Ensuring Senior Independence

Last Updated: 12.04.24


Seniors, as well as their adult children, are often plagued by the concern that comes along with the necessity to provide proper assistive care. When aging begins to limit different activities, and using anti-aging cleansers and lotions for elderly skin becomes a chore, help might be needed.

A lot of the elderly citizens living in the US wish to age in place, using their big button cordless phones and other appliances designed for them, and not have to move to a nursing home. But more than half of them fear that such a thing is not possible. To ensure senior independence, you will have to take some measures, and that before an unfortunate event like falling happens, so begin with the small things, like looking for some good slippers for elderly women or men.


Safety measures

Don’t wait for a fall to happen to take the first safety measures for your parents’ home. An emergency system or other safety aids must be installed in the home of the aging members of your family. Some systems are so intelligent that they can detect that something happened even if the emergency button is not touched.

Handles installed in the bathroom and around the house to allow any senior citizen to navigate it with proper help, as well as walking canes for seniors that can be used indoors, too, ensure that the senior citizen benefits from measures to prevent falls and injuries.

A senior’s home can go through many changes to ensure that the people living there can benefit from the maximum safety possible. Grab bars are just part of the things you can do to make your parents’ home a secure place.

Other measures such as decluttering the area, and ensuring adequate lighting, are among the plethora of things you should think of for proper senior independence.


Offer help with daily chores and home management

Certain factors play an important role in offering the aging members of your family the comfort and help needed for living in optimal conditions without losing their independence. One is to provide support around the house. Bear in mind never to offer more than it is needed, to avoid insulting your aging relatives and their trust in their abilities.

For instance, you can purchase a lightweight vacuum for elderly citizens if they are still capable of performing tasks such as cleaning the house, or electrical alternatives for nail clippers to make it easier for them to keep their own hygiene. Do not offer to do that yourself, unless you notice that they can’t look out for themselves or that the house becomes more and more unkempt each time you visit .

You can also offer assistance with paying the bills online. As you may well know, most of the time, the elderly are not in touch with technology advances. If they are open to the idea, you may show them how to use their computer or phone to do that themselves. Always have a precise evaluation of what the older adults in your care can or cannot do, to avoid unnecessary grief.

Medication and treatments

Many aging citizens suffer from chronic illnesses, and that is why it is vital that they get the treatment they need as prescribed by their doctors. For that reason, you may want to check on them and see if they take their medication on time.

Also, if you know that your aging relative encounters specific challenges such as difficulty to open pill bottles, offer a thoughtful gift such as an automatic pill dispenser for seniors. Simple items like this one can make a whole lot of difference.

Always remember that an aging parent or other close relative is not a child and should not be treated as such. Make sure that the help you offer does not bother or annoy the person you are trying to provide with assistance to.


Assistance with overall wellness

Seniors do not like to be treated like they need a babysitter, but they do appreciate when you offer your help. For instance, you can provide a car ride to the doctor’s appointments, or you can even schedule a visit to the spa. Depending on what your elderly family members need and want, you can think of a multiple number of ways to assist with their situation.

For the elderly, it is essential that they remain active, both in body and mind. A good idea would be to take them to places where they can socialize with other senior citizens and get involved in activities that can keep their minds and bodies sharp. Also, the prospect of getting in touch and making new acquaintances can alleviate symptoms of mental disorders such as depression.


Get the senior family members involved

One thing that is difficult to prepare in advance for is the seniors’ resistance to receive help. That may happen for various reasons, and it can make you sad and frustrated. There is something you can do nonetheless. As mentioned before, seniors are just older adults, and they rightfully demand to be treated with the proper consideration.

Get the seniors you are going to take care of involved in the plans that concern them. This will offer them the possibility to have a say in something that directly affects them. Also, they will feel still in control of their own lives, and that is all that matters.


Working with professional services

Another aspect that you will have to think about when you have elderly citizens in your care is how you can collaborate with professional services for the best results. For instance, you can hire laundry services, and someone to take care of the lawn. You can also have maid services come over for regular cleaning.

While the already mentioned services are involved with ensuring home management, you also must invest some time and effort in finding nursing services that can assist the elderly without the need to move them from their home. Such professionals can monitor medical treatments, administering medication, and evaluating health on a regular basis.

Always collaborate closely with these professionals to avoid any surprises in the future. Also, remember to have the older adults in the family involved in the matters that concern them because they must preserve their dignity and independence.

As long as you manage to offer help the right way, both you and the person you’re taking care of will be happy.


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