

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5. MediFeet Men’s Diabetic Slippers 


If you’re looking for some wide shoes for swollen feet that can also be used in the house by regular users, these should be great for you. The closure system relies on a hook and loop principle, where you just attach the two parts of the shoe together. This allows for great adjustment and for customizing the shoes to fit your size.

The shoes can be modified depending on different levels of swelling. They are also roomy by default and that means they won’t put too much pressure on the foot. Nevertheless, they are made of soft and lightweight materials, so they almost feel like you are wearing socks.

They are great around the house, although we wouldn’t advise you to go outside with them. However, they still come with rubber outsoles, which should provide a great grip on any terrain. The materials are warm enough to keep you comfortable all-year-round.


The anti-skid rubber sole is certainly an advantage, taking into account that it will let you stay safe and balanced all-around the house.

These slippers feel roomy right before you start adjusting them, and that will offer a feeling of comfort.

The sole, although soft to touch and protective of your feet, will still be strong enough to keep you in good shape no matter the type of ground you are walking on.

Slippers like these usually catch a smell fast, but fortunately, with these ones, you will be able to wash them more often, as they are machine washable.

Variation is given by the adjustable closure system. A hook and loop principle is used to let you easily put these on or take them off.


For some people with swollen toes, the tip of the shoes will feel too tight, and the adjustable closing system will not help in that case.

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6. Mejormen Women’s Diabetic Slippers 


Those that are tired of plain-colored shoes will rejoice at the sight of these beautiful slippers. Created using high-quality cotton, with superior texture, these beauties will look well on any lady. Of course, they can be used by anyone, but the pretty flower pattern made of embroidery suggests that ladies will enjoy them more.

When discussing their material it’s important to notice that the insoles are made of high-density foam, which means they are really comfortable to step on. Furthermore, all the materials they are made of are machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Like many other similar slippers, these ones also come with an adjustable closing system based on a velcro strip. The upper part is extra soft to protect the swollen feet, but it can also get as snug as you like. The outsole has threaded patterns and that helps with grabbing the floor better.


Given the ultra-soft and snug upper part, these shoes will feel comfortable no matter who is wearing them.

It’s a rare case when shoes like these have some design elements on them. Fortunately, these ones come with beautifully embroidered designs that will make it a pleasure to wear them.

The insoles have enough padding to keep your soles comfortable, painless, and to offer the support needed.

In terms of the outsole, it’s a good one in terms of grip, as it will keep you standing up even on wet surfaces.

The slippers are also machine washable, which means you can keep them clean easier.


The sole seems a bit too hard, and although it’s good at providing grip, it’s not as flexible as you expect.

Although adjustable, the part where the velcro strap fits is quite small and if your feet are swollen really badly, you won’t be able to close the shoes.

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7. Orthoshoes Women’s Diabetic Walking Shoes


Just in case you’re looking for some shoes for very swollen feet, but you also want them to look good enough so that you can wear them outside, these ones are just what you want. They should be described as highly adjustable, and that is thanks to the forefoot straps that make their closing system.

As usual, they use velcro closures to stay on your feet, and the good thing about this is that the system is adjustable so you can change them depending on the degree of the swelling. Unlike other models, they have an extra-wide toe area with a round shape, and that is meant to offer you great comfort for swollen toes.

Given the quality materials used in making them, these shoes are lightweight and also pretty sturdy. The upper part is made of breathable materials, and that means it’s great for every season, including hot summers.


Velcro strips are synonymous with customization in terms of width and although some shoes out there have a very slip strip, these ones offer a wide one that can be used for massive changes.

You could be mistaken these shoes for a pair of well-made sneakers, that’s how good they look. That means you can take them outside, as they look so nice.

There is a visible air cushion design to these shoes, and as you can see on the heel, there is an air pocket there that is meant to absorb shocks better.

The supportive insoles are heavily cushioned for more comfort and they are also removable if you want to wash them separately or to replace them.


The shape of the sole around the middle part is somewhat awkward and for people with badly swollen feet in that area, these shoes won’t work.

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8. Gold Toe Gayle Women’s Edema Slipper


Some people require extra adjustability from their shoes, and while some pairs of slippers let you adjust a strap, these ones have two straps that will let you make things more comfortable. The first thing to notice about these is their ingenious design. There is a “tongue” coming out from the tip of the shoe and that tongue attaches on velcro strips on each side of the shoe.

This allows for great modifications. However, the innovative part about these shoes is the fact that they can be adjusted from a strap that comes around the heel and ankle. You can thus modify how wide they are.

Taking a closer look at them you can also see that the sole is made of rubber and it’s pretty thick. That means they will give you the needed grip and also feel soft when you walk on them. Made of microfiber, the shoes are durable ones.


The fact that they come with two adjustable straps, each of them using velcro strips is a thing that will help you find the perfect fit for each of your feet.

These shoes are by default wider than usual and this will make things more comfortable when walking or standing for long periods.

Thanks to the microfiber they are made of, these shoes can safely be washed in a machine.

The inner sole is made of memory foam, which is one of the best materials when it comes to making you feel comfortable. It also provides great support and helps you maintain your balance.

The materials they are made of will ensure that they are flexible enough to cope with daily activities.


The velcro strips used for the front “tongue” are a bit too small and don’t allow for massive modifications.

They feel a bit too heavy.

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9. Chuangli Women’s Diabetic Walking Shoes 


You would be excused for believing these are made for usual wear, as they look so good and seem to be wearable no matter the weather or the season. One great thing about them is the breathable upper construction which is made of a mesh knit and lining. This helps your feet stay refreshed and get more air.

Another positive of these shoes is the high-density memory foam used for cushioning your feet and making you feel like you’re walking on pillows. Also, thanks to the arch support built to match the anatomical shape of your sole, the foot is well supported and you will regain your balance again with these shoes.

The velcro strap closure that works just like the one used for kid’s shoes will make it easier for you to put the shoes on or to take them off. These shoes don’t put much pressure on the swollen feet thanks to how light the material is.


Amongst the pros, you will find the soft and cushioned upper part, which will offer you the comfort needed for your daily activities.

Speaking about the upper part, let’s not forget that it is made of highly-durable yet breathable mesh that will allow your feet to get the air needed on warm days.

The distinct slip-proof pattern on the outsole will help you stay upright no matter the floor you are stepping on, or how wet it is.

Made of rubber, the sole is lightweight and this reduces the overall weight of the shoes, making you feel that you are wearing a pair of comfortable socks.

The soles of the shoes have arch supports that will match the shape of your sole and provide support.


The opening of the shoe is quite narrow, and although you can adjust how snug your feet will be inside, getting them in is difficult.

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10. Secret Slippers Women’s Adjustable Open Toe Sandals 


You want some indoor shoes for swollen feet elderly, but also want to take them outdoor from time to time? These are the shoes for you. Thanks to their interesting design and the fact that they are basically sandals, you will be able to wear these when going out of the house too. Of course, they won’t keep your feet warm during winter, but they’re a blessing in summer.

Thanks to the small amount of material used in making them, these sandals are really light. You can sometimes forget that you’re wearing them, that’s how light they are. They are also comfortable, thanks to the thick sole padded with foam and covered in a seam-free lining.

The most important thing about these shoes is the design they come with. They offer extra depth and they have a really wide toe box. These shoes can expand to incredible sizes.


The velcro system that these shoes use to close is one that allows for great customization thanks to the wide pads of velcro.

Another important aspect of these sandals is the fact that they only consist of necessary material, and that means you won’t have excesses that will prevent your feet from getting the air they need.

In terms of design, they are also great, and you can either choose a model that looks well inside your home, or you can be more adventurous and get something that you can also wear outside.

The limited materials that they use also mean that they are lightweight and this provides additional comfort.

Their insoles are covered with padding that is protected with seam-free lining.


If you usually have cold feet you won’t enjoy them as they won’t keep you warm.

The outsoles are not made of rubber and you might have issues slipping.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


When you suffer from edema you will have to look for some comfortable shoes for swollen feet that will allow you to go on with your daily activities without feeling the need to rest that often, or without causing pain. The best shoes for elderly swollen feet will be comfortable, lightweight and should offer you the possibility to wear them all-day-long.


Check the sole

It’s impressive how important the sole of shoes really is. Many people forget to think about that when buying shoes, and they only look for the overall aspect of the pair and how they feel. But when you first try on a pair of shoes you don’t have the chance to feel the sole that well. That is why, as a rule of thumb, it’s better if you look for shoes with a rubber sole from the start.

These are more practical for a variety of reasons. The first of these is the fact that rubber is a good gripping material and this will ensure the non-slipping nature of the shoes. You will have loads of traction no matter the weather.

Another thing to know is that rubber is a flexible material, and when you’re having swollen feet, maybe due to edema, you want the sole to be able to flex around the shape of your feet and accommodate it.

Let’s not forget that rubber is a bouncy material. This may not seem like it has any importance, but one great aspect of rubber soles is that they allow you to walk in a more natural way, as they are bouncier and make the activity a less-demanding one.


You need comfortable shoes

While some people have difficulties finding good shoes for swollen feet, when you are looking for a pair for you, make sure it’s not too loose either. But finding the right balance is difficult, and that’s why you need shoes made of comfortable materials, to make sure that they stay on you without applying too much pressure.

Memory foam, for example, is one thing that will help shoes fit you better. But you could also consider looking for shoes with general thick padding, and most importantly soft lining. Your feet need to feel comfortable and a thick layer of protection will help with that. A protective lining will serve as a shock-absorbing material that will keep you away from unnecessary pressure.

Although running isn’t really recommended when your feet aren’t feeling well, with some comfortable shoes you can also do that if you really want to. In any case, you want a pair of shoes made of soft fabric.


Design matters

Shoes for people with swollen feet need to have a special design to accommodate the shape of the feet. One important aspect is the width of the shoes, but let’s not forget that they should be easy to put on and to take off. This is also really important in hot summer days when you feel your feet need to take some air.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Based on what criteria should I choose my shoes for swollen feet? 

There are some small criteria that make a big difference when it comes to shoes for seniors with swollen feet. The first of these criteria is regarding the dimensions of the shoes. Generally, shoes are pretty long and narrow and some of them feel too tight, even for people that have no issues with edemas. But for swollen feet, you want some wide shoes that can be adjusted.

Then, make sure the materials are right. Comfort is everything, and with soft materials and a lot of cushioning comes that comfort. But you don’t want the shoes to be too heavy because of that. Worse, bad materials will make your feet sweat. That’s why we would suggest some shoes with foam, as that will allow the feet to breathe a bit more.

Pay some attention to additional features such as support too. When you have swollen feet, your sense of balance isn’t that great anymore, and you need some help with that.



Q: What shoes are the best for me?

The type of shoe that you choose largely depends on you and the shape of your feet. As a result, the recommendation here is to precisely measure your feet. Only after you do that you will be able to choose the right pair. The thing with swollen feet is that they are not always symmetrical, whereas shoes are.

Fortunately, the best shoes for swollen ankles and feet will have many adjustable features that will let you set a certain size for your right leg and another one for your left one. Velcro straps around the ankle or foot are always a good thing. Those that come over your ankle are better because they put less pressure on the swollen points.

Buckle closures are also a good choice, but keep in mind that sometimes you can’t do everything by yourself and wearing some pairs of shoes will actually damage your health. That is why you should first see a doctor.


Q: How can I measure my feet at home?

To measure the sole of your feet you should start with taping a piece of paper to the floor. Then, firmly hold your foot on the paper and using a pen draw the outer shape of your foot. You can also do this wearing the socks that you would normally use in a pair of shoes. Using a tape measure or a ruler measure the length of your foot in the longest point.

Do the same for the width of your foot and you will get the shoe size. When it comes to special shoes for swollen feet, however, you also need to take into account the height of your feet. Measuring this is a bit more difficult but it can still be done. You could do it using two rulers.

Take one of them and place it on top of your foot, parallel to the ground, then, use another ruler to measure the distance between the first ruler and the ground.




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