Top 13 Wheelchair Cushions Reviewed in 2019

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Best Wheelchair Cushions – Reviews & Analysis


If you are interested in obtaining the best wheelchair cushion available but you cannot find the time to read all the info that we have put together for you, this paragraph should give you a clue. After doing the research for you, we have established that the Vive Gel Seat Pad is the product that is worth your attention. This model supplies its users with four layers of comfort so that the person using it feels cozy and well supported. Moreover, the unit features a liquid gel core that is said to distribute the pressure of your body evenly and an optimum size that can suit any standard wheelchairs as well as office chairs. If this product is unavailable, feel free to check out the Comfort Cloud Orthopedics Coccyx as it is a reliable option that you might also enjoy using.



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Finding the best cushion for wheelchair use is not an easy task, especially if you are not familiar with the topic. Even more so, this process is just as difficult as that of buying a tablet for seniors. To help you make a good decision, we have put together a list of top-notch units that have received excellent reviews from their previous buyers as well as from the specialists.



Vive Gel Seat Pad


If you are looking for a model that has been vetted by previous buyers, look no further than the Gel Seat Pad from Vive. This product stands out because it was designed to include no less than four distinct layers that aim to provide you with maximized comfort.

The model consists of a soft, water-resistant cover and a waterproof seal over foam. Moreover, the cushion is fitted with a supportive type of material that won’t change its form under your weight and a dynamic gel core that supplies the user with extra support.

The product can sustain heavy-duty use, and it is highly portable. As a plus, because of its innovative design, this model is appropriate to be used by those that have to stay in a sitting position throughout the day. The cover of the model is easy to clean (it is machine washable). To remove the cover, one has to simply unzip it.

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Comfort Cloud Orthopedics Coccyx


Another model that is suitable for wheelchairs is the Orthopedics Coccyx Gel. The product is made from memory foam and, because of this, it can reduce impact and resist getting flat as time goes by. The model promotes correct vertebrae alignment and suitable back support.

The seat cushion was constructed in such a way so that it provides back, tailbone, and hip pressure relief so that those using it feel comfortable at all times. What is more, this seat cushion features a non-slip bottom that can keep your cushion in place throughout the day.

Last but not least, this unit has an ergonomically contoured shape that is said to guide your body into resting in the right sitting position. The product is provided with a carry handle for extra maneuverability and a side zipper that can be used whenever you want to remove the cover in order to wash it. The model is well liked by its users, and it is considered a good acquisition.

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Essential Medical Supply Fleece


If you are searching for a product that has been specially designed to cater to the needs of a person that is using a wheelchair, the product developed and sold by Essential Medical Supply might be the right item for you.

This device contains 95% polyester and 5% cotton. Because of this, the unit is highly aerated and, therefore, perfect to be used by those confined to a wheelchair. The seat is built from a high-density foam that is quite durable and capable of retaining its initial shape for an extended period of time. The cover of the seat is removable, and it can be machine washed.

The product has been described as firm and comfy, and it is often regarded as one of those great granddad gifts that are highly appreciated by seniors. However, you should know that this model does not have grippers on its bottom to prevent it from sliding.

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VIVE Gel Seat Cushion


If you want a reliable wheelchair cushion seat and you are not against investing some extra dollars in order to purchase one, check out this model produced by VIVE. The device was created to include pressure relief cells that can actively disperse the weight of your body evenly.

As a result, you will be capable of sitting comfortable, without adding extra pressure on your tailbone, coccyx, spine, and hip bones. As a plus, the product has a non-slip bottom that prevents the cushion from moving in your seat. Consequently, you won’t have to constantly reposition it whenever you move.

Another feature that makes the model worthy of your attention is the maxi gel interior of the cushion. The 45 individual gel cells of the seat allow for proper air flow and are said to adapt to the shape of the user’s body for maximized comfort. Additionally, you should know that this product is covered by a 60-day money-back policy.

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Secure SGSC-1 Comfort


Another product that is worthy of your time and money is the SGSC-1 Comfort Gel model produced by Secure. The model aims to provide its users with pressure relief and maximum comfort and, because of this, it is ideal when used in preventing or treating pressure ulcers.

In fact, this device was created from a high-density foam that has an integrated gel layer that supplies the users with exceptional comfort. The model is covered in a material that is antimicrobial, water-resistant, flame retardant, and effortless to clean.  Moreover, this fabric is soft and gentle on the user’s skin.

According to the manufacturer, this product has been designed to last a great number of years. The surface of the seat is non-slip and non-shear, and it promotes a proper posture. Differently from other similar units, this model also comes equipped with a safety strap that you can use to secure the cushion to the wheelchair.

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Drive Medical 14886


If you are looking for a cost-efficient model that can distribute the pressure of one’s body equally, go ahead and take a good look at the 14886 Skin Protection model sold by Drive Medical. The model was built in an attempt to help manage the symptoms of pressure ulcers, which is a reason why many wheelchair users appreciate it.

The product features a viscous gel bladder that has been encased in a fire retardant foam shell. Because of its design, the product is very cozy and effortless to use. Even more so, the cover of the model is made out of water-resistant, urethane-coated nylon that is said to stand the test of time.

The model measures 18″(L) x 16″(W) x 3″(H), and it has a total weight capacity of 500 pounds. Most of the previous buyers of the unit have pointed out that it is ideal when used with a wheelchair, primarily because the top surface does not lead to a lot of friction.

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Duro-Med Deluxe Wheelchair Cushion


This item consists of a 4-inch foam seat riser cushion that can make it effortless for you to rise from your wheelchair. In fact, the product is seen as particularly helpful for low and soft chairs. The product features a removable hardboard that you can insert whenever you need a firm seat.

As a plus, the device comes provided with a convenient strap handle that you can utilize whenever carrying it. Another aspect that you should know about this product is the fact that, when used accordingly, this cushion can reduce back pain, thanks to the extra support that it provides.

The model is also suitable to be used as a car seat cushion by those drivers who need the extra height in order to see over the dash. The product measures 16 by 16 by 4 inches, and it has a total weight of 3.1 pounds.

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Drive Medical Molded General


Another unit that might interest you is the one sold by Drive Medical. This product comes fitted with a cover that has a non-slip bottom, and it is frequently considered comfortable and safe. The model was designed to be used by those that have a low risk of skin breakdown.

The cushion comes covered in a polyester knit material, which is why you can wash it without worries. As a plus, the cover of the device is manufactured from a flame retardant fabric. Even more so, this seat cushion can help its users adopt a proper sitting position that is beneficial to their overall health.

The unit was made from a highly resilient molding foam that guarantees pressure reduction and optimal stabilization. According to prior buyers, the model could be easily included in a list of gifts for retired men. Overall, the item has received positive reviews.

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Kölbs Cushions Gel Supreme


If you are a fan of gel cushions, don’t forget to check out the Kölbs Cushions Gel Supreme. This item is quite sizeable (it measures 20 X 18 X 3 inches), and, because of this, it can fit any wheelchair available. Moreover, this product can help alleviate the painful pressure ulcers that many people that are confined to a wheelchair tend to suffer from.

What is more, the device can also reduce the pressure put on the tailbone. The model features a gel bladder that is encased in premium sculpted foam that is 3 inches tall. As a result, your body’s pressure is distributed evenly on the surface of the cushion.

As expected, a removable waterproof cover is added to protect the product from moisture and stains. To better cater to its user’s needs, the manufacturer has also provided this unit with a non-slip bottom that guarantees that the cushion won’t slip from its place.

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Invacare Absolute Wheelchair Cushion


Another product that has been specially designed to be used by people that are using a wheelchair is this product sold by Invacare. The model features an integrated gentle cushion that aids in centering the seat and that supplies the buyer with extra comfort.

As a plus, the mesh cover that protects the cushion was created from a water-repellent, breathable fabric that can efficiently dissipate heat and moisture. On top of that, the non-slip bottom that is also included in the deal can secure the product in place throughout the day.

The cushion is constructed from molded polyurethane foam, and it is highly durable and significantly lightweight. The model measures 16×16 inches, and it can fit most wheelchairs out there. The product is often described as well-made and reasonably stable and it is a go-to option for those searching for a reliable, not too expensive unit.

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Drive Medical Gel-U-Seat


If you have made up your mind and you are set on purchasing a gel cushion, check out the Drive Medical Gel-U-Seat. Similarly to other units from this line of products, the model was created with the aim to redistribute the pressure on the body evenly and to assist its users in preventing the development of pressure ulcers.

The product was manufactured by encasing a dual-chamber gel bladder into a high-density foam cushion. Additionally, the product features a vinyl bottom that is waterproof and a low-shear stretch, water-resistant cover. Tie straps that can be used to secure the item in place are also provided by the seller. The model can support up to 500 lbs.

The item is highly appreciated by those that have bought it. The main feature that recommends it, according to prior purchasers, is the fact that it is comfortable. However, keep in mind that this model does not allow you to fold the chair with the seat on.

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NOVA Medical Products 3″


The product designed by NOVA Medical Products is another option that you should consider before making a purchase. This item improves weight distribution and provides pressure relief for those that have to spend extended periods of time in a sitting position.

Because of this, the unit is ideal for those that use a wheelchair, but it can also be utilized on transport chairs as well as with home and office chairs. The cover of the product is made from waterproof black polyester. Moreover, this cover can be removed whenever you want to wash it in order to freshen it up.

The bottom of the cushion is covered with a non-skid material so that the model won’t move from its place. Special Velcro straps that you can use to secure the cushion to a chair are included in the price. The product measures 18″W x 16″ D x 3″H, and it has a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds.

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WonderGel The Original Seat


This list would be unfinished, without the mentioning of the WonderGel The Original Gel Seat. This product has a low profile, which is a reason why it is perfect when used in a wheelchair or in one’s office. The model is very comfortable, and it also offers therapeutic support for its users.

The device was built from an ultra-strong, yet soft type of gel-like rubber that can adjust to the shape of each user. On top of that, because of the firm gel consistency of the cushion, it can return to its original contour once you don’t sit on it anymore. As a result, this model won’t lose its original form.

Also, you should know that this seat is breathable and, thus, great on your skin. As expected, this unit has many repeat buyers, and it is currently regarded as a safe investment.

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Our Yearly Guide


Whenever looking for a good wheelchair cushion, it is vital that one pays attention to a series of features that are considered a must by medical professionals. To lend you a helping hand, we took it upon ourselves to put together a comprehensive selection of the most important features that you should have your eyes on.


According to reviews of wheelchair cushions, if you want to purchase a reliable unit, it is desirable that you pay attention to the type of material that was used in the making of the product. From this point of view, you can choose between three options.

Firstly, you can select a quality wheelchair cushion that is constructed from foam. These models are very lightweight and, consequently, they are easy to carry from one place to another. However, some specialists argue that these products are less durable when compared to models made from different materials.

Secondly, the market is also filled with many air cushions that you can find up for sale. Differently from the models made from foam, these units are excellent at absorbing shock, a feature that is quite useful for people that have to use wheelchairs on a daily basis.

Lastly, wheelchair cushions reviews also suggest that you consider investing in honeycomb cushions.  New to the market, these products are a bit more expensive than the alternatives. Still, the honeycomb units are said to distribute the weight of one’s body evenly, to enhance airflow and to absorb shock better.

Nevertheless, before you jump to the chance of ordering that model that you like, take a look at whether or not the unit features a cover made from a waterproof and fire repellent fabric and, whether or not it is easy to clean. Even more so, it goes without saying that items made from materials that can supply the user with a cooling sensation are better suited for the job.

As a plus, it is worth pointing out that the products that include gel layers/inserts are more likely to improve one’s posture and to provide one with optimal comfort. These items are highly appreciated because they distribute the weight of the buyer evenly.



No matter if you intend to invest in a cheap wheelchair cushion or in a slightly more expensive model, it is recommended that you acquire a product that is durable. Just like when buying hearing aid devices, verifying the durability of a model is a prudent aspect to consider because it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

To do so efficiently, it is best that you read what prior buyers had to say about a given product. Moreover, don’t forget to pay close attention to the materials employed in manufacturing the item. By doing so, we are confident that you will end up ordering products that are great gifts for grandparents.



Before you make up your mind and place your order, it is also advisable that you invest in a product that is practical. Similarly to when purchasing a senior cell phone, we suggest that you take the time to analyze just how easy it is to maneuver a given product. In other words, go ahead and verify the product’s dimensions and check to see if it matches the dimensions of your wheelchair.

Also, it is advisable that you buy a model that includes a safety strap that can be used to bind the cushion to the wheelchair.

Even more so, it might be a good idea to see if the item that you have selected is compatible with additional accessories such as cushioned armrests, backrests, and supports, as these features can maximize one’s comfort and overall experience. The same principle can be followed when shopping for a walking stick.


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