Who Lives Longest? Top 10 Nations for Life Expectancy

Last Updated: 12.04.24


We all want to live long and fulfilled lives, however, doing so not easy. Seniors, for instance, are prone to feel isolated and depressed and they need to feel connected to their loved ones, click here to find a computer for seniors. To find the secret for a good and long life, the best thing to do is to look at countries such as Monaco, Japan, Singapore, San Marino or Andorra. 

What’s the secret to a long life, you ask? To find out, take a look at why these ten countries are currently listed as the best-ranked when it comes to life expectancy!



On average a citizen of Monaco, the smallest country after the Vatican, has a life expectancy of 89.32 years. This means that the people who live in this country live nearly 10 years more than US citizens. 

One of the reasons why this happens has to do with the diet that most Monacans share. Because the country is near the Mediterranean Sea, its citizens eat a lot of fresh fruits, seafood, nuts, and olive oil. This means that they have a diet that is low in sugars and saturated fats. 

Because their diet  it is low in bad cholesterol, the chances of developing cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s are rather low. Besides, Monacans share a love of nature and they enjoy taking long trips. Of course, it doesn’t hurt the fact that the average income in Monaco is of $76,930, the highest in the world. Plus, the citizens of Monaco also have access to a first-rate medical system.




Not surprisingly, Japan is currently in the second position when it comes to life expectancy. On average, a Japanese citizen is expected to live around 85.77 years. Once again, the reason why Japanese citizens live so much has to do with their diet. 

When compared to Americans, the Japanese do not eat as much red meat, instead, they prefer fish. They also consume fewer dairy products such as milk and butter. Moreover, they eat a lot of rice, which is low in fat and very filling. Their diet also include tea, seaweed, and soy.

Differently than US citizens, Japanese people also walk and stand more than the average American. To commute, instead of using a car, Japanese citizens prefer walking, biking or taking the train to work. 

In Japan, cars are considered a form of luxury and not necessarily time-efficient when compared to the world-class train system that they have. Studies have shown that the Japanese also live longer because they appreciate cleanliness.



Singapore has a life expectancy of 85.73 years. This high life expectancy has been linked to the advancements in medical technology, health care and the improvement in living conditions. Additionally, Singaporeans are known for adhering to a healthy way of eating. 

The country also has the lowest road traffic mortality rate and is ranked as one of the countries with low levels of risks for chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. 

To cater to the needs of its population, the government of Singapore has also started to promote regular check-ups that help detect and diagnose illnesses in an early state. The senior population is also given the possibility to volunteer often as a way to strengthen the bond between generations.



Similarly to Singapore, Macau has a life expectancy of 84.6 years. Macau is an administrative region of China that is well known for its high income per citizen. This region provides its population with a top-notch healthcare system. Besides, its residents are keen on following a healthy lifestyle.

Just like in all regions in China, in Macau, the government encourages public exercise. As part of the Chinese tradition, the culture of living close to one’s family and taking care of one’s elders is also a factor that should be considered. 



San Marino

With a life expectancy of 83.44 years, San Marino is another state that you should know more about. People in this country enjoy a long and happy life because of the diet that they have. San Marino is well known for its production of fresh fruits and vegetables as a result of its advancements in agriculture.

The employment rates in San Marino are high and, as a result, the citizens do not stress a lot about the bills and mortgages that they have to pay. 



Andorra is a small country in Europe bordered by France and Spain that is also known for its long life expectancy rate. Its citizens live long because of their good eating habits and their love for exercising.

What is more, Andorra is a rich country. An average Andorran makes 2000 euros per month, and, after taxes, he or she is left with around 1,600 euros. The cost of medical insurance is not very high and the services provided by the healthcare system are of high quality.



Even though its name might not ring any bells, Guernsey is an island situated on the coast of Normandy. It is not part of the UK, but rather a self-governing British Crown dependency. People in Guernsey live, on average, 82 years. 

The main reason why this island has a high life expectancy has to do with its impressive wealth. Because it has low taxes, Guernsey is the preferred location for wealthy people looking for a place where they can retire comfortably. Moreover, Guernsey also has a great medical care system.

Because most of the available jobs on this island are in the financial sector, only a small proportion of the people actually work in the heavy industry.



Hong Kong

As expected, Hong Kong is also on this list. On average, a Hong Kong citizen lives for 82 years. The streets here are safe and the population has easy access to healthy food and public transport. As a plus, Hong Kong provides universal, free care to all its citizens.

Another reason why Hong Kong is so well ranked has to do with its mild climate, that is suitable for seniors. Additionally, the citizens of this city have and maintain close family ties and, consequently, they are overall happier and less likely to suffer from depression.



An average Australian is said to live to 82 years of age. Most Australians do not smoke and they are not very likely to die as a result of suicides, homicides or accidents.

Australians live long and happy lives because of their access to high-quality care and low infant and child death rates. In the case of Australia, it seems like people who are living in remote areas have a lower life expectancy when compared to those living in big cities.

A close look at the reasons why life expectancy has increased in Australia over the last 70 years shows that most deaths recorded in the ’50s and ’60s were related to smoking and alcohol use. In later years, the younger population has adopted a healthier lifestyle. 

However, some researchers have pointed out that this high life expectancy rate will most likely decline in the following years due to medical issues linked to obesity.



The Mediterranean lifestyle has always been associated with long life expectancy rates. Most Italians live long and happy lives even though a significant part of the population is living in poverty. According to recent statistics, around 5.1 million Italians live below poverty lines.

The main factor that has contributed to their longevity is their diet. Plus, in the more developed, northern part of the country, the economy is booming and, consequently, the population can contribute to the medical costs.

On average, people living in the north of the country live three years longer than those who live in the south. In 2017, a study has shown that, in recent years, the life expectancy of the men in Italy has overall decreased by 0.2 years, while that of women by 0.6. 

The reason for this change is believed to be the lack of screenings for those diseases that can be prevented. Also, this drop was most likely caused by the lack of material means, as a significant part of the population is unable to access medical help.


How to expand your lifespan

If you are interested in living a longer life, there are a few things that you could do. For once, it is recommended that you give up smoking and that you refrain from drinking alcohol regularly. It is also recommended that you stay physically active and that you eat healthy food instead of processed meals.

Moreover, if you are overweight, it is advisable that you shed your extra weight and that you try and maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Because mental health is also important, it is also recommended that you keep in close contact with your family and loved ones. This way, you are less prone to feel depressed or isolated.



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