Top 10 Bath Seats for Elderly Citizens Reviewed in 2024

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Best Bath Seats for Elderly Citizens – Reviews & Analysis


Finding the best bath seat for elderly citizens is a challenging task, especially for those that have not shopped in this category before. To lend you a hand, we did the research for you by looking at feedback comments and by analyzing what the experts had to say on the subject. Consequently, we have determined that the Vive Shower Chair is the model that you should consider investing in. This option was ergonomically designed to cater to the needs of seniors as it features an extra wide seat that can support up to 300 pounds and padded handles that ensure a comfortable grip. As a plus, this unit is effortless to assemble, and its buyers can quickly adjust its height for a secure and customized experience. If this product is out of stock, feel free to check out the MedMobile Bathtub Transfer Bench as it might also suit your needs.



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10 Best Bath Seats for Elderly Citizens (Reviews) in 2024



Shopping for cheap bath seats for elderly citizens is just as complicated as looking for walking canes for seniors. This mainly happens because the market is flooded with similar options. Because we know this, we have composed a list of products that have received favorable ratings so far. So, read ahead and make your choice.



1. Vive Shower Chair with Back – Handicap Bathtub Bench


If you are keen on getting a product that will allow the senior that you are caring for to shower in a safe way, this choice sold by Vive might be just what you need. The main advantage of the unit is that it was ergonomically designed. The chair has a sizable seat that can hold up to 300 pounds and it features padded handles that supply the user with a comfortable grip.

On top of that, the legs of the model have anti-skid tips that add stability. The option also includes a non-slip seat and backrest that are made from a lightly textured material. Also, the seat has drainage holes that reduce the risk of slipping.

Structurally, this product is very sturdy as it has a corrosion-resistant aluminum construction. Because of this, it is safe to say that the item won’t rust. According to the seller, this product is simple to assemble and effortless to carry when traveling.

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2. MedMobile Bathtub Transfer Bench / Bath Chair With Back


Another option that might interest you is this one developed by MedMobile. This product is the ideal choice if you need a seat that can provide a smooth transfer from the wheelchair to the bath. Furthermore, it comes supplied with no less than five levels of height adjustment so that you can select the elevation level that is suitable to your needs.

Moreover, given its design, this model can be assembled to be used for left or right-hand applications, depending on one’s preferences. The legs of the product are sturdy, and they add to the overall security and stability of the chair. Without the backrest, this choice measures 29 inches in length, 16 inches in depth and 25 inches in height.

Although this model has received favorable ratings so far, there have been buyers that noted that this unit is a tad difficult to assemble, especially if one is not very handy when it comes to tasks of this kind.

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3. Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair with Back 


Another alternative that you should take a look at is the Drive Medical Premium. This model is height-adjustable as it features 1/2″ increments that you can opt for. When selecting a certain height one does not have to use tools. Additionally, the choice has visible height indicators that one can use to make the whole process easy and quick.

This option is very comfortable, and it is said to fit all shapes and sizes. The maximum recommended weight that it can support is 350 pounds. The back of the model, its legs, and its arms can be removed easily so that one can transport it from one place to another without it taking up a lot of space.

The lightweight structure of the unit makes it very portable and the non-slip feet that it features guarantee its stability. This item is quite secure, primarily when used with a quality non-slip bathtub mat.

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4. Carex Universal Bath Seat and Shower Chair – With Support


If you want a product with an innovative design, this next unit sold by Carex might also interest you. The choice has a weight capacity of 400 pounds, and it can be easily assembled by using no tools. You can modify the height of this seat from 16 to 21 inches.

Moreover, this versatile item was constructed to fit into virtually any shower or bathtub currently available. Its smooth edge notch allows for the convenient placement of a quality handheld shower head for the elderly. The model features comfortable handles and drainage holes that eliminate the water so that the user can enjoy a more convenient overall experience. This option also supplies the buyers with a large seated area.

As previous owners pointed out, this alternative does not rust, and it is very intuitive as it promotes independence in older adults. If the rubber tips of the legs are damaged by water, you can purchase replacements.

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5. Bariatric Shower Bench Seat for Larger Elderly


This alternative from Essential Medical Supply includes padded removable arms that add comfort when sitting in the bath for a long time. Additionally, they come in handy when one has to get out of the chair.

The unit is height adjustable from 16 to 20 inches as it features 1-inch increments. Even more so, the seat measures 13″ x 16,” and it is made from a textured material. Also, this option has an anodized aluminum frame that won’t rust or change color as time goes by.

Because it has a sturdy construction, this model can hold up to 300 lbs. You can quickly assemble the item, as it comes provided with the necessary instructions that are easy to follow. Moreover, you do not need to use special tools while doing so. Lastly, keep in mind that the frame of the chair is covered by a warranty.

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6. Medokare Shower Transfer Bench Seat


If you are looking for a unit that can be used by a senior that utilizes an electric wheelchair, this device sold by Medokare should make it to your shortlist. This transfer bench is particularly useful when used by elderly citizens or by those that have a handicap or limited mobility.

What is more, this option has a universal design that fits in most showers and bathtubs. Because it is light in weight, the product is easy to carry around. This bench is corrosion-resistant, and its frame and seat are effortless to clean in between uses.

The seat of the model is non-skid and non-slip, and each of its legs comes fitted with a special tip that prevents it from slipping. The molded plastic seat also includes drainage holes in order to avoid the buildup of water.

According to the seller, the item was made using hospital grade materials, which is a reason why so many seem to recommend it.

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7. Moen Non Slip Adjustable Transfer Bench


This option was created to help ensure a comfortable transfer in and out of your bathtub or shower. On top of that, this transfer model can support up to 400 pounds, and it includes a comfortable, non-slip seat that you are likely to appreciate.

The item is height adjustable from 16.5 to 21 inches, and it can accommodate a wide array of bathtubs and showers. The support handles that the product features can ensure a safe transfer, and the integrated basket organizer can provide the user with a place where one can store his/her toiletries and bathing supplies.

This spacious choice is simple to put together, and it can be regarded as one of those reliable gifts for seniors. Because of the white glacier finish, this comfortable and stylish alternative can blend with numerous bathroom styles. Therefore, it won’t look out of place in your home.  

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8. Dr. Maya Adjustable Bath and Shower Chair with Free Suction


If you are interested in a model that does not provide back support, the Dr. Maya Adjustable Chair might suit your needs. This unit allows the user to adjust its height and it features a roomy plastic seat. A free suction cup shower handle is also included in the deal. Because it has smaller legs at the ground level, this choice can fit in most bathtubs and showers, even those that have a broader base.

Furthermore, this model has legs that were made from heavy-duty anodized aluminum. As a result, they won’t rust over time. The plastic seat that the item features has eight drainage holes as well as two wide handles that offer plenty of support.

The rubber feet of the chair guarantee that it won’t slide on wet surfaces. Additionally, this option is lightweight and yet sturdy as it can hold up to 300 pounds. The manufacturer also provided buyers with quality customer service.

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9. Pcp Padded Bath Shower Safety Seat with Hygienic Cutout


This item distributed by PCP includes a cutout seat with a split top that enables the user to clean his/her perineal area easily. Moreover, it is crucial to say that this model was approved by a specialized caregiver for hygiene and that it is also practical when used for hemorrhoid and postnatal recovery. Also, when putting it together, one does not have to use tools.

This lightweight product is very sturdy, and it can supply the user with the necessary support and comfort. It is also a good choice when utilized by seniors that have limited mobility, as well as by recovering patients. The option fits in most bathrooms, and it grips to wet bathtubs and tile floors.

The seat is padded for increased comfort, and it features a backrest that most buyers like. As a plus, this model is easy to clean and sanitize. The feet of the chair are fitted with non-slip tips that add to its stability.

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10. Mefeir Upgraded 450 LBS Medical Shower Bath Chair Seat


Another budget-friendly alternative that you should explore is the Mefeir Upgraded 300LBS. This model is FDA and SGS approved, which is why it is regarded as a safe investment by its previous users. The unit has a total recommended capacity of 300 lbs. Because of its thick legs, you can be sure that this unit will stay in place at all times. What is more, its feet have a special shape that can reinforce the anti-slip effect.

This product is recommended to be used by seniors, people that are disabled, those injured or those that are facing limited mobility. Because it has a wide contour, the item is very comfortable. The holes in the chair are also quite practical as they enable water to be drained efficiently.

It should also be remarked that, just like other similar counterparts, this model has an adjustable height and that it is easy to put together.

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Our Yearly Guide


Purchasing a good bath seat for elderly individuals can be a tricky task if you are new to buying an item of this kind. To be of assistance to you, we have prepared a short but inclusive buying guide that contains a list of features that you should not ignore before placing an order.

Dimensions and assembly

Reviews of bath seats for the elderly recommend that when it comes to buying a unit of this kind, one pays extra attention to the measurements of the model. Therefore, before you make a choice, you should take the time to measure the size of the bathtub or shower that you own.

According to specialized guidelines, you should opt for a model that is at least 17 or 19 inches off the floor. Also, products that are bigger than 36 inches should come supplied with additional grab bars for extra safety.

Before you get the first item that you can find for sale, you should also consider the installation process. From this viewpoint, you should remember that not all devices come pre-assembled. If the item that you have decided to get comes in pieces, go ahead and look at what previous owners had to say about its assembly.

Most units out there do not require that one uses special tools to put them together. Additionally, the product that you invest in should come provided with easy-to-follow instructions. A reliable alternative should not take more than 10 minutes of your time to set it up.

If you intend to gift the product to a senior, it might be suitable that you help him/her put the seat together and then, install it in the bathroom. This way, he/she won’t have to spend a lot of time and effort doing so by himself/herself. You could also rest assured that the item is connected correctly.


Stability and its supported weight

As you know, older adults often have stability issues and a lack of mobility. Because of this, it is best that you order a seat that comes provided with anti-slip legs. This way, the person using it won’t have to deal with an unstable chair that threatens his/her safety.

For extra support, some alternatives also come fitted with a backrest. This feature is particularly useful if the senior using the device has a bad back and finds it difficult to rest in a chair that does not offer backing.

Before you make your decision, you should also not overlook the weight that the chair can hold up. Most of the available option can support up to 300 pounds. However, if you are shopping for a seat for a senior that is overweight, there are also units that can sustain up to 400 pounds at a time.

No matter the product that you decide to buy, you should always respect the weight limit recommended by the manufacturer.

Material and comfort

Usually, elderly bath seat reviews advise in favor of getting an item that has an aluminum frame. This is important because this material is both lightweight and sturdy. As a plus, aluminum won’t corrode, and it won’t change its color as time passes.

The comfort of the model is determined by its materials and design. Currently, most seats are made from plastic. However, there are certain waterproof options that have padding that increases the overall convenience of the unit. The models that have holes are also worthy of your attention as they allow the water to drain.

If you want to be confident that you have chosen a reliable product, you should also check to see if it includes safety features. Some of the most sought-after features of this kind are non-slip feet, safety belts, handles and non-slippery seats.

Also, if you want a choice that can pass the test of time before you make an investment, you should do some research and see whether or not that device is durable. A product that has a rust-free frame and a sturdy seating area should do the trick. Additionally, an item that includes a lifetime guarantee might be a good pick.

On top of that, if the senior that you intend to gift the chair to enjoys traveling, go for a model that is lightweight and that can be adjusted and dismantled quickly.

If you want to buy extra products that can cater to the needs of a senior, this article on how to purchase a body moisturizer for aging skin might be of help. Moreover, this buying guide on pill organizers for seniors is also quite informative.




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