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Top 9 Sliding Transfer Benches  — An In-Depth Analysis


If you’re looking for the best sliding transfer bench to help you live your life as a normal person, we have your back. We’ve created this small yet compact guide that contains plenty of advice and buying options, all of which were selected after we went through dozens of sliding transfer bench reviews. All of them are trustworthy and bound to make a long-lasting impression on those with mobility limitations. One product that has spoken to us on many levels and that is praised by past buyers is the Platinum Health Carousel. The bench is very intuitive and easy to use, and it can survive even someone very heavy. Moreover, the unit is resistant to corrosion and doesn’t need many tools to assemble it. If you can’t find it on the market anymore, or if the seller can’t ship to your area, we suggest looking into the Platinum Health Gateway.



9 Best Sliding Transfer Benches (Reviews) in 2024



Below, you have our top picks. Each one can be considered a good sliding transfer bench, and it will meet all of the demands of those who need them the most. We made sure they are crafted from premium materials, and that they feel comfortable even with extended use.




1. Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat Premium


This blue beauty is designed for people with mobility challenges and for those who don’t want to give up comfort despite their conditions. It is also ideal for patients who weigh 330 pounds or less since it is made from incredibly sturdy materials that are resistant to humidity and corrosion.

The model effectively enables individuals to quickly slide in and out of the bathtub safely and efficiently, removing the dangers of doing that unassisted. The swivel-seat has potent slip-resistant padding, and it features padded back and armrests as well, for a much more pleasant experience.

Unlike standard units that come with fixed armrests, this one has armrests that can be raised, lowered and locked into place with just a few movements. The aluminum, rust-free legs of the item can also be easily adjusted. The swivel seat is safer than other lower-priced options, and it is effortless to use and softer than a standard fixed seat.

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2. Gateway Premium Sliding Bath Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat


This is another premium option from the same trusted brand. The padded sliding transfer bench can also act as a shower chair, and it is the perfect bathroom aid for those individuals with decreased and painful mobility. It is specially designed to eliminate both the risk of falls and skin tears.

Moreover, the swivel seat promptly eliminates the need for a large free space, as it won’t protrude inconveniently into the bathroom. The model also incorporates a padded seat base, and the backrest is padded as well for the ultimate safety and comfort. Some say it also feels much warmer to the skin than other hard plastic models.

Besides, the unit helps prevent slips and falls like a pro. All of its surfaces are easy to clean and disinfect with any product on the market. Adjustments are hassle-free, and installation will be a breeze since it is compatible with most baths.

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3. EagleHealth Tub-Mount Swivel Sliding Bench 77762


You will love this model if you appreciate a good design and enhanced functionality. This durable swivel and sliding transfer seat will provide relief and increased independence for those individuals who have trouble getting in and also out of the shower, standing independently for prolonged periods or for those who always worry about falling.

It is a tool that will allow you to shower with confidence since it is highly stable and compact. It will let you save space in your bathroom because you can mount the entry side of the bench to the tub wall, which is great if you live in an apartment. The sliding mechanism is easy to use, and it even features an adjustable belt.

This shower bench will make bathing much safer for people with disabilities since it slides and swivels a full 360 degrees. Thus, it will minimize the physical strain on the user and caregiver as well.

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4. Drive Medical Folding Universal Sliding Transfer Bench


If you have mobility issues, you can’t go wrong with this piece. It is a good buy especially if you lack storage space since it has a foldable design, which allows it to be even more compact than most budget-friendly options on the market. Moreover, the item is lightweight and can easily be assembled in minutes.

The new sliding transfer bench comes with improvements that offer customers an easy way to transfer into their tub while conserving a lot of energy and eliminating the risk of an unfortunate event. It also features a sturdy belt and strong construction that will last you for years.

You can adjust the seat however you like, which is a nice bonus that most people will take advantage of. Cleaning the seat is simple, and it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs so even those with bigger body types can use it safely.

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5. Swiveling and Sliding Transfer Bench and Shower Chair


The premium model is stronger, sturdier and more intuitive than previous ones, which tells you a lot about the time the brand has invested in developing this piece. It is made with better materials, and it comes with new features to make it easier for the elderly to get in and out of the tub.

The swivel seat rotates a full 360 degrees, and it is also able to lock every quarter turn. This gives the user fine control over the device, depending on his or her needs. The sliding rings under the seat are specially designed to lock the seat at the end of the rails, which adds an extra layer or security.

The model’s polished high-grade aluminum tubes make the slide smoother, and they give longevity to the product. Moreover, the entire base is crafted from high-grade aluminum for the same purpose. The unit is light and can be easily assembled.

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6. HydroGlyde Premium Heavy Duty Sliding Bathtub Transfer 


The HydroGlyde premium tool is the ideal aid for individuals who can’t shower without a support system. It is a model used in thousands of hospitals and nursing homes because it manages to offer safety, convenience, and comfort for an affordable price.

Its unique cutout seat enables proper access to all major body parts for easy and effective cleaning, just like a product from this category should. The easy-to-use insert can quickly be popped into place and removed as required. The unit can take loads up to 400 lbs, which makes it a heavy-duty product that can be used even by obese people.

The chassis of the HydroGlyde is created with lightweight and robust aluminum components, so it can survive heavy use and heavy loads. The frame will not rust even in high-humidity environments, and the durable construction blocks any wobbling, shaking or tipping. Moreover, its seat is highly comfortable.

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7. EagleHealth Swivel Sliding Bath Bench 77692


The innovative Swivel Sliding Transfer Bench by Eagle Health Supplies is a brilliant tool that makes getting into the bathtub safer and actually pleasant. The model includes an adjustable safety belt, so even if you lose your balance, you’ll still be protected at all times.

It can be assembled to face either the right or the left so that you can customize it to the design of your bathroom. Moreover, the swivel seat turns 360°, and it locks every 90°. The sliding rails are made from polished aluminum-tubes, and they make the product super light and durable.

Also, note that the seat locks at each end of the sliding rails, so you won’t have to worry about that aspect. The molded plastic seat and back are comfortable, and they have a textured finish and seat drainage holes. The last thing to know is that the model makes no compromise in no area so that it can deliver reliable performance.

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8. Eagle Health Supplies Swivel Slide Bench 77693


This swivel seat turns 360° and locks every 90°, like all premium models, allowing smooth entry and exit from the bench. The seat itself glides over strong, polished aluminum-tube sliding rails that don’t rust even in a high-humidity place like the bathroom.

The brand also offers a longer sliding distance than other benches, which is a unique bonus for those with huge baths. Its specially-designed sliding rings securely lock the seat in its place at each end of the sliding rails. The design also rocks wide cut-outs that ensure easier personal cleaning for both the user and caregiver.

It includes an adjustable safety belt, and it is shipped with a comfortable molded plastic seat completed with a textured finish, which also allows for easy cleaning and disinfecting. The model is professionally tested for high weight capacity stress and it can easily hold people up to 400 lbs.

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9. EagleHealth Toilet-to-Tub Sliding Bench 77963 Long


The comfortable fit of the seat will be the first thing that impresses you. It comes with an extra-wide molded plastic seat that rocks commode cut-outs. It also has drainage holes, which make sure the product won’t acquire a bad smell and that bacteria and mold won’t be recurrent issues that you’ll have to deal with.

It is highly resistant since it is created from a rust-proof and lightweight aluminum frame. This small feature will make sure that the bench can be carried from one place to another without too much of a hassle. No tools are required for assembling, and you can use it almost straight out of the box.

To fit the user and tub clearance, the manufacturer decided to make its height adjustable. Also, note that the unit has a 350 lbs weight capacity, which is more than enough for most people. Maintenance should also be quite comfortable.

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Our Yearly Guide


Transfer benches for sale are beautiful items that make bathing safer for people and their caregivers. Nevertheless, because they are a personal item, most companies don’t accept returns if you open the box. And because of that, you need to make sure that the one you go for has some key features like adjustability, sturdiness and that it can fit your bath perfectly. The cheap sliding transfer benches on the market should also act as highly comfortable and durable shower seats.

A shower chair or transfer bench?

The truth is, premium benches can also be used as shower chairs. But let’s discuss each in detail. They are both used to help people bathe safely. However, a shower chair sits completely inside the bathtub, and it is much lighter and compact, much like a standard chair or like those helpful and unique gardening seats for elderly citizens.

A transfer bench, on the other hand, is placed on the wall of the bathtub. So usually, only two of its feet are situated inside the tub. This allows the person using it to gently slide across the bench and also easily lift the legs over the wall and put them in the bathtub. They allow you to conserve your energy and not strain your muscles.

Benches usually feature a removable backrest, for those who have back pain. It also aids with mobility and makes the whole experience much more comfortable. Another plus for transfer benches is the fact that they come with adjustable belts. And if you add a premium non-slip bath mat for the elderly, you’ll never experience any harm in your bath.


The right size

The first thing you’ll have to make sure of is that the product will fit your bathroom. Pay attention to the specifications of the transfer bench that you are planning on buying. How long is the bench with all of its protrusions? Also, make sure its height is adjustable, just like you would do with a cheap bath seat for elderly citizens.

This information will be available on the website from which you’re buying the product, along with all other specifications. Don’t forget to double-check the height of your tub wall, as that is an important factor too when it comes to buying a sliding transfer bench for bathtub.

The first step is to measure with a tape the area in your bathroom that you will use to accommodate the product. Please make sure that you have plenty of floor space in front of the bathtub, so you can move around it as you’re trying to use the tool. The same thing applies if you are a wheelchair user or if you want a special extra long sliding transfer bench.

Other things to keep in mind

Most items come with adjustable legs and armrest, so make sure you look for that if you want a highly customizable sliding tub transfer bench. Rubber non-slip feet are recommended too, especially if your tile is smooth. Moreover, make sure that the bench you opt for is rust free for long-term use.

Ideally, the seat of the bench will be non-slip as well, and it will have drainage holes to prevent water retention, just like a Carousel sliding transfer bench would have. Cut-outs are also essential if you want easy access to all your body parts as you’re cleaning yourself.

Always be sure to check the maximum weight capacity of the transfer bench to make sure it matches the weight of the people using the unit before purchasing. Conventional models have up to a 260 lbs capacity, while heavy-duty transfer benches can hold someone that is over 400 lbs. All of these factors make the benches ideal gifts for seniors.

An extra piece of advice would be to invest in well-made non slip slippers for elderly citizens and also in sturdy grab bars for seniors if you want to have all areas covered.


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