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Once you hit retirement, you might find yourself bored out of your mind, and your physical condition might not be what it was when you were younger. There are ways to make your life easier – you can check it out here – and there are also hobbies that don’t require physical fitness in the slightest. These activities will keep you occupied and your mind at ease.


How to Cope With Retirement

At first, retirement might seem like a relaxing thing. You are free from your job, you don’t have to commute to work each morning, and you have a lot of spare time on your hands. However, this sudden change in routine can be shocking on your subconscious. You might find yourself bored to tears and unhappy with the fact that you have nothing else to do all day.

You might even experience moments when you feel as if you’ve lost all purpose in life. This sense of desperation often leads to long-term depression, which has the power to greatly shorten your life expectancy. In cases like these, it is best to keep yourself occupied so you won’t feel as lonely or as useless as you might feel otherwise.

While at first, it might seem like you have no options, there are actually plenty of activities to choose from. We’ve counted down a few of these on our list. Read on through and choose the one that suits you best. If you’re really enthusiastic about it, you can even find the time to endeavor in all of them.


Helping out other people is a fun and satisfying way of keeping yourself busy. It’s good for your sense of purpose, it’s highly social and it comes in thousands of different flavors. You can work in an orphanage and try to brighten the poor children’s day. You might even find yourself bonding with them, which is very healthy if you don’t have grandkids of your own.

You can work in a museum and find out new things every day. You can volunteer to work as technical staff in a theater and this will also often grant you and one more person of your choosing free access to the theater’s plays. If you have marketable skills, you can volunteer to teach others what you know and thus create more working force in your area.


Become a Book Club Member

Even if you’re not particularly keen on reading, going to a book club can be a valuable experience. You’ll meet new people and get to discover intriguing stories. And if you love to read, you’ll get to see other people’s interpretations of the stories you love. There’s a high chance you’ll discover perspectives that you hadn’t even thought about.

Not to mention that you’ll discover new books and even new authors that you had no idea existed. And you’ll inevitably make new friends with whom you share a few things in common. The social aspect of going to book clubs is exactly what attracts even young people who are considered geeky and have a hard time socializing otherwise. Making friends is always a win.


Go Fishing

In some states or counties, this practice might require a fishing license. But once you’re done with the bureaucratic nonsense, you’ll find yourself relaxing near a lake or pond. It’s a good way of reconnecting with nature even if you can’t walk like you used to because it doesn’t require any outstanding physical abilities.

You also get the added advantage of capturing your own food. As long as you have patience and find a good spot to fish, you’ll be bringing home lots of food at almost no cost. Not only do you save money by fishing, but the satisfaction of becoming slightly more self-sufficient brings huge psychological value. 

Start Cooking

Cooking delicious meals takes time and practice, so it’s perfect for keeping you busy when you have nothing else to do. This hobby also ties in closely to fishing, as you need to learn to cook in order to prepare the fish you’ve managed to capture. But even without fishing, this hobby stands on its own as a fun and experimental activity.

You can try recreating some of Gordon Ramsay’s or Jamie Oliver’s famous recipes or you can add to and subtract from existing recipes to your liking. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes a lot of fun and you’ll have a good reason to flaunt your talents to your guests. Who knows, maybe you might even find a rich family who’s willing to pay you well for your craftsmanship.


Take Up Gardening

If your backyard and front porch seem kind of dull or untaken care of, now is the perfect time to tend to them. Gardening is yet another hobby that will keep you occupied, as there are a lot of things to learn in order to make it right. Once you have learned enough to make your garden look good, you’ll get the sense of satisfaction that you’ve improved your home on your own.

You can even teach your grandkids how to garden because kids are always curious to try out new things. So it’s one of the best opportunities to bond with them. And when they grow up, they’ll have a lot more stories to tell about you to their friends. Like when you planted a tree together and years later when your grandkids are adults, it has fully bloomed just like them.


Learn to Dance

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t do intermediate dance moves. Dancing is a good way to reconnect with your wife and rekindle the flame. It’s also a great way to stay in shape when you’re old because your muscles will get enough exercise to support you much better in the years to come.

Researchers believe that dancing stimulates your balance, cardiovascular system, and even your brain. These are some of the main things that you should be taking care of after you’ve reached the age of fifty. So it’s a great hobby to stay in shape and possibly live longer. And you might also impress others at the next family wedding you’ll be attending.

Try to Write

At your age, it’s most likely you’ve been through a lot. You’ve probably gathered a lot of life stories that are worth sharing with others. You might even be a poet and not realize it. Many people don’t realize how good they are at writing until they’ve tried it. 

Keep a diary or start writing an autobiography. This will help you remember the good things in life, as well as relearn the things that you might’ve possibly forgotten over time. There are lots of ways to express yourself through writing. 

And it can even help you vent old frustrations that have been crushing your soul for a while. You can even try blogging and get feedback from readers worldwide.


Try Modelling Different Things

In an era when people are constantly distracted by their smartphones and tablets, modeling planes or toy cars gives you a lot of advantages. You can flaunt your creations on Instagram, make tutorials on YouTube, and give your grandkids a reason to spend more time with you. You can even start your own small business with these skills.

Parents are always looking for new toys to give to their children, so if you market yourself well, you might start making nice money. After all, extra money is welcome at any age, no matter how much you already have in your retirement fund. Maybe you can invest those dollars in your grandkids’ college fund.


Start Painting

Few people are anywhere near Salvador Dali or Pablo Piccaso levels of painting prowess. Nevertheless, painting is a fun activity. If you let your imagination run wild, you might be surprised about what you can do. Its psychological effects are extremely beneficial to those who have a hard time expressing themselves in social situations.

And there’s no need to try to become one of the world’s most renowned painters. You can do it just for the sake of the psychological benefits it offers and to keep yourself occupied when you’ve got nothing else to do. So try it out and see for yourself how addictive this hobby can become once you invest yourself in it.



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