Top 9 Velcro Shoes for Elderly Citizens Reviewed in 2024

Last Updated: 12.04.24


Best Velcro Shoes for Elderly Citizens – Reviews & Analysis

Looking for the best Velcro shoes for elderly citizens isn’t the easiest task, especially if you’re not familiar with their needs or if the overcrowded market confuses you. Luckily, we’ve read dozens of reviews of Velcro shoes for elderly citizens to bring you this guide, and our research shows that the first product to consider is the Propét Strap Sneaker, due to its beneficial features. For example, it’s a good option if you’re an avid walker because it offers protection through its brushed nylon lining and will help you keep up an active lifestyle. Air will circulate freely through this model thanks to the perforated upper part, adding breathability without sacrificing the comfort offered by the fully padded linings. It is easy to put on or take off, requiring little effort because it is fitted with straps with hook-and-loop fastenings. The product is in high demand, so if it is sold out, you might want to take the Propet Vista model into consideration.



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9 Best Velcro Shoes for Elderly Citizens (Reviews) in 2024



Finding good Velcro shoes for seniors might not be easy, given that there is a huge variety of products available for sale, with many different features. To give you a helping hand, we wrote in-depth product reviews for some of the most popular models available for purchase, considering both customer feedback and product specifications.



1. Propet Men’s Life Walker Strap Sneaker

One of the more popular choices, this type of sneaker is critically acclaimed thanks to the many features it incorporates and for being affordable and easy to wear.

Designed with the active senior’s needs in mind, it is made of top quality leather to last longer while also offering increased comfort and protection.

The built-in contoured heel stabilizer has a dual strap Velcro closure, making the shoe very easy to put on and take off, eliminating the risk of the bond becoming undone while walking. The Arch-Bridge featured on this model helps control pronation; last but not least, the product has an A5500 Medicare certificate.

Apart from being designed to meet the restrictions in mobility which show up as a result of aging, the Propét Strap Sneaker is also meant to be highly comfortable.

It has a perforated upper part for maximum breathability while the padded lining and footbed will absorb shocks, increasing the wearer’s comfort.

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2. Propet Men’s Vista Strap Shoe

Another great choice could be this model, designed specifically for the needs of elderly people who want to maintain an active lifestyle.

Including features designed to reduce the discomfort caused by long walks, it aims at offering seniors complete mobility and improving their life.

With a double hook-and-loop closure for easy on and off, it enables the wearer to be ready for going out much faster than in the case of a laced product.

Apart from this feature, it meets the A5500 Medicare Guidelines which specify the depth-inlay for multi-density inserts or the design of the closed back. Manufactured to offer a more pleasant walking experience, the Propét Vista offers foot support where it is needed.

Thanks to the padded collar and footbed, comfortable wear is ensured even throughout a whole day of walking. It is perforated too, to increase breathability. Popular for its old-school looks and quality build, it is also available at an attractive price.

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3. Propet Men’s Pucker Moc Strap Shoe

These retro styled shoes are an option you might want to take into consideration.

Quality materials, a design optimized for the needs of active seniors and adjustable accessories are some features which give this product its great benefits.

Apart from being suitable not only for daily use but also for more sophisticated events, thanks to their elegant look, the shoes are designed to be as versatile as possible, while also meeting the strict guidelines issued for senior’s footwear.

Among the most appreciated features are its full grain leather upper, the cooling mesh lining and EVA insole. Another very useful thing is the quick on/off hook-and-loop closure for convenient wear.

To improve comfort, a padded collar and tongue are included, as well as a removable cushion; together with the durable arch support, these extras provide extra comfort even for extended use.

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4. Propet Men’s Connelly Strap Walking Shoe

This Medicare approved walking shoe is appreciated for its great looks and tight fit, provided that the purchased size matches the one you wear on a daily basis.

It improves balance and allows seniors to walk for longer periods of time without feeling fatigued or having their feet in pain.

While manufacturing this model, extra attention was paid to ensure that your feet are better supported when necessary, reducing the discomfort encountered after hours of walking.

With an ideal combination of mesh and leather, a balance between breathability, protection and looks was reached.

The antimicrobial dri-lex sock lining is going to keep the feet dry and feeling well regardless the weather. A double footbed for orthotic adoption is also provided, together with a rubber outsole and a memory foam insole.

Available in three color options (gunsmoke with orange details, black and brown), you will surely find a model to your liking.

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5. New Balance Men’s MW577 Leather Hook-and-Loop Walking 

A less affordable product, the New Balance shoes feature high quality materials and a user-friendly design, being suitable for all sorts of activities including sports like running or hiking.

Even though this model is a little bit pricier, consider that with more than one hundred years of experience manufacturing footwear, the manufacturer offers great value for the price.

Easy on/off is provided with two Velcro hook-and-loop straps. Made of leather, this pair perfectly balances comfort, breathability and protection by using a synthetic sole and a polyurethane midsole for a more stable cushioning.

Customers who tried this model appreciated the tight fit it offers and the durability, lasting longer than other items. Ideal for people with wide feet and narrow heels, the SL-2 design improves their comfort and greatly reduces fatigue.

The arch support is reduced and there is no lump in the area, so people who find that aspect uncomfortable will be satisfied by these sneakers.

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6. Propét Men’s M5015 Scandia Strap Slip-On

Another elegant, old-fashioned model, the Propét Scandia walking shoes are set in a supple full grain or nubuck leather upper with a sturdy synthetic heel.

Providing day-round support, the affordable product can be used for casual walks but also for more elegant events such as family reunions or parties. The textured leather is responsible not only for the dressy-casual look but also for its increased comfort and protection.

A round toe box provides plenty of room, allowing for increased breathability, while the profile helps maintain an easy stride. Furthermore, the product is Medicare/HCPCS code A5500 certified.

Easy on/off is provided with a wide hook-and-loop Velcro strap, an item which is not only useful but also good looking. Available in black, dark brown and brown, you will surely find something to your liking.

However, the manufacturing brand suggests keeping in mind that it tends to run small; for an accurate fit, a size which is ½ larger than yours is recommended.

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7. Propet Men’s Life Walker Strap Sneaker


These modern looking walking shoes for seniors are a great choice if you do not want to spend too much but do not wish to sacrifice comfort and easy wear.

Their great value for the money comes from the many features incorporated, which do not overly increase the price. It is worth mentioning that they are excellent for daily use thanks to the padded linings.

The leather upper is perforated, adding maximum breathability without allowing moisture to get in.

With a rocker profile, the model provides a smooth, easy stride which is desirable in shoes for older men. Dual heel counters and removable cushioned orthotics are other features which aim at increasing comfort and protection.

Apart from being comfortable, the sneakers are designed to be as sturdy as possible, being not only durable but also protective with your feet.

Perfect for an active lifestyle, their firm heel and solid construction reduce the impact of daily use on the product.

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8. Propét Men’s TravelFit Strap Walking Shoe

Athletic and stylish, these sneakers meet all the demands expressed by seniors while retaining a low price and a high-quality build, which only uses good materials for all the parts of a shoe.

Unlike some of its competitors, these are made from textile and synthetic fibers, which make them very light and flexible.

The model was produced not only for daily use but also for the seniors who enjoy traveling. They are very easy to fold and wrap, and as a consequence they will not occupy too much place in a traveling bag.

Wide and with a flexible sole, the item will support your feet and offer increased comfort without sacrificing flexibility and mobility.

The sole is more or less bendable and fitted with special cushions which absorb shocks and increase comfort for prolonged use. The fit is great, and the Velcro straps enable elderly men to put them on with ease; last but not least, there are four available colors for this model.

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9. Propét Men’s Stability X Strap Sneaker

These leather and synthetic shoes are the perfect choice for active seniors who demand a lightweight, flexible product which can be easily packed or carried in a bag.

With great value for the money, the model is appreciated for other things too, such as the comfortable wear and good looks.

Featuring a removable footbed which can be taken out in order to accommodate custom orthotics, it is a versatile model which can be used by pretty much anybody.

The double insoles with the Propét Extra Volume system offer a customized and tight fit without adding strain on your feet. Comfort is increased thanks to the gel heel pad and cushioning ridges.

The midsole is arch supporting, and the outsole is made from rubber in order to increase durability and adherence in adverse weather. If you are concerned about looks and style, the manufacturer offers three different color patterns to choose from.

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Our Yearly Guide


Finding the best Velcro shoes for seniors is not very easy, given the many models available for sale. If you want to know what features to look for and how they influence the product you are willing to buy, read our comprehensive guide which explains some aspects that you might want to consider and why they are so important.


Elderly people tend to have more sensitive feet and as a result shocks can be very painful for them, especially during longer walks. In some cases, when the senior is already suffering from more serious leg or feet problems, even a minor shock such as going down two steps at once can result in injury to the lower back.

No matter how light your step is, the shock is still there. This is why cushioning is such an important matter for senior footwear manufacturers. It disperses shock by using special materials for this purpose.

Usually, a pair of shoes for elderly people will have four cushioned areas — the upper part, the insole, midsole and the outsole.

The insole is also known as the footbed. It can be manufactured using foam, fabric padding, special rubbers or gel paddings.

Another aspect to consider is the insole thickness since the thicker it is, the more it can absorb. The upper is usually cushioned with padding or lining; sometimes air-pockets are used.

If reliable canes for balance problems are used, the upper should be extra cushioned because, by mistake, the seniors can accidentally place the cane on the shoe and bear against it, injuring themselves.

The midsole is the part doing most of the shock-absorption. This is why EVA and polyurethane foams are so widespread, as they offer improved performance.



Some features aimed at improving comfort are temperature control, odor control and flexibility.

Correctly managing foot temperature is important not only for people living in warm environments who do not want to walk in hot and sweaty shoes, but also for those in colder areas; protecting the feet against the cold is just as important.

Breathability is a way of managing temperature which uses mesh or punctures in the upper, allowing air to flow, cooling and drying the feet.

Moisture wicking is another way of controlling this aspect; substances repelling water are used on the insole, and the repelled water is directed towards perforations for it to evaporate.

Flexibility can be a very useful feature, especially if the senior is an active traveler. Flexibility also reduces the risk of injuries or discomfort and enables you to use fun bikes for seniors.

Unlike other types of footwear, such as sandals or slippers for elderly women which are easy to pack, senior shoes might be robust and too big to fit in a small suitcase.

Considering that, when travelling, they might also need to pack clothing or an irreplaceable automatic pill dispenser for seniors, having a flexible shoe that can fit in tiny spaces can come in handy.

To achieve this, softer uppers and outsoles are used, which can easily bend out of shape; these are made from rubber or fabric.  

Other features to consider

Shocks are not a big issue if triangle walkers are used; in this situation, traction is a much more important aspect.

If the shoes lack adherence, in rainy weather or on thin ice injuries can easily occur. To compensate for this problem, manufacturers rely on groove patterns and special materials.

The groove patterns vary by company or model, but usually it can be seen in the pictures provided online.

Traction is a very important issue for all running shoes, too; those using good walking canes for seniors for fast strolls in the park should not be tempted to neglect this very important aspect.

Support is another important aspect that should be taken into consideration. As people grow old, they might tend to lose their balance and feel unsteady on their feet.

The ankle movement can be split in two: the pronation (the inward rolling of the foot) and supination (the outward roll). With age, the amplitude of these movements might increase. As a result, it is important to use medical shoes for ankle support if you are suffering from these problems.

Air cushions, shanks made from hardened polyurethane, heel cups or supportive rings are methods usually employed to achieve this. Even cheap Velcro shoes for the elderly usually have some sort of supporting mechanisms.

Prices do not tend to vary too much. A good item does not have to be expensive, as the goal is to have the best value for the money.


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