What Is a Hoyer Lift?

Last Updated: 30.05.23


Those people who live in smaller houses or apartments really appreciate the existence of a hoyer lift for small spaces. Thanks to this device, they are able to enjoy all the necessary safety and comfort. Nowadays, we are able to find a wide selection of products that make our lives so much easier

Hoyer lifts, for example, have changed the way patient care looks all over the world. These amazing devices help patients enjoy safe transference from one area to another while experiencing the utmost comfort. If you have ever heard of “patient lifts”, and you were wondering what they were, you should know that they have the same features as Hoyer lifts.

What is a Hoyer lift

To make things clearer for you, you need to know that “Hoyer Lift” is, in fact, a brand that introduced the patient lifts. We are all familiar with the famous brands Thermos and Band-Aid which have become generic names and most people use their names to refer to certain products, even if they are manufactured by different brands.

The same happened with Hoyer lifts, their products have become so popular that many people started using their name for any type of patient lifts. With this in mind, we can now try to understand how a Hoyer lift actually works. Because it offers enhanced protection, these types of lifts are considered a must for anyone with mobility issues.

They are also very common in many hospitals that put patient’s safety above everything else. These lifts are not only safe for the patients, but they are safe for the caregivers, too – various accidents can happen if the carer lifts the patient without the help of a Hoyer lift. Also, they are super easy to use and maneuver.

Furthermore, patient lifts are very useful when transferring patients that have undergone major surgeries or those who have fractures. Thanks to the fact that these lifts allow caregivers to handle patients with the utmost attention and care, any further complications are avoided.

As we have already mentioned, these lifts are very easy to use but there are a few steps that need to be followed in order to ensure complete safety and efficiency. That is why it is recommended for the operator to understand and practice the procedure of moving a patient from one location to another, before actually doing it.


How a Hoyer lift works

Even if there are various types of Hoyer lifts available on the market, they all have the same purpose: to assist caregivers with transferring a person from one location to another. They can be used in both hospitals and homes which means that they can practically be used for a multitude of tasks like transitioning a person from a chair to a bed, from a seated position to standing, etc.

Hoyer lifts are equipped with slings that need to be placed carefully under the patient before he/she can be lifted. The caregivers need to ensure that the sling is positioned properly so that it will support the patient and he/she will suffer no injuries. There are specific positions that the patient needs to follow, and they depend on what kind of procedure needs to be done.

Moreover, the operator needs to make sure that the patient’s weight is centered over the lift’s base legs so that maximum stability is achieved. Another important aspect is to ensure that the patient is properly positioned before the lift is activated. Hoyer lifts are of great help for all those individuals who are not able to stand up and walk across the room on their own.

We can only imagine how hard it would be for someone to accomplish certain tasks if it weren’t for these amazing devices. Thanks to the rapid growth of technology, many people have the option to make their lives easier. Even the most basic tasks, like going to the washroom or taking a bath would be extremely difficult if we hadn’t had access to these types of products.

In other words, Hoyer lifts are a necessary part of taking good care of people who can no longer do certain things by themselves. Moreover, the person looking after the ill individual can also be in danger – imagine how difficult and dangerous it can be to try to lift someone physically and help him/her do what he/she needs to do.

Types of Hoyer lifts

Nowadays, the market is flooded with a wide selection of Hoyer lifts which can make it a little difficult for us to choose the one that meets all our needs. It is nothing wrong with having multiple options to choose from, but sometimes there are too many and it is hard to tell which product is actually worth it.

That is why you need to understand how these devices work by doing a little bit of research and getting your mind straight. First, you need to bear in mind that  Hoyer lifts are in fact patient lifts and they are sold by multiple companies. Besides Hoyer, there are many other brands that sell patient lifts like Apex, Invacare, BestCare, Lumex, Drive Medical, and more.

It is believed that the correct name for a standard full body patient lift should be “Floor Lift” because it can lift a patient from the floor. Among several types of Hoyer lifts, we can mention the manual Hoyer lift (hydraulic Hoyer lift) which has hydraulic cylinders powered by a hand pump. It is believed that the hydraulic operation makes the lifting process easier for operators.

Power Hoyer lifts, are also very popular because they run on electricity or battery power – they are also called electric Hoyer lifts. They offer increased safety and protection and allow caregivers to properly transfer patients from one place to another without putting their lives in danger.

Another popular alternative is represented by sit-to-stand Hoyer lifts which assist individuals who have difficulty standing or rising from a sitting position. The best part about them is that they come in both manual and power options. Furthermore, there are some that are so lightweight that they are perfect for portability.



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