Top 9 Incontinence Underwear Reviewed in 2023

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Best Incontinence Underwear – Reviews & Analysis


If you’re here to find out more about how to choose the best incontinence underwear, you should know we’ve browsed through dozens of Incontinence products reviews and can deliver accurate information on how to pick wisely. Our research shows that the first product to bear in mind is the Depend Fit-Flex Women, due to its many useful functions. For example, it’s made using a fast absorbing material and it instantly absorbs wetness, keeping the skin dry and comfortable. It offers protection against postpartum bleeding as well as bladder leaks. What’s more, the form-fitting lycra used in combination with other materials offers a smooth surface that adjusts to your size in order to avoid hindering the patient’s movements, unlike many other bulky models of adult diapers. Should this product be unavailable, you can try to check out the Depend Fit-Flex Men, since it would make a great second choice.



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9 Best Incontinence Underwear (Reviews) in 2023



In order to find the best underwear for incontinence, all you need to do is check out our list of reviews. We’ve picked some of our favorite options currently available on the market and analyzed their features to deliver useful information to the customers.

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1. Depend Fit-Flex Incontinence Underwear for Women


This item manages to have the qualities of a good product while also incorporating a feminine aesthetic, due to the discreet tan color that makes it a lot more pleasant to wear. Made using fast absorbing materials, this incontinence underwear retains wetness and leaves the skin dry and comfortable.

In case you’re worried about fitting issues, you should know that lycra is added to the mix of materials in order for the pair to perfectly adjust to the shape of the patient’s body.

You can now take health matters into your own hands by trying the Fit-Flex model, which allows you to move around freely, unlike other similar products that are bulky and can hinder your movements.

They are FSA eligible and are shipped in a plain box, discreet enough not to attract unwanted attention, in case that might be an issue for some customers. One more thing worth mentioning is that they are specifically designed for women.


This is an item specifically designed for women, and it manages to keep a feminine aesthetic while offering a good-quality product. 

Since it is made out of highly absorbing materials, this product keeps the skin comfortable and dry as it absorbs any unwanted moisture.

The product easily fits any body shape and size due to its high elasticity given by the lycra fibers content of the material while having a pleasant look due to its tan color.

Wearing this product will ensure freedom of movement, unlike other products that may not feel quite as comfortable. 

This product is also FSA eligible, and it is shipped in a plain box, making it an appropriate choice even for the more sensitive customers.


This product should be very well matched to each customer’s particular needs, as some users stated that it could be a bit more absorbent.

Also, if you know you are carrying a higher waistline than the average users, you may want to first check they fit you well.

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2. Depend Comfort Protect Incontinence Pants for Men


Very similar to the other product from Depend that we’ve previously reviewed but this time adapted to men’s requirements and needs, this model comes in two sizes, either small or medium, and has a flexible fit due to the fabric-like waistband.

You can go about performing the regular activities you are used to enjoying without having to worry about unpleasant problems such as leaks, odors or discomfort. The product is disposable, and absorbent, due to the materials used in the manufacturing process.

Its ultra-absorbent core and comfortable fit make it an excellent option for nighttime use. Other factors that contribute to the general well being of the patient are the soft fabric and the flexible waistband that prevents your movements from being hindered.

The colors used are conveniently discreet, while the cotton-like material feels good against the skin and manages to keep it dry. This product is disposable, so you should definitely take this detail into consideration.


This model is specifically designed for men and it comes in two available sizes: small and medium. 

Due to its fabric-like waistband, this item will feel comfortable and it will not restrict your movement in any way, allowing you to enjoy the regular daily activities without having to worry about leaks, discomfort, or odors.

Since the product is a disposable one, and it also has an ultra-absorbent core, it makes a great choice for nighttime use.

The colors it comes in are pleasantly discreet, and the cotton will feel nice while keeping your skin comfortable and dry.


The quality provided by this item should be carefully matched to the condition the user is in, as it may not fit perfectly in case of surgery in the pelvic area, or it may not be absorbent enough in case of extreme health issues. However, these being disposable items helps the situation a lot.

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3. Depend Fit-Flex Incontinence Underwear for Women Large


Another product that’s similar to other alternatives also found in our list, this model from Depend is perfectly designed to meet women’s needs, but it comes in a larger size, for better comfort. This way, you’re sure to get the perfect fit and you don’t need to worry about adjustments.

The technology used when manufacturing this item provides a dry layer and offers comfortable protection for your skin in case of postpartum bleeding or bladder leaks. It’s called Confidence Core Technology and it delivers maximum absorbency, while the disposable underwear traps in the odors.

In case you’re worried about getting the size wrong, you should know that this model comes with a Lycra layer that ensures the right fit. It will also make the underwear more flexible, so that it doesn’t feel bulky and it doesn’t hinder your movements, unlike other similar products currently available for sale.


This product is also designed for women, but it comes in a larger size for better comfort, this way making it easier for women to find the right size and fit for them.

This product is suitable for postpartum situations and bladder problems as well. The fabric it is made of ensures a comfortable feel while protecting against any unwanted leaks due to its fast-absorbent layer.

This disposable product is made with a lycra layer that will make it fit better and also give you the freedom of movement you need while going about your daily activity.

Since the product is highly flexible and it does not get bulky, you should not worry about getting the size wrong.


Choosing a larger size than needed might feel a bit uncomfortable, creating the impression that you are wearing a standard incontinence product, rather than a more advanced one that helps you easily and comfortably get around and do the usual activities.

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4. Always Discreet Incontinence & Postpartum Underwear


Yet another good option if you’re looking for incontinence products for sale, the Always Discreet is specifically designed for women and is shipped in a plain box that doesn’t attract unwanted attention, keeping health problems a personal matter.

Its RapidDry core covers all the areas from front to back all day long and even during the nighttime. The FormFit 360 technology pulls the core closer to the body, lowering the chance of unpleasant leaks and increasing the security and general well-being of the patient.

This model features double LeakGuards that help keep the wetness away from the edges of the underwear, in order to offer increased security and bladder leak protection.

Unlike other models of adult underwear, this one has a contoured core that hugs your curves instead of making you feel uncomfortable. It will not hinder your movements and you’ll be able to go about your daily activities normally.


This product is specifically designed for women and it comes in a neutral box, that will not draw any unwanted attention, keeping your health status a private matter.

Since its fast-absorbing core covers all front to back areas, this item is highly suitable for both daytime and nighttime use.

The FormFit 360 technology and the double LeakGuards this product features keep the core closer to the body surface, increasing protection against any unwanted leaks.

This model has a specifically designed contoured core that snuggly hugs your curves, making you feel naturally comfortable while going about your daily routine. 


The model should be very carefully matched to the user’s health condition, as there are some situations in which this product will need frequent changing.

Also, the size of choice should be as accurate as possible, to avoid any possible leaks that would make the user feel very uncomfortable.

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5. Tena Serenity Women’s Super Plus Large


An affordable alternative that’s great for women, in particular, this incontinence underwear offers total coverage in case of heavy leaks. Featuring a modern design, it feels like everyday underwear but is actually a great solution to the user’s health problems while still being comfortable and easy to wear.

It has a wider fit and a larger core width of the area between the legs allows the fluid to move away from the body, keeping the skin dry and enhancing the protection against unwanted leakage.

By using super absorbent technology, this item manages to prevent unfortunate circumstances. It also has a body-hugging fabric that will feel like a second layer of skin, unlike other uncomfortable underwear alternatives.

It stays in place while also allowing you to move freely, which is one of the features you should definitely keep an eye out for when looking for this type of design.


This affordable product offers maximum protection in case of heavy leaks, especially to women, while providing them with a comfortable alternative to other incontinence products.

Its modern design, featuring a larger core and a wider fit, makes it feel like normal underwear while protecting the user’s skin and keeping it comfortable and dry.

The ultra-absorbent technology this item uses ensures maximum protection against any unwanted leakage while allowing the user to move as freely as any other regular underwear would.

The body-hugging fabric used for this product will feel very natural on your skin, allowing you to fully enjoy all of your usual daily activities. 


Some users may experience a mild local reaction to the substances used to make this product super absorbent; therefore, in case you know your skin is extra sensitive, it is not advised to keep one on for a very long time, but rather change them a bit more often.

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6. Depend Fit-Flex Incontinence Underwear for Women XL


Similar to other products in our review list but different in the way that it offers a larger size that’s slightly more difficult to find under regular circumstances, this model from Depend is great if you’re looking for the perfect fit and you’re not quite sure whether the regular sizes will stay in place as they should or might not be too small.

It has an improved waistband that adds to the overall security that this item offers. It fits like regular underwear but manages to protect against heavy leakage.

Made of cloth-like material in a neutral color that feels close to regular underwear, this item provides the customer with real comfort.

Useful for both postpartum bleeding as well as bladder leaks, the Fit-Flex is great due to its increased absorbency. The underwear is disposable, so it just traps the odor and all you need to do is throw them away when they’re no longer good for use.


This product offers the same high-quality fabric and technology as the similar ones in the same category, but it comes in a larger size, making this item suitable for people that are not sure if the standard size is the right one for them.

Its improved waistband ensures extra security, making it a better fit even under special circumstances.

The absorbent core and the tight fit provide the user maximum protection against heavy leakage.

The product is made of a cloth-like material that will make the item feel very natural and offer comfort to the person using it, and the neutral color it comes in gives it a pleasant look.

This item is disposable and it is suited for both postpartum situations and bladder health issues.


Properly matching the purchased size to your own needs and fit is key in the case of this particular product, as a larger sized item may feel utterly uncomfortable, while a smaller size may not provide the needed leakage protection.

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7. Tena Discreet Odour Control Incontinence Pants


A good alternative from Tena, this item offers effective protection against moderate to heavy leaks and is designed specifically for men, answering to their needs and requirements.

Made of soft cloth-like material, they feel as comfortable against the skin as regular underwear would. They use the Close-Fit technology in order to offer a body-hugging fit that further increases protection against unwanted leakage.

This model absorbs and disperses the liquid quickly and evenly, keeping the skin dry and preventing unpleasant accidents. They can be removed as easily as they are put on, due to the tear-away sides.

The pull-on design is specifically developed to be easy to use for both patients and caretakers. Advanced odor protection is offered due to the balanced pH of the materials, that reacts well with the texture of the skin and is unlikely to cause any further medical issues.


This product is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of men and will ensure medium to high leakage protection.

As this item is made of soft, cloth-like material it will feel very natural against your skin, just like normal underwear would.

They can be easily removed, due to the tear-aside technology they use. Also, they are quite easy to put on, as the pull-on design makes things a lot easier for both caretakers and patients alike.

This model efficiently absorbers liquid, preventing any unwanted leaks, while the neutral pH it comes with will ensure the skin is protected from any further medical complications, besides being kept dry and comfortable.


The product is not a cheap one, but it is worth the money. However, patients that require often changing these items may consider the price to be too high.

Moreover, patients with extra sensitive skin may have to give them a try first and see if they work for them.

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8. Depend Silhouette Incontinence Underwear for Women


These incontinence briefs offer maximum absorbency while also having an improved sleek fit that will not only make you feel protected but also it will shape the silhouette and make you feel better in your own skin.

Featuring a premium feminine brief with a modern rise and a design that helps achieve a better fit than other similar products, this is definitely a step up compared to other items also manufactured by Depend.

They are more breathable and feel better against the skin due to the cotton-like fabric. The leg elastics help prevent bladder leaks while also making sure that the product stays on tight just as it should.

A perfect choice when you’re looking for maternity underwear or postpartum alternatives, this model is available in black, beige and purple and is also pretty-looking and feminine aside from useful in dealing with such somewhat inconvenient issues.


This product offers maximum absorbency while having an improved sleek fit that will make you feel better and more comfortable than other similar products.

The premium feminine brief it features and the design that helps offer a better fit makes this product by far superior comfort-wise, to other similar products.

The cotton-like fabric this model is made of feels better against your skin, giving it a natural feel while allowing you to enjoy all of the usual daily activities.

The model comes in three pleasant colors, such as beige, purple, and black, making it a perfect choice also for postpartum situations, as well as for bladder control health issues.


Just like most other similar products, it is key to properly match the needs and requirements of the user to the product’s features, to avoid any unwanted leakage, or, even worse, have a mild skin reaction to one of the product’s absorbing substances.

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9. Depend Fit-Flex Incontinence Underwear for Men


Yet another alternative from Depend, this one comes in a new sizing for better comfort. One of the most reliable options when it comes to men briefs, the Fit-Flex features an improved waistband for added security. They fit like normal underwear but offer increased protection.

Made using a cloth-like material, this item provides comfort and feels good in contact with the texture of the skin, while offering protection where men need it the most and keeping the skin dry.

The form-fitting lycra that enhances the design of this product manages to adjust its shape to the curves of the human body, making sure that the product stays on where it should while also making the patient feel comfortable.

They come in a neutral gray color and are disposable, meaning they trap the odor and all you need to do is throw them away when you’re done using them.


This Depend product comes in a new, larger size for added comfort and better fitting. The improved waistband it features adds security to this reliable product, as it fits just like any normal underwear does, but it offers better protection. 

Since this item is made out of cloth-like material, it feels very natural against your skin, while keeping it dry, protected, and comfortable, due to the absorbent core technology it uses.

The larger size and the ultra-absorbent core make this product an ideal choice for nighttime use, as well as allow it to offer comfort and protection throughout the usual daily activities.

This model is very easy to use, as it is disposable, it traps odors, and it comes in neutral pleasant colors, making it a good choice for the patients’ comfort and ease.


The product’s features should be properly matched to the patient’s health condition to prevent any unwanted leaks or to make sure it fits comfortably in case of surgery in the pelvic area. 

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Our Yearly Guide


After browsing through countless reviews of incontinence underwear, we have chosen the features that we think you should be considering when setting off to buy this type of item. In order to make sure that you get what you’re looking for, make good use of the advice provided in our buying guide.

And also, while we’re on the topic of health issues, you might also want to consider reading about connected topics such as good senior exercise equipment or reliable Hoyer lifts.

Materials and technology

In order to find the best male incontinence underwear, the first thing that you need to do is ask yourself what materials are the best in providing a patient with the comfort of regular underwear while also offering maximum protection.

Since regular briefs are generally made of cotton, you might want to stay as close to that texture as possible. Despite the fact that you’re unlikely to find a pair manufactured using cotton specifically, you may be able to find similar materials.

All you actually need to do is pay attention to the way they feel in contact with the user’s skin since they’re designed to be worn for longer periods of time and comfort is key here.

In terms of technology, depending on the level of coverage that you might need, be it low or medium leakage, you need to make sure that you carefully read the specifications from the manufacturers and choose correctly depending on your medical condition.


Disposable or washable

There are two big categories when it comes to incontinence underwear. Of course, the most striking difference between them is the price, given that a pair of washable briefs can be used more than just once and will end up being a lot cheaper (in the long run) than their counterpart.

What you need to decide here is whether you can afford to waste time washing them as often as you need. If not, either buying more than one pair or switching to the other type of item might be a reasonable solution.

However, when looking for the best washable incontinence underwear, you need to make sure that the material used can withstand multiple washing cycles and is durable enough to work with any type of detergent without losing their absorbency rate.

In doing so, you should again pay close attention to the specifications detailed in the description file provided by the manufacturer.

A great advantage to the disposable ones is that they trap the odor and you can simply throw them away when you’re done using them, without having to deal with the less pleasant part of cleaning up.



Since the alternatives are different for men and women, it makes sense that there are as many options out there as there are health issues to be addressed. First of all, make sure that you have correctly identified your medical condition or that of the patient that’s under your care.

After doing so, you’re free to choose according to your specific coordinates. Whether it’s for a woman or for a man, whether you’re looking for incontinence underwear designed for postpartum bleeding or maybe a product that can protect you from unpleasant leakage, it’s important to stick to your or the user’s needs and requirements.

And while we’re on the topic of senior’s requirements, you might also be interested in subjects we’ve discussed in other articles, such as convenient senior walkers or good gifts for retired men.


Sizing and fit

Needless to say, before buying a product you need to make sure that the size fits correctly. However, since we’re talking about clothing that has to be worn during both daytime and nighttime, it makes sense that it should fit perfectly, without hindering the patient’s movements or making them feel even the slightest discomfort.

A good idea would be to choose a model that has lycra added to the mix of materials, since a lycra strap will adjust to the natural curves of the body and feel like a second layer of skin, unlike other bulky alternatives of adult underwear.



Frequently asked questions


Q: Can you use incontinence underwear for periods?

The answer, in this case, would be pretty much yes, since they are roughly the same kind of product. Despite the fact that a menstrual pad is specifically designed for this purpose and probably works better in this type of situation, you can work with what you have.

A detail worth mentioning is that incontinence pads tend to have their absorbent core further up compared to menstrual ones, but you can move it back and wear them comfortably. However, it’s not advisable that you do so unless it’s an urgent issue. Incontinence pads are designed to hold a lot more liquid and it would be a waste of material.

Q: Are some types of incontinence underwear washable?

Yes, there are, and their most relevant advantage would be the fact that you can save some money by using this type of alternative. Given that you can wear them multiple times, you definitely end up saving a lot more pennies than you would if you went for the other option, the disposable ones.

However, you need to ask yourself whether you’re going to have enough time to wash them regularly and whether you want to put yourself through this rather unpleasant cleaning process. If the answer is yes or if you can’t afford to waste money on disposable items, there are many brands that can offer you great alternatives.


Q: Does incontinence underwear come with tabs?

Not all models do, but if you know where to look for the right pair you should have no problem finding one that has tabs in order to allow the patient to custom the fit according to their body measurements. There are many advantages to this option, including the fact that it stays on better and fits closer to the natural curve of the body.

It is easy to take them off and put them one so they are definitely an alternative preferred by the caretakers. Various products have different numbers of tabs, so if you decide that this design fits your requirements better all you need to do is find the one that has the number you need.


Q: Can you use incontinence underwear while swimming?

The answer is again yes, but you need to find the right type of item for this specific issue. In order for your incontinence to remain a private matter, you need a pair that’s worn subtly underneath a bathing suit, but regular models probably won’t solve this problem.

However, there are brands out there that manufacture products specifically addressed to patients that wish to swim or generally go about their regular activities without having to worry about this problem. You might also want to know that despite common belief, swimming can be a great exercise for patients with incontinence and it might actually help reduce the symptoms.

Q: What are these kinds of products made of?

This type of underwear is usually made of a combination of materials, including cloth-like textures that feel similar to regular briefs in order to offer the patient the same type of comfort as normal underwear would and lycra in some cases, which can enhance the comfort that a model provides.

Lycra adjusts to the curves of the body and ensures that the pair fits perfectly regardless of size, prevents unwanted leakage and also does not hinder the movements of the person wearing them. The third material regularly used would be the absorbent, designed specifically to retain a large quantity of liquid.


Q: How much does incontinence underwear cost?

It mostly depends on the brand that manufactures it as well as on whether the product is disposable or washable. If we were to determine a price range we would say somewhere between 20$ and 50$ would be the normal price tag for this type of item.

The differences in terms of the quality of the materials used, the absorbency rate and many other factors are the ones that ultimately determine the price of a certain alternative. One more thing that you should bear in mind is that you are likely to save a few pennies if you choose to go with washable incontinence underwear, but there are also disadvantages to be considered there.




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