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The Essential Guide to Finding the Best Swivel Table + Reviews


If you are looking for the best swivel table, you have arrived at the right place. Our team has analyzed all the features of the most popular products and have written reviews and a detailed buying guide that will make your choice a lot easier. After this analysis, we have concluded that the Able Life Tray Table Adjustable Bamboo Swivel is a great choice if you want to buy a high-quality product. It is sturdy and reliable, being able to support a user weight of 250 pounds while using the support handle. It is versatile and strong as the tray can hold up to 30 pounds. Its adjustability makes it a great purchase for seniors with mobility problems as well as for anybody who wants a good swivel table. If this is not available in your region, a good choice is also the Stander Omni Tray Table Adjustable Swivel.



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9 Best Swivel Tables (Updated Reviews) in 2024



Because we know that choosing a great swivel table for your needs can be time-consuming, we have made a list of swivel table reviews that are meant to make your research job easier. Our team has thoroughly analyzed the quality and utility of these products and emphasized the most important features of the most sold products on the market right now.



1. Able Life Tray Table Adjustable Bamboo Swivel


This tray table from Abel Life is the perfect choice for any senior who wants to enjoy stability and support while using a swivel table. It comes as a great helper for anyone who has mobility problems due to its adjustable design. The manufacturers have provided it with a stability handle that can hold up to 250 lbs. The handle can be easily used due to its size.

The tray table is designed to hold a TV, a laptop or anything useful that you want to put on it, as long as you do not go over 30 pounds. It measures 16 by 18 inches, it is made of bamboo and it has a built-in cup holder, as well as a special place for you to put your utensils in, like writing utensils or tableware. 

It has great adjustability features, as you can level the height of the tray between 26 and 32 inches. You can also adjust the height of the base of the table and the height of the support handle.



The tray is made of bamboo, which is a water-resistant material, as well as a sturdy one.

The tray can hold up to 30 pounds so it is very versatile when it comes to what you can use it for.

The tray is also big enough for you to eat on and can hold more than one plate.

It has a cup holder, so you won’t have to worry about spilling your drink.

The support handle is sturdy enough to support 250 pounds.

The tray can swivel up to 360 degrees, a feature that gives you room to safely get off the couch.

The base of the table can adjust perfectly under any couch or chair.



To be honest, there are hardly any negative thoughts about this product. The only thing that is missing is wheels for moving it around, but their lack is justified by the high stability properties.

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2. Stander Omni Tray Table Adjustable Swivel


The Omny adjustable swivel tray table from Stander is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a high-quality table. You will be able to enjoy high stability levels due to the table stand that fits perfectly under any couch or chair and due to the sturdy materials that it is made of.

The safety handle is ergonomic and is covered with a non-slippery material that will make you feel safe while getting on and off the couch, especially because it can support up to 250 pounds.

The table swivels up to 360 degrees, great for when you are not using it, as you can put it on the side. It is highly ergonomic and you can adjust it according to your needs. The tray is large enough to hold everything you need to put on it and is made of bamboo, a strong waterproof material, and can hold up to 30 pounds.



The table tray is made of bamboo which is known to be quite strong for its weight, so you can be sure that as long as you put anything beyond 30 pounds on the table, the tray will not break.

The handle is ergonomic and has a non-slippery grip.

It can support the weight of a person as heavy as 250 pounds when shifting their position from standing to sitting.

The base of the table fits under any couch or chair and, due to its design, the table is very stable.

It comes with a lifetime satisfaction warranty.

The tray can slide to 360 degrees, offering free space while you are not using it.

It is adjustable according to your needs.



It does not have a cup holder so, for people who can not rely on their movement precision, like seniors, it might be a little bit hard not to spill their drink.

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3. Able Life Universal Swivel TV Tray Table


The Able Life Universal table is perfect for anyone who wants to use their laptop while sitting on a couch or armchair, from remote workers to elderly who have mobility problems. The great thing about this product is that, even if the tray is simple and does not have any holders, you can add some accessories like a utensil holder or a remote control holder.

It is great for TVs, laptops, books, food trays or any other objects that you want to have close to you while sitting on the couch. The tray is oversized, made of bamboo, and offers a lot of working space. It can also swivel up to 360 degrees for having more space when you are not using it.

This swivel side table has a modern design and is very sturdy, having 2 stability pads on the base that fit perfectly under any couch or chair. It is fully adjustable and the tray can hold up to 30 pounds.



It offers high stability because of the sturdy materials it is made of.

You can add accessories that help you store your writing utensils so that they are always reachable. You can also add a cup holder made especially for this type of table.

The bamboo that the tray is made of offers great stability and durability, as well as the waterproof feature.

The tray is oversized, providing you with enough space to work or eat carefreely.

You can adjust the tray’s height between 24 and 32 inches, as well as the base, between 25 and 35 and a half inches.

The base is very solid and has two large pads that make the table highly stable.



Again, we could hardly find a flaw in this product. The only minus it has is that you have to separately buy the accessories you need for holding a cup or other storing necessities you have because they are not built-in.

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4. Emall Life Upgraded Multifunctional Adjustable Overbed End Table


This swivel top side table is a little bit different from the ones we have talked about before because its base is a nightstand that has all the features a nightstand should have, like wheels and drawers. The set is made of E1-grade MDF which has a 16 mm thickness and it also has a carbon steel bracket.

It is versatile and can be used as a study or working desk, as an eating table or a laptop computer table. The top table can be moved horizontally as well as vertically and it has a q-tip on the back so that you can organize your cables if you want to use it for holding a laptop, a lamp or a TV.

It is perfect for storage and it is easy to assemble. It weighs approximately 41 pounds and can be moved easily around the house if you want to use it in different locations. 



It gives you a lot of storage space and can be used as a nightstand as well as a working desk.

It looks a lot like furniture, not like a medical device that you can find in a hospital.

The tray swivels horizontally for space-saving, as well as vertically for when you want to read or use your laptop, a great feature is you want to work comfortably from home.

It has stoppers for the working tray.

The wheels can be locked so that the nightstand does not move while you use it.

It is very strong and easy to adjust and assemble.

Even if it hasn’t got a proper base to go under the couch for stability, its 41-pound weight is enough to ensure a high stability feature.



It occupies a lot of space compared to other swivel tables and the material it is made of is not waterproof. However, if you do not want to use it as an eating table you shouldn’t have to worry about that.

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5. EasyComforts Rolling Tray Table


This is a cheap swivel table that has a lot of great features that make it similar to a high-quality table. It is portable and can easily be moved around the house if you want to use it in different locations due to the wheels attached to its base. The H-shaped base can fit under the bed or couch easily.

It is versatile and can be used as a portable desk or dining table and you can adjust it according to your needs as the height can be modified on a scale from 27 inches and a half to 47 inches so that you have an ergonomic position while using it.

The tabletop is made of laminate wood grain and can easily fit in a natural home design due to its natural wood texture. It is very easy to assemble and you can save space while not using it because it slides vertically as well as horizontally.



The price-quality ratio is perfect for people who want a good product without much investment.

You can move it around easily and it can fit underneath any bed or couch.

The H-shaped base offers high stability and the metal it is made of is really sturdy.

It has a natural look, even though the tabletop is not made of natural wood.

The height adjustment scale range gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to adjusting it to your needs.

It can be used as a bedside table.



It is not waterproof and does not have a handle to help you get up. This does not make it a good purchase for seniors and people with mobility problems because it can not assure that they get on and off the couch easily.

You have to add a non-slippery computer pad if you want to use your laptop while the tabletop is slid.

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6. HomGarden Swivel Laptop Rolling Cart Table


This affordable swivel table from HomGarden has a very modern look that is perfect for your office or home. You can use it according to your needs as a desk table as well as an eating table.

It is made of a tabletop and a metal base that is H-shaped and has 4 wheels so that you can move it easily. The great thing about this swivel table is that it has a side tabletop that can be moved separately from the main tabletop and can be placed on either side of the main tabletop. 

It is all black and made of MDF and PVC. The practical tabletop can swivel on a range of 360 degrees so that you can easily adjust it to an ergonomic position that suits your individual needs. The base allows you to use it while sitting as well as standing because it is highly adjustable.



The splitting tabletop is a great feature that allows you to tilt the main part on which you can put your laptop and you can let the small one in a horizontal position so that you can place your drink or food plate on it.

The horizontal tilt allows you to reduce the risk of wrist strain because you can easily change the angle of the desk for a perfect range of motion while drawing or writing.

You can adjust its height so that you can use it standing, which is a great feature for people who have to work sitting down because they can prevent back pain using it alternatively, sitting and standing.



Some people do not like the fact that it can not hold large weights, like a TV set, but if you only want to use it for your laptop or for holding a few things you need at hand, it is perfect.

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7. Octane Seating Octane Black Swivel Tray Table


This swivel tray is different from what we have talked about before in the sense that it is a model that can be attached to an Octane theater seat that has a proper accessory dock. It is small, black, and has a non-slippery top surface. 

This tray is designed to hold your food and drink while you watch TV or while you have other activities when sitting on the Octane theater seat. It swivels on a circle range, meaning 360 degrees, with the possibility of placing it between two seats. It can hold up to a food portion and can be used as a tablet or phone holder.

It weighs 3 pounds and the assembled height is about 3 inches. The height, however, is not adjustable. The tray is relatively small and has a matte black finish that gives it a modern look and blends well with the Octane seat.



The relatively small size is great if you want to use it as a food stand for when you are watching a football game or a movie because it will not make you uncomfortable, allowing you to move and keep a comfy position.

The design is modern and can blend with the Octane theater seat, which will help you easily incorporate it into your home design.

It can swivel in a circle range of motion so that you can put it aside or between two theater seats.

The materials it is made of are sturdy and durable.



The main flaw of this product is that you can use it only with a certain type of seat, it is not versatile. However, for the customers that own this special type of seat, it is a great asset that can make your TV time a lot more comfortable and practical, as it gives you a place to put your phone and snacks.

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8. WiseLift Table 360° Swivel


The WiseLift Swivel Table is a great product that has many great features that you will enjoy to the max. It is highly versatile as you can use it sitting or standing because of the adjustable height feature. 

It is made of strong materials that offer great stability and durability and it offers great support regardless of how you use it, for the bed, couch, chair or freestanding. 

The design comes with a split tabletop that has two sides. The side on the top of the stand is fixed and the main large part tilts vertically, making it a perfect choice for people who want to use the computer, read or write while in an ergonomic position.

The fixed size has a cup holder and a USB hub with 3 USB ports that can be used to charge your everyday devices. The table swivels on a full circle range and the design is pretty natural. 



The split tabletop design is ergonomic and practical, allowing you to put a drinking cup on the fixed part without having to use another furniture type while you tilt the moving part according to your needs.

The cup holder is great for not spilling your drink by mistake, making your user experience more comfortable and stress-free.

The USB hub is perfect for people who do not want to move a lot to reach an electric plug, making it great for seniors with mobility problems or people who have to spend a lot of time in bed and are not allowed to move a lot.

It is highly adjustable and you can easily move it through the room due to the 4 wheels attached at the bottom of the base.



The color of the base is considered by some users to be hard to match to the design of the room. However, the product has so many pros that this particular minus has minimum importance.

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9. Crocoin Portable Rolling Laptop Cart Mobile Desk


In this swivel table review, we are going to talk about the Portable Rolling Laptop Cart from Crocoin. It has a modern design, the base is made of metal and the tabletop is made of engineered wood. It has an all-black design and is highly versatile and easy to assemble.

Its versatility comes from the fact that you can use it as a work desk, as well as an eating tray. It is highly adjustable, the table has a 360-degree swivel and it also has a split tabletop. The main part can also tilt so that you can use it in an ergonomic way when you work on your laptop, write or draw. 

It also has stoppers at the edge of the tabletop so that your laptop or books do not slip off. You can adjust the height and you can also move it across the room as it has 4 sturdy wheels that help you do that.



It has a minimalistic design that fits into a modern decor as well as into a classical one. 

The fact that you can move it around is great because it does not limit you in matters of room placement.

The split tabletop design is great for when you want to tilt the tabletop, but also need a horizontal top to put your drink or lamp on.

The H-shape base offers great stability and sturdiness.

Even though it is designed as a work and study desk, you can also use it to hold things you need to be at hand.



This swivel table does not have a cup holder, so you always have to pay attention to your range of motions so that you will not spill it, which can make the time you spend using the table a little bit uncomfortable. However, this product comes with so many benefits that this small flaw is like a drop in a bucket.

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Our Comprehensive Buying Guide


Seniors have to take care of their bodies because most of them have issues when it comes to stability and mobility. Therefore, a swivel table is a great accessory that can help them have the comfort they need during the day. 

There are some things to look for when you want to buy the best swivel table and we are going to tell you all about them. Some of the things you should consider before buying a swivel table are purpose, sturdiness, capacity, portability, and adjustability. 

What will you use it for?

Before buying a swivel table, it is very important that you know what you will be using it for. Will you be using it while eating, like a laptop stand, will you be writing on it? Different activities need different features of the table, so do not pass the task of thinking about this.

This aspect is very important because, depending on your activity, you have to choose all the other features. There are swivel tables that are portable and others that are not. So it is important to know if you want to use them in only one place or you want to change places during the day and have to move it around the room.

Other people want to use it as a laptop desk, so it is important to know if you usually drink coffee; for people who do that there is a special split tabletop design that allows you to tilt the main bigger part of the table that is holding your laptop while keeping the other in a horizontal position so that it can safely hold your cup. 

If you want to use it as a food tray for seniors it is important to make sure that the tabletop has a cup holder. Seniors usually have mobility problems and it is not comfortable to always pay attention not to spill your drink, so having a cup holder can lower their stress levels and make their user experience more pleasant.


How sturdy is it?

The materials that the table is made of can differ. If you want to buy a swivel table that will last for a long time and you do not want to end up with your soup on your lap because the table broke, a great choice is to pick one made of sturdy materials. 

These include polished metals, like stainless steel, which are long-lasting and easy to clean but can sometimes not look so good. So, for the tray, you can go for wood that is known to last long and not break easily like teak wood or bamboo, which are also waterproof. The legs, however, must be made of some sort of sturdy metal if you want a long-lasting one.


What to look for in a tray?

After you have answered the question about the purpose of the table, you should probably know by now if you are going to use it on the couch or in bed and what the table needs to hold. You can now pick the size of the tray and the material it is made of, as well as its capacity according to the purpose it has.

Some swivel top side tables have trays specially made to hold small weights like the weight of one portion size of food, a light laptop or a cup of tea, but others are equipped with more robust trays that can hold up to 30 pounds and they can be used as a TV table. If you want to use the table as a food tray, you have to make sure that it is waterproof.

There are trays that have a cup holder or utensils holders incorporated and others that have the option to additionally attach these accessories on the sides. Depending on what you are looking for, there are many options you can choose from to fulfill your every need.

Is the swivel table easy to move around?

This is another important aspect. The swivel table should be easy to move around, especially if you want to use it in different situations like using it when you lie on the bed for a while and then move it when you want to use it to sit on the couch or in an armchair. There are even some tables that can be used while standing up.

This means that it should have wheels that allow you to transport it easily, as well as sturdy handles. Some tables have wheel stoppers that make the table more stable, others also have a cup holder or a place to put your writing instruments in and manufacturers do all they can so that your comfort is kept at a high level.


Can I adjust it so that it fits my needs?

Adjustability is an essential feature that a swivel table has to have because a great swivel table has to also be versatile. This will allow you to make it high or low enough to meet your needs and, as long as the height is kept at an ergonomic level, you will have more comfort and will not experience any pain after using it.




Frequently Asked Questions: 


Q: Based on what criteria should I choose a swivel table?

The most important criterion you have to take into account is the purpose of use. As we have said before, if you need a swivel table because you want to do some handwriting or to study something that involves using a notebook and a book open, you will need a swivel table that is big enough to do that without feeling that you have no space and you have to be limited.

However, if you just want to put your coffee on it and have your mobile phone or tablet on it, you do not need it to be very big. The same goes for the materials that it is made of. If you use it as a small object holder, you will not need a very sturdy one, but if you want to eat on it or put your laptop on it, you will need one made of stronger materials that can hold all that.

Q: Are all swivel tables waterproof?

The answer to this question is ‘it depends’. It depends on the quality you want to buy and what you want to use it for. There are swivel tables that are made of materials that are waterproof because some people want to use them while taking a bath or, in some situations, like with seniors who have mobility problems, some liquids might be spilled on the tray.

The ideal swivel table is waterproof, but if you find one that you like a lot and is not waterproof, it is not hard to cover it with a water-resistant material or apply a water-resistant paint to make it suit your needs. However, this involves some extra work that can be compensated with buying one that already has this feature.

High-quality swivel tables are waterproof and can be used anytime and anywhere for long periods because they are made of high-quality materials that do not deteriorate over time.


Q: How do I adjust the swivel table?

Swivel tables are easy to adjust, there is not much science to it. They have to be adjustable because you do not use them while sitting on a chair that is usually adjustable. You can not adjust the height of your bed or couch. The same considerations have to be taken into account as you would do when picking a good chair. 

You have to be able to keep your elbows on the table, it shouldn’t be too high or too low, to avoid back and shoulder pain. All good-quality swivel tables have a knob that allows you to fix the height. You should always check for that before buying the one that you like because it is an essential feature. Other than that, there is nothing extra you have to do.

If you use it in different settings, be sure to always adjust it according to your height and the height of the furniture that you sit on.



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