Products That Can Help Seniors Monitor Their Health

Last Updated: 12.04.24


Thanks to the fast development of technology, seniors can now benefit from innovative products which promise to make their life easier and help them monitor their health themselves, in between doctor’s visits. Statistics show that people are living longer, although many seniors cannot afford assisted living or hiring a professional elderly caregiver.

We are all familiar with the “wearable technology” that has become so popular among all of us. Let’s have a look at some of these great wearable devices which will help to keep every senior safe and healthy.


Apple Watch

This Apple Watch is not made specifically for seniors, it is popular among people of any age, and it can provide some benefits to everyone who wears it. Apple watches will help you keep track of your activity, blood pressure, heart rate, and sleep. Also, Apple is promoting healthier living and is looking to improve elder care, that is why it came up with two key new features in Series 4, aiming at somewhat older customers.

This new Watch has electrocardiogram sensors and software that can detect any irregular heart rates and alert the wearer. Moreover, it has motion sensors which can detect a fall. Also, if the wearer doesn’t respond after a hard fall, the Watch will automatically place an emergency call to a family member, friend or carer.



Fitbit has become a very popular brand and has been selling their wearables for a while now. They are famous for a number of devices, and their fitness-tracking products offer interesting features for weight and health monitoring for seniors. Activity tracking, heart rate tracking, details on sleep patterns, and even guided breathing sessions that suggest breathing exercises based on heart rate are among the most popular features.

Also, some of their products can give you a fuller picture of your health because they provide you with the option to log your meals, the amount of water you drink, and you can even set fitness goals.



Like almost all other wearables, the Jawbone wearable will be very helpful for people who want to track their activity, heart rate, and sleep. This fitness tracker is not made for seniors only, but it does help them because it encourages them to be more active and provides basic information about their health state, things that make it one of the popular health monitors for seniors.

These devices come in a wristband form and a variety of colors and they also have a user-friendly mobile app that is perfect for people who want to record their workout sessions or diet.


BeClose Senior Safety System

BeClose is an innovative system which combines a wearable alert button with wireless household sensors, designed to help you monitor your loved one’s daily routine without making him/her feel less independent. You can find all the information you need, like sleeping habits or medication compliance on a secure web page, and in this way, you will be able to detect any abnormalities or emergencies.

You can look after your senior loved ones from a safe distance, without interfering with their daily routine or disturbing them in any way. This smart system will make it possible for you to assist them with issues like falls, unhealthy eating, sleeping disorders, etc.


GreatCall Wireless and Medical Alert System

We have all heard about the popular Jitterbug cell phone, which was designed specifically for seniors, very simple and user-friendly. This cell phone was designed by the company GreatCall, which came up with a touch-screen smartphone with apps that will help seniors manage their medication and even provide Urgent Care.

This wearable operates with a standalone emergency response system, 5Star Urgent Response, which uses GPS and wireless cellular technology to connect users with emergency contacts or medical services in case of an emergency.


GPS SmartSole

The GPS SmartSole is perfect for seniors who don’t want to stress themselves about remembering every day to put on their new wearable. This device can be put inside the shoe just like a regular insole, being very comfortable and offering the wearer a lot of great advantages. It’s designed with a GPS which can track the wearer’s location and send a signal to its smartphone app every five to ten minutes.

It is great for seniors who want to see where they are using the map on their smartphones, or it can be set up on a different phone and the location of the wearer will be sent to that particular phone. Now you don’t have to panic if your loved ones are not at home, because this amazing device allows you to track their location.


Care Touch Wrist Blood Pressure Cuff Monitor

This device is of great help for seniors who have a condition that requires them to monitor their blood pressure regularly. Care Touch Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is not as bulky as sphygmomanometers and it fits right on your wrist. It is very easy to use, it only needs batteries and it gives you an accurate reading in under a minute.

Also, it has a bright LCD display which shows large numbers, so it can be easy for anyone to read, and also if the wearer forgets to turn it off, the device will turn off automatically. Another important aspect is that this wearable can store up to 60 readings, so there is no need for you to worry about losing that information.


American Well’s Telehealth Encounters

First of all, let us explain what telehealth is. Telehealth is a modern-day solution to health problems for patients who prefer a video consultation, conducted online by on-call doctors. The American Well’s service is already covered by some insurance companies, and they only require a copayment.  

Telehealth can be a great solution for minor health issues because it can be a hassle for seniors to go to the clinic every time something minor happens. It is also great for doctors too because they can focus more on those cases that need immediate attention.



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